Placing what little personal belongings he had in his temporary quarters, the young Prime let out a sad sigh as he gazed out the window of the Steelhaven. He could see Bulkhead, with Sari on his shoulder, being led away by Bumblebee back towards the base. They had come over to drop off his stuff and pick up Sentinel's, but Optimus never got the chance to see them for they left before he could talk with them. He watched them, wanting to comm them but was too afraid to. Bulkhead seemed to be asking his little yellow friend if they could go back and he could just make out that Sari was implying the same thing but Bumblebee would have none of it and seemed to angrily convince them why they shouldn't. In the end they both transformed and left, without even looking back.

It was obvious why. They were still angry at him. Angry and upset.

Trying to hold back the sad tears, he focused on his unpacking and recalled what the Magnus had told him not too long ago.

After he finished crying and sobbing in Ultra Magnus's chassis, the elder mech explained the situation to him. He had to return to Cybertron for his own safety and wellbeing and also that his team would stand a better chance with a new leader. With the state he was in he would not be able to lead them into battle against the Decepticons. He could have a mental breakdown if he saw one and that would endanger his friends. Also he was in no physical condition to fight. He was Carrying a Hybrid Sparkling, Megatron's Sparkling and if anyone ever found out, it was highly likely that the foul Tyrant would come after both him and his unborn young. To prevent this he was told that no one, absolutely no one other than him and Perceptor were to know about his true condition. Instead he was to tell them that he got sick from an organic infection that weakened his mind and that Ultra Magnus was caring for him in his own personal estate.

He was shocked to learn that Ratchet knew of it as well for he was the one who wrote up the fake medical report. He truly felt bad for deceiving Ratchet and that he had to find out in such an awful way. The young Prime didn't mean to hurt him but it was far too late. He was also surprised to learn that he was going to be living with the Magnus in his private estate, the safest place on Cybertron within Fortress Maximus, the Elite Guard stronghold. He didn't think he would one day live there. Then again he didn't have a place to call home on Cybertron. The elder mech had offered to let him stay in his own home but Optimus had none. The only homes he had were rented properties and the Autobot Academy barracks. Nowhere else so he was thankful for that.

Ultra Magnus gave the young mech some time to let this all sink in and offered him to go and settle in his temporary quarters on the ship. By then most of his personal belongings had been sent over, courtesy of Bumblebee and Bulkhead.

So there he was, sitting on the berth on his new room, unpacking small belongings, about to return to his home world. He didn't feel at all excited and he wished that he could at least see his friends one last time before he left. The Magnus had told him with a heavy Spark that he may not return for some time. However he did promise that he would summon them all for a final farewell before takeoff. That alone made the young Prime feel happy.

There was one other thing that bothered him.

He could not believe that the Magnus was going through all this trouble for him! He was taking him back to live in the safety of his own home, hiding the very truth from all those who might spread it around and vowed to protect him from the very one who had hurt him. These were things that a Magnus like Ultra would not normally do. He was half expecting him to send the young Prime away into a secure health facility and remain there till the end of his days. Yet he was willing to care for him and protect him, to keep him safe and shield him from the cruelty of the world if they discovered his secret.

He also presumed that Ultra Magnus was still both hurt and confused to that...incident in the office. The Magnus did address that, believing that Megatron must have infected him with someone to make him act out of the ordinary after forcing his foul Spark upon him but promised that he would have Perceptor look into it. He did tell Optimus also, that it wasn't his fault and that he himself was sorry for letting his urges get the better of him. The elder mech truly regretted it and this seemed to be his way of making up for it. But the good kind mech was not to blame either.

It was very nice and all but Optimus had almost forgotten that the Magnus was in love with him. That he cared for him, even though Optimus had unintentionally had rejected him in such a cold way, he was still willing to look after him even if he got no love in return. It was odd. He would have expected that any mech that loved him who had discovered his secret would have cruelly rejected him and leave him alone. However Ultra Magnus was willing to go out of his way to look after the ruined mech and even care for both him and his unborn Sparkling.

Did he truly love him that much? That he would go against the very protocol he had lived by all his live just to keep him safe?

The young Prime sighed and looked towards the ceiling. The little one within him made a small, non-painful pulse, causing him to grunt a little and pet his chassis.

