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Rebirth: Flames of Life

When he first saw the news, he couldn't believe his eyes. It hadn't been that long ago, when they'd met him, and he hadn't seemed that bad of a guy. After all, this was Luffy's brother. By all means, the guy was pretty epic.

If he thought back on it, he really had looked like the kind of guy a war would be fought over. Although, back then, he had assumed that it would be girls fighting over him. Not, oh, Marine HQ versus half of the most renowned faces from the New World, prisoners from the 'impenetrable' Impel Down, Crocodile the ex-Shichibukai, Jimbei the Fishman, Whitebeard and Luffy.

At least, according to the papers the News Coos happened to carry all the way out to... wherever he was, that was what had gone down. Oh, right, and a couple of guys that had been originally in the Pirate King's own crew had shown up, too. By itself... well, the news pretty much had him as excited as a normal day aboard the Thousand Sunny did.

Then there came the part where Ace had been the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Which seemed kind of backwards, seeing as that part came before the war even happened and considering what it was about, was somewhat vital. Kind of weirded him out for a little bit.

Then an Admiral went and killed his captain's brother, right when things were looking up. At that point, he might have gotten a little pissed off at the injustice of it all and nearly ripped apart his first communication with the outside world since coming to that island.

But was that the worst of it? No, the second Luffy couldn't fight anymore, who should show up but one (bastard) Trafalgar Law? If he had been there, he would be more pissed about the situation, but considering that the (next) best doctor this end of the Grand Line had come in time to save his captain?

It was at that point that he did rip up the paper, but only after letting the cavemen on that island see it and make what little sense of it that they did. On the one hand, he was thankful that someone had, no, could help Luffy in his absence. On the other hand, he was pissed off that it was Law of all pirates. On the other hand, he was considering the mental stress that his captain must have been - well, still could be- experiencing from his brother's death, right in front of him.

On the other other hand, the one he didn't like to think about, he seriously considered storming Marine HQ by himself and again breaking the rule Doctorine had set for him all those years ago. Matter of fact, he wasn't as much considering it, but planning it in delicate detail.

This was all after setlling the problems between the cavemen and the huge birds of the island. So of course, he felt like getting back to Riley with everyone else as soon as possible, and if Luffy wasn't already there, find him with them. He didn't trust himself to make it that far by himself... not without something like this happening again.

And so, he was just starting on his flight out, hopefully back to Shabondy, when he'd gotten another newspaper from the News Coo. Partially out of habit, and partially because there had to be something good in the news by now, right?

But then again, if the front-page headline had the words 'Death of an Admiral?' in bold print (as such), it could only mean one thing, right?

"Luffy...? Not again!"