I am trying to finish a love out of reach but I'm having a major writer's block with that I decided to start this one and hopefully it will help me complete the other fic that is really bugging me. I was inspired to write this fic after reading the famed "After Alantis" which is a fic about G1 Wheeljack trying to move on after getting raped by Starscream. I doubt this will be as good as that fic but one can only try. Anyway this story is set in the TFA universe and is based upon the lovely Animated Optimus Prime and how fate sent him down a rollercoaster of suffering, shame and fear but will eventually lead to a life he never expected he would get. Enjoy!

Proof read by DeceptiGeek (thanks sweetie)

WARNING! This chapter contains mech on mech action, non con, violence, torture! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Oh Cruel Fate

Chap 1 A Life Ruined

The young Autobot leader staggered through the dark corridors of the old factory where he and his team had come to call home and tried his best to hold in his small whimpers of pain as he wandered about, being careful not to let anyone hear him. It was late and even though his friends were still awake watching some of the Earth broadcasting from their TV screen, he did not want to alert them of his presence. As far as they were concerned he was still out on patrol outside the city and would not return until later in the evening when they would be recharging in their quarters. Making sure that he would not kick any empty oil cans by accident he navigated his way past the factory floor and towards his room. He stuck to the shadows as he passed the other Autobots who were watching some television program, completely unaware that their leader was sneaking back into the base. He winced in pain as parts of his body ached and tried to hold in the pitiful sounds to keep his friends from coming to investigate. He didn't want them to see him like...like this.

He managed to reach his private quarters without anyone noticing him and the moment he made it to the safety of his room, the young mech locked the door and stumbled over to his berth, gasping in agony when a sudden movement made his body ache with a tremendous amount of pain. He managed to climb onto his berth and began to curl up into a trembling ball and uttered a low sob of shame. He never expected this to happen to him whilst training to be an Autobot. Never in all of his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that something like this could have ever happened to him. Why him? What did he do to deserve this? Did the wheels of destiny want to make his life more unbearable than it already was? Was his fate to remain a tortured mech for the rest of his life? Trying to rid the memories of what had happened earlier that evening he tried to fall into an uneasy recharging state, but even with his optics off lined he could still see those painful memories...that horrible moment of time he was forced to endure...that cold and cunning grin that was eating into the very core of his processor. It wasn't fair...why did this happen to him?

Optimus Prime was a little surprised that Prowl had come to him like this and asking him for a request. The ninjabot was not the type who would just walk up to just anyone and ask a favor but here he was standing before the young Prime and looking a little anxious. Prowl never acted like this, but then again, Optimus had a good idea why since the other ninjabot was making a terrible attempt to hide behind a nearby pillar. Since the Elite Guard had been overstaying their visit Jazz and Prowl had been spending some "quality" time together. Poor Bulkhead accidentally walked in on them making out and the two bots decided it would best to spend their "quality" time somewhere far away from everyone else. It was no surprise that the two ninjabots had developed feelings for each other for they had so much in common and it was no surprise that what Prowl wanted from his leader was to swap patrol shifts with him so he could spend more time with his beloved Jazz.

'It's just that I wanted to show Jazz the view of the stars from Dinobot Island since it's impossible to see them here in the city. We would arrange another time but the forecasts inform me that a heavy rainstorm will begin tomorrow afternoon so...if it was alright with you of course...could we swap our patrol shifts?'

Glancing between both Prowl and the still trying-to-hide Jazz, Optimus could not help but smirk. He was actually very envious of the two for he too secretly wished he could have someone to spend his days together with; someone to snuggle up with on a berth, whisper sweet nothings to in each others audios and grow old with. It sounded sappy but it was something he longed for. A long time ago he wished it had been Elita-1 but after that terrible incident he knew it was not meant to be. He had once wondered about Sentinel but after he revealed his true colors he suddenly found him unattractive and could no longer even stand being near him. There were no other mechs or femmes he knew of that he had any interest in or who had any interest in him so he guessed that he was going to have to wait a little longer till fate granted him the blessing of meeting the one he wanted to be with. For now, however, he thought he could help Prowl improve his relationship with the Elite Guard ninjabot.

'Sure, I don't mind. You two go and enjoy the view.'