The Magnus was truly a kind mech...and from the sounds of it he truly adored Optimus and wanted him as his mate...but Optimus could never have him. He didn't deserve to be with such a good and gentle mech like Ultra Magnus. No. He deserved someone who didn't make him go through all this pain and woe. Someone who wasn't tainted and used, Carrying a Hybrid offspring. Even though a small part of him enjoyed the company of the good Magnus and adored the time they spent together...they could never be together...not now...not ever.

Jazz cautiously peered into Prowl's room, seeing that his beloved was sitting up high in his tree, perched on one of the sturdy branches and ignoring his presence to the point where it hurt. It pained poor Jazz to see him like this. He wasn't sitting gracefully like a skilled ninja 'bot would. He was hunched over and miserable, not even focusing on the one whom now stood under the tree, looking up at him with concern in his optics. The white ninja 'bot looked up at Prowl and frowned, his face full of dread.

What was wrong with him? Why was he like this? What had happened to his dear sweet Prowl? Was he sad that he was now leaving him? What was it? Why wouldn't he tell him? They loved each other...right?

'Prowl? Prowl, sweetie?'

Prowl gave no answer but seemed to sink lower into his depressed state. Jazz stood right under him, trying to call out to him with their unique bond but got nothing, not even a grunt. He didn't even care that today was the day that the white ninja 'bot was leaving Earth and might not see him for a while. Did he not care? Was he sad that Jazz was leaving? Angry and unprepared for this day? Or was it something else? Something that he did not wish to share with anyone...not even his beloved.

'Prowl? Please talk to me. What's wrong? I don't want to leave you when you're like this!'

Prowl finally made some movement and looked down at Jazz with sorrow in his optics.

'I...made a terrible mistake Jazz.'

A mistake? What mistake? Had he done something wrong recently? Something that had brought this sudden depression onto him? Why didn't he go to him for comfort? Wasn't that what he was there for?

'Mistake? What do you mean Prowl? Please tell me! Let me help! That's what lovers do for each other. We help and care for our loved ones! Please Prowl, let me help you! It hurts me when you're like this. I don't want to leave when you're like this.'

Prowl shook his head and then stood up, his back still turned to him.

'No one can help. Not even you.'

'W-what's that supposed to mean? We promised that we'd help each other no matter what! Remember?' cried out Jazz, he voice strained as he tried to get Prowl to listen.

'Please tell me! I can fix it! I promise!'

He waited for an answer but many moments passed and still nothing. Small leaved fell from the great tree's branches and gently landed on Prowl's frame, the black and gold ninja taking no heed of it. It was like he was lost in a world of his own and he wasn't about to let Jazz into it. Time passed until Prowl sighed and raised his head to look through the hole in his ceiling at the bright blue sky.

'You can't fix it Jazz. No even I. No one can. I committed a sin Jazz...and both you and I are to blame.'

The poor white ninja 'bot was terribly confused. Sin? Both him and Jazz? What was going on? He could see there was something very, very wrong with the black and gold ninja 'bot, but what?

'What do ya mean Prowl? Ya got me in the dark here! Please...come down and talk to me!'

Then without warning, he leapt through the open ceiling and vanished from sight. Jazz watched in horror and tried to follow but by the time he made it to the roof Prowl was long gone. Vanished into thin air and no sign of a trail to follow him.

Why did he leave? Jazz wanted to cry right there and then but just collapsed on the roof and gazed up into the clear sky. For a while he had everything in his hands, he had it all planned out right down to the last detail. From he and Prowl to have wonderful days on Earth together until the day they had to momentarily part to Ultra Magnus winning the Spark of the mech of his dreams. It was all supposed to go according to plan...but everything slipped from his fingers and turned into a terrible mess.

Ultra Magnus was now hiding something from him. Optimus was acting out of the ordinary and, even though he had been accused of committing horrible acts, he wasn't getting charged for them. Instead Ultra Magnus and Ratchet claimed he had some sort of mental breakdown due to the organic world they had been on for so long. Those two mechs were hiding something from him but all of that didn't seem to matter now.

What hurt him the most was what had happened to his beloved Prowl. His dear sweet Prowl. One moment he was the kind and loving mech whom he had grown to adore more than anything else in this cold universe and then all of a sudden he turns his back on him with no explanation as to why. Was this is his way of letting go or had he truly made a mistake? A mistake in loving someone from the Elite Guard? Was Jazz a sin to him? A mistake? Someone he could no longer love?

