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First Steps

Naruto hummed happily as he dressed his squirming son in a striped yellow and black short-sleeved shirt and bright yellow shorts. Sasuke would frown when he saw the outfit because he thought the clothes made the rather...Chubby Uchiha heir look like a giant bumblebee but Naruto didn't care. Yellow was a happy color and Shinji looked adorable in anything. He looked like a bouncing little sun in his clothes and Naruto wanted nothing more than to cuddle him to pieces. Naruto placed the matching yellow hat on Shinji's head and only rolled his eyes when it was ripped off just as quickly and tossed to the floor with an accompanying rude noise from his son. Naruto had learned to choose his battles with his very opinionated son and to fuss over a hat wasn't really worth it, it would only end up making both of them grumpy. Naruto didn't want that, not on such a beautiful day.

And it really was a perfect day too. Bright blue sky, warm and nice with just enough of a breeze to keep it from being stifling. It was a much too nice a day for being stuck inside. Naruto picked up Shinji and spun them around just to hear his son giggle and then walked to the living room and out the open patio doors leading outside. He had set up a blanket under the tree in their yard and picked out several of Shinji's toys so that the little monster would be able to keep busy. Naruto held Shinji with one hand and pulled up his blue shorts with the other to keep them from falling off slim hips as he took the wooden steps down from the patio and buried his naked toes in fresh, cool, green grass.

"Isn't this nice?" Naruto stretched out on the blanket and laughed when his son just ignored him in favor of grabbing a flower with a chubby little hand and doing his best to bring it to his mouth. "No, no Shin-chan, you don't eat flowers, as much as you look like one you're not actually a bumblebee. Here take Snookie instead." Naruto held out a small stuffed owl and took a breath of relief when Shinji abandoned the flower with a happy squeal and lots of babbling.

Sometimes Naruto still got the urge to pinch himself, to make sure it was all for real...The life he had now with Shinji and Sasuke. It was only a little more than a year ago that he'd been alone, pregnant and absolutely miserable. Now Naruto had everything he'd ever wished for and at times it was hard to believe that everything had turned out so well. Naruto had never been one to get his happy ever afterso he was almost afraid to enjoy the happiness he had. Sometimes he still waited for