Written for the Food Challenge

Food Prompt: Grapes

Pairing: Lily/Scorpius

Thanks to mew-tsubaki for the quote

Special thanks to Corinne Marie for the beta work :)

"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh."

Agnes Repplier

"Honey, I'm in the kitchen," Lily Luna Potter called out to her boyfriend, who had just entered their flat.

"Amazing. I smell something delicious," Scorpius Malfoy replied, making his way towards the kitchen.

"Seems that someone is trying to butter me up," Lily smiled, as Scorpius wrapped his arms around her waist and chuckled at her remark.

"What are you cooking?" He asked, nuzzling his face in her neck.

"Grape Tart. Now get away and let me finish," she replied, pushing him away.

"Are these crushed grapes?" he asked, lifting one of them up to his lips.

"Yes they are. Leave them Scor!" She replied, snatching it out of his hands and putting it back into the bowl. Before it could land in the bowl however, he caught it and put it in his mouth again, chuckling.

"Scor! You are toast! If you do that one more time you are so dead!"

"Awww baby, you look so cute when you are angry," he said, putting his finger in the crushed grapes mixture and lightly tracing a line of it down Lily's cheek.

That was officially the last straw. Lily took off her apron grandly, came close to her boyfriend, grabbed his head, dumped it entirely in the mixture, and broke into peals of laughter.

Scorpius lifted his head out of the mixture, causing Lily to laugh even harder. Oh boy, now she had tears rolling down her cheeks. He made one very, very delicious grape tart, she thought, as she stood on tip-toes to lick the mixture off his face.

"Yummy Scorpius. You taste good," she said, tasting more and more off him.

"You little Vixen. Wait till you see what I do now," he said, grabbing her by waist. He then shoved his entire face, covered with the crushed grapes mixture, into her neck, kissing it.

"Scor," Lily groaned, arousing him further. He licked her neck, and then picked her up in his arms.

"I think the bed would be more of an appropriate place for what I'm planning for you next, baby. You will definitely learn your lesson,"

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