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One month since that fearful, destructive night capturing the THUNDER card. School had only been canceled for a couple weeks due to building repairs while the local police and federal investigators tried to figure out what happened, with no results. Yet it was just another night for Sakura… another late night of flying around in what seemed to be a fruitless search for Naruto. Sakura had broken the city down by sections. Each night she would carefully fly around two or three sections, sometimes even staying out past midnight. Time and again Kero would warn her and try to force her to go back home. But she wouldn't, at least not at first.

Tonight was one of those nights for the young girl. A quarter before twelve and again no sign of Naruto. "Sakura, let's call it a night. You can't afford these late nights anymore since school restarted." Kero yelled over the winds as they flew over another block on the outskirts of town.

Sakura wanted to ignore him as she had two weeks before, but he was right. If her schooling was affected, her family would get suspicious and that was the last thing she needed. Sakura only nodded and turned back to the direction of her house. Kero sighed at her silence. She had been like this since that night. Hardly speaking, forcing a smile around her friends, and pushing herself to find Naruto.

Once the two had landed on the roof of her house, Kero decided it was time to speak up, "Hey Sakura, you really need to stop going out like this. Searching for Naruto is like trying to spot one particular grain of sand on a beach or in a desert. He's a ninja, a master of stealth and secrets. If he doesn't want to be found, then I doubt he will…"

"I have to find him!" Sakura said harshly as she gripped her staff tighter, "What I said… The way he looked that second before he ran away… He needs to know I'm here to help him! He's got no one else to help now…"

Kero only shook his head, "I understand that, but you're not going to find someone who doesn't want to be found, especially when he barely exists in society to begin with! Give him time. He'll come around when he's ready."

"… Maybe you're right. But that's what makes me worry. The wait." Sakura said quietly as she returned her staff to its key state before opening her window.

Kero chuckled a bit at this as he flew in, "Believe me, the wait makes everyone worry." Sakura followed him in, the long night taking its toll on the two.

Unbeknownst to the two, a pair of blue eyes watched from the shadows. There they stayed, and there they faded back into the darkness.


The morning was just starting to break the city horizon, just as Sakura had hoped. It meant she had plenty of time to get to where she was planning to go. The last thing she could do in her hunt for her friend. She looked down at the folded letter in her hand, then the building sign, "Old man metal working".

"This is the place…" She whispered as she looked around at the building, "I just hope someone is here… It looks closed." Sakura thought as she saw the sheet metal in place of windows. She raised her fist to knock when the door suddenly opened. An elderly man stood there with a kind smile. However Sakura knew this man all too well. It was Naruto's boss, "Uh oh… Please, in the name of all that is good, please don't be crazy today!"

Sakura's nervous sweat was for not as the elderly man asked, "Can I help you?"

"Um… Yes… You see…" Sakura stuttered before taking a breath then giving a respectful bow, "I'm looking for Naruto-kun."

"I see. Well he hasn't come in yet." Naruto's boss said as he stroked his beard.

Sakura sighed in disappointment, "So I was right. If you get the chance, can you passed this note onto him? It's important."

The elderly man simply continued to smile as he took the note, "I'll make sure he gets it." Sakura smiled and bowed again to shop owner in thanks before heading off to school. Naruto's boss watched as she skated down the road before heading back into the shop.

Sakura made it to school with time to spare where Tomoyo and Kero were waiting for her. With a quarter of the school sectioned off from Naruto's damage, they didn't have to worry about people showing up early, making it a prime opprotuniy to meet. "Any luck?" Tomoyo asked as Sakura skid to a stop in front of her and Kero.

"No. It's like Kero-chan said last night. I'm not going to find him if he doesn't want to be found. So I left a note with his boss. I figure Naruto-kun would go there while we're at school." Sakura answered as she sat down and started undoing her skates, "I just hope he comes back…"

"I'm sorry… But I feel I must say that if Naruto-san doesn't explain the reason behind his actions… Then I won't be able to accept him back." Tomoyo spoke out suddenly, getting a gasp from Sakura as she continued, "I know I said that one's past shouldn't be brought up if it didn't need to be addressed. Unfortunately, this does. He destroyed parts of the school, clearly attacked in rage, and who knows what could have happened if he had turned on us…"

"Don't say that! Naruto-kun wouldn't…" Sakura started to argue only to be cut off by Kero.

"She's right Sakura. I spent a lot of time in the book of Clow. When I was awake I watched the world as the book and I were passed from one hand to another. I've seen people lose their mind and attack the people closest to them. If he won't tell us what's wrong with him, then I won't accept him back either." Kero said with a firm stance on his beliefs.

Sakura could understand why her friends were acting this way. They were concerned. But they were all Naruto had to turn to at all in this world. "At least hear him out if he doesn't tell us…" Sakura told them as she stood up, "We're all he can tell. He has no way home yet and for all we know he could be just as confused as we are."

"You may be right… I suppose we'll just have to see what becomes of the situation if and when he arrives." Tomoyo said as she pressed a finger against her cheek, "But we should worry more about this later. With all the events that have happened, we don't need to start drawing attention."

Sakura and Kero nodded. The last thing they needed was people suspecting them, even though most passed it off as wraith of the elementary ghost. Lucky for them.

Hours later, Naruto's boss walked by every employee and work station, getting nervous glances from most of his workers and a respectful bow or nod from the remaining fraction. The old man simply continued to hobble until he reached the blade smithing section in the back of the building. There he found what he was looking for.

Our residential favorite blonde, pounding away on metal along with his senior. He had been tasked with making knife blades until he got over what his boss called, "Emotional spit tank". The fact Naruto had bags under his eyes and a lack of his normal energy showed he was dealing with turmoil. The old man tapped the senior worker and gave a nod to the door, silently telling him to leave them for a moment.

The man obeyed and walked out of the room, leaving Naruto and his boss alone. Naruto simply continued to work, hammering the small piece of metal. That is until his boss blocked the hammer effortlessly with his cane, "You know you can't keep hiding from her. She's clearly worried about you."

Naruto sighed as he set the hammer down, "I'm not hiding… I still watch her. I know she's worried, but I…"

"No excuses!" Naruto's boss shouted as he swatted Naruto's head with his cane, "You're too stubborn to be sitting here sulking! Now read this letter before I get my cattle prod again!" The old man yelled as he shoved the letter into Naruto's hand while giving him the crazy stink eye.