For a split second Optimus could have sworn that Prowl was about to jump for joy but the ninjabot managed to hold in his enthusiasm and thanked Optimus in a calm manner before taking off towards an excited looking Jazz. The young Prime could not help but chuckle as the two bots walked off, the pair of them looking forward to spending an evening together and possibly something romantic. As the two of them disappeared around the corner Optimus suddenly let out a low sigh and a glum expression now bared on his face. He truly did not mind covering for Prowl, he had just wished that it was him spending an evening with a bot that he liked instead; getting excited to spend some alone time with him or her and enjoying life together, not caring about what was going on in the universe. If Sentinel ever found out about how his secret desire was to have a long term romantic relationship he would surely tease him for a whole stellar cycle.

Once evening came Optimus informed his team he was off on patrol before transforming and heading out. The other Autobots seemed excited that their leader was leaving the base in their servos, Bumblebee making a mad dash for the video game console before anyone else could even think about using the television. Ratchet had wanted to listen to some of Earth's broadcasts on the radio he had suddenly become interested in whilst tinkering away with his tools. Sari decided to play along with the young yellow Autobot whilst Bulkhead was going to practice creating more of his art. Despite the fact that they wanted to do something else with their lives many stellar cycles ago, the Prime's whole team seemed happy with the way their lives had turned out. Bumblebee did want to join the Autobot Academy to be an Elite Guard but he seemed happier as a repair bot, defending the Earth from the threat of the Decepticons. Ratchet being a famous war veteran should be enjoying his life as a retired medic but he seemed to enjoy working with a bunch of trouble making youths even though he would never admit to it. Bulkhead had wanted to gain a profession with his incredible talent with Space Bridge engineering but was now more interested in his art than his old dream and Prowl had wanted to master his cyber ninja techniques and live as a loner...now he seemed quite happy being in a team. All of his Autobots had a goal in their lives that they wanted to achieve more than anything but it somehow ended up turning into another something else...and yet they were happy. Even though they wanted something different out of their lives they seemed happy with the ones that they were given instead. If only he was like that.

As Optimus headed deeper into the forest outside Detroit he began to wonder if he did like anything about his life. He had wanted to be an Elite Guard, working with the other members of the proud Autobot force and perhaps someday become a well respected Magnus as well as meeting the mech or femme of his dreams. However he lost a dear companion, his so called "friend" screwed him over, had him expelled and he ended up working as a repair bot Commander...a job that he despised above every thing else. He never told any member of his team this but he hated his early days as a repair bot. He couldn't stand listening to Bumblebee and Bulkhead argue over which wire went where and how they acted like immature protoforms wanting attention. He couldn't stand how Ratchet refused to tell him about the Great Wars and treated him like some little sparkling and when they met up with Prowl, he could not stand how the ninjabot acted like he was better than everyone else. In the beginning of his career as a repair bot he hated everything about his job including the mechs he was forced to work with. The worst thing was that a small part of him still did.

Then again he should be grateful with the life he now had. Even though Ultra Magnus was the one who made it official that he was expelled the great Autobot Commander regretted kicking the promising cadet out of the academy. He had shown great interest in Optimus which was enough to get Sentinel jealous and had hoped that Optimus would one day take his place as Magnus. It was Ultra Magnus who managed to pull a few strings to allow Optimus to be promoted to the rank of Prime and to be a captain of his own crew...even though it wasn't a very glamorous job he still had to be thankful that the Autobot Commander did all that just for him. Even though he was a strict mech he did want Optimus to have a decent career and had done his best to look after him. If he had not done that, Optimus would be working in some dead end job back on Cybertron doing Primus knows what.

Sure he ended up working in a job that he hated but he did get to see a new world, met a whole new race of organic life forms and gained a new responsibility to protect them from the Decepticons, but yet...he felt like it did not mean anything. He felt like that everything he had done was not enough. There was a deep hole within him and no matter what he did or accomplished it was not filling up fast enough. He was missing something...the one thing to make that deep and empty hole within him fill up and make him feel complete; that once it was full it would make him see that everything that had happened to him so far was worth something. Could it be his longing to be with someone? Or was it something else?

