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At the valley of the end, two power shinobi stood, Sasuke, the brain-washed Uchiha covered in the curse mark, and Naruto, container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, surround by the Kyuubi's chakra. The two shinobi powered up their strongest attack, one ready to kill the other, the other to bring a friend home. They jumped toward each other and shouted.



The two attacks meant with unimaginable force, the two different types of chakra mixing together to form a sphere of deep darkness. Inside the sphere the two warriors could see their attacks giving way, "I have to push harder!" The two thought as they forced more chakra into their attacks. The power between two attacks collapsed from the sudden power spike causing the sphere to explode. Sasuke and Naruto flew apart and crashed into two the two separate statues of Konoha's founders.

Naruto winced as he sat up, looking over to Sasuke with one eye. Then something caught his eye. He looked up to see a small dark spot floating where their attacks had meant. It seemed to simply sit there before suddenly expanding with power winds sucking debris into the spot. Naruto grunted as he stood up and what little of his chakra was left to stay rooted to the ground.

That is until he saw an unconscious Sasuke start to be sucked into the hole. Naruto acted on instinct alone as he leaped to his friend. He grab Sasuke's arm and used all his might to throw Sasuke away from the black hole. "I have to save myself now!" Naruto thought as he formed a ram sign with his hands, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He shouted forming a human chain as his clones appeared. The clone at the end of the chain anchored itself to the ground as it struggled to keep its hold.

Naruto winced as he felt his jutsu take its toll on his body, "I don't think… I can make it…" Naruto thought as he reached into his pocket and took the picture of his team he kept in his pocket for luck, "I have to let them know I'm alive!" Naruto then took a kunai out of his holster and cut into the picture 'still alive' Naruto smirked as he took off his hitai-ate, tucked the cut picture in between the plate and cloth. He reeled his arm back just as he started to feel his clones dispel from running out of chakra. With his last conscious breath he threw his hitai-ate into the cliff wall near the first Hokage's statue, "That… should do it…" Naruto then blacked out as he was sucked into the black hole. The second he was swallowed by the darkness, the hole vanished.

Kakashi and Pakkun arrived to the desolated Valley to see Sasuke laying face down near the head of the statue. Kakashi ran over and checked Sasuke's vitals while looking over to Pakkun, "Where is Naruto's scent coming from?"

"Down here!" Pakkun said leading Kakashi down the Valley wall. He landed on the small patch of land and started to sniff around, eventually finding Naruto's Hitai-ate embedded in the Valley wall, "Oh no…" Pakkun said quietly as Kakashi landed with Sasuke swung over his shoulder.

Kakashi's eye showed his sadness as he took the hitai-ate out of the wall, "No… Naruto…" Kakashi muttered closing his eye and clenching his fist around the Hitai-ate.

"Poor kid…" Pakkun said before noticing the edge of the photo, "What's that?"

Kakashi opened his eye to the Hitai-ate and saw the same edge. He opened his fist and pulled out the photo and smiled, "He's alive… And I must admit I'm impressed with his resourcefulness." Kakashi said to himself before he felt water land on his finger. He looked up as the water sent to the sky from the battle started to return to the Earth. Kakashi muttered a curse under his breath before turning to Pakkun, "Can you still track Naruto's scent?"

"Actually Kakashi. I can't explain why but Naruto's scent stops in the middle of the falls. He may have gotten washed away." Pakkun said turning to the waterfall as he was drenched by the rain.

Kakashi looked to the waterfall as well before making a tough decision, "I see… Then I don't have a choice but to take Sasuke to the medic-nins that were dispatched. After that I can search for Naruto." Kakashi said as he tucked both the photo and Naruto's Hitai-ate away then leaping out of the valley as Pakkun poofed back to the summon world.

Meanwhile Naruto laid unconscious in the middle of a large crater in school yard in a foreign world, not knowing how much his life had changed.

"WWWAAHHH!" Sakura screamed as she shot up out of bed. She looked around sleepily before looking at the alarm clock in her hands, "Oh, it's just the alarm." She said with a yawn before turning her alarm off. She set it back down as she heard her father call for her about breakfast. "Hai!" She called back as she started to change her clothes. As she changed she couldn't help but wonder about her dream, "I wonder what that was? It wasn't like my normal dreams… That boy… That battle… Maybe I've just been watching too much TV." Sakura thought to herself as she finished changing and headed out of her room and down the stairs. (Yeah I'm trying another approach. See I figure it most people have Sakura have dreams about Naruto's life, so I decided to just have it be of his battle with Sasuke.)

"Good morning!" Sakura greeted as she appeared in the doorway to the dining room only frown at the person she saw. Her Big brother, Toya.

Toya lowered his coffee mug from his lips as before turning to Sakura with a playful smile, "Why were you thrashing about in your room?"

"I wasn't thrashing about!" Sakura said sternly as she walked over to her seat at the table.

"For that, you sure were making lots of noise." Toya continued to tease his sister.

Sakura glared at Toya as she leaned over the back of her seat, "I was just walking like I usually do!"

"When you walk, it sounds like some huge monster is strolling about." Toya said with a smirk before looking away while drinking more of his coffee.

Sakura only clenched her fist before stomping over in front of Toya, "Sakura is not a kaiju!" She said referring to herself in third person. Toya only continued to smirk as he placed his mug on top of Sakura's head while Sakura waved her arms around wildly.