Naruto may have been depressed over the resent events, but not stupid when it came to dealing with his boss. He took the letter and walked over to the business break room. Taking a seat in the corner, he unfolded the letter, "Naruto-kun… Honestly, I don't know what to say about what went on with the THUNDER card. I have no idea what happened or why you behaved the way you did. But I feel that you had a reason. Whether or not it was on purpose, there was a reason behind it. You've been too nice to me and everyone else we know for it all to be some kind of lie. Which is why I want to tell you this. You can come and tell me anything. I won't judge you. You've helped me so many times, even when you weren't around. While you were gone, three different cards caused trouble. I had to stand on my own and couldn't look to you to stop the card for me. It made me see that I leaned onto you when I should have been your partner and stood next to you. This only made me look for you more. I'd write what else I want to say, but… It has to be said in person. I'll understand if you don't show up, but I hope to see you at home again. It's become your home too. Even if it's temporary and a secret, it's still your home. Sakura."

Naruto only crumpled the letter as he clenched his fist, "I'm an idiot…"

Unknown to Naruto, his oh so caring boss was standing right behind him. Having read the letter over Naruto's shoulder, he reacted in a way that only he could. He lifted his red hot cattle prod and branded Naruto right in the rear through the gap between the back and bottom of the chair. Naruto shot to the roof with a scream as his protective work pants smoked. When he landed, he met this bosses yelling, "Well what are you doing here? Get going before I have to get my katana of the wall!" Needless to say Naruto took off running after that sentence with his boss hot on his heels. Naruto busted the door to the shop open as he ran out. His boss stopped at the door waving the prod, "And don't come back until she's following in tow!"

Naruto ran off to the Tomoeda elementary as fast as he could, if only out of fear of his boss. Lucky for him, no one saw the speeding blonde running through the streets. Or if someone did, they could only wonder what sped by as they picked themselves up off the ground.

When Naruto made it to the school gate, he was surprised by the lack of activity. Yeah a part of the school was still being repaired, but that didn't explain the absence of people. That is until he heard roaring applause come from the auditorium. "So that's where everyone went. Wonder what's going on."

Naruto snuck his way into the building easily, walking over to the stage curtain. He open the curtain to see peek on the crowd. He saw Sakura's father talking with Syaoran, which made Naruto scowl, and Yamazaki, who always lied. While he didn't hear what Fujitaka was talking about with the two kids, but that didn't matter as both Sakura and her father left the building. Naruto was about to leave the building and follow, but he couldn't pass up a good prank. Taking a long rope laying near the back of the stage, he jumped up to the raptors and tied one end to a sandbag. He then made a lasso out of the other end and moved the top part of the curtain open. Pulling out his last kunai, he put it in his mouth before swinging the lasso. He watched his target, waiting for an opening. When he saw it, he took it.

Syaoran had no idea what happened… He stretched, and the next thing he knew his hands were tied together and he was hanging above the stage. He was currently waiting on the school janitor to come with the big ladder as a few teachers stayed with him. "Why do I get the feeling that monster is responsible for this?" Syaoran thought as he ignored the teachers "support" talk.

Naruto smiled as he hummed a happy tune with his work. Besides giving him a laugh, if anything, it gave him more time to talk with Sakura. He managed to find her and her father near the school entrance. Naruto simple sat and waited for the two to finish their conversation when the first warning bell rang. At first Naruto scowled, knowing he'd have to wait longer to talk with Sakura. But that wasn't the case as he suddenly heard, "Thank you for waiting Naruto-kun."

Naruto jumped a bit as he turned to see Sakura standing over him, "How did you…?"

"I overheard some classmates talking about Li-kun being strung up above the stage. It didn't take that long to put the dots together." Sakura said with a giggle before she offered her hand to Naruto, "I still have ten minutes before recess is over. Take a walk?"

After accepting Sakura's offer, the two walked in silence. No words were spoken between the two, but it was comforting just to be near each other again. Sakura in knowing she still had a close friend and Naruto knowing he hadn't gone back to being alone. After a walk around the school, the recess bell rang again, signaling its end. Sakura moaned a bit at the bell, "Ten minutes already?"

"Breaks are always theme shorter than they are." Naruto told her as he turned towards the tree behind the school, "I'll see you here after school?"

Sakura smiled at the fact that Naruto said he would still be there, "Yeah. Tomoyo-chan and Kero-chan will be here too if that's okay…"

"It's fine. Besides it saves us all the trouble of talking separately." Naruto said before waving at Sakura, "See ya." That was all he said before he disappeared into the trees. Sakura couldn't keep herself from humming a happy tune for the rest of the day.

"So what do we do?" Tomoyo asked as she, Sakura, and Kero walked around the corner of the school towards their usual meeting spot.

"We listen and judge." Kero answered as he rested on Sakura's shoulder, "We decide from there."

Sakura only hoped Naruto had reason for his actions. As soon they reached the tree, Naruto dropped from the branches. He took a look at the three before sighing, "I took the past few hours to think about how to tell you what happened… Truth is, I couldn't think of anything. I can't lie to you all. Not after everything you've done for me. So I'll start with this. Do you know what jinchuriki means?"

Sakura and Kero looked to each other confused as Tomoyo grabbed her chin thoughtfully, "If I remember correctly… Power of Human Sacrifice is the literal definition."

Naruto chuckled a bit before continuing, "Not surprising someone as well read as Tomoyo would know. You're right. But in my world, it's not just a word, but a title. I'm a Jinchuriki, a person with one of the nine bijuu sealed away inside of them."

"Sealed?" Sakura was the first to ask.

Tomoyo followed with, "Nine bijuu?"

Kero blinked a few times before sighing, "Okay start making sense blonde before my brain starts smoking."

Naruto scratched his head for a minute before looking up at the sky, "Okay, okay I'll start from the beginning. Before the way of the shinobi was made, we were average people like Tomoyo. Only more like what your history book describes with a few things from this world. Then one day, he appeared. The sage of six paths. He was the one that taught my world the ways of chakra and gave rise to the way of the shinobi. It was because of him that the bijuu could be stopped." Naruto paused for a second to take a deep breath before continuing, "The bijuu are nine beasts of terrible power, being made up of nothing but chakra, at least from what I've been taught. The strongest, Kyuubi, attacked my village twelve years ago… It killed so many people…"

The two girls gasped while Kero crossed his arms, "And this has to do with you how…?"

"Keep your wings on I'm getting to it." Naruto said as he grabbed a nearby acorn and pegged Kero with it to keep him quiet, "The Kyuubi couldn't be killed."

"But… It was stopped right? Otherwise your people couldn't continue to survive like that." Tomoyo stated as she tilted her head slightly.

"Stopped yes… But the way to stop it was… costly." Naruto said as he sat down against the tree, "In order to stop the Kyuubi, the Yodaime, my father, had to seal it away inside something. But no object in proven history could hold the Kyuubi. They needed something that was adaptable, that could handle that intense power and not be destroyed by it."

"A human." Kero said, answering Naruto's unasked riddle.

"Yeah, but not just any human. A newborn." Naruto said with an almost sarcastic smile, "It's so ironic, I always wondered why I was chosen to have to carry that monster, and the man I idolized is not only the one who put it in me, but is my father too..."