Optimus sighed when he realized he went into one of his deep thinking modes and tried to concentrate on where he was going instead. He was on the look out for Decepticon activity since the war mongering faction decided to remain on Earth rather than leave and return to New Kaon. The Autobots could only guess that they were planning on using Earth's crude but efficient technology for something, but they had no idea what they were planning or where they were hiding. According to intelligence, they were possibly hiding somewhere in the mountain range of Detroit which was why they made frequent patrols through the isolated area. If Decepticon activity was confirmed then the patrolling Autobot would call in for reinforcements and make a quick plan of action on how to deal with their enemies. They had not spotted any of them during the past few days but the Autobots were convinced that this was where the Decepticons were hiding.

As he came to a part of the road where he could no longer go by in his vehicle mode, Optimus transformed and proceeded to continue on foot. Even though he had been on Earth for some time now he was still not used to walking around this alien vegetation in the middle of the night. It gave him an eerie feeling and even though he would never admit it; the whole woodland area gave his circuits the chills. He did have his searchlights, but since he was looking for Decepticon activity, he had to keep them switched off so as not to alert them to his presence. As he treaded as best he could through the dark forest he could hear the local wildlife chattering around him, almost as if they were trying to tell him to leave. Even though Prowl just loved the sounds the organic world made Optimus found it to be a little...disturbing...but he didn't hate it. Sentinel on the other hand would probably run and flee whilst making up some excuse that he left something back at the base. The very thought amused him.

The young mech continued his patrol through the dark forest until he began to notice that something was off. A few moments ago he could hear the sounds of insects chirping, owls hooting and other woodland creatures running around in the dark...but now...he could not hear a thing. The whole area had suddenly gone quiet. No animals...no insects...no wind...nothing. Even though he found the noises the woods made at night slightly disturbing, the eerie silence that surrounded him made him feel a little afraid. Checking his surroundings he tried to figure out why the woodland suddenly went so quiet. It seemed so unnatural and if Prowl were here he would have probably said the same thing. Clenching his fists to maintain his composure, he walked in a little deeper hoping that it was just an organic thing.

He was now on high alert and he looked around hoping that he would find what was causing the strange silence. He detected no Spark signatures so he was safe from a Decepticon ambush. It could not be that annoying organic with the Headmaster unit since he was currently behind bars, along with all the other troublesome organics they had fought with recently. The Prime could only guess that it was normal for the woodland to go this quiet at certain times, that was the only explanation. There were many things he did not know about organic worlds so he assumed it was a normal thing.

However he suddenly felt something heavy rest upon his shoulders.

'Didn't your creators ever tell you that it's dangerous to be wandering around an alien planet all by yourself?'

Optimus' optics widened with horror. That voice...that cold and menacing voice...it couldn't be! The young Autobot suddenly jumped back around and looked up to see who it was that came up behind him. To his dismay and horror he was looking at the Decepticon Warlord himself, Megatron. The slag maker himself just stared at Optimus with a menacing glare, yet bore an amused expression. Optimus just mentally cursed himself over and over. How did he not notice his spark energy? How in the pit did the giant mech sneak up behind him like that? The Decepticon leader chuckled as he gazed upon the young Autobot's confused yet panicked face.

'Cloaking ones spark energy is but a simple task for a war mech like me. It doesn't surprise me that an inexperienced Autobot like yourself can't even detect such a simple cloaking technique...I suppose Ultra Magnus must be getting desperate on new recruits.'

Optimus snarled and brought out his axe to defend himself. He didn't stand a chance against Megatron alone so he quickly activated his distress systems only to find that they weren't working. Megatron sneered as Optimus tried to call the aid of his friends but only found that they weren't working.

'You really are pathetic, little Autobot! I jammed all of your frequencies and your distress beacon so there is no chance that your teammates will show up to save your sorry hide!'

The young mech grimaced but did not show his fear. He took a battle stance and glared up at the powerful mech.

'You should have stayed as an off lined head you walking malfunction!' he snarled.

Megatron suddenly growled and clenched his fists at the young Prime's words.

'Are you referring to my fifty stellar cycle humiliation as that filthy organic's lab toy?'