For Sakura, the morning continued to normally. She had breakfast with her family, rushed to catch up to her brother, and rode on her rollerblades with her brother Toya and her crush Yukito, Toya's close friend to school. That is where everything normal in her life met the world's chaos beacon.

One hour before dawn:

Naruto groaned in pain as he awoke in the crater. He sat up before grasping his side as he felt a fiery burning feeling run through his body. Naruto winced as the pain slowly subsided and he removed his hand, only to see dried blood peel off his side onto his side revealing the moderate size wound there, "That's strange… Kyuubi normally heals my wounds… Is it because I used so much of his chakra in that fight?" Naruto asked himself before wincing again, "Gah I'll have to worry about that later! I need to find some medical supplies." Naruto then slowly got to his feet, still holding his side, and looked at the large pool of blood that had soaked into the dirt of the crater, "At least Kyuubi kept me alive." Naruto thought before limping over to the big white building nearby.

As he walked over to the door, he noticed all the lights in the building were off. Naruto sighed as he grabbed the door handle, "Looks like no one is here…" Naruto thought as he pulled the door open, "But it's unlocked… weird." Naruto walked into the building looking around carefully at the dark hallways, "I just hope I can find someone or something to help me…" Naruto said before wincing again at the pain that would flare in his side. He started to walk down the hallway of the building when he noticed a bulletin board near the door. Naruto decided to check the board for an idea of where he was, only to be disappointed, "I'm at some sort of school… wonderful…" He thought before a light bulb went off in his head, "Schools have a nurse's office!" He shouted loudly, his voice echoing down the halls.

Naruto eagerly scanned the map before finding the room he wanted. When he did, he hurryingly limped down the hall to the office. He smiled as he grabbed the knob, only to growl as it refused to turn, "Great… locked. Well it shouldn't be too hard." Naruto said to himself as he dug into his nearly empty supply pouch and pulled out a small bent pin. He stuck the pin into the key hole and tumbled with the tumblers for a minute before getting a satisfying click. He smiled again as he opened the door and went to work looking for the medic supplies he needed.

When Naruto found the supplies he did a quick patch job on himself with the help of a couple clones. After checking that the bandages were tight and secure Naruto exited the office, "Well now I better find out where I am. Well this is a school so I guess I'll look in the library." Naruto said to himself before taking out the map he had taken from the bulletin board, "Let's see… the library is… this way." Naruto said walking down the hallway to the stair case.

After finding the library and an hour of learning exactly where he was Naruto moved to the school roof. He sat on the roof of the stair well up to the roof cross legged with his arms crossed across his chest and a frustrated look, "Okay… I'm in a town called Tomoeda, Japan… No shinobi history… weird medicine that is nowhere near effective as Konoha's… and where people have gotten too lazy to walk anywhere…" Naruto said as he turned to the road to see a few cars go by. He then growled for a second before shouting to the sky, "WHERE THE HELL AM I?" He shouted at the top of his lungs, causing dogs to bark, people to stop and look around, and even a few car alarms go off. After Naruto let out all his frustration in his yell, he took a breath before saying to himself, "Might as well stick around here for a bit. Maybe I can find someone to help me… Question who do I tell in a world of no shinobi?"

In the mean time, Sakura happened to be on her way to school with Toya and Yukito, "Did you hear that?" Sakura asked looking up after hearing the loud yell.

"Sounds like someone is having a bad morning." Yukito said as he looked to the sky as well.

Toya only shrugged before noticing something at Sakura's school, "What's going on?" He voiced as he pointed over to Sakura's school.

Sakura and Yukito both looked to Sakura's school only to gasp. Police officers were waving students inside. Sakura slowed to a stop in front of her school, "Um… What's going on?"

One of the officers turned to Sakura and smiled, "Nothing you need to worry about little miss. Just head straight to your class room okay?" Sakura nodded to the officer before heading inside the school gate. After taking off her skates and changing into her school shoes. She heeded the cop's words and went straight to her class room, "Good morning!" She said entering the room only to feel the tense atmosphere. Sakura quickly walked over to her friends, who greeted her quietly. Sakura looked at them all curiously before asking, "What happened?"

Chiharu and Rika both looked at each other before turning back to Sakura as Rika said, "A student came early this morning and found that." She said pointing to the school yard through the window.

"Hoe?" Sakura asked as she walked over to the window only to gasp in shock, "W-W-What is that?" Sakura shouted as she looked at the crater with a blood soaked bottom.

"They think someone may have been murdered here…" Chiharu said looking at the crater before hugging her arms shaking a bit, "The kid that found it said he overheard the police say it was someone's blood in that crater…"

"S-S-Someone's b-b-b-blood?" Sakura asked now shaking in fear.

"That's not all!" Naoko said walking up to the three but looking rather happy, "I just heard a rumor that the ghost is haunting the school!"

Sakura went from shaking to completely pale, "Ghost…?"

Naoko nodded before starting to explain, "Yeah, the student that called the police said that when he was standing outside the crater, he saw a boy with sunny blonde hair wearing a torn orange jumpsuit wrapped in bandages walking on the wall! But the wall was above the third floor!"

"Naoko-chan… He was probably scared from seeing all the blood and the crater…" Rika said before shaking her head, "Can we please stop talking about this! I don't know how much of it I can take!"