"… He put it inside you…" Sakura whispered as she realized what her vision from ILLUSION meant. Naruto wasn't the monster himself. He carried it. He was like a portable prison, only never able to shed his burden.

"Yeah, me. The Yodaime died from the fight from I was told. No one was alive near him to give details." Naruto explained as he looked at his palm, "I found out about Kyuubi from a traitor, then felt its power myself when I thought my closest friend died. But… what happened with THUNDER… I don't know. It never did that before. The closest to it was the red cloak when my head was basically cracked open like an egg."

"Wait… so you carry a demon and can use its power? Why didn't you just tell us this earlier! We could have helped!" Kero yelled as he got in Naruto's face.

"How? Not even my dad, one of the strongest shinobi in our history, could kill it. No one in my world has. I can't expect you to know how to handle it when you didn't even know chakra existed." Naruto said surprisingly calm looked back to Kero, "Honestly the only perk with having Kyuubi inside me is that it won't let me die because if I do so does it. Not that the villagers know this… Of course that didn't stop them from trying either…" Naruto said sadly as memories of "dodge the mob" flashed in his head.

"So… your own village tried too…?" Sakura asked, but couldn't force out the last two words.

Naruto only shrugged, "Not that surprising. If you think about how many lost loved ones to the Kyuubi, it's only natural that they look to something to blame when it's not dead. I was just the glass between them… Well more like a steel door. I wasn't about to let them beat me again after the first one."

The three gasped at hearing that a village would willingly attack a kid. Then Kero raised an interesting question, "Wait… what happened to claws, tail, and ears? Where did those go?"

"I… don't know honestly. I just woke up the next day and they were gone. The only time something like that happened was, as Sakura-chan knows, during my fight with Sasuke. But it didn't give me those last time, more like made a shroud of a fox." Naruto folded his arms behind his head as he looked up at the school clock, "I've been meaning to ask Ero-sennin about this but didn't know how to describe what happened. The only other person that could tell me would be Kyuubi, and it's rather quiet since I came here."

"You… talk with it?" Kero asked a bit surprised.

Naruto only shrugged again, "Well, more like argue about it paying rent. But ever since I came to this world, Kyuubi's been quiet…" Sensing there was nothing left to tell, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero huddled together whispering to themselves. This only made Naruto nervous, but he sat and awaited his judgment.

"We can't hold what happened against him! He didn't lie or try to hide anything!" Sakura whispered first, looking mainly at Kero.

Kero shook his head a bit, "But he didn't tell us sooner either."

"We can't blame him for that. I doubt it was easy to tell us even now." Tomoyo rebutted as she looked over to Naruto, "He looks like he hasn't slept well in days, if at all. He was worrying about this just as much as we were."

"That still doesn't…" Kero started to say only to trail off as Sakura moved away from the group.

She walked over to Naruto, who waited nervously for a verdict, and offered her hand to him with a smile, "You're coming home with me, eating a warm meal that isn't from a cup, and getting a good day's sleep. No buts."

Naruto was surprised by the offer, or rather order. That didn't stop him from smiling back however as he took her hand, "Thank you Sakura-chan… You…"

"You don't have to say it Naruto-kun. You have enough to handle." Sakura added as Tomoyo walked up with the same smile, nodding in agreement.

Kero was reluctant as he continued to hover away from the three before shrugging, "Why not. Someone has to keep you out of trouble."

To say Naruto went from surprise to shock would be an understatement. "They… They accept me… What I am!" Then it was Sakura's, Tomoyo's, and Kero's turn to be surprised as they were all picked up in a Naruto bear hug, who proceeded to jump for joy. Their hyperactive blonde was back.

After Naruto had settled down, the group left the school. As they left, Naruto couldn't help but wonder, "Hey, what did you tell everyone who asked where I was?"

Sakura tensed up a bit before laughing nervously, "About that… Well… Seeing as we told people you were living with your mother and…"

"You told them she passed away didn't you…?" Naruto asked with an accusing stare as they walked out of the school yard.

"Well what else could I tell them?" Sakura replied, waving her arms as everyone else laughed.

"What is Sakura doing up so late? It's time for good little kids to be asleep!" Kero asked as he and Naruto played a game together.

"She's making a snack for Yukito and Toya. Plus she probably told them she ran into me today. Take that!" Naruto shouted as he watched his character use a special move to defeat Kero's character.

Kero stared at the game gob smacked for a moment before asking, "What… How did you do that?"

"I don't know. I was just hitting buttons." Naruto answered before setting the game controller down, leaving Kero to sulk about being beaten by a newbie. Naruto quietly opened the window and leaned on part of the window seal just as Sakura walked back into her room. She saw Naruto enjoying a breeze and decided to join him, taking the other side of the window, "This feels nice."

"Yeah. It's the only good part of sleeping outside." Naruto said as he watched the night sky.

Sakura followed his gaze up to the blinking night lights. A moment of silence later Sakura suddenly said, "I'm sorry." Naruto raised an eyebrow at Sakura, who only smiled, "For what I said that day and how I acted. Even if I was scared, I should have had more faith in you."

"It's okay. I was scared too. I thought my nightmare was coming to life and that I would start destroying everything I cared about… I was so relieved when I woke up the next day to find the tail and ears gone." Naruto admitted before he smiled, "By the way thanks for sneaking the food up here."

"No problem. I didn't think you wanted to see big brother after missing for a month." Sakura replied with her own smile before getting a slightly puzzled look, "Come to think of it… He was curious about what happened to you."

"Really? I thought he would have been glad I was gone considering how he glares at me." Naruto said being genuinely surprised. However Sakura's and Naruto's conversation was cut short by the cry of Kero.

"It's almost ten o'clock! Time for bed." He said as he flew over to the light switch.

"Kero-chan is a little cranky tonight…" Sakura whispered to Naruto as she moved to close the window.

Naruto only chuckled, "He's just mad that I beat him at that game thing he always plays by just hitting buttons."

Sakura giggled at Kero's misery along with Naruto. At least until Kero flipped off the lights on the two as they tried to reach their respective beds. Needless to say, trips and silent curses rang shortly afterward.

The sound of soft breathing and the ticking of filled the room through the night. Until the ringing of the Tomoeda Elementary School bell echoed across the night sky. Without a doubt many people jolted awake, Sakura being one of them as she quickly sat up. Kero, although he didn't wake up nearly as quickly as Sakura seeing as one of his ears drooped, "What's up this late at night? What bell is that?"

Sakura got up and moved to her window to look at her school clock tower. A door then opened in the hallway before she heard her brother speaking, "Isn't that the bell at Sakura's school?"

"It sure carries well." Toya's study night roommate Yukito amazed.

Toya didn't seem to care for the carrying of the bell's tone near as much as the time, "But would it normally ring at a time like this?"