Optimus could feel Megatron's anger emitting from his own spark and it did not really surprise him. If there was one thing that Decepticons hated more than Autobots, it was organics and the leader of the Decepticons had been trapped in a lab that was owned by an organic for over fifty stellar cycles. It was beyond humiliation...for a Decepticon it was a living hell. He had to play pretend in order to gain Sumdac's trust and the organic scientist fell for his charade. Still, the organic did not have the power to rebuild his body fast enough so he continued playing that incredibly humiliating game with him...fearing that he would be trapped there forever. However, he had managed to free himself, regain his body and lead his soldiers back into battle against the Autobots. It was obviously clear that Megatron wanted revenge against the one responsible for his imprisonment.

The Decepticon Warlord took a large step towards the young mech with a cold and demonic glare. The Autobot who threw him off the ship all those stellar cycles ago which caused his decapitation and imprisonment was the very same Autobot standing before him now. He was the reason why he was stuck in that puny organic's lab and he wanted his revenge. Optimus had heard that revenge was something the Decepticons took great pride in and they wouldn't stop until their revenge was complete. The young Autobot had two options right now...try to fight off Megatron or try to escape back and run back to the safety of the base. Right now option two sounded far more appealing, but he knew Megatron wasn't going to let him get away. All he could now was stall for time until he figured out how he was going to get out of here.

'You deserved it after all the pain and suffering you have caused!'

Megatron growled at that remark and took another step forward.

'I would rather rust in the stockades than spend another nano-click in that disgusting lab! I, the great and powerful Megatron, was trapped and helpless at the mercy of a filthy organic because of you! So, little Autobot, I believe it's about time I took my revenge!'

The Decepticon Warlord suddenly took a few more menacing steps forward which made Optimus jump back and activate his oil cannon, splashing the slippery fluid all over the ground hoping it would trip Megatron up. The Decepticon Warlord almost lost his footing, but managed to maintain his balance as well as give Optimus enough time to sprint off into the thick woodland. The plan was that he would loose Megatron in the forest and then make his way back to the city once he was sure the Decepticon leader was far away from his location. He heard Megatron roar after him but not even he could chase Optimus through the woods with his giant frame.

Looking over his shoulder he couldn't see the Decepticon anymore but that didn't mean he could relax. Dodging through the dark trees and trying to mask his own Spark signature he ran and ran until he came to a large clearing. He stopped for a moment to get his bearings whilst checking his surroundings. He didn't hear the sound of the Decepticon's engines so he assumed he was safe for now. However his signals were still jammed so that meant he could still be nearby. Looking around once more, he began to make his way towards where the dirt track was located. He was so sure that he was alone but he suddenly felt someone grab his throat and he found himself looking into a pair of blood red optics.

'Don't think that this is something you can run away from, little Autobot!'

Then with all his might he threw Optimus against a large boulder. The young mech cried out in pain as the force of the throw dented the hard stone and nearly broke his back. He slumped to the ground and moaned in pain, trying to reboot his systems as fast as he could in order to escape. However Megatron was blocking his only escape as he towered over him with a menacing glare. The young mech tried to drag himself away but the Decepticon kicked Optimus hard, sending him flying and crashing into a large tree that nearly snapped in two from the force of the impact. Optimus gasped in pain and he quickly looked up at Megatron trying to formulate another plan. It was then that he noticed that Megatron was looking at him differently now. He was no longer glaring at him with optics full of death but now looked at him with a cunning and devious smirk. The young mech didn't know why but the way Megatron looked at him made his Spark tremble in fear.

Megatron took a few steps closer to and smirked down at the little Autobot. Optimus had landed at an angle where he found himself admiring his nicely designed frame. He had such a slender waist and a pair of long silver thighs that were just begging to be touched. He had to admit that this young Autobot did have a gorgeous frame along with a pretty little face. Not many Autobots were that beautiful and Megatron wasn't the type who would just admit that an Autobot was attractive since he hated them so much, but this Autobot just looked so delicious and helpless. It was then a wicked thought crept into his processor...there could be other ways to enjoy his revenge and he had been meaning to try out certain parts of his rebuilt body since it had been quite a while since he had had any fun.

Optimus tried to drag himself away but Megatron suddenly grabbed his throat and hoisted him up till they were face to face. The young mech did not like the way Megatron was looking at him and he tried to free himself from the grip that held him. The Decepticon chuckled and used his free hand to gently caress the Autobot's cheek which made Optimus look up at him slightly confused. He had never seen the Decepticon look at him like that before and with the way he was touching him made him feel a little scared.