"Y-Yeah… Let's stop talking about it…" Sakura said while Chiharu agreed. Sakura walked over to her desk as the conversation ended.

As she set her hat on her desk and bag on the small hook of the desk she heard a quiet, "Good morning." Sakura looked to her left to see Tomoyo sit down in the desk next to her.

"Good morning Tomoyo-chan. Are you nervous about this too?" Sakura asked, knowing exactly why Tomoyo seemed uneasy.

Tomoyo nodded as she set her bag on her desk, "I am. Something like this is very unsettling…"

"Well…" Sakura said, trying to think of what to say, "Let's just push through this…"

At that moment the school intercom came on, getting all the students attention as a voice said, "Attention students and faculty. This is your principle. I have been informed by the police that the crater and blood outside are nothing more than a prank by the junior high students. It seems they got the wrong school. Please go on with your day normally. Outside classes will resume as normally schedule, only away from the court yard. That is all."

Sakura smiled before letting out a sigh of relief, "Thank goodness. It was just a prank."

"That is very relieving. I wonder what cruel students would pull a prank like this." Tomoyo asked while placing a finger on her chin, "It's rather puzzling on how they would get our schools mixed up as well." Tomoyo said as she continued to wonder.

"Well it does get dark around here at night since the school lights are off." Sakura told Tomoyo before the teacher walked into the room and ended the conversation.

Naruto sighed as he stood on the school roof over looking his crash site, "Great… So much for searching where I crashed… I guess I'll just wait until…" Naruto started to say only to stop as the police and school faculty filed out of school yard after taping it off. Naruto couldn't help but smile at his luck, "Well that's convenient. Well I'd better search it while I can." Naruto said to himself as he carefully hopped over the fence so as not to tear his bandages.

Sakura was sitting in class dazed as she day dreamed and doodled in her notebook. The first one was of what looked like a plush toy while the other was a chibi familiar looking ninja to her, "I can't get that dream out of my mind…" She thought to herself as she looked out the window just in time to see a flash of orange go by. Sakura blinked in disbelief as what she had seen, "That… That couldn't be!" Sakura then tried to lean over to the window without being seen by her teacher. Tomoyo noticed her friends perplexing behavior but decided not to ask right then so that she wouldn't get caught.

Sakura smiled as she managed to get a glance of the crater only to stop when she spotted the same patch of orange that had gone by. That's when Sakura got a good look at the thing, "B-b-blonde hair? Orange suit? And I think… Bandages? He's the…" Sakura gulped as her face paled again, "G-g-gh-GHOST!" Sakura shouted as she stood up out of her seat.

Everyone stopped and stared at Sakura as she realize she had shouted out her last thought. The teacher lowered her book as she said, "Something wrong Kinomoto?"

"N-no. It's nothing… Sorry for interrupting." Sakura said as she sat back down, but not before looking back to the crater only to see the person was gone, "Where did he go?"

Naruto meanwhile was sitting on the roof again, "Okay so I didn't lose anything in the crater… probably lost it during my fight with Sasuke." Naruto said crossing his arms with a frustrated sigh, "Well… I guess I should look for help. But who to tell…" Naruto muttered before sighing again, "Well I guess I'll just try to feel out some chakra and see who I get." Naruto said before moving into a meditative position. "Okay. I've never sensed chakra before but it can't be that hard. All I need to do is focus."

Needless to say, after about ten minutes Naruto was ready to pull his hair out as he couldn't feel anything, "Why is this so hard? I should have at least felt something!" Naruto shouted to the sky before he felt a tug in his mind. Naruto quickly smiled as he hopped to his feet, "Ha I knew I could do it! Let's see… The pull came from… this way!" Naruto said as he jumped over the fence and used chakra to stick to the wall. He casually walked down to the fourth floor and started carefully peeking into each classroom, "Not this one…" Naruto thought before moving to another classroom. After trial and error on a few classrooms he managed to find where the feeling was coming from, "This is the one!"

Naruto carefully lowered his head to the window and gazed into the classroom. He first checked to see the teacher was reading from her book and thereby wouldn't see him unless he made noise. He then scanned the classroom carefully, studying each person, "No. No. Not him either…" Naruto then turned his gaze to Sakura. Immediately he got a reaction from her as she glanced to the window. Naruto smirked as he realized she was the one the feeling from coming from, "She's the one! But how to get her to believe me…" Naruto thought to himself with his eyes closed before realizing something. He looked back to the classroom to see Sakura staring at him in disbelief.

"No… no way…" Sakura thought as she stared at Naruto, "He's the boy from my dreams… But… how?"

Naruto only smiled and waved at Sakura, who only dropped her pencil in shock. This got her teacher's attention as well as made Naruto pull his head back out of the view of the window, "Something wrong again Kinomoto?" The teacher said looking to the window, "If nothing is there then I would appreciate you pay attention."

Sakura blushed, embarrassed by her teacher. She glanced back to window to see Naruto was no longer there, "I know I saw someone there! But… He can't be real! He was in my dream!" Sakura thought to herself before she felt someone tap her shoulder.

Sakura turned to the person who tapped her to see Tomoyo looking at her worryingly, "Sakura-chan, are you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah… I think my imagination is getting the better of me though…" Sakura said before she was asked to read a passage of the textbook.

