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Anywho, otherwise, that was it. Someone on here told me that I should either revise my story, or tone it down. Well the whole POINT of the PLOT of this story is that Kirk and Spock get stuck on this planet that has a weird veil that gives off SEX POLLEN. Sorry if I can't really dim that down to a… LET'S KISS POLLEN. Because I really don't see how I could do that. And plus, I'm supposed to explain what's going on during the almost-sex scenes.

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The two finally reached the lake. The water was a very beautiful color purple. Kirk loved the color, and after asking Oreo if it was ok for human skin, took his boots and socks off, and put his feet in the water. Of course he didn't get a 'yes it's fine' from Oreo, but he figured if he was going to evaporate if he touched it, Oreo would have said something. The grass was green, so Kirk rested back on his hands as he looked over his shoulder at the tall trees that were surrounding the swimming hole. He looked over to his right to see Oreo tugging at his pants to roll them up, before sitting down, and dunking his feet in the water next to Jim. He bent forward, keeping his hands in his lap unlike Kirk's stance.

"So you really want to hear the story about me and Spock in the same bed?" Kirk asked with a small smile playing on his lips as he looked over at Oreo who was messing with his fingers. Oreo's eyes wandered over towards Kirk's, making him nod. "Even Ourios get curious Jim." He said with a playful glint in his eyes. Kirk took a deep breath, about to tell someone other than McCoy about all his deep troubles with Spock and him over the past few weeks. (And no, they hadn't been on Ourioun that long.)

"It all started… at a planet before we came to yours…

My heartbeat was pounding in my head as I franticly searched for a bowl cut, pair of pointy ears, or a stoic face. Trees were collapsing around me, fires were bursting up bushes, and ashes were flying into my face.


It was really really really hot. So hot that it was hotter than I am. The air was smoldering, making sweat bead up on my forehead and everywhere my flesh was in the open. My clothing stuck to my body, it was clingy and I just wanted to get out of there. But not without him, I couldn't lead without him.

"Jim goddammit! You can't stay down there, get your fucking ass up here, we're going to beam you up!"

"NO! Not without Spock!" I wailed into the communicator, realizing that I was the only one that wasn't safely off this dying planet. This planet was going to fully collapse in a matter of minutes, perhaps even seconds if I didn't hurry. Bones was right, I really did need to get my sorry ass off that planet, and back on the Enterprise but I knew if I let him die, then I wouldn't live myself.



I twirled my head around in a complete 360 – of course shuffling my feet so I could turn in a full circle – in search of the voice.




My ears finally sensed that he was to my left, my eyes finally focusing on that form. His ruffled up oil black hair, his sharp dark brown eyes, the relieved look on his face. His shirt was torn up, and so where his pants, having many burn marks on them. We didn't care though. We both looked like shit, and we both ran towards each other in hopes of getting safely to each other.

Of course Fate seemed to be against us that day.

When we were arms length away… so close… but then I heard a branch snap, and he heard it too. We both skid to a stop, both look up, but only one of us gets smashed by the flaming branch.


That's when I had to get that huge flaming branch off of him; I wasn't sure what would happen if I didn't. The branch was huge, too heavy for my pathetic human arms. I begged and pleaded that Spock hear me, because I couldn't save him without his help. Luckily, I finally pried it off of him, making his shattered body come into view.

His eyes were shut.

Shut eyes are not good in such a situation.

Franticly, I grabbed his face, and shook his head to try and wake him up. I moved his arms, and knocked at his legs, but he seemed to be unconscious. A Vulcan who was fine three seconds ago wasn't even awake to tell me if he was OK or not.

That's when I thought the worse.

Smashing my fingers against his neck, hoping to feel that erratic pulse of a Vulcan, just to help myself from breaking down. I'm James T. Kirk, I don't cry.

I didn't feel anything.


I checked his chest, it wasn't moving.

"Jim! Have you found that fucking pointy eared green blooded bastard of a hobgoblin yet?"

I pounded at his chest, hoping to start his heart. Of course I later learned that Vulcan's hearts weren't where I was pressing, which really didn't help me at all. I was pounding at his chest, curling my hands together, and hitting them down on where I thought his heart was. He wasn't dead, it was just one stupid branch!

"Dammit Jim! Are you still even fucking alive?"

Bones wanted to help. His tone wasn't so angry now, as concerned. I didn't have the heart to reply, so I figured it wasn't too bad to let him just sit and wonder for a while. Or course I shouldn't be that mean, but I didn't care at that point.

Tears begun to roll down my face.

James T. Kirk was crying.


I was bawling, feeling so horrible, I hated myself for bringing him along with me on the beam down. I hated that stupid redshirt that started the fire by shooting at a local, who dodged it. The laser hit the bush, and it started a small spark. What started the fire, was the torch that the local dropped into the plants. They were so dead and dry, they lit up in seconds, starting to light the whole place on fire. Beaming was out of the question for the smoke created by the fire was so thick and different that the scanners couldn't read the bodies. That's why I had been in an open spot, where there was that one stupid tree with that one stupid branch.