Why did he go? Why did he not help him find the answers? Instead he left him with more questions and puzzles that he believed he could not solve no matter how hard he tried. It didn't seem to matter now, now that the love of his life had just left him without so much as saying a farewell.

Jazz uttered a painful laugh of sarcastic woe.

'Ha...ain't like it's the first time I got dumped,' he croaked.

The laughter slowly turned into bitter sobs and he rolled over and cried and cried, knowing full well no one was going to come and comfort him. At least that was one thing he did know.

The Sub-Commander groaned in disgust as he tried to keep his personal items free from the organic air around him but ended up putting them in a place where a strange substance was growing, later informed by the two younger 'bots that it was just a harmless mould. Harmless? This disgusting substance was growing in his temporary room and as far as he was concerned it was an unwanted parasite! The two young 'bots just laughed at him and claimed what he really should look out for were little creatures that might mistake him for a good spot to make a...nest? Whatever it was, he could not believe Optimus lived in such a place for so long without cracking up...oh wait, he did.

Groaning, moaning and wincing in disgust every time he discovered a new alien substance, the Sub-Commander wanted to scream. From mould to stains to creepy looking holes with something crawling around inside, Sentinel truly believed he was now in a place that was worst that the pit itself! How these Autobots survived here for so long was a wonder for Sentinel.

'Can't believe I'm stuck here on this foul smelling organic mud ball while HE gets to go back home!' snarled the blue mech, spraying his Cyber-sol everywhere in the hopes it would keep the little rodents away.

Moaning when his second can was emptied, he rummaged through his gear to find some more. As he pushed aside bottles and precious belongings he suddenly came across a certain bottle that made his mind pause for a moment. He looked around, making sure he was alone until he reached in and pulled out the vial of Cybertronian Sparks EX and held it in his hands.

A strange feeling came over him as he looked at it. Thoughts that he had never thought about for a long time began to creep into his CPU and a nostalgic sensation was detected in his very Spark.

He couldn't believe he was thinking about this, but he now found that he was concerned with Optimus's so called condition!

'Did he really get sick from this organic air?' he pondered, gazing at the bottle.

'Or was it this?'

Sentinel had given an unsuspecting Optimus Prime four drops of this powerful aphrodisiac mixed in with Energon, in the hopes that the young Prime would make a move on Ultra Magnus sooner rather than later, thus helping him gain the title of Magnus quicker. Optimus had no idea what he had taken and left for Ultra Magnus's office the moment he took it. He presumed that it would have worked but as soon as he got back from his patrol everything had somehow turned upside down and nothing made any sense what so ever!

When he returned from his patrol Jazz was waiting for him and told him that Optimus was in trouble for assaulting the Magnus. That was the last thing the Sub Commander was expecting to hear. How did that happen? How did he do that? He thought that this was what they both wanted, to have a night of thrills together and all that sappy love stuff, he just gave them a little push to get the spaceship flying. He guessed they had an interface but then why did the Commander suddenly say that it was assault? Did he give Optimus too much and made him act crazy and unpredictable? Did he force the Magnus to interface with him or something? He didn't believe Optimus was capable of such a thing, even if he was drugged.

Before he could even answer these questions, something else happened!

Ultra Magnus suddenly stomped off the ship and took off in a hurry without telling anyone where he was going! Both Jazz and Sentinel followed as best they could and when they finally caught up to him they were shocked with what they found! The sturdy alien plants had been torn asunder and the ground had almost been split in two. It was like something out of a battle scene from an old veteran's war story; only he was seeing it for real! Before he or Jazz could even ask what was going on, Ultra Magnus took off again!

Then not too long after all that...this whole mess happened!

Optimus was being taken back to Cybertron for medical help according to Ultra Magnus, he had to stay here on this wretched organic world and look after these poor excuse for Autobots and he still had no clue what was going on! He had no idea why it was assault. He had no idea why Ultra Magnus suddenly left the ship in a fit of rage and no idea why he turned the organic woodland into a mess. He didn't know anything and it was angering him!

He did know one thing though.

Although he hated to admit to it...he was feeling some form of concern for his old friend...and he himself felt some guilt.