Naruto sighed as he dug into his pocket and pulled out the school map, "Thank Kami they put the grade schedules on here. Let's see… The classes don't end for a good few hours. Guess I'll wait it out." Naruto muttered to himself before going back to the roof. As he waited he started to wonder, "I should get the layout of the town down. But so far I don't have anyone to help me and the only person that might be able to help is here…" Naruto said before hatching an idea, "I know! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto shouted forming his ram sign.

In an instant ten clones appeared around him. This cause Naruto to blink slightly confused, "Weird. I could have sworn I used enough chakra for twenty clones… Guess I'm still recovering." He said with a shrug before standing up, "All right you know what to do! Go and get the layout the city down while I wait here." The clones all nodded and took off in separate directions. With that done, Naruto laid down on the stair well roof for a nap. His nap didn't last long however as the school bell rang. Naruto shot to his feet as the bell rang, "WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE GAH!" Naruto shouted before grasping his side in pain, "Guess I was right about taking it easy for a bit. Ah well, not like I'll be fighting for a bit." Naruto muttered before looking down to the school yard where he saw students filing out of the school with a select number staying in the school yard, being in a cheerleader uniform. He was about to shrug it off when he noticed Sakura was among them.

Naruto looked on at the group curiously, "I wonder what they're doing…" He said to himself before jumping off the room down to a tree near the group. There he noticed they doing different forms of flip and spins together. Naruto couldn't help but be impressed at performance, "Wow. Not bad for people with no combat training." He said quietly as he sat back and watched the squad go from performance practicing to twirling and tossing batons into the air, "How long are they going to train? The sooner I can talk to her the better…" Naruto thought as watched the batons go up and down in the air.

However he noticed Sakura get a dazed look in her eyes as she stared at her baton in the air. He also noticed that the baton was aiming straight for Sakura's forehead. Naruto quickly snapped a small piece of a tree branch and threw it like a kunai at the baton. While it didn't fly straight like a kunai, but it still managed to get the job he wanted done. The piece of the branch slammed into the baton, shattering into pieces while making the baton flip away from Sakura and somehow bounce over to the tree Naruto was hiding in. (my sister was in cheerleading. I've seen those batons a bounce some distance before you ask.)

The entire squad stopped and looked at the remains of the branch before turning to the bouncing baton as it settled at the base of the tree Naruto was hiding in. Sakura ran over to her baton as the squad muttered about the strange happening. As Sakura picked up her baton, she looked up into the tree only to gasp in shock. There sat Naruto squatting on a branch staring back at Sakura. He simply smiled and gave a wave of his hand, "Yo."

Sakura looked around for a second before pointing to herself. Naruto nodded before asking, "What's your name?"

"K-Kinomoto Sakura." She said quietly as she grasped her baton nervously, "You're… Uzumaki Naruto right?"

"How did you know my name?" Naruto asked before noticing the squad looking at Sakura worried. He also watched a few start to walk to Sakura before he looked back to Sakura, "We'll talk more later."

"Hoe?" Sakura said with a tilt of her head.

"Sakura-chan!" Her friends called to her, causing her to turn away from Naruto. The second she did, Naruto disappeared from the tree. Sakura looked back when she heard the tree rustle, only to see Naruto was no longer there.

"H-how did he…?" Sakura started to ask as her friends Chiharu and Naoko walked up behind her.

Chiharu looked to Naoko for a moment before asking, "What did who do?"

Sakura turned around to her friends with a puzzled face. She looked over her shoulder to the spot where Naruto had been before shaking her head, "Nothing. Let's get back to practice." She said walking back over to the squad with Chiharu and Naoko behind right behind her. However from that moment Sakura couldn't get Naruto out of her mind.

Meanwhile Naruto was back on the roof, observing Sakura from a distance, "I guess I should start looking around town." Naruto said as his clones arrive, each one with a folded piece of paper in hand. Naruto smiled as he took each piece of paper before dispelling his clones. Naruto then checked he piece of paper to see they were all maps of different parts of the city with key spots marked, mainly stores or places he could "borrow" supplies.

"Let's see… most of the shops are located in this piece." Naruto said as he used a pen one of his clones had bought to write down the number one on the paper, "School and houses, business part of town, and… Well I don't know what to make of this last one." Naruto shrugged as he tucked the paper away. He looked at the school clock before rubbing the back of his head, "Let's see… What's a good place to meet her…? I don't want to make it look like I'm following her." Naruto muttered before shrugging, "I'll just explore the town today and worry about talking with Sakura-san tomorrow."

Naruto took one last look at Sakura as she went inside the school building with her classmates before taking off into the sky. He easily went from roof to roof before landing on a store building in the shopping district, "Let's see what they have around here." Naruto was about to hop down into an alleyway when he realized something rather crucial. His jumpsuit was torn in pieces and his bandages were soaked with blood. He chuckled to himself as a sweat drop rolled down the back of his head, "I guess I'll have to wait until tonight and get some clothes from somewhere… Wonderful."

Naruto simply settled for exploring the town out of sight until sundown to avoid being questioned or arrested by the town's law enforcement. He soon found himself landing in the middle of penguin park with no one around. Naruto only sighed as he walked over to the king penguin and sat down on the slide coming out of its mouth, "Man I sure know how to get into a mess… I need new clothes, don't have my money with me, and need to find a place to get food from for free… It can't get much worse then this…" Naruto complained as he rubbed the bandages still covering his injuries.