I realized that he had a tiny pulse.

After I realized that, instinct set in, as I needed to get him breathing better again. The smoke was so thick, but I couldn't let Spock die.

"Dammit Jim, you have to get out of there! Scotty can't read you! Where are you and Spock?"

CPR. That was the only thing I knew that would help with this.

That would be kissing Spock though. That would be totally horrible when Spock realized that he had done that. It was fine when I was little and faked drowning to have CPR done by a beautiful lifeguard, but Spock and me was out of the question. I pushed that thought aside, I needed to save Spock. I pulled at his jaw, getting his mouth open. His mouth was barely open, his lips parted beautifully. He looked as if he was simply sleeping, but I knew I had to act fast. With a small shudder, and a small reminder that this was to save him, I closed my eyes, and pushed my mouth against his. It was like French kissing with someone without tongues, because his wasn't moving, and I kept mine to my own mouth thank you.

"Jim—we're beaming you up now."

I was still blowing air into Spock's body, forcing myself not to think about how moist and perfect that his lips fit against mine. How when I CPR-kissed him, it was the best kiss I ever had in my life. What didn't make the situation better, was that we were beamed up when I was sill mouth to mouth with him. The situation was awkward, because Bones, Scotty, and Uhura were the important ones in the room. I could feel Uhura's glare digging deep in my skull. I opened my eyes, and stopped blowing to realize that Spock's eyes were open, and staring at me. (I momentarily wondered how long he had been awake) With a slight realization finally dawning on me, I pulled my mouth back, one huge strand of saliva hanging from both our bottom lips. It lasted until I as fully upright, when Spock removed it with his hand.

That's the day that Uhura and Spock broke up. And that was the day that I realized I had a crush on my First Officer.

… It didn't stop there. Our next mission was this certain planet. So it was only about a week that separated me and Spock's awkward moment with the CPR, and now this…"

Oreo must have realized how hard the veil was hitting Kirk. His face softened measurably, and he dipped his head so his hair was brushing by his cheeks. "Jim, this is how your 'crush' started, I know that, why do you keep talking about the Virgin Veil?"

"Well you see, like I said earlier, Spock analyzed it, and it creates some weird perfume like thingy in the air." Kirk explained, waving his hands around to express himself. "It apparently drives people crazy, making them have to—"

"Jim, I have to stop you there."

"Why? I'm explaining myself. I'm explaining why I was in the Virgin's bed!"

"That veil is made of insect wings. It's harmless."

Kirk slowly rose his brow, shaking his head in denial. "No, no you don't mean—"

"Jim, it doesn't create any 'perfume' that you talk of. It's a harmless circle of wood, with a small hook of wood that holds up the insect wings so it bellows out into a veil. It simply shows who is a Virgin and who isn't." Oreo gave a small shrug. "Like the colors of your shirt. You are gold for captain, and the Virgin is blue for something different. It's a way of showing a difference."

This… define accurate explanation hit Kirk in the face like a bitch-slap. It seemed Oreo was the one who always did that with him. Oreo just explained that the veil that Spock said there was something making him go crazy for him. Now that Oreo – the one who probably helped make the veil – was saying it didn't…

Kirk stumbled to his feet, covering his face and stumbling backwards muttering 'no' over and over again.

"Jim, I wouldn't mind if you had to take a moment to process this."

"Shit…" Kirk breathed, remembering back to the moments that he and Spock had shared here on this planet. Was Spock lying again? The first time he said it was Par Fun or whatever that was, but then would he lie again, saying it was the veil now? Was something wrong with Spock? Or did he just really want to crawl into Kirk's pants? Whatever it was, he realized now that it was only his and Spock's doing.

"I'm still awaiting to hear—"

"He said he was doing it because it was emitting something!"

Oreo shook his head, looking back down at his feet that were now swaying back and forth in the purple water. "I've explained myself Jim. The veil is harmless."

"That fucking liar!" Kirk shouted, stomping his bare foot against the grass, and turning around and walking off. "That Vulcan son of a bitch, lying to me twice."

Oreo smile softly to himself, realizing that Kirk was really upset with both himself and the Virgin. He looked over at the opening of the trees to see a figure walking towards them, and he tilted his head. Kirk didn't even know, he was too busy mumbling and cursing quietly at himself, a dark pink blush on his cheeks.

"Why hello Virgin."