'W-why are you looking at me like that?' he demanded, still trying to free himself.

Megatron could not help but laugh coldly at the young Autobot's question. It was quite clear that this Autobot had never been touched before which meant this was going to be very interesting. Leaning in a little closer until Optimus flinched, he gave the young Autobot a devilish grin.

'Tell me Autobot...have you ever felt completely helpless and weak? All alone with no one knowing where you are or if you're even alright? That you would have to resort to pleading with an inferior life form to assist you? WELL!'

He finished that sentence with a loud threatening snarl and gripped Optimus's throat even tighter. The young mech winced in pain but did not show his fear. Megatron just grinned viciously as he forced Optimus to look back at him.

'Well tonight my little Autobot I'm going to show you exactly what I went through!'

Then to Optimus surprise and horror Megatron suddenly crashed his lips against his and forced his glossa down his throat. The young Autobot's optics widened as he found himself being forced into a kiss with the Decepticon Warlord himself. For a moment his CPU could not process what was going on but as that large slick piece of metal probed and explored every inch of his oral cavity he suddenly felt a wave of panic wash over him and he began to struggle all over again. He made muffled demands and tried to kick the Decepticon Warlord away from him but that only seemed to amuse the evil machine. His optics widened even wider when he felt a large hand grope his blue aft and uttered a muffled yelp in surprise. Megatron pulled away and smirked down at the terribly confused Autobot.

'What's the matter Autobot? Don't tell me that you've never been touched by a mech before.'

It didn't take Optimus long to figure out what Megatron was talking about and he began to struggle even harder.

'Get away from me you sick glitch!' he snarled.

Megatron snickered darkly as he watched the fear within the young mech grow and grow with each passing second.

'Afraid already? I haven't even started yet!'

He then threw the Autobot to the ground causing the young mech to cry out in pain. Before he could back up, the Decepticon Warlord was already on top of him. Optimus tried to crawl out from underneath him but Megatron had already grabbed his shoulders and flipped him over onto his chest. Optimus snarled and tried to pull himself away but Megatron held him tight. The Decepticon took a moment to admire Optimus's fine frame and his fine looking aft. He growled in arousal and grabbed it again, squeezing it hard. Optimus let out a yelp of surprise and looked over his shoulder to see Megatron glaring down at him.

'G-get off me!' he snapped but all that did was make the Decepticon slap him round the helm.

'So how does it feel Autobot? You are helpless...alone...no one knows where you are or what kind of danger you're in!'

Megatron then forced Optimus's aft up by making his knees bend and spreading them apart. The young Autobot felt that the fear within him was growing and growing by the second. He even found that he was trembling and he could not control it. The position he was forced into was making his Spark pulse like crazy and whimpered when he felt that large hand grope his aft once again.

'Let me go dammit! I demand that you-AHH!'

Optimus suddenly cried out when he felt his interface cover suddenly ripped off exposing his untouched port. Fear was now taking control and he struggled even harder against the grip that held him place. Megatron laughed coldly as the young Autobot began to struggle in vain and looked down at that virgin port of his. Stealing his innocence and scarring his Spark for life would be enough revenge for him. As he began to circle the quivering rim of the port the young Autobot cried out again.

'You know little Autobot...I can imagine so many ways I can ravage this wonderful body of yours...and since we have all night I can defile you in so many ways and make you scream for my mercy. Then you will finally know how I felt when you pushed me out of your ship!'

Those words made all the courage drain from the young Autobot's CPU and he began to shiver like crazy. He...he was going to rape him! No...no, he couldn't...he can't...he hadn't even been with anyone yet...he didn't want his first time taken from him like this! His optics began to water up out of fear and sorrow and he tried to think of a way...anyway out of this but going through that. As Megatron continued to tease his port with his large fingers the young Autobot tried to talk his way out of this, hoping that he would let him go even though deep, deep down he knew there was no chance of that happening...but he had to try.

'L-let me go...please...I-I...I've never done anything like this.'

'Oh I know you haven't my dear little Autobot...but you see when I get my revenge I make sure that it'll leave a mark on my victims. By taking your innocence you will never be able to live a normal life with anyone! Ever! You will forever live in fear of me and anyone who would even try and touch you no matter how gentle they are! Tonight little Autobot you are going to suffer for what you did to me and you will only have yourself to blame!'

