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The following morning…

Logan couldn't find Camille anywhere. He spent all of last night thinking about the second kiss and what she had said after.

Did he really like her?

Why was he even asking himself that? Of course he did! He started liking Camille since she threw him in the pool during that one party.

Logan continued to search everywhere for her. He went to the park and saw a bunch of the Palm Woods kids there, but no Camille. He went to the lobby and still didn't see her familiar brunette hair. He found himself by the pool, where the rest of the guys were hanging out.

"Kendall," Logan went up to him, "Have you seen Camille?"

"Why? Are you finally going to confess your undying love for her?" Kendall smirked.

"No – wha – where – wha – why would you say that?" Logan stammered.

"Because you kept saying her name last night," James said, "It totally interrupted my beauty sleep."

Kendall rolled his eyes while Carlos laughed, almost dropping his ice cream. Logan groaned.

"Come on guys. Help me out – where's Camille?" he asked again.


The four boys slightly jumped at the sound of another voice. They all turned to see Camille.

Logan stood there speechless, while Camille kept a smile on her face. The rest of the boys looked at them curiously.

"Hey Camille, long time no see. Logan has been looking all over for you. I think he has – oww!" Carlos stopped talking after being elbowed by James.

Kendall asked, "What he means it that we haven't seen you all day. Where have you been?"

"Oh, I had an audition for a movie called Moonlight Park, which despite the title, isn't about vampires," Camille replied.

"No elaborate outfits?" James smiled.

She laughed, "Not this time. They were just looking for a normal girl. I would have dressed up, but Jo convinced me otherwise."

Logan continued to stand there. Speechless. Camille looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Logan? Are you there?" she waved a hand in front of him.

He finally snapped out of his shock, "Hey. Could we uh, talk?"

The brunette actress looked confused but nodded and followed him. She thought they were going to the lobby, but he continued to walk.

"Logan, where are we going?" she asked.

He continued walking until he reached his destination.

The park.

The park where it all started.

"What's going on?" Camille said slowly.

Logan turned to face her and started talking rather fast, "Hear me out ok? I've never done this before and I don't know if this is the right way of doing it but it seems logical to me. I'm not like Kendall, who sets his sights on a girl and just goes for it. I'm certainly not like Carlos, who falls in love with every girl. And I'm most definitely not like James, who has all the girls falling in love with him. When I like a girl, I reason everything out to see if I really like her. I reason, that's what I do. And I was up all night reasoning everything – when you said I was 'hot' to how I behaved during the party to my behavior yesterday concerning 'Hollywood Fever.' It was in front of my face and I wasn't sure how to react to it other than to reason it all out."

Camille continued to stare at him, absorbing everything he just said.

"Soooo did all of your reasoning come to the conclusion that you like me?"

Logan sighed, "Yes."

Upon hearing his answer, Camille jumped into his arms. He was slightly taken by surprise, but automatically put his arms around her waist. He spun her around twice before putting her down. The two smiled at each other.

"So why the soliloquy earlier?" she asked.

"I guess I was trying to tell you how I feel…" he explained.

She laughed, "It was quite wordy."

Logan scratched his head and looked down.

"But I wouldn't have expected anything else from you," she said.

He looked up and saw her smiling.

Camille gasped, "We're official! Oh gosh, I have to tell Jo! I have to give her every little detail of what just happened! Then you and I can double date with Jo and Kendall! Oh this is perfect… I already know what our first date is going to be! Our first date is going to just be you and me of course. It has to be special…"

She continued to talk. Logan looked at her wide eyed. Of course Camille would already have their first date set up.

"… and now that you're my boyfriend, you have to help me practice my lines and come with me to my auditions. I'll come with you when you guys have important events. I have to support my baby after all. Oh, and if any girl tries to flirt with you, I will rip them apart!" Camille pointed a finger at Logan.

Logan stood motionless as Camille continued to ramble on. She grabbed his hand and led him back to The Palm Woods. Logan was in too much of a daze as he tried to recall everything that had just happened, but the last thing he might have heard Camille say were baby names?

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