Kirk was laughing his ass off, which wasn't making the situation anymore better for any of the team.

The current mission was to… well 'boldly go where no man has gone before' so the IEnterprise/I and everyone aboard her had found a whole new planet that the Federation hadn't even known was there.

What Kirk was laughing about, was one of their customs.

Captain James T. Kirk, along with Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, and pretty much every other important person from the bridge, had gone down to planet – per request of the leader – and Kirk didn't disagree.

Spock stiffened at the Captain's laughing, sending others to snicker slightly.

They were called the 'Ourios'. ORE-EE-O's. Kirk couldn't help but have snickered at how their names sounded like the old 'Oreo' cookies from the 21st century. In fact, they kind of looked like oreos to begin with.

"I do not see what is humorous Captain."

The aliens were tall – a whole two feet taller than Spock – with long necks, and long limbs. The men were black with white highlights, while the women were white with black highlights. The leader was a man who was a mysterious half-half mix that seemed like he was the same amount of black and white. Sort of like a little raccoon/cow.

"It's what you gotta do Spock!" Kirk said with another laughing fit.

The leader's name was Leader Oreo-Teechian Irrioocul'chin. Of course, since Kirk wasn't good at all with names, he asked if he could just call him, Oreo. The leader happily agreed, but only if he could call Kirk, 'Jim'. Kirk was a little suspicious about the idea, but he wasn't able to say the man's full name, so he just simply agreed.

"I do not see what I have to go through to be 'funny' Captain." Spock said with almost a scowl on his face.

Oreo brought the crew to their rooms, saying that they had to share with one another. Two people per room, since they only had three. Kirk wanted to pair with McCoy, but McCoy retorted with something like: 'We don't want the damn hobgoblin with Uhura, we don't want them to tear each other apart because they fucking broke up a few weeks ago Jim. We don't want the shit to hit the fan.' So the bunks were: Kirk with Spock, McCoy with Uhura, and Chekov with Sulu. Oreo simply said that there were some 'human' pajamas that they could wear to bed, seeing as their uniforms wouldn't probably be comfortable.

"It's funny Spock!" McCoy said with a grin as he patted Spock on his shoulder. "Now let you just go, and crawl into bed." He said with a sneer.

However, before Oreo let them go in their rooms, he had to ask them if any of them were virgins. The crew was baffled by this question, having Kirk ask why he needed to know. "Virgins are important in our society Jim. Virgins who have not engaged in sexual intercourse are clean, free of bad sins, bad dirt and grime." Oreo had explained as he continued to lead them down the thin but tall hallways. His blacks with white rings on it tail swinging back and forth. "If any Virgins are with you Jim, then you should tell me so we put the Virgin Veil over their sleeping mattress." Oreo said with a small smile as he turned to Jim and then slightly winked at him.

Kirk waved McCoy away, while tugging at Spock's arm. "Come on, I'm tired."

With a minute or two of silence, Spock piped up that he had not encountered sexual intercourse, which meant he was the lucky guy that got the Virgin Veil.
Which caught them up to the point of where they were.

When Spock and Kirk got inside their room, there were a few Ourios fixing up the Virgin Veil over one of the beds. They realized that Spock had entered the room, and quickly scampered off the bed, and bowed to him before leaving the room.

"Geeze, they aren't kidding when they say you must be like a God to them." Kirk said before he wandered over to where the pajamas were said to be held.

"Indeed Captain."

"Jim Spock, Jim."

"Indeed Jim."

Kirk found the pajamas, exclaiming when he found them, before pulling them out from their hiding place. "Ok, there's two pairs. There's the separate pieces, and the robe." Kirk said, pulling them both into view for Spock to see. "And yes, you're going to sleep, because you haven't in a while now. Which one?"

"I will take the robe Jim." Spock said without looking him in the eye as he turned to sit on his bed. "Fascinating…" Spock murmured as he took the veil's fabric in his fingers. "This seems to be made of what I would call: insect wings. The fibers seem to be created from the wings of most Earthly insects."