Upon hearing that Optimus began to tremble even harder and he couldn't move out of fear. Megatron chuckled as he watched the young Autobot beneath him shiver like crazy and growled in arousal as he began to unsheathe his large and hardened spike. Optimus made the mistake of looking over his shoulder and the moment he saw that monstrous spike he uttered a choked sob and gripped the earth beneath him. He wouldn't be able to handle that and he began trying to force his mind elsewhere. He didn't want to be here. He rather be working under Sentinel, back on Archa 7 or floating in the emptiness of space...anywhere but here.

'N-no...I don't want this...l-let me go...I...please...I don't want this...p-please,' he sobbed.

Megatron relished in the sounds of the Autobot's whimpers and pleas. Taking a firm grip of his hips he let out a deep purr before slamming himself into Optimus' virgin port. For a split second Optimus could not think straight. All he could feel was pain beyond belief and everything had gone white. He could not move nor think as the pain took over him. Megatron let out a loud growl of pleasure as he forced his spike deep into that now bleeding port and gripped the young mech's hips so tight he was making small dents. At first Optimus did not respond to the powerful sensation that had just taken over him. He just laid there, his optics wide open and almost white. His mouth opened slightly and his lips trembling. He had never felt anything like this in his entire life...pain...humiliation...fear...it was all too much. As Megatron began to pound his spike into him Optimus finally reacted and he screamed.


The Decepticon took great pleasure upon hearing his victim's pleas and thrust harder into the young mech's body. Optimus screamed and struggled in a vain attempt to get free. His port had been badly damage from the sudden impalement of that gigantic spike and mech blood was already seeping down his silver thighs. Sensitive sensor nodes within his aching port were now screaming in pain and every time Megatron impaled him with that throbbing piece of metal he felt a small part of himself fading into darkness. Tears streamed down his face as the pain was taking over his entire being. Megatron on the other hand was enjoying every nano-click of it.

'Ahhh Primus you are so TIGHT little Autobot! Ahh! I almost feel honored that I have taken your innocence! Oh yes!' he growled as he bucked and twisted his hips.

Optimus screamed even louder and began to claw at the dirt. He wanted to get out of there and run back to the safety of his base. He wanted to hide underneath his berth. He wanted to be anywhere but there. He felt sick and disgusted with himself as Megatron continued to pound into him and moaned as he took him over and over. He was tearing wires and sensitive circuits and with every thrust mech blood poured out covering his inner thighs and making him feel dirty and disgusting. His hips ached as Megatron continued to grip them with such strength.

'L-let me go...AHH...please...oh please...AHH...let me go!' he begged as Megatron began pounding into him even harder.

Megatron sneered and leaned over so his lips were almost pressed against Optimus's audios. He traced his glossa around them before snickering into them and moaned as he bucked into his tight little port.

'How does it..ahhh...feel Autobot? How...ahh...does it feel to be all helpless...ahhh...and alone? Does it...ahhh...hurt?'

He laughed again as he began to cover Optimus's audios with sloppy kisses and filled them with the sound of his moans of pleasure. He nipped at them and grinned wickedly as they earned him feeble cries of pain and more tears. He leaned over and lapped up some of the tears and made a mockery of a kiss upon his shivering helm. Optimus just sobbed and cried as he was forced to endure such terrible treatment. His nerve networks sparked painfully within him and no matter how hard he tried he could not call for help. He felt like some terrible virus had just been unleashed within him and it was tearing him apart. He began to mentally scream for Primus to help him and even tried to imagine he was somewhere else...but it didn't work. He just closed his optics and waited for it all to end. All he could hear were the sounds of Megatron thrusting into him and the warlord himself moaning like a feral beast as he used his frail little body for his own pleasure.

It felt like eternity but at long last Megatron overloaded within him. As he did the Warlord roared loudly and buried himself deep within the little Autobot's body. Optimus arched his back painfully and screamed as the liquid fire filled his ruined port and began to seep down his legs along with the mech blood. Megatron growled in satisfaction and listened as the young Autobot trembled within his grip. Heavy tears fell down the Autobot's pretty pale blue face and he whimpered pathetically as his innocence was taken from him so brutally. The Warlord held him until he emptied everything from his overload into him before dropping him to the ground. The moment he did Optimus suddenly rolled over and curled up into a trembling ball of pain and shame. Megatron just sneered down at him and laughed.