Unbeknownst to Naruto a pair of familiar eyes happened to be watching the park when he appeared. She gasped when she saw Naruto, quickly going behind a bush and watching Naruto for a moment. After observing Naruto, she slowly moved out from behind the bushes and slowly walked towards him

Naruto only sighed as he rubbed his head in frustration, "I'm getting nowhere… I guess I just survive until Ero-sennin sends me a toad message."

"U-um…" A soft voice suddenly said getting Naruto's attention. Naruto looked up in surprise to see Sakura standing nearby. She was fidgeting nervously with her hands while keeping a distance from Naruto, "Are… you alright?" She asked, her gaze moving from Naruto's face to the bloodied bandages she could see through the hole in his jumpsuit where Sasuke had punched.

Naruto followed her gaze to his bandages and smiled while waving his hand, "I'm fine. I've been through worse believe it or not." Naruto said with a chuckle before grasping his side in pain.

Sakura gasped in worry as she watched Naruto hold his side, "Don't move! I'll go get help!" Sakura turned around, rushing off to find help.

"No!" Naruto shouted, causing Sakura to stop at the entrance of the park as he hurried up to her, "I'm fine! Really! I don't want to bother someone that could be helping someone who needs it." Naruto said with a foxy grin before asking, "So how did you know my name earlier? I just met you today after all.

"To be honest… I don't know." Sakura giggled nervously as she rubbed her head sheepishly, "I had a strange dream last night and you were in it. You were fighting a really scary looking monster with giant hands coming out of his back. You had this strange red glow that looked like a fox around you. It was a really scary dream." Sakura said shaking a bit before smiling, "Strange right?"

Naruto only stared at her with a blank stare as his eyebrow twitched "She… She watched our entire battle in a dream? But… how?" Naruto, not sure how to delicately tell Sakura what he was thinking, said it bluntly instead, "Sakura, that wasn't a dream."

"Heh?" Sakura froze, staring at Naruto is disbelief as a sweat drop rolled down her head.

Naruto nodded before continuing, "Yeah, it wasn't a dream. That really happened to me, in my world." Naruto said calmly, watching Sakura to see how she would take what he said.

Sakura blinked before glaring at Naruto, "You don't have to tease me you know!"

"I'm not teasing you." Naruto assured her before reaching into his pouch, "I can prove…" Naruto started before hearing the sound of roller blades moving. He looked up to see an angry Sakura skating away, "Hey wait!" Naruto shouted as he started to chase after her only to have his side spike with pain again. Naruto dropped to his knee as he held his side through the agonizing discomfort "Why is my side acting like this? Even after being having a Chidori run through my shoulder it healed just fine!" Naruto thought to himself as the pain in his side flared even more to the point where it forced Naruto to pass out. He never noticed the bandages wrapped around his wound start to fill with blood.

Sakura fumed as she skated home at the boy she had just met, "He didn't have to tease me like that… Sheesh. Like he really came from another world." Sakura griped as she made her way home. Little did she know how much her life was about to change that day or about the boy suffering back at the park.

Naruto groaned as he woke up, slowly climbing to his feet, "Why did that happen…?" Naruto asked himself before checking his wound, "Great I tore my wound open… But it's already healed…" Naruto said before scowling, "Kyuubi is trying something… I guess I have to wait until I can contact him before finding out. He wouldn't do anything that would risk killing me anyway since it would kill him too…" Naruto muttered before looking to the sky to see lights shooting off in different directions, "Weird meteor shower." Naruto watched the lights for a moment before he shrugged, "Well now I have to figure out what to do… I angered the only person that might help me…" Naruto muttered before remembering what Sakura had said, "She said that she had a dream about me and Sasuke fighting… How did she?"

Naruto grabbed his chin in thought as he tried to figure out what could have possibly happened, only to come up empty as he rubbed his head frustrated, "AAAARRRGGGGHHH! I'm not getting anywhere…" He screamed before his stomach let out a loud growl, "And now I have to find some food…" Naruto said as he wrapped his arms around his stomach, plopping onto his bottom.

As Naruto tried to maul over what to eat, a large gust suddenly picked up, kicking up dirt and nearby trash. Naruto quickly shielded his eyes as he looked around, "What the hell? It was calm just a minute ago!" Naruto continued to look around before hearing a loud cry from above. He turned to the sky just as a giant bird flew over the park. Naruto hopped to the bird as he watched the bird fly by in shock, "That's a big bird!" Naruto shouted just before his stomach growled again. Naruto smiled as he realized the possibility in front of him, "With that much meat I could last for a week!" Naruto quickly hopped into a tree, chasing after the bird as it flew away, "Get back here dinner!"

Meanwhile Sakura, the newly named Cardcaptor, was rollerblading down the road after the very same thing as Naruto. As she chased the bird in question she couldn't help but think, "How did this all happen...?"

"Sakura focus!" Kero shouted as he smacked her on the head, "You have to capture the card before it does anymore damage!" Sakura winced from the smack as she continued to chase the card.

Naruto was right behind the giant weird with a rope around his shoulder he had taken from a shed he passed by. He made a crude rope lasso before spinning the rope above his head with a smirk, "I got you now!" He shouted as he threw the lasso at the bird. The rope barely made it around one of the bird's talons, which was all Naruto needed. He pulled the rope, tightening the lasso around the bird's leg, "You're MIIINNNEEE!" He shouted only to be pulled out of the tree he was in halfway through his sentence as the bird turned, flying down over a road.