Kirk turned around to see Spock standing by the swimming hole, total opposite of Oreo, while he was only a couple of feet away from him. A small anger boiled up in Kirk's body, because dammit he was pissed at Spock! How could he lie to his Captain twice? "You, come with me." Kirk said, pointing at the accused Vulcan, before looking over at Oreo. "Can we get some privacy?" he asked in his nicest tone (that he could manage right now) with a small fake smile. Oreo nodded his head, getting up, and moving to get back to the building that the came from. He waved bye to the two, before Kirk lashed out when he was out of earshot.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?"

"I do not see why you are shouting Captain—"

"First of all, you can fucking call me Jim you pointy-eared bastard, and second of all, I have good reason to be yelling!"

"I was coming to inform you that Mr. Scott has contacted us—"

"I don't care about what Scotty has to say right now!"

Spock's brow slightly furrowed, and Kirk knew that the little Vulcan wheels in his head had momentarily stopped to make up for all the illogical that was coming from Kirk. Spock didn't seem to figure out what he was pissed about, which just cranked his angry dial up even more. "Oreo told me that the veil doesn't even give off any weird perfume! You lied to me about the Par Fun or whatever, and then you lied to me again about the veil!" Kirk said angry, taking steps to get closer to Spock, to get in his face. The Vulcan took steps back to get away however, so Kirk never got closer than arms length away.

"Jim… I assure you, I have my reasons of why—"

"I don't want to hear your reasons! Forget your reasons! You've been lying to me for god knows how long! You even said that Vulcans couldn't lie. Wow, that's a lie right there, seeing as you've been lying to me for the whole trip!"

"Jim, let me explain my actions—"

"No. I'm not going to." Kirk turned to walk off, moving back to grab his discarded boots, but found a hand grabbed him by the shoulder, and twirled him back around to face Spock. Kirk felt like shit, he had been whenever Spock wasn't talking to him.

"Jim, I was indeed lying about the Pon Farr, also I admit my lie of the veil." Spock admitted, making Kirk's anger slightly boil up more. "However, the reasons of why I have a dying need to ravage your body are a very deep and personal idea."

"If it's so fucking personal, then why are you even bringing it up?" Kirk asked with a frown, moving to grab his shoes and just leave. Since Scotty had contacted them, which probably meant he had gotten the transporters working again, and that meant he could finally leave this jacked up planet behind him.

"For it involves you Jim."

Kirk scoffed, shifting to get out of Spock's grip, but found the Vulcan had gripped down harder on his shoulder. "And yeah, how does it do that?"

Spock was quiet for a moment, letting his eyes drift up and down Kirk's body as if he was trying to rate him. Like he was a piece of artwork that was very strange and fascinating and even illogically beautiful. What Kirk didn't expect, was for Spock to gently pull his body closer to his own. Kirk also wasn't expecting the Vulcan's lips to part, making his own lips part instinctively so that they could kiss. And they did, softly, kiss for a moment of time, and Kirk felt as if he was connected to the other man, which was a feeling he had never felt before. Spock pulled back, his eyes slowly opening to look at Kirk's that were shining with a form of emotion that Spock had to take a moment to process. He had only seen it one other time, in his mother's eyes when she was speaking about how much she…

Loved him.

Kirk loved him.

"We have formed a partial bond." Spock muttered quietly, not able to meet Kirk's eyes for worry of denial of anything. He could be reading Kirk's eyes wrong, that could be hatred burning in those blue, blue eyes, instead of love. "It was subconsciously created by the veil that spark's a Vulcan's emotions by the structure of it."

"Not this veil shit again—"

"I assure you Jim. Veils of any kind, if made of insect wings, can trigger a Vulcan's emotions so they show through easily, making the Vulcan vulnerable to sexual urges." Spock explained, a twinge of guilt seeping through his words. He didn't mean to form a bond between Kirk and him. It was something that both the veil and the slightly different atmosphere in the rooms that McCoy's tricorder had picked up. They were different in all rooms, the air in Spock and Kirk's was to make sure that Kirk kept his greasy little fingers off the Virgin. Although, for Spock's spiked metabolism, it was the total opposite, making both of their greasy little fingers go all over each other.

The bond was formed simply because Spock's body registered how much love Kirk was giving off when they got as far as Spock's hands wrapping around Kirk's dick. Since both of the spots were very sensitive, Spock had full access to all of Kirk's mind and emotions. The bond formed because his brain took all of Kirk's love and formed it with the help of his own love.

"I realize that you may be disgusted with me."

Kirk was quiet after Spock said that, making him look down, and finally wiggle out of Spock's grip. Kirk knew that Spock probably thought the worst, but as he grabbed his boots and started pulling them on, he looked over at him. "I'm not. I'm just… confused."

With that, he turned and leaved the swimming hole.

'Nother Author's Note: KK guys, well... this story is sadly coming to an end soon. :) But I hope that the whole: 'The veil doesn't give off a perfume or anything' hit you guys in the face like I chucked a brick at you. xD Because you really think that I would take a perfume and make it all woohoo? xD

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