'Trust me on this Autobot...we are far from over!'

Optimus wasn't sure how much time passed but all he knew was that it didn't pass fast enough. The moment Megatron had finished with him he suddenly forced him against the dented boulder and pulled his aft out, crushing his face into the hard rock as he took him again. Optimus howled in pain as with each thrust his face was crushed against the boulder over and over. More mech blood poured out of his port and he felt sickened with himself as Megatron began touching him in ways that made it somewhat pleasurable. However when he overloaded into him a second time he forced him against his chest and bit down onto one of his antenna's. He cried out in pain and once the Decepticon had emptied his fluids into him he dropped him again. It gave Optimus the chance to see his stained thighs and a glimpse of his ruined port. It was enough to make him whimper in disgust.

Time was a blur from there as Megatron suddenly bound his arms with his own grapples and forced his spike down his throat, threatening the Autobot that if he bit down he would rip his jaw off. Optimus almost purged his tanks and he moaned miserably as that hot and disgusting large spike was thrust in and out of his mouth. Megatron gripped his helm and moaned loudly as he enjoyed the sensation of the Autobot's warm and moist mouth. He also enjoyed watching the Autobot cry in pain and humiliation as he defiled him in such a cruel way. Optimus flinched when Megatron ordered him to use his glossa which he ended up doing and the urge to purge his tanks became overwhelming. When Megatron overloaded into his mouth he ordered him to swallow every last drop of his fluids. The young mech uttered a muffled whimper and did as he was told, swallowing every last drop of that hot and sticky liquid. He looked up at Megatron with pleading optics hoping that his revenge had been satisfied but Megatron had many more plans for him.

Soon he found himself straddling Megatron's spike he uttered a low painful moan as he was forced down onto that large spike. Megatron growled at him and ordered him to move his hips whilst he covered his face, lips and neck with sloppy kisses and sharp bites. The young mech sobbed and whimpered as he tried his best to move his hips up and down the tyrant's thick length. He moaned in disgust every time Megatron forced his glossa down his throat and bit down hard onto his sensitive throat. His tears had been all used up but he felt the need to purge in which Megatron threatened him that if he did he would make him lick it all up with his glossa. So he held in the urge and continued to move his hips as best he could even though his damaged port was begging for mercy. Once Megatron grew tired of the Autobot's slow pace he began to move his hips for him which was even more painful than before. When he overloaded into him again he could not even scream. His vocalizer had worn out from being over used.

He didn't know how many times Megatron took him but the most humiliating and painful one of all was the final one where Megatron did something that shook him to the core. After Megatron released him from his grapples he dropped him to the floor and laughed down at his ruined body. Optimus coughed and sobbed as pain and disgust filled him to the brim. He felt sick and dirty and could not find the courage to beg for Megatron's mercy. He could only hope that the Decepticon was satisfied with what he done but as he looked up at that evil machine he knew that he was not yet done with him.

'P-please...just l-leave me alone...p-please...' he begged as he tried to get away in a feeble attempt.

Megatron just sneered. He wanted to do one last thing that would leave a permanent scar upon Optimus's very Spark...Spark? Yes...that would do just nicely. He looked down at that broad red chest and grinned viciously. Optimus followed his gaze and when he saw what his optics were looking at a new wave of panic washed over him like a tsunami. He suddenly wrapped his arms around his chest and shook his head like crazy, tears began flowing and he tried to get away as Megatron began to kneel down over him.

'N-no! No please...NO!'

The Decepticon sneered and slapped him hard across the face. Optimus cried out in pain and the assault stunned him for a few mere seconds but when he felt Megatron beginning to pry open his chest plates. No...he had lost his innocence but he could not bear to lose the purity of his Spark. He tried to push Megatron away but the Decepticon Warlord just slapped his hands away as he forced his Spark chamber open. Grinning as he gazed at that pure light he opened his own Spark chamber. The sight of that powerful and malice filled Spark made Optimus whimper and struggle even harder to get away from it.

'Hold still Autobot! After this you will finally understand what I went through!'