But that was not all that bothered him the most. He...he could not explain it but...he found it strange that Optimus would ever get sick or mentally ill. It just seemed illogical, to him at least! He had spent a good time with him and Elita back in the day, each of them learning each other's personas and abilities, learning their strength's and their flaws so that they could understand one another better. Sentinel had always assumed that Optimus was a fit and healthy mech who would one day make a good member of the Elite Guard, until what happened on Archa 7. To hear that he was like this...well...it bothered him...in fact it was bothering him greatly that he found that he was genuinely worried about Optimus...and he wondered if this was partly his fault and if it was...then...what could he do?

He sighed again and looked around the room, the place where Optimus once lived in.

'I wonder of he'll be OK?' he pondered out loud.

Placing the last box of junk down outside their "temporary" Prime's room, the two young 'bots and their organic friend decided to get a quick break before Sentinel came out to boss them around. Bulkhead had been rather quiet throughout the whole task of moving Sentinel in and moving Optimus out, but every time they went back to the Steelhaven to either drop or pick stuff up he would always ask Bumblebee the same question.

'Should we...go and say bye to Boss 'bot?'

However Bumblebee would glare up at him and shake his head.

'No! Why should we? He's leaving so he can run away from what he did to us! He hasn't got the engines to come on out and say sorry anyway! This whole thing is just one big cover up after he begged to Ultra Magnus to go back with him! He doesn't care about us! Why should we waste our time when he doesn't want to spend time with us?'

The poor angry and upset Bumblebee continued to rant on why they shouldn't, but deep down he wanted to as well.

He...he just wanted answers. He wanted to hear the truth. He wanted to hear, from Optimus Prime's own lip components, what was going on. Why was he really leaving them? Why wouldn't anyone tell them the truth? What was so bad that they had to keep it a lie?

He knew it was a lie. This whole organic world affecting his mind excuse! There was no way that was the truth! He just knew was fit and strong, there was no way he could have fallen for such an illness! Bumblebee knew that it was all a cover up! His instincts were telling him that there was something that they did not want to tell and they obviously did not want to trust them with the truth! Well if that's the way they wanted it, then fine! Let him return to the comfort of Cybertron! He didn't care!

If Optimus had trusted them like he said he did in the past, he would have told them the real reason why he was leaving and why he acted the way he did! If he truly did care for them and respect them he would have come to them and told them a thousand times that he was sorry and he would tell them why he was really going back to Cybertron! But he didn't. Instead he was hiding in the Steelhaven like a coward, keeping the truth a secret from mechs who thought he was their friend! He didn't care for them. He only cared for himself!

As the young yellow 'bot stomped off with Bulkhead following slowly, Sari finally spoke her mind.

'But 'Bee! I want to see Optimus before he leaves! I might never see him again! Let's just stop by the ship and say goodbye! Please?'

Instead of the young 'bot listening to her plea, he suddenly snapped,

'Then you go see him! I'm not and neither is Bulkhead! Right big guy?'

Bulkhead was at loss for words for he wasn't sure which side to pick. He was still upset with what Optimus had framed him for but he still had a soft spot for him and wanted to see him one last time before he left. He didn't really care if Optimus would tell them the truth or not, he just wanted to see him before he went back to Cybertron, for he may never see him for a very long time.

Looking back and forth between a teary eyed Sari and an agitated Bumblebee, he whined as he tried to figure out what to do. The angry young 'bot failed to see the position he had put his best friend in for only hate and confusion filled his mind. Bulkhead continued to stand there, trying to decide but was unable to do so without hurting one of his friends. Bumblebee, however, decided to choose for him.

'Come on Bulky, let's go play a game or something.'

Sari suddenly squeaked with anger.

'But I wanna see Optimus!' she cried.

'Well we don't want to!' snapped Bumblebee.

'You're not being fair 'Bee!' wailed Sari.

'He hurt us! Why should we?'

'But...but I want to...'

Sari couldn't hold it in any more and she began to cry. The poor young girl was not stupid. Optimus could go away for a very long time and by the time he returned, she may not be around anymore. She knew Optimus had done some silly things but she just wanted to see him before he left! Bulkhead whined again as the young girl cried salt water tears on his shoulder and looked to Bumblebee with pleading optics. Sadly, Bumblebee was too stubborn to give in as well as angry. He absolutely did not want to see Optimus!

'Oh for the love of frag! Why can't you two come to your fraggin' senses?' came a voice.