"I thought that bell only rang around five p.m." Yukito answered.

The conversation stopped there as Kero, who was finally awake enough to move, flew up to Sakura, "Is that thing screwed up?"

"But it never broke before." Sakura replied just before her closet door slid open.

A very sleepy Naruto stumbled out of said closet only mumbling, "Must… destroy… clock."

Sakura found it funny at first, until she heard Naruto pull out a kunai while running into the wall next to her window. She quickly grabbed Naruto by the shoulders and pushed him back to the closet while taking the kunai away, "Go back to bed Naruto-kun." She whispered to him as she shut the door. Sakura walked back to the window, stopping near her desk to open a drawer and drop it onto a small pile of kunai and shuriken she had confiscated from Naruto at various points in their adventure.

The clock ticked away to the next minute, going silent at twelve-o-one. Sakura and Kero stared at the clock for a bit longer before Sakura shrugged, "Maybe it did break. Naruto-kun did destroy parts of the school a month ago. Something might have gave way." She said before yawning and crawling back into bed.

Kero yawned as he put his newest game into the system, "I couldn't sleep much after that last night…"

"I'm going to be late!" Sakura yelled as she pulled down around her head. Naruto, with his hitai-ate down around his eyes, blindly felt around Sakura's desk for her various books and items needed for school. "Oh! I have a recorder test today!" Sakura said as she snatched her hat off of her reading lamp. Naruto nodded, sticking Sakura's recorder into her bag before it too was snatched out of his hands.

"Make sure to study hard!" Kero yelled a bit after Sakura had shut her door.

Naruto lifted his hitai-ate giving Kero a curious stare, "You do know she was long gone by the time you said that right?"

"What makes you think she can move that fast?" Kero asked as he started his game up.

Naruto rolled Sakura's desk chair to the window and looked down at the dust cloud leading away from the house, "Physics being defied, according those weird books the school has Sakura-chan read." Silence filled the room besides the sound of Kero's game. A few minutes later Naruto hopped out of the chair, "Well I'm bored. I'm off to cause chaos at the school." He said as he opened the window

"Bring me some snacks!" Kero yelled as the window shut, leaving Kero alone to play his game.

A couple hours later:

"Okay, rigged the art room with paint bombs, stole all the uniforms for the guys' side of gym class and dropped them around the school pond, and unscrewed half of the cafeteria tables and chairs in a random order. That takes care of the chaotic part of my day. Guess I'll go see how Sakura-chan's recorder test is going." Naruto said quietly as he tucked away his prank checklist. Seeing as Sakura's music class was on the back side of the school, Naruto didn't need being spotted as he walked down the side of the wall.

Naruto made it to the edge of the classroom window just as Sakura was called. He peaked through the corner of the window as Sakura shot out of her chair, "Okay!" Sakura started walking to the front of the class stiff as a board. Naruto couldn't help but snicker quietly as Tomoyo called out to Sakura quietly and gestured to loosen up.

Naruto smiled as an idea watched in his head, "Why not. She'll find out about everything else I did today eventually." Naruto then simply crept away from his seat on the wall unnoticed.

Sakura; completely unsuspecting of Naruto's oncoming wrath along with the rest of the class, gingerly moved her fingers up and down her recorder as she followed along with her teacher's piano melody. Tomoyo held her hands together as she hoped for Sakura's success on the high D note, "It's the next measure…"

Everyone watched as Sakura came to the high D, but instead of the note, they only heard the recorder squeak. Sakura froze as a nervous bead of sweat rolled down the side of her head. Tomoyo sighed in dismay as the teacher smiled. The class only stared, at least for a second before hysterical laughter filled the hallway. Sakura hung her head at this, already knowing what was happening on top of her embarrassment with her performance. Meanwhile, the entire class except Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran flocked to the window to try and catch a glimpse of the "school ghost". No one seemed to notice Syaoran trying to get more practice in on his recorder.

Even with Naruto's chaos running ramped across the school, class continued on. While the school's faculty tried to do damage control on Naruto's latest attack, Sakura's class was dismissed to gym. Sakura wasn't taking her mistake well, seeing as she was holding her baton like a recorder while crying, "I made such a weird noise…"

"You did very well on all the other parts. Plus Naruto-san's disturbance made it where no one took notice of your mistake for very long." Tomoyo said in an attempt to cheer up her friend.

Sakura smiled a bit at that, "It's because you told me to relax, Tomoyo-chan. But Naruto-kun… What was he thinking? I honestly think he's trying to get caught sometimes…" Sakura complained as she set down her baton.

Tomoyo only smiled before noticing said person approaching, "Oh Naruto-san! We were just talking about your earlier escapade." Sakura whipped around with a glare as Naruto walked up chuckling nervously.

"I take it I'm busted?" Naruto asked with a sheepish smile.

Sakura's glare lightened up to an accusing stare, "I don't know. Who else can get away with tying up three teachers to the school statue?"

Naruto laughed while he took a seat next to Sakura, "Well seeing how nervous you were during the test I thought I should get everyone's attention. In my own way of course. Oh, avoid the art room and the lunch room."

"Do we want to know what you did?" Sakura asked as she pinched the bridge of her nose. Things were back to normal alright.

"Nope. Although I'm surprised you didn't hear the last class in gym go into a panic." Naruto said with a proud grin and his arms folded behind his head.

"Let's change the topic before someone overhears." Tomoyo quickly and quietly said with her usual smile.

Naruto continued to smile until a sound on the wind caught his ears, "Do you hear a recorder?"

Sakura and Tomoyo both looked up along with Naruto to see Syaoran walking in their direction playing the score from class with his instrument. "Li-kun is still practicing although the test is over." Sakura commented first.

"Could it be because he didn't do well today?" Tomoyo asked in response to Sakura.

Naruto shrugged, "Well you shouldn't stop practicing even if you fail the test. You'll never get better at anything if you think like that."

"But it's dangerous for him to practice while walking." Tomoyo inputted.

"Let him run into a wall. It'll teach him a lesson." Naruto said without a care as he simply dropped the subject.

Sakura looked at Syaoran for a second before suddenly asking, "Hey, did Li-kun move from Hong Kong all by himself?"

"Speaking of which, I haven't heard anything about his family…" Tomoyo answered as she and Sakura both turned to Naruto

Naruto only blinked when they stared at him, "What? I haven't bothered spying on him. I've had my own issues to worry about for the past month."

"LOOK OUT!" Someone shouted from the soccer game that was going on near the three. All three looked up to see a soccer ball heading straight for Syaoran. Syaoran's response was a jumping up and kicking the ball straight into the goal right past the goalie, who didn't realize what happened till a second later. Everyone who watched Syaoran's kick gave him credit where credit was due, cheering with applauses. Syaoran simply rub the top of his head with his recorder.