Whilst Optimus was too preoccupied with the assault on his Spark Megatron managed to get between the young mech's legs and forced his spike back into the bleeding port. Optimus suddenly threw his head back and screamed. Using it to his advantage Megatron suddenly crashed his Spark against his and Optimus suddenly screamed even louder as both his body and Spark were taken at the same time. He howled and clawed at Megatron, begging him to let him go and leave him be. Megatron just laughed and sent wave after wave of his Spark energy into the young mech's body whilst pumping into him and enjoying the sounds of strained screams from his victim.

Optimus sobbed and cried as the unwanted energy filled his body, made his nerve network explode with agony and the tears fall even harder. It felt like Megatron was inside in him in more ways than one. He was in his processor, Spark, body and entire being laughing at him, mocking him and taking every last bit of purity from him. He was stealing his dreams and hopes and replacing it with despair and dread. He just wanted to fade into the darkness and find a place where Megatron could never find him...but right now no matter where he looked Megatron was there with a cruel and wicked grin filling his whole face and those evil red optics looking straight into him. Megatron had ruined him and he was now beyond repair.

Megatron himself was a little tired now from all the overloads he had unleashed upon the Autobot but he was determined to finish this. Growling as his overload grew nigh he buried himself even deeper into his body and sent Optimus a powerful shockwave of his Spark energy into his body whilst unleashing his final overload into him. Optimus screamed on worn out vocals as the combined force of the Spark energy and overload almost forced him to shutdown. Everything within him was lit on fire and everything pure about him was now gone. His body ached in pure agony and he had never felt so tired or weak in his entire life. It even took its toll out on the Decepticon Warlord and he fell over almost crushing the young mech underneath him. Megatron moaned in delight as he relished in the afterglow of his overload and activated his cooling systems to keep his body at a reasonable temperature. After a few moments of recovery, Megatron retracted his Spark and spike from the Autobot beneath him and stood back up. He closed up his chamber and spike and sneered down at the ruined Autobot.

He laid there in the dirt covered in fluids and mech blood. His blue optics were now dull but he was still wide awake. His Spark chamber hung open and his Spark was emitting a strange light that he paid no attention to. His thighs were covered in mech blood and fluids and then he suddenly rolled over to purge his tanks. Megatron laughed as he watched Optimus choke and sob as he emptied his tanks all over the ground and trembled violently as he lay in a pool of his own fluids. He had got his vengeance and had ruined the young Autobot completely. He will now know forever what it felt like to be completely helpless and alone whilst as an added bonus he was now filthy and disgusting. Grinning down at him he bent down and gave him a long and slow lick up his cheek before forcing a kiss upon him.

'We are now even Autobot!' he sneered as he walked off and disappeared into the darkness, leaving the Autobot to drown in his misery.

Optimus laid there for Primus only knew how long. His whole body ached with pain and humiliation. He felt sick and tainted. All of his hopes...his dreams...his wishes...his whole life had been destroyed in one night. Rolling over and curling up into a feeble ball he began to sob and cry knowing that no one could hear him.

The young mech woke suddenly and sat up, wincing in pain as he did. He released panicked gasps as he tried to remember where he was. Looking around the dark room he sighed in relief when he found himself back in his room back at the Autobot base. He was safe and no one could harm him in here. He slowly laid back down on his berth and tried not to recall why his body ached in pain but the pain itself reminded him. He rolled over and sobbed as the memories began to haunt him all over again. After Megatron had raped him over and over again he was left alone in the dark forest to suffer alone. He didn't know how long he laid there but eventually he was able to force himself back up. His whole frame ached with agony as he moved and he ended up purging his tanks all over again. He managed to make his way over to a small river where he cleaned himself up as best he could before making his way slowly back to the base.

As he made his way through the dark forest he wondered what he should do. Should he tell the other Autobots what had happened? No. He couldn't. They would never accept him after all that. They would treat him differently; look at him with optics filled with disgust and pity, hated by his own kind and left to suffer alone with no one there to hold him. He could never tell anyone what had happened to him that night. He would never be able to live with the fact that everyone would know that the Warlord of the Decepticons had turned him from a proud Autobot to a whimpering whore in just one night. He couldn't tell anyone...he would just have to suffer with it alone and hope that maybe one day the pain would disappear. One thing remained clear though...fate was never on his side.