"There it is!" Kero shouted as he spotted the bird fly right over them, "After it! We can't let the FLY card get away!"

"I can't capture something that big!" Sakura shouted as she stopped in the middle of the road only start looking around, "Do you hear something?"

"That! FLY getting away!" Kero shouted back before hearing what had caught Sakura's attention, "Wait I do hear something…"

"WHAAAHHOOO!" Naruto cheered as he soon flew right above Sakura's head as he was pulled by the FLY card.

"Uzumaki-kun?" Sakura shouted as she watched Naruto be pulled away, "What is he doing?"

"It looks like he's trying to catch the card." Kero said as he crossed his arms before realizing the situation, "We have to hurry! We can't let him catch the card!"

"Why?" Sakura asked blinking at Kero confused.

Her answer was Kero pulling on one of her pig-tails to get her moving again, "Because you're the Cardcaptor! Not him!"

"Let go!" Sakura shouted as she started skating after the card again. She watched as Naruto started to climb the rope, leaving her to sweat drop thinking, "What's with him?" Sakura then remembered the dream she had about Naruto, "T-That dream… it couldn't have been real could it?" Sakura's question was soon answered as the bird look down at Naruto and let out a loud cry. A strong gust of wind blew from its mouth, forcing Naruto to tighten his hold onto the rope. But that wasn't what answered Sakura's question. It was after the wind launched her into the air. Sakura screamed as she was blown away.

Her scream reached Naruto's ear, causing him to look just in time to see Sakura get blown off the ground, "Is that…? Sakura!" Naruto shouted as he recognized the girl. He quickly let go of the rope, using the wind to propel himself to the ground. The second he touched down, he launched himself towards Sakura, gently catching her in his arms then landing with ease, "Are you okay?"

"H-Hai!" Sakura said as she looked up at Naruto before she was set on her feet, "Uzumaki-kun, what are you doing here?"

"Trying to catch dinner." Naruto said as he pointed to the bird, "What about you?"

"We're trying to catch it too. But…" Sakura looked to the bird nervously as it roosted on a shine gate.

Naruto turned to the bird as well before what Sakura had said clicked in his mind, "Wait, we?"

"She means me!" Kero said as he floated down into Naruto's view, "Now stay out of the way or you'll get hurt!"

"What?" Naruto shouted, grabbing Kero with one hand, "I'm a full-blown Shinobi! Like hell I'm going to listen to a damn flying talking plushy!"

"What did you say?" Kero shouted back before biting down onto Naruto's hand. Naruto quickly let go of Kero, shaking his hand around wildly trying to get Kero off.

Sakura gasped before quickly snatching Kero off of Naruto's hand, "Kerberos! Don't bite Naruto! He might be able to help us!"

Naruto rubbed his hand sorely before looking back at the two, "I don't understand what's going on, but I'll help. Just tell me what to do."

"Hoe?" Sakura said before realizing what Naruto had said, "You'll help? Thank you!" She shouted, quickly hugging Naruto as anime tears cried from her eyes, "I was afraid I would have to do this alone!"

Naruto blinked confused by Sakura before turning to Kero as he patted Sakura's back, "So what do you need me to do?"

Kero growled, but nodded with Sakura's decision for help all the same, "We need to restrain the card… But with only the WINDY card that will be difficult…"

Naruto smirked as he pulled Sakura away, "So I just have to tie the bird up? Easy!" Naruto boasted before taking off to the FLY card. As he did he turned around to Sakura, "Get ready!"

Sakura and Kero nodded before Kero turned to Sakura, "Sakura, use the key! Do just as I told you earlier!"

Sakura nodded before she pulled the key out of her pocket. She opened her hand, letting it lay flat in her palm as she said, "The key which hides the powers of the Dark!" She started as the key floated into the air while being surrounded by a small ball of light and Clow Reed's magic circle appeared around her, "Show your true powers before me! I, Sakura, command you under our contract! RELEASE!" Sakura yelled finishing the spell. The light that surrounded the key expanded around Sakura as the key grew into a staff. Sakura grabbed staff when it finished forming causing the light to disperse. Sakura twirled the staff in her hand after the light vanished, holding it close to her.

"All right Sakura!" Kero said as he flew next to her, "The FLY card is attributed to wind. You should be able to capture it with the WINDY card you have now. But we'll have to get closer too.."

"Yeah!" Naruto's shout came from the FLY card's direction. Sakura and Kero turned to see not one, but five Naruto's riding FLY as it flew over them, trying to get the Naruto's off.

Sakura and Kero both sweat dropped as they watched in disbelief, "Did you just see…?" Sakura started to ask.

Kero nodded as he shared the same look as Sakura, "Yeah… Just who is that kid?"

Sakura smiled nervously as she sweat dropped again, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you…"

"Are you going to catch this thing or not?" One of the Naruto's shouted as FLY flew by again.

Sakura and Kero snapped back to reality and quickly started to chase after the card. Meanwhile Naruto was putting his plan into action as he climbed down the rope while his clones kept FLY's attention carefully forming a ram sign while holding the rope, "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" Another clone appeared on Naruto's feet, using chakra to stick to him. Naruto smiled as his clone nodded and the two started to swing back and forth on the rope, "One! Two! THREE!" They said before the clone released the chakra while kicking Naruto with all it's might before dispelling. This allowed Naruto to swing to the top of the FLY card with the rope in hand. When he landed he turned to the rest of his clones, "Alright! Hit the wings!"