Naruto scoffed a bit as he looked away unimpressed, "It was alright…"

Sakura giggled a bit at Naruto's annoyance with Syaoran, "You really don't like Li-kun do you Naruto-kun?"

"It's mostly how he treated you over the past month." Naruto answered as he glared at Syaoran, "He treats you like you're stupid just because you don't have that much experience. I can't stand people like that."

Sakura's mod deflated upon the memories of Syaoran's treatment towards her only to forget about it when she realized Naruto knew of Syaoran's behavior, "Wait… how did you know about everything Li-kun did?"

Naruto realized he had caught himself unintentionally, so he could only explain, "Well… I came back to town a few days after my problem had gone away, but… I was afraid of how you four would treat me that I stayed out of sight. I guess you could say I decided to be a ninja. Watching from the shadows and would only show myself if I really needed to. But you always had a handle on things, so I wasn't needed."

Sakura and Tomoyo couldn't help but smile when they learned that Naruto continued to watch over them despite what happened. The smile didn't last long though, seeing as an explosion was heard just as the art room windows became covered in paint with the teacher screaming, "My art! My precious art! It's all ruined!"

Naruto snickered as everyone turned to the art room, "Time for me to leave. See you at home Sakura-chan." Naruto walked off humming a happy tune while Sakura and Tomoyo looked at each other with a nervous smile. That was going to require a lot of cleaning.

Naruto stared off in boredom as he blew on a feather he pulled out of Sakura's pillow. Kero was hogging the television with his game since he didn't want to play with Naruto again. Sakura was having a special dinner with her family over her and Toya's exams, so he and Kero weren't invited. Of course Naruto didn't want to deal with Sakura's family yet over his mother's "sudden" death. So all he could do was pass the time in boredom.

"Why don't you read one of Sakura's books?" Kero asked, as if he could sense the Naruto's boredom.

"Textbooks are just as boring as doing nothing." Naruto replied, scoffing at the idea of learning what he considered pointless information.

"Go train." Kero shot back all the while still playing his game.

"I can't since the police up their patrols around town after my attack on the school today. I noticed on the way back here." Naruto said as he sat up, letting the feather fall where his head was laying earlier.

"Then why don't…" Kero started to say just Sakura's door opened and Sakura walked in with a tray full of food.

Kero completely forgot about his sentence as he smelt the food, "FOOD!" Sakura smiled as she set the tray down on the floor, "Sorry for making you wait. Father was doing a project for college so I helped him to get it done quicker."

"No worries. The food still got here!" Naruto exclaimed as he sat down in front of the tray with a happy grin.

Sakura smiled softly as she watched Kero and Naruto started to dig into the food, "I'm going to practice my recorder some more, so please don't eat too loudly tonight." Sakura asked, only to get a nod from the two as they continued to eat in their usual way.

A few minutes later, Sakura was playing away on her recorder, completely focused on her task of perfecting the score for her class. What she didn't notice was that Naruto had slowed his eating pace. He was watching Sakura intently as she played the softly melody. Sakura didn't have a clue of Naruto's watching even after she successfully finished the score. Sakura clenched her recorder tightly as she yelled in pure joy, "I did it!"

Sakura was answered by the soft clapping of Naruto, "Nice job Sakura-chan."

"Thank you Naruto-kun. Glad to know someone was listening." Sakura joked, glancing towards Kero who was still entranced by his game.

"I like listening to music, but never got much of a chance too. I didn't know anyone willing to play music for me. The only time I could was when traveling musicians stopped in Konoha, and they tended to shoo me away after hanging around their performances for too long since I didn't have money." Naruto said with both understanding and a shrug.

Sakura frowned for a second and then smiled again, "Well then that just won't do! You tell me whenever you want to listen to some music and I take care of it!" Sakura proclaimed proudly with a hearty pat to her own chest.

Naruto smiled back and nodded, "Alright it's a deal. Now you should get to bed. You still have more exams to do."

"I know…" Sakura muttered, instantly becoming depressed as she climbed into the bed. Kero saved his game and turned it off as Naruto hit the light switch to the room. He silently made his way to his bed inside Sakura's closet and before he could close the door he heard, "Good night…"

"Good night." He whispered before sliding the door all the way shut. The night ticked away as the three slept peacefully, until midnight stuck.

Naruto was having a peaceful dream, not suffering from his plague of nightmares. Then… everything went to hell. His dream shattered like a window when a rock goes through it and his body burned as red chakra rushed into his network. Alas that wasn't the end of Naruto's pain. His head felt like it was trying to be split open as images flashed into his mind. "Wha… What's happening…?" Naruto thought as he tried to make sense of the visions, "Why am I seeing this…? Fire… a snake… and a razed land. People… screaming and…" The last vision confused and worried him the most, "A girl… laying in a pool of blood… wearing an elementary school uniform… But… " The vision was vague, but he could make out enough to tell it wasn't Sakura.

Then, just like that, it was over. Naruto gasped as the visions and the pain fled his mind. The floor was lightly scorched from Kyuubi's chakra, but that escaped Naruto's notice, "What on earth was that? I thought I was going to die for a minute… I guess I can't push it off any longer. Time for a talk with the fuzz-ball." Naruto took a second more to breathe before assuming a meditative position.

It only took a minute for him to feel himself leave the world and appear in front of the large gate. Naruto stood up in the ankle deep water of his mind and took in his surroundings, "Something's… wrong." He thought as his eyes stopped on the seal. The paper of the seal was burned on the edges and the gate cracked in many places, but still holding surprisingly.

This made Naruto worry. It was clear that the seal was weakening, which explained his transformation a month ago, but it still managed to hold most of Kyuubi back. "It isn't breaking… yet. I'll have to tell Ero-sennin, but first." "Hey Kyuubi!" Naruto yelled as he walked up to the gate, "Get out here and tell me…" Naruto started to say only to be blown back by the force of Kyuubi slamming into the seal. Kyuubi growled and snarled savagely as it tried to tear through the seal.

Naruto groaned as he picked himself back up and only chuckled, "Give up Kyuubi. We both know you can't get out." Naruto said with a smirk. Only the smirk quickly faded as Naruto watched Kyuubi thrash around behind the seal. It wasn't acting like it normally did. Kyuubi would slam the seal on occasion when Naruto visited but no more than once. Now Naruto only watched as Kyuubi repeatedly slammed its head into the gate of the seal.

"Kyuubi?" Naruto asked as he watched Kyuubi nervously. Kyuubi continued to ignore Naruto's call, thrashing until it ran out of breath, which it then proceeded to simply turn around and go to the back of the seal again.

Naruto couldn't believe it. Kyuubi turned feral. No insults, no threats, and no attempts to entice him with power for freedom. Something had happened and Naruto needed to figure out what, so he went to the best place to think. The roof. However he didn't notice a pair stirring on Sakura's bed.

