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It was wrong. There was no other way to put it.

There was no way something like this could ever really happen, right? There's no way it is happening, right? Scratch that... this isn't happening. That's all there is to it. You're just going to get off your butt, wash up, and go to bed. When you wake up, hell, you'll probably still be sitting in front of that (cursed) piece of machinery and everyone's gonna be staring at you or asking you how you actually pulled off sleeping in the middle of a conversation.

And Jordin's gonna ask what you dreamed about, which is utterly nothing. If you even remember this it's gonna be a miracle... do people usually think in their dreams? Must be some kind of new thing. Or maybe you're sick. Great. Ever frickin' better.

Okay then, that's it. You're gonna wake up and happen to be home with a fever this entire time and getting this feeling that you know what's going to happen today. Or tomorrow. Or... aw, come on. What the hell is with this feeling?

All things considered, it's about time you freaked out. Even if this is a dream. That's blood... at least, you better hope that's blood, on your hands. Feels like there's some on your face. It sure don't smell like ketchup... and it would explain why it itches like this...

Why does your stomach hurt? Haven't been in a real fight for a while now, and you haven't been eating anything weird... well, weirder than usual. And last time anyone checked, none of that was poisonous or rotting. Unless this is what the older people talk about with their 'hangovers' and whatever... that, and no aliens've been stabbing though you with their tails like in those movies, so no creepy babies comin' out to kill you...

Come to think of it, arms and legs hurt too. Did you fall out of bed or- oh, right. You just woke up. How would you fall out of bed and end up sitting in a chair? Right.

So... sleepy again. Why not? Not like anything's gonna...

For Soldier D-1, on his first day as a fully aware Eraser, the mandate was to have no idea what he had become, proving that ignorance is bliss. He had no idea what had led up to it. He had no particular motivation to do anything about that fact. He had no idea that his 'normal' life, his life as a human, had already ended.

For a time, neither would he know why it had happened. He would learn what he was. He would learn how to deal with it. He would learn what his purpose was. And he would become a pawn in a game that would end when the world was finally 'safe'.

But for now he would sleep under the watchful eyes of multiple scientists, astonished by what they had witnessed. An already developed human, transmuted, transformed, changed into a fully-operational footsoldier, when no other subject had survived the process post-birth. Unlike the others in too many ways, if unrefined in the ways that mattered. But that would be changed. At least, that's what Riley thought then.

Too bad Mr. Batchelder, his superior officer, was coming in tomorrow.