The three looked up to see a stern faced Ratchet coming into the hallway. The elder mech must have over heard them as he walked up to Bulkhead and offered a hand to sniffling Sari.

'You two can stay here and clean out Sentinel Prime's room if you ain't doin' nothin' like you normally do! I'll take the lil' kid so we can both say goodbye to Optimus!'

Sari immediately hopped onto Ratchet's hand upon hearing this whilst Bulkhead looked down at her, his face full of guilt.

'It's...it's not that I don't want to...but I...'

'But we're going!' snapped Bumblebee, taking Bulkhead's hand and walking off.

Ratchet growled as they took off.

'I'll tell him you sent your regards! Ungrateful Autobrats!' he shouted after them.

Ratchet sighed as the two 'bots walked off and shook his head in disappointment. A part of him was angry at them for not wanting to see their leader whilst the other part understood what they were going through and therefore could not really blame them. This was partly his fault that they were even more upset with Optimus than before. The medic grumbled and he then proceeded to carry Sari with him out of the base and to the Elite Guard ship so they could say their goodbyes to their Prime. The young girl had halted her tears and looked up at Ratchet with pleading eyes.

'Ratchet...why is Optimus leaving us?'

The old medic's face almost crumbled upon hearing that, but hid his true feelings from her as he explained in a soft and almost unnatural tone.

'He's sick Sari. He needs to go home to be treated! I told you this, remember?'

The young girl nodded but looked up again.

'But is that the truth? Is that the real reason?'

Poor Ratchet could feel his weary Spark aching as the innocent child asked simple yet painful question that he could only answer with a lie. He knew the truth, the Primus forsaken truth, but he could not share it, not with anyone. He could not share it for it was now regarded as a top priority secret by the Magnus. That she would not be able to take the news nor the other Autobots. That by telling anyone would not only put Optimus in danger but would have those he called friends look at him as if he was disfigured mess.

As far as everyone else was concerned, Optimus had a mental illness due to long exposure on an alien planet. The truth...Optimus had been violated by the foul Decepticon tyrant, Megatron and was now, somehow, Carrying a Sparkling.

He himself could believe that he had failed to see the signs. The signs that he, as a medic, should have seen. He should have spotted them for he had seen them and experienced them before, so many painful times. Long before Optimus was manufactured, he had fought the great war on their home world of Cybertron and he had seen things that had haunted his dreams. Autobots he had fought with, who were considered pretty enough by Decepticons, were always taken away when captured. Taken far away and terrible things were done to them.

Ratchet had to take care of an Autobot one day, a young femme scout, who had been rescued from a Decepticon outpost. The poor thing was once a cocky and proud Autobot but after her horrific ordeal she had turned into nothing but a shell. They had violated her over and over until they found no more use for her and left her to rust. Ratchet had spent time with her and studied the way she acted around everyone.

She was paranoid, hated being close to anyone and suffered terrible nightmares in her recharge. The poor thing would hide away, tried to deny what had happened to her and even, on one awful occasion, tried to end her life. Eventually she had to be taken away from the battlefield for being surrounded by power hungry Decepticons was not helping her. Ratchet had no idea what happened to her after that but he could only hope she found a new life.

Sadly she was not the only one.

Young mechs and femmes who were unfortunate enough to catch the attention of those foul perverted monsters...he had seen them, saw the signs even when they tried to deny it and he had tried to help but most of them were taken away to special facilities...somewhere never seen again. He didn't know if any recovered but he could only hope that they did.

It had been so long after the great war that Ratchet had forgotten about those terrible signs. He had believed that there was no need to look for them anymore now that Autobots were considered safe, but...what a fool he was.

To think that it could happen to a good 'bot like Optimus Prime...it tore him in two that he failed to see the signs. That he ignored them, telling himself that it was something else. That he treated him like a normal case only to have him break down before the Magnus and even tried to...Primus, why did it happen to him?

Optimus was a good mech and he had devoted his life to the Autobot cause. The time they spent together helped Ratchet see that he was a decent mech, young and naive at times but he was ready to learn from his mistakes and improve his skills to help protect those he cared for. To have this terrible...awful thing happen to him made the medic wish he could do more. But all he could do was lie about it and pretend it never happened. How could he pretend that something this cruel never happened?

He looked down at Sari and smiled weakly.