Naruto smiled as he laid on the roof, enjoying the gentle spring breeze as he tried to sort out the mess in his head. "Naruto-kun?" A voice asked softly, catching Naruto off guard and causing him to jump.

Naruto sat up and saw Sakura sticking her head out the window, rubbing one eye of sleep, "Man I'm losing my touch. This is the second time you startled me."

Sakura giggled as she climbed up next to Naruto. Kero flew out a second later looking both tired and angry, "So why are you up so late?"

"Well I was sleeping until a minute ago. All of the sudden my dream turned into a massive head with images flashing through my mind." Naruto explained as he scratched his head.

"Images…? Like random pictures that didn't make much sense?" Kero asked before letting out a yawn. Naruto's nod confirmed Kero's hypothesis, "Well it is possible that Naruto had a foretelling dream like you do Sakura." Kero explained before looking at Naruto inquisitively, "What were the images?"

Naruto looked up as he rubbed his chin, "Fire, a snake, half of the city was level, and someone wearing Sakura-chan's school uniform was lying in a pool of blood."

Kero flew over and landed on Sakura's shoulder between the two, "Well that can mean a number of things. Fire can go from just a mild heat to actual fire. Same with snake, it can go from a person to having a snake bite. The only one we really need to worry about is the person." Kero said as he crossed his arms, "I can honestly say this. A person and pool of blood is never a good sign."

"I could barely make out the person. It was someone I know, but I could tell it wasn't Sakura. That much was clear." Naruto stated before he turned back up to the night sky, "But if that really is the future… Why did only I see it?"

"Foretelling dreams always have a direct affect onto the dreamer in the future in a way they often don't foresee themselves, drastic or not. They also don't always give a clear picture of what's to come. Case in point, Sakura's foretelling dream shows exactly what's going to happen at a near date. Since your foretelling dream didn't give an exact picture of what is going to happen, it won't happen for a good while.

"Wait… Since Naruto-kun had a foretelling dream, doesn't that mean he has magic too?" Sakura asked in realization.

"That is possible, but what's important is that we find out what the dream means." Kero said with no smile, "If we don't, then things could wind up a lot worse than the dream foretold…" Kero gave a sigh before rubbing his head, "But let's focus on that tomorrow. Like I said, that kind of foretelling dream won't happen for a few months at least and I'm too tired to think on it." Kero said before yawning while rubbing his eye.

Sakura yawned as well after seeing Kero, "Yeah, and I need to sleep so I can focus on my notebook test tomorrow."

Naruto chuckled a bit before he and Sakura stood up and returned to Sakura's room in hopes of getting a good night sleep.

Despite the rude wakening late last night, the morning was still as chaotic as ever. Sakura was scrambling to gather her school supplies, Kero was crying over his lost game data, and Naruto was already on his way to work… or at least he was until he noticed something off.

Naruto sighed as he waited for the traffic cop to let him cross, deciding to take it easy that day. Then he looked across the street to see a couple he had seen the day before fighting, "At it again? Man they don't get along at all…"

"What do you know? You're the one who didn't finish high-school!"

"And yet I'm the one that has to solve all your problems!"

Naruto scowl a bit at the sight before looking at the two, "Wait… didn't they have the exact same fight yesterday?" Naruto thought while a bead a sweat rolled down his brow. Of course the strangeness didn't stop there. He decided to look away from the fighting couple, only to see the exact same guy knock over a can of paint off the ladder he was standing on. "Man… A lot of stuff is repeating today…"

Then the last possible thing that could happen twice in one week, let along in one lifetime. Naruto watched as a boy bounced a toy ball to high, which hit the edge of a flower pot. The flower pot was knocked over onto its side and rolled down the window seal. The pot fell off and was caught by a broken rain gutter where it slid down to the sidewalk. The pot broke on the back of a skateboard, causing the skateboard to move a foot forward. Meanwhile, a shop owner who was carrying a giant German horn stepped out of his shop onto the skateboard. Losing his balance, he threw the horn up as he fell, which landed right onto the nearby traffic cop. With the cop distracted, a driver decided to take the chance to drive across the intersection, but the cop stumbled into the way of the car. The driver swerved the car to avoid the cop and hit a light post. The light post gave way and fell into the chimney of the corner bakery. The bakery filled with smoke as everyone ran out of the building.

All of this going on at once for a second time in a week made Naruto concerned, "I'm not that smart when it comes to math but… even I know the odds of this happening twice in one lifetime is way too high to actually happen. I need to talk go talk to Sakura-chan…"

Sakura and Tomoyo were on their way to the school. Everything was normal, that is until Tomoyo said, "Today is the recorder test. Let's do our best." Sakura stopped in mid-step, completely baffled by what Tomoyo said.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled from the sky before he landed next to her.

Sakura jumped in surprise at Naruto's sudden entrance, "Naruto-kun! You shouldn't pop up out of nowhere like that! What if someone saw you?"

"No worries. They're all focusing on their tests." Naruto waved off before getting to the reason of his appearance, "Anyway, when you stopped by boss's workshop yesterday, did you see the bakery?"

Sakura looked puzzled at the question before nodding, "Yeah. It was roped off because of a really weird accident. Something about a... ball, a flower pot… and…"

"A skateboard, large instrument, and car crashing into a light post which fell onto a bakery." Naruto finished, surprising Sakura with the details of the incident, "I just got done watching it all happen, again."

"Again? That's just like Tomoyo when she told me about the recorder test today!" Sakura exclaimed as she watched her friend walk ahead, "We had it yesterday, but no one seems to realize it."

Naruto hummed a bit as grabbed his chin in thought, "This is definitely Clow card weird. I'll go get Kero and meet you after lunch."

Sakura nodded before pulling out her house key and handing to Naruto, "Incase Kero-chan doesn't answer. I don't want Dad and big brother to have to start replacing locks from you picking them."

"That's why I've just been leaving your window unlocked." Naruto said bluntly before he walked away.

Sakura just stared blankly before turning to Naruto, "What?"

"Good luck on the recorder test today!" Naruto called back as he waved with Sakura's house key hanging off a finger.

Sakura groaned as she laid her head down on the desk, "That Naruto-kun… Sometimes I wonder what I'll do with him…"

Tomoyo glanced over at her dear friend in worry, "Sakura-chan? Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Just a bit annoyed at having to repeat today." Sakura whispered as she sat back up, "We did all of this yesterday."

"Sakura-chan, are you nervous?" Tomoyo asked with a friendly smile.

Sakura could only lower her head and shake it in denial, "It's not that…" The conversation could have carried on if Sakura's teacher hadn't decided to call on her.

The good news though was that Sakura's practice hadn't gone to waste as she performed her recorder test flawlessly. "Nothing less from someone who performs well in finals." Tomoyo commented in her mind as she smiled at her friend's success.

