Kirk was happily holding an 'Arm wrestle against the Captain' competition. Most people didn't bother with it, but a few did.

Kirk was trying to beat everyone that tried – to prove he was a great Captain – but a few people won here and there. McCoy didn't win, which made Kirk laugh his ass off at him, having a cursing and muttering pissed off McCoy stomp off back to his Medical Bay, shouting about getting a hypo.
Which made Kirk shut up.

What made pretty much everyone who was in the cafeteria (where the contest was being held) pee their pants, was that Spock went up to the Captain, and took a seat at the table.
"Hi Spock." Kirk said happily. "You realize this isn't really a great time to sit here and eat with me?"
"I do not have food with me Captain." Spock said pointedly, raising his right eyebrow. "So it would seem that I was not sitting to have a casual conversation with you over food." Kirk nodded his head as he let the idea roll of his head. He glanced over at McCoy – who had come back, just because he was complaining about being bored – who gave him a thin glare and a shake of his head.

"So you think you can beat me in arm wrestling then?"
"Indeed Captain." Spock said with no hesitation. "For Vulcan's strength is three times stronger than a human, making this an easy win for me." Kirk smirked, and put his elbow back on the table, his hand open and waiting.

Chekov stood on the sidelines, having anything that would make this weird pop into his head.

Wait! Vulcan's hands were their erogenous zones! That meant that Spock was going up to an arm wrestling contest with the ICaptain/I which was were both contestant's palms rubbed against each other madly, and fingers were digging into skin! That must be… Chekov looked back over at the two, watching as Spock put up his own arm with slight hesitation. Spock wasn't stupid, he knew that most of the people there – including McCoy, Kirk's best friend other than himself – knew about how sexual this was going to be for Vulcans. That didn't stop him from locking his hand with Kirk's, granted… it was slowly.

Spock slightly inhaled a gasp of air when Kirk's fingers wrapped around his own hand, the neatly cut fingernails digging into his skin slightly. Kirk's face grew a wide grin as he whispered something to Spock, that no one heard but the Vulcan super hearing ears. Kirk could have basically said anything, and Chekov was dying at the fact that he didn't know what he had said.

"GO!" Kirk bellowed as he started to push against Spock's hand. Spock let out a loud gasp – hoping most people thought it was out of surprise – before trying to push back. A large crowd had gathered since Spock had sat down, all wanting to see if Spock the three times stronger Vulcan would win, or Kirk the cocky 'not believing in no-win situations' Captain would win.

Spock couldn't help but blush deeply whenever Kirk was winning, because of all the pressure on his palm was driving his body crazy, all of his excitement from all of this, pooling in his groin. Kirk was winning, and he took it for granted. He continued to push at Spock's hand, getting the back of it closer and closer to the table.

Chekov was ready to scream that the Captain and First Officer were in a mad make out session according to Vulcan's, and glancing over at McCoy, it seemed like he wanted to also.

Spock bit his lip as he pushed back against Kirk with a harder amount of pressure, making him shudder and shake whenever he did. Kirk couldn't help but ease up on the pushing, since he was worried he was hurting his First Officer. God knows how, but he didn't want to cause pain to Spock.
Eventually, the crowd died down, muttering about eventually hearing which shout came from Kirk. Happy and gloating, or sad and mopey.

Chekov – not wanting to look weird – even walked away to a nearby table where he could still see the game going.

At this point, Kirk was still winning, but Spock wasn't going to give up so easily. Or perhaps he actually liked kissing Kirk in the way a Vulcan would. Then again, that had to be WAY more than kissing. Spock was now winning, much to Chekov's surprise, but he wasn't looking too good. His forehead had small beads of sweat rolling down it, and his cheeks had completely turned bright green. Kirk himself was also a little red in the cheek area, but not as noticeable as Spock was.

Eventually, Kirk won.

With a shout from Spock that didn't sound too good, Kirk had won.

"Geeze, and you said that you were going to win." Kirk said with a giant cocky grin as he unconnected with Spock's hand, watching as the First Officer's hand slithered away much as it had been burned. "Your… strength seems to have… surprised me Captain." Spock said slowly, as if he actually had to think about what words to say. Which wasn't normal when it came to Spock. Normally he replied with big words without missing a beat.

Chekov watched as Spock tried to hide his face from his Captain as Kirk leaned forward and omitted a few words that hinted some concern. Spock quickly stood up, his chair almost falling backwards, before he 'nervously' darted away from Kirk, and out of the cafeteria.

Spock didn't show up to duty the next shift, which drew Chekov to draw to one conclusion…

That must have been one awesome make out session.