'Let's go say goodbye, kid. They'll be leavin' soon.'

The young girl sniffled and slowly nodded, allowing the medic to carry her away to say farewell to the Autobot she feared she would never see again.

Ultra Magnus was disappointed that only Ratchet, the young organic child and Sentinel showed up before they departed. He had hoped that the others would show up but Ratchet had quietly told him that the younger 'bots did not wish to come and Prowl seemed to have run off somewhere. Jazz had returned early, not saying anything but informed his Commander that he was going to prep the ship for takeoff. The elder mech could see he was upset about something and could only assume that it was because he was leaving his lover.

He was going to order the young 'bots to come to the ship but Optimus, who was now up and about, told him not to worry about it. If they did not want to come that was up to them. They had no right to force the young ones to come and say farewell to a mech who had hurt them. The elder mech wasn't satisfied, for he could see the sad look in the young mech's face, but granted Optimus's wish and allowed the young Prime to say his farewells to the medic and the young organic.

He watched with a heavy Spark as Optimus and Ratchet shared some words, whilst the young organic quietly sobbed. They couldn't talk out loud about the real reason why Optimus had to leave, but the old medic offered some comforting farewell words.

'You make sure they take care of you, kid. Recover quickly but make sure you're fully operational, 'kay? Also make sure to send transmissions every now and then, last thing I want is this one to rust up her eyes.'

That made Optimus smile weakly and he nodded, looking down at the crying Sari.

'You...sniff...you better come back soon! Or else I won't forgive you!' she sobbed.

Optimus looked at her with pain and regret, gently stroking her fragile head with a single finger, the young one instantly grabbing it and hugging it as if her life depended on it.

'I will...try and come back,' said weakly, trying to hold in his own tears.

Ultra Magnus sighed with a heavy Spark as he looked upon the sad scene and went over to address Sentinel Prime, as to allow the three of them to have a moment to themselves. He noticed that the Sub-Commander was peeping over at Optimus with his friends, his face was expressing a rare form of concern that surprised the elder mech for a moment.

'Sentinel Prime. As soon as we get close enough to Cybertron to send a safe transmission, I will begin a search for a suitable replacement for this team and send them, along with transport for you to return. Until then I expect that you will do nothing but to ensure the safety of these Autobots and the creatures of this planet. Do not fail me, the Autobots or Optimus Prime! Is that clear?'

Sentinel nodded and saluted.

'I will do my best sir...but please be quick. This organic air isn't good for me.'

Ultra Magnus rolled his optics in frustration but nodded in order to keep Sentinel calm and reassured. He was hoping that being here on this planet would do him some good but so far he was still the same organic phobia Autobot. Maybe some more time here would help improve his attitude. It had worked on many other 'bots that were like Sentinel and they eventually grew to love organics. Time could only tell.

Saluting him one last time he looked over to Ratchet and Optimus, who had just parted from a hug and the young Prime turned to enter the ship. He didn't look back but Ultra Magnus guessed that he couldn't out of fear he would regret and cause more pain. Ratchet watched him leave with a pained expression and the little creature in his hands was now huddled up in a small ball and crying.

Ratchet looked over to the Commander and said, in what sounded like a threatening tone of voice,

'You better take care of him!'

The elder mech gave him a short nod, confirming that he will take care of the young Prime, hoping it would keep the old medic happy. He will, he promised from the very core of his Spark that he will help aid in the recovering of the young Prime. It was all he could offer, all he could say. Ratchet knew that but it didn't seem to be enough, but he knew that the Magnus would care for the young Prime. He saluted Ratchet before climbing the ramp back onto the Steelhaven.

He the gazed at the wondrous organic world one last time before returning to the Steelhaven, coming Jazz to prepare to take off.

Groaning with misery and wiping his brow, he looked up ahead, watching Optimus stagger back towards his room, holding onto the wall for support and trying not to break down in the middle of the hallway. The poor thing was overwhelmed with painful emotions and the strain of Carrying a Hybrid Sparkling.

How could he of let this happen? What kind of Magnus would not see the obvious pain that Optimus was in? How could he allow him to be violated by a disgusting Decepticon when they were on the same planet?