After a successful morning of testing, Sakura and Tomoyo sat down on the stairs in the courtyard, waiting on the arrival of Naruto and Kero. In the meantime, Sakura told Tomoyo about the strange predicament. Tomoyo's answer to that was, "Could it be Deja-vu?"

"Deja-vu?" Sakura asked having never heard the term before.

"Yes." Tomoyo replied, "Feeling like you've visited a place when you never have visited there or feeling like you've had the same conversation before when you are talking to someone."

"But mine is really clear in my mind. Plus Naruto-kun experienced the same thing, and his deja-vu… There is no way someone could predict that…" Sakura pointed out with a passive stare at the dirt. Sakura then pointed at the field where the boys were playing soccer, "That boy over there is going to hit him in the face with the ball. Then it will get kicked towards the goal and caught."

Sure enough, Sakura's prediction came true. "Now, now Sakura-chan. No using magic to predict sports." A voice said from behind them. Sakura and Tomoyo turned around to see Naruto standing at the top of the stairs with a satchel hanging on his shoulders, "Sorry I took so long. I had to find something to carry Kero in. Of course he had to save his game… again." Naruto said as he gave the satchel a sour look.

The satchel gave off a muffled speech, letting both girls know who was in it. Naruto then rubbed his nose, "Doesn't Li come walking by soon?"

Sakura nodded as Tomoyo looked up at someone approaching, "Oh, he really is here now."

Sakura looked up behind the stairs whereas Naruto just turned around, "So you noticed too?" Li simply glared at Naruto with a heated gaze and his lips shut tight. Naruto meanwhile simply gave Li an annoyed glare before sighing, "Sakura-chan, you talk to him. He doesn't want anything to do with me."

With that said, Naruto stepped a bit closer to the soccer game as this time Sakura glared at Li, "Are you still mad at Naruto-kun?"

"I simply don't like demons." Li spat as he continued to glare at Naruto, who was watching the soccer game.

Sakura and Tomoyo both prepared to defend Naruto, but he beat them to the punch, "I'm not a demon." Naruto said as he turned around to face Li, "I just a simple shinobi."

Li scowled at the lack of information he had hope to goat out of Naruto. So he tried the direct approach, "Then what was that you did when THUNDER appeared?"

"Honestly, I don't know myself." Naruto said as he shrugged, "But then again you don't even need to know. Besides, we have a problem to deal with don't we?"

"Yeah, the Clow card!" Kero whispered as he popped his head out of the satchel. He looked around to see if anyone could see him before continuing, "From what I've been told is happening, it has got to be TIME!"

"Are you serious? The Clow Reed guy made a card that could control time itself?" Naruto asked in disbelief.

Kero nodded, "Well, it's control is restricted to only speeding up time, stopping time, or reversing time in small intervals. It's not until midnight each night that TIME can rewind everything by a day."

"So then we simply have to find and capture the card before midnight tonight." Tomoyo said as she pushed off the staircase wall.

Li smirked and point up to the school clock tower, "You two haven't felt the card yet? It's up in the clock tower."

"Well… Honestly I haven't been paying it much attention." Naruto said with his usual sheepish grin as he rubbed the back of his head.

Before the conversation could continue however, the same call from yesterday was heard, "Look out!"

Just like last time, the ball flew right at them. Only this time, Naruto took over kicking the ball. Without even looking, he caught the soccer ball. The entire field looked in awe as Naruto tossed the soccer ball up and gave it a somersault kick into the goal. The goalie only blinked and looked down to where the ball had landed, "I didn't even see it…"

"It's a little different yesterday." Sakura commented as a bead of sweat rolled down the back of her head. The five then made plans to capture the card.

However with the school still filled with students and facility ready to call the police at the slightest suspicious activity, everyone had no choice but to wait to act.


The sound of Naruto sawing logs near the school wall behind some bushes could be heard throughout the schoolyard. Why is Naruto sleeping you ask? Well when you sit in the school yard waiting for everyone for an hour, you tend to get bored and fall asleep.

The tree near Naruto rustled as Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero all dropped from the tree. Kero was first to notice the sleeping blonde, "I told you he couldn't wait."

"Then again, we did say we would be back within the hour…" Tomoyo said in Naruto's defense.

Sakura squirmed nervously in her fairy costume when she heard this, "I couldn't help it. I was celebrating with Father and Big brother…"

The costume in question was yet another design of Tomoyo's. The skirt part of the dress is cylindrical with frills. The dress is sleeveless and under the skirt is a pair of puffy shorts. On the front of the skirt is a seam with a yellow circle at the top of the seam. Yellow arm and wristbands have been used throughout the costume where Tomoyo has removed the sleeves of the dress. She also has a necklace out of the same material as the armbands. Sakura also has two scrunchies tying her hair together and two scrunchies on the top of her shoes. Sakura's shoes are ordinary white shoes with two pom-poms which are the same as the scrunchies that have been used throughout the costume. The main focus point of the whole costume is the green fairy wings on the back of the dress. They are aerodynamic and therefore make it easier for Sakura to move around in. (I didn't have an idea for Naruto with this costume beside Peter Pan, so I went screw it.)

Kero decided that Naruto had slept long enough, "Time to get up!" He said before chomping onto Naruto's ear.

Thankfully Sakura and Tomoyo acted quickly and covered Naruto's mouth to prevent the loud scream that was sure to come. One lumpy Kero and an angry Naruto later, the two had calmed down enough to discuss what to do.

"So how are we going to get up there?" Naruto asked as he rubbed his chin. He could easily run up the wall, but then again the card might hear him.

Kero meanwhile, decided to not think, "Let's just fly up there!"

Sakura nodded in agreement as she pulled out the FLY card, only to stop when Naruto grabbed her hand, "Hold on, we have to think about this. This card can control time. So if it notices us, what's to stop it from rewinding us back to the ground or speeding up time to midnight then just hitting the reset button on us?"

"Naruto-san does make a good point. Perhaps we should go through the inside of the school?" Tomoyo observed as she filmed the group.

Kero frowned at being pointed wrong but didn't argue with the plan, "I guess. Let's get going before the brat shows up."

The four made their way to the door of the clock tower where Naruto picked the door's lock. "Walk slowly. The slightest noise could startle the card." Naruto whispered as he led the other up the stairs. Sakura was right behind him with Tomoyo taking the rear hoping to get the best camera angles.

After climbing a part of the tower slowly Kero decided to speak out, "We should have just flown up to the top. It would have been a lot-" Kero unfortunately didn't pay attention as he spoke and bumped into one of the hanging pistons.

The bump caused the piston to vibrate just enough to cause a ring to fill the tower. A certain magical old man raised his head as the noise reached his ears. He raised his hands towards the hourglass in his lap. It was time to rid himself of intruders.