The clones nodded before separating as they jumped to FLY's wings. The sudden weight on its wings forced it to fold them in, falling right into Naruto's hands. The second it's wings tucked in, Naruto dived off FLY's side using his momentum and rope to swing back over FLY. Soon Naruto had the rope tied around FLY's wings, sending it crashing to the ground. Naruto smirked as his clones dispelled while he held the rope tight, pulling it to prevent FLY from escaping, "I told you I would get you!"

Sakura skated up to FLY staring at it in amazement, "A-amazing…. He took it down so easily…"

"Sakura, be amazed later! We have to capture it before it escapes!" Kero shouted as he pointed back to the card. FLY was thrashing about on the ground trying to get free as Naruto struggled to hold the rope.

Sakura nodded, moving in to seal the card away only to have to jump back, nearly being crushed by FLY's head. Sakura stumbled backwards for a moment before turning to Kero, "It's no good! I can't get close enough to seal it away!"

"Then use WINDY to hold down FLY! Hurry before the kid loses his grip!" Kero told her as he tried to shield his face from the dirt being blown around by the wind from FLY's thrashing about.

Sakura nodded and pulled the card out of her pajama pocket, "I hope this works!" She thought as she threw the card out in front of her then starting to spin her staff around, "Wind, become a bind chain and hold down FLY to prevent it from harming anyone!" Sakura chanted before holding her staff over her head, "WINDY!" She shouted as she swung the tip of her staff onto the card.

The wind suddenly came to life as WINDY came out of the card. WINDY quickly flew over to FLY, wrapping itself completely around the card before embedding itself into the ground. Naruto watched as FLY was completely subdued before letting go of the rope he was using and jumping away from the cards, "Sakura it's all yours!" Naruto shouted between his panting, "Why am I so tired?"

Sakura nodded to Naruto before holding her staff up again, "Return to the guise that you were meant to be in! CLOW CARD!" Sakura shouted as she swung her staff overhead. A small light appeared on the tip of her staff before forming into the shape of a card. FLY and WINDY were both drawn into the card, losing their shape as they entered the light. When the cards were completely drawn in, the light faded away to reveal an actual card. Sakura dropped to her knees as the card floated into the air and over to Naruto, not even noticing as she cried, "I thought I was going to die!" Kero was too busy watching the FLY float over to Naruto as WINDY fell to Sakura's knees.

Naruto only stared at the card when it stopped in front of him before grabbing it gently. He walked over to Sakura and held it out to her, "This is yours, right?"

Kero seemed genuinely surprised by Naruto's action, "Hey, you didn't take a bump to the head when we weren't looking did you?"

Naruto cocked an eyebrow as he continued to hold the card out, "I'm fine. But I know what this card is and that it's not mine." Naruto said before kneeling down in front of Sakura and taking her hand. Sakura calmed down and stared at Naruto as Naruto turned her hand palm side up and put the card on it, "Besides, it seems to me she did a lot more than me." Naruto added with a foxy smile before standing back up while helping Sakura to her feet. Naruto's stomach then decided to remind him of something important as it let out a loud growl. Naruto quickly dropped to his butt holding his stomach, "I'm still hungry!"

"Oh yeah… you were planning to try and eat FLY…" Sakura said nervously before rubbing her head, "Sorry about that…"

Naruto grumbled before standing back up still rubbing his stomach, "Not your fault… I'll just have to try and catch some fish from the pond."

"Well before you do that…" Kero said before pointing to the card, "Why don't you and Sakura go for a ride?"

"Ride?" The two asked before looking down at the card curiously. Naruto then shook his head for a moment, "I'd rather not ride that thing for a third time…"

Kero blinked before laughing for a moment. He soon calmed down again, "You won't be riding FLY again. Sakura, touch the card with the tip of your staff."

Sakura nodded and obeyed, touching the staff to the card. The card glowed for a moment before the wing shaped part of the staff turned into actual wings. Sakura and Naruto stared at the staff in awe before Sakura looked to Kero. Kero nodded to Sakura, leaving her to mount the staff carefully. She then looked to Naruto, who looked unsure, "Are you coming Uzumaki-kun?"

Naruto looked a bit unsure but soon shrugged, "Why not. I could use a peaceful ride after today." Naruto mounted the staff behind Sakura, nodding to her when he had a firm grip.

Sakura nodded back then kicked off the ground as the wings on the staff flapped. The two were soon flying through the air with Kero next to them, "How is it? Doesn't it feel good?"

"Yeah!" Sakura agreed with a cheerful smile before looking over her shoulder to Naruto, "Isn't this amazing Uzumaki-kun?"

"It sure is…" Naruto said as he looked at the city below in amazement before adding, "By the way you can just call me Naruto."

"Okay Naruto-kun!" Sakura said happily before hearing Naruto's stomach. An awkward feeling filled the air as Naruto whined and held his stomach again. Sakura sweat dropped before she thought of an idea, "Hold on!" She said before diving out of the sky towards her house. Naruto tighten his hold on the staff at the sudden dive before Sakura landed on her roof. She returned her staff into its key state before turning to Naruto, "Wait here, I'll be back with something for you to eat." She whispered to him before opening her window.