The elder mech sighed heavily as he made his way to the bridge. His feelings for Optimus had not changed one bit, even after all of this had happened. He still loved him, adored him and he wanted nothing more than to protect him harm. He did not care that he had been taken forcibly by someone else, that he had been with a Decepticon and would be considered 'disgusting' by others, he would wait an eternity and more if it meant that he could eventually win the Spark of the mech he loved.

He will remain by his side, aid in his recovery and do nothing more but support both him and the Hybrid, protecting them from both Megatron and those who would scorn them. It was all he could do. It was all that he wanted to do. He had waited this long and he was pretty dam sure he could wait even more.

Entering the bridge, he spotted Jazz preparing the ship. His usual cocky attitude didn't seem to be there but Ultra Magnus didn't want to ask why. He assumed he was upset for leaving his own lover behind.

'Ready to take off, sir!' reported Jazz, not looking over.

Ultra Magnus took his seat and prepared for the ship to take off.

'Proceed Jazz,' he responded.

And just like that they were off, leaving behind the Earth, leaving behind their Sub-Commander, leaving behind the Autobots based there and taking away their own leader from them, without telling them the real reason why. Ultra Magnus rested his weary brow in his hand as they left the blue skies of Earth and were soon welcomed by the darkness of space. It was a long trip back to Cybertron, but he didn't have much time to prepare for what was to come.

Optimus could only stare out the window of his room as the blue organic world he had promised to protect was now getting smaller and smaller. All he could feel was the grief and pain that had filled him up and the hurt look in his friends optics as he left them, not knowing when he would return. If he ever returned.

Resting a quivering hand on his chassis, he could feel the little one pulse within him, unaware of the terrible world outside his Carrier's Spark chamber. He was going to give birth to this Sparkling eventually, but would he be able to do it? Care for it? Love it? This hybrid that Megatron had forced upon him?

Looking back at the Earth one last time, he sank into his berth and tried to recharge, hoping that time will freeze and the day when he would give birth to it would never come.

Watching as the Elite Guard ship vanished into the sky, Megatron sneered viciously before turning his back on the disappearing vessel and walked away. Lugnut stood nearby, watching with cautious optics as his master returned to their pitiful base. He had managed to repair the damage Ultra Magnus had inflicted upon him, but every Decepticon knew that if Megatron had been beaten up by an Autobot for personal reasons, he would stop at nothing to get revenge. He could feel the pure rage that was radiating off of him. He was mad, and everyone who had ever dared to cross paths with Megatron knew that he was dangerous when he was mad. Even Blitzwing dared not to annoy him.

The moment they returned from the battlegrounds, the wounded leader ordered Blitzwing to keep an optic on what was going on with the Autobots. He wanted to know what Ultra Magnus was going to do with Optimus and what he might plan for the Decepticons. The triple changer did his best to at least come back with information and returned to report that the Elite Guard were leaving, leaving behind Sentinel Prime and taking Optimus with them. Megatron was furious upon learning this and nearly took it out on them.

His little toy was now gone, hiding behind Ultra Magnus who now held him on Cybertron. There was no way he could ever get him back.

Although the other two 'Cons had a good guess why Optimus had been taken, believing that his mental state was useless on the field and that Ultra Magnus wanted him to recover, but Megatron had other thoughts on the matter. He entered his makeshift base, massaging his recently repaired jaw before activating the controls of his newly built transmitter.

'This had better work Lugnut!' he hissed.

'It will my Lord, I assure you it will!'

The screen before him began to show nothing but static for a moment and nothing could be heard but mixed frequencies.

'Shockwave! Shockwave, come in!' demanded Megatron.

For a while they got nothing. Megatron fiddled with the frequencies, repeating his command before the familiar stoic voice of his loyal Decepticon spy finally responded.

'Lord Megatron. It's been a while.'

Within moments the image of a friendly looking Autobot appeared, looking at Megatron without fear. Lugnut growled at him whilst Megatron smirked.

'Take off that stupid disguise.'

The Autobot smiled sweetly before his face began to turn and twist into a new shape and more evil shape. His kind round face became long and sharp, his gentle fingers began terrible talons and his two blue optics were replaced with one terrifying red one, looking at the Warlord with respect. Megatron could not help but grin as he looked upon the face of Shockwave, a Decepticon who had fooled the Autobots for over 1000 stellar cycles with his shape shifting technique. He even managed to gain the title of Prime and was head of their own intelligence! He was indeed a powerful and cunning ally.