"Damn! Run for it!" Naruto yelled as he charged up the stairs. Everyone followed hoping to get to the card in time to stop it.

However TIME had other plans. The minute hand of the clock started to tick like seconds until it hit midnight. Naruto managed to make it to the top of the stairs just in time to get a look at TIME just as the card triggered its full power. That was the last thing Naruto remembered before he fell into darkness as his head was slammed with pain.

"Again?" Naruto thought as he was bombarded with images. He wasn't even aware that he had become unconscious as the images flashed one after another, "A cave in a mountain… shadows and… whispering…?" Naruto thought as the small voices spoke.

"Must find… jin… can't fa… maru-sama's anger…"

"Who were they?" Naruto asked before a light penetrated the world around him.

Naruto groaned as he woke up, sitting up in the small space Sakura's closet provided with a dresser. He head was throbbing from the forced visions and lack of sleep. "I wonder if my visions have anything to do with TIME?"

Naruto climbed out of the closet quietly while making sure to grab his remaining equipment. He tip-toed over to Kero and whispered quietly, "Kero, how do you stop the TIME card if you can't use magic?"

Kero moaned in his sleep as he rolled over, "Take the hour glass... He can't use magic without it…"

Naruto smiled when Kero revealed the information he needed. With the stealth of a ninja, he walked over to Sakura's desk and scribbled a quick note into Sakura's note book before climbing out the window.

Within minutes, Naruto was in the school courtyard, "Okay, let's see if I can't have this present wrapped up for Sakura-chan by morning." Naruto took off towards the clock tower and jumped onto the tower wall. Naruto made a small group of clones as he climbed the tower, "Make a distraction so I can sneak up on time!"

"Yes!" The five clones replied as they broke off from the real Naruto. The clone went up to the bell while Naruto stopped at the clock tower window. He took a peak through the window to where he remembered TIME sitting.

TIME meanwhile was confused. It had felt the presence of the boy from earlier, and then it felt five more of the same presence. To the card's knowledge, only one of its fellow cards could mimic the feel of a person's spirit and even it couldn't do it to this extent.

In its pondering, TIME hadn't noticed that Naruto had snuck into the clock tower while his clones ran amok upstairs. Naruto creped slowly towards the old man who eyeing the stair case cautiously. The clones were simply acting a fool, dancing around and making faces as the card to keep its attention, but never crossing the first step. TIME was completely baffled by the behavior before realizing something. There were only five clones on the stairs, one was missing.

But TIME's realization came too late as his hour glass was snatched out of his hands with a triumphant cheer, "I got it!" TIME turned to retrieve his hourglass, only to be tackled and tied up by the five clones. The card struggled to get loose, but with both the ninja wire and clones keeping a hold on him, it was futile.

Naruto looked at the hourglass and decided to set it down next to him as he sat on the floor, "Look, I don't know if you can talk or not, but I got some questions. For one, what is going on with my head? Why am I seeing visions of the future that don't make sense?"

The card continued to struggle for a moment, but soon figured out his escape wouldn't be possible. With a cough, he asked, "May I sit up?" Naruto was a bit surprised that the card could indeed talk since all the cards up to this point were rather silent. He gave his clones a nod, which helped TIME to a proper sitting position. TIME gave a relieved sigh before asking, "Before I answer you, let me ask this. What do you know of the flow of time?"

"Flow of time? Doesn't it go in one direction?" Naruto asked completely puzzled by the question.

"Yes and no. Time does continue to flow in one direction, but where it is branches off or stays straight is another story. The slightest change in one's life makes two or more separate timelines to follow. My former master Clow Reed once had a prediction of a girl becoming the next most powerful mage in the world." Naruto nodded, having a guess he was talking about Sakura. "Over time he would ask me to check on the prediction and make sure it hadn't changed, for the slightest alteration of the past can dramatically change one's future. When he had asked me once again to redo the prediction… You came into play."

"Me?" Naruto asked a bit shocked at the statement. How could he, a person from another world, be in another world's future?

"Yes. My master had me dive into this mystery and see what awaited you. What I saw… could end you both if you're not prepared for it." TIME revealed as he watched Naruto's reaction.

Naruto was shocked. If he and Sakura didn't get ready for what was to come, they would both die? "How…?"

"That I cannot answer for I was not shown. But this I can answer. I gave you your visions in hope of helping prepare you for what is to come. I have fulfilled my former master's last request. It is up to you to find out what your visions mean. I do offer this one warning. Train the girl to fight, for she will not survive if she isn't." TIME said before giving off a glow.

"Hey, wait! What does this mean?" Naruto yelled, only to be ignored as TIME returned to its cards form. The card floated over into Naruto's hand as Naruto tried to make sense of what TIME had said, "This just too much… I gotta talk to everyone in the morning."

Naruto waited at the school for Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero to all arrive where they met back up during lunch. Naruto pulled the card out and handed it to Sakura, "Here."

Everyone was shocked to see Naruto with the card as Sakura took it, "But… how did…?"

"He turned back willingly after I tied him up. But more importantly is what he told me… Something bad is going to happen." Naruto said with a completely serious face. The other three looked a bit worried at Naruto's expression as he continued, "Turns out my visions were coming from the card. He was trying to warn me of an attack from the future if I'm interpreting it right."

"An attack?" Tomoyo asked, now more curious then worried.

"He didn't give me the details, but from what I can make out of the visions I had, its bad. That being said, I'm going to ask Pervy Sage for some basic training scrolls. I'm only going to ask you one thing, I want to try you both how to fight." Naruto said, catching both girls off guard.

"To fight… As in, kill?" Sakura asked looking absolutely terrified at the idea.

"No, not like that. I'm talking self-defense only. Ways to break genjutsu, deflect projectiles, and disable enemies. I'm not the best teacher and will probably wind up learning a bit myself since I slept through a lot of class but…" Naruto sighed when he caught a look at everyone's face. He was going to have to be blunt, "TIME told me that if me and Sakura aren't ready when attack happens… We'll both die."

That got a group gasp. "We'll… die?" Sakura asked before grabbing her throat like it was about to be cut off. Tomoyo was too shocked for words.

Kero meanwhile, just looked down at the ground, "So this is what he meant…" Kero muttered before looking up, "Clow Reed mentioned that worlds would cross and blood would spill should time allow it. I just thought that he meant countries going to war from what I had seen while sealed in the book, but this is…" Kero too found himself at a loss for words.

"I won't expect an answer right away. Take some time to think on it. I'm going to take the rest of the day to brush up on my skills. I'll be back at your house tonight Sakura-chan." Naruto said before walking away. The entire group had some serious thinking to do.

No one noticed the pair of ears listening in to the conversation. Syaoran, having been denied another card, decided to eve drop on the group, only to hear the shocking information. The cards were important, but if what TIME foretold was going to happen, perhaps it was time for Syaoran to readdress his priorities.

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