Kirk nodded his head as he went and sat down on his own bed, moving to take his boots off. "Interesting."

"Indeed." Spock said as he moved to take his own shoes off.

Kirk couldn't help but watch as Spock moved to get his shirt in his hands, and move to take it off. His pale fingers slide onto the bottom, before gripping the science officer blue, and pulling it off of him. The hands and blue were a flash, and Kirk realized he probably looked like a fish. The blue shirt was quickly folded, and pushed under the bed, along with Spock's boots. The Vulcan tossed a glance over towards his Captain, which was looking nervous, twitchy, and wasn't even facing him. Kirk pulled at the blanket as he made a move to climb in.

"Illogical Jim, you do not sleep in your uniform." Spock said as he tugged at his black undershirt. "For reasons unknown though, you are seeming to be getting prepared for slumber." Kirk nodded his head. "I just don't… I've never worn pajamas like those." He said, pointing at the pajamas on the floor.
"That is no reason of yours to be uncomfortable while sleeping." Spock said with a slight upturn of the corners of his lips. "I advise that you 'push aside' your worries, and then you should prepare for slumber."
Kirk nodded his head slightly, wondering why he had gotten to the point of 'checking out' his First Officer ever since they walked into the room. He watched as Spock had begun to pull off his undershirt, a giant plane of pale-green flesh being flashed before his eyes.

Kirk felt as if his heart had just tried to fly directly out of his chest, not able to for the ribs and all the muscles and skin were in the way.

There must be something floating in this room. Hopefully it wasn't toxic to humans… or half humans.

His blue eyes watched as Spock stood, and started to unzip and unbutton his regulation pants. Kirk watched as the pale fingers seemed to dance across the midnight colored pants, gracefully latching on to certain points, then beginning to pull them down, exposing more eye-candy for Kirk's pleased eyes. "Jim, if you request solitude for undressing, then redressing afterwards, I may move to the bathroom if you wish." Spock said as he sat down, his pale green skin on his legs almost flexing as he did.

With a quick shake of the head, Kirk found himself lost for words at the fact that all that was separating him and Spock's manhood, was a little thin piece of regulation fabric.

Ok, he really needed to air out this room or something. There had to be something floating in the air if he was thinking about him and Spock in bed together.
He had to air out the room.

With a flick of the head, Kirk went on a search for a window. Truth be told, there were no windows in this room, he'd seen windows in every other room that Oreo had shown them, how come this one didn't have one!

"Considering your movements and actions Jim, may I ask if you are nervous?" Spock asked as he took his socks off, and put them beside his boots under the bed also. "About talking with Oreo tomorrow over breakfast." Kirk flicked in, as he wandered back over to his bed, and started to take his own Captain's gold shirt off. "Oreo makes me nervous, it's like he's hitting on me or something."

"He was not inflicting pain on you." Spock stated as he grabbed the robe from the ground and – much to Jim's sadness – put it on, before tying the lace around the waist. "I meant flirting with me Spock." Kirk said as he pulled his black undershirt off, and heaved it under his own bed. He stood up to do the same with his pants.

Kirk didn't see that Spock's eyes were roaming over his legs, watching his own peach hands do the same movements as his own hands had done earlier.

"Perhaps the Leader's way of showing kindness if different than a human's." Spock offered as he shuffled into the bed. He tugged at the blankets, shutting the Virgin Veil around his bed.
"I advise rest Jim." Spock stated as he glanced around his bed, probably observing the fabric.

Kirk nodded as he finally got dressed in his pajamas, and crawled into his own bed.

"Don't you have a weird feeling about that Veil though?"

"I have no weird vibe from it Jim. So no."

Kirk nodded as he turned off the simple lights in the room by hitting a switch. "Yeah… I guess." He murmured quietly before rolling over, and letting his eyes close.