'To what do I owe the pleasure to speak with you, my Lord?' asked Shockwave with almost cold like voice.

Megatron sat down upon his throne and ignored the hateful glare in Lugnut's optics.

'You have been doing well so far, my loyal Decepticon. Those Autobots haven't yet realized that they have a dangerous predator in their midst.'

Shockwave uttered a rare chuckle.

'You flatter me, my Lord. But I do believe that you have contacted me for another reason?'

Smart as always.

'Ultra Magnus is returning to Cybertron. He just left from a planet called Earth and should return within 3 orbital cycles.'

'Oh really? Shame, I was enjoying not having that over glorified Magnus around, acting as if we don't exist. That and I have to deal with that processor ache of a Sub-Commander of his, Sentinel Prime! And they wondered why I hated Autobots.'

Megatron chuckled and leaned forward.

'That Sub-Commander won't be returning.'

'Killed him, did you?'

'No...not yet.'

'And I thought my day was about to get better.'

Megatron chuckled again, ignoring Lugnut as he stomped off.

'No, Ultra Magnus is returning with another Prime.'

'Another Prime?'

'Yes, Optimus Prime. This one is rather...special to me, if you know what I mean.'

Shockwave would smirked if he had a mouth. He pulled out a file on Optimus and studied him.

'I can see why. Pretty little thing, isn't he? Quite frail too. Got good reports here and there. Some praises, mostly from the Magnus. Did something quite naughty in the Autobot Academy. Drafted to Spacebridge repair duty. That punishment seems a little light for an Autobot.'

Megatron laughed again.

'Well you see, my dear Shockwave, Ultra Magnus seems to have a soft spot for him.'

Shockwave sneered.

'I had a feeling he preferred young ones. So do you want me to kill this little Prime?'

'No! You are not to harm him...yet! I have plans for him. I want you to investigate something for me.'

'Oh? And what would that be?'

'Ultra Magnus has taken him back to Cybertron after he discovered that the little Prime and I spent some 'quality' time together. He got quite upset over the whole thing that he nearly took my head off! It would seem obvious that he's doing this for the Prime's mental state, but my instincts tell me that he's hiding something from me, from them, from everyone! I want you to get close to Optimus, find his secrets and report to me once you have them! Then we'll discuss about how I will...reclaim my little toy.'

Shockwave nodded and saluted.

'I'll keep an optic on him at all times, my Lord. I must take my leave, the dam council needs me once again.'

Megatron smirked as Shockwave's face vanished from the screen and rose from his stone throne, walking towards his chambers, and his sick mind at work as his thoughts were filled with dark and twisted ideas of what he was going to do to Optimus, once he has him in his dark hands. The little Prime was indeed a pretty little thing and Megatron did so enjoy to watch pretty little things like him break in his hands. He relished in his dark imagination as the Optimus within his mind was tortured in such painful yet arousing ways. Trapped inside his twisted head, unable to escape. Of course, once he had the real one, he could put those ideas into practise. It was enough to make him want to hunt him down to the ends of the Universe.

He knew that Optimus was hiding something! He knew that Ultra Magnus was hiding something! The pair of them knew something he did not and it was troubling greatly! Whatever it was, he knew that it involved him! As soon as he could discover whatever it was they were hiding, he would find a way to take the little Prime back to New Kaon and watch the Magnus suffer as his beloved Optimus was taken from him to spend eternity in never ending hell of humiliation and shame!

'Soon Optimus Prime...soon you will know nothing but me! I will become your master, your lord...your god! I will make you forget everything and everyone that you ever loved and all that you love and worship shall be me and me alone! You will belong to me Optimus Prime and you cannot escape, no matter where you hide! And Ultra Magnus will watch as I defile you over and over again and again, until he can't even recognize you anymore! You both shall suffer! You both will cry! Mark my words as the leader of the Decepticons, I'll make you both suffer and regret!'

The dark mines soon filled with the eerie laughter of the twisted mech while many miles away, the young Prime slept soundly, dreaming of those few happier times in his life and wishing that he could stay in his dreams, far from pain and far from those he caused pain. He slept, wanting to remain in his slumber land, wanting to forget and deep down, he wished that his future would be a happy one, one that would be full of joy and love.

If only fate could be merciful.


Will continue in 'Our Altered Destines' so watch out!