"Rea-" Naruto started to shout only to have Sakura cover his mouth and nod, "Yes! But you have to be quiet! I can't wake my Father or Big brother!" Naruto nodded slowly which made Sakura uncover his mouth and say, "Wait here and stay quiet." She said before climbing into her room.

Naruto sighed before sitting down on the roof, turning to Kero, "So what's the deal with the weird cards?"

Kero crossed his arms with a hum before looking at Naruto, "Well… I'll make a deal with you. I'll tell you what's going on if you promise to help Sakura. I know she has magical talent and shows promise but after today…"

"You're worried it will eventually wear her down?" Naruto finished for Kero. Kero nodded with a sigh as Naruto pegged his thoughts. Naruto sighed as well before rubbing his head, "I want to make that promise but… I can't. I don't belong to this world. I don't know how long until I go back." Naruto said with a look of sorrow. He didn't want to abandon Sakura on her quest, but knew of the dangers that would eventually follow if he stayed.

"Will you at least help her while you can?" Kero asked, receiving a nod from Naruto, "Okay then. I'll start from the beginning. The bird you helped Sakura capture is a Clow card, a magical creation made by the create sorcerer Clow Reed, my previous master and maker. Each card has a different power in its own unique way. No two cards are the same although some are similar. Each card is alive. They have their own sense of awareness, of self. Without a master to direct them, they will act on their own accord. When the seal on them is broken… a catastrophe will befall this world…" Kero said as he floated down and sat next to Naruto, "That is why Clow created the book and sealed the cards inside along with me. I was meant to guard the books and prevent them from scattering."

"So how did they scatter?" Naruto asked curious on the matter.

"I… fell asleep while guarding the book." Kero said sheepishly as he rubbed his head, "Then Sakura found it while I was sleeping and accidently opened it with her magic. She read the WINDY card, activating its magic which scattered the cards."

"So those were the lights I saw shooting through the sky earlier…" Naruto muttered quietly as he remembered the lights shooting through the sky, "I thought it was a meteor shower." Naruto said with a loose chuckle.

"I'm back." Sakura said as she climbed out of her window with a plate of food, "I could only reheat our leftovers. I'm sor…" Sakura started only to stop as the plate disappeared from her hands. She blinked, staring at where the plate use to be before looking at Naruto to see him devouring the food. She watched as in mere seconds, the plate become empty. "A-amazing…" Sakura said as she blinked in disbelief.

Naruto held in a burp before smiling sheepishly, "Sorry about that… I haven't eaten for a day and a half and with all the chakra I burned, I was starving." Naruto said before he remembered something, "Hey Sakura… You said you had a dream about me when we were talking about in the park right?" Sakura nodded, wondering where the conversation was going as Naruto continued, "How much did you see?"

"Um… It started when you arrived at the Valley. Then it ended a bit after you were sucked into the hole." Sakura answered for Naruto as she grabbed her chin trying to remember the details, "That boy Uchiha returned to normal and was carried off by the man with the strange silver hair."

"So Kakashi found Sasuke… That's good. I was worried he might have gotten sucked in after me." Naruto said as he laid down on the roof as a wave of relief passed through him.

"They found your headband thing too." Sakura said as she hugged her knees together.

Naruto nodded to her as he started to stare at the night sky, "So they know I'm alive. Then there's no telling how long until I go home."

"I see…" Sakura said in a saddened tone. In the small time she had gotten to know the strange boy next to her she had started to see him as a good friend, mainly for all the help he gave her.

Naruto sat back up with a smile, "Well I'm sure I'll be here for a while anyway. So we might as well make the most of the time I got here." He said hopping to his feet, "You should go get some sleep Sakura. It's been a busy night."

Sakura tilted her head before letting out a long yawn, "You're right… I'm exhausted."

Naruto chuckled before looking around at the city, "I have to admit, this is an interesting place. Although I'll need some new clothes…" Naruto said pulling at his now even more torn jumpsuit only to have the entire jacket fall apart, "Ah great! Now I really need to get some new clothes…" Naruto said, not aware that Sakura was staring at the many bandages covering Naruto's upper body.

"Just how hurt were you Naruto-kun…"

"Wow the kid really took a beating… and he still managed to hold his own against FLY."

Sakura looked away from the bandages, upset that she couldn't help until an idea popped in her head, "I got it!" She said, getting Naruto's and Kero's attention, "Naruto-kun, meet me after school tomorrow. I have an idea to get you some new clothes!"

"Really? This won't cost you anything will it?" Naruto asked, not wanting to mooch of Sakura.

Sakura shook her head with a cheerful smile, "Don't worry!" She said before letting out another yawn,

Naruto caught the second yawn and helps Sakura to her feet, "Okay I think we've talked enough for today. Go get some sleep. I'll meet at your school tomorrow, I promise." Naruto said as he punched his chest.

Sakura nodded and climbed back into her room rubbing her eye, "Good-bye Naruto-kun. See you tomorrow."

Naruto waved to her as she climbed into her room but before she could close it she heard Naruto ask, "Sakura, do you mind if I call you Sakura-chan?"

Sakura smiled softly and nodded, "Of course Naruto-kun." She said before closing the window. Kero waved from behind the window before floating out of sight.

Naruto sighed after he heard the window lock and looked to the sky, "Just what the hell did I get myself into? Ero-sennin was right… I can't help but get myself in some sort of trouble…" Naruto said before taking off into the night to find a place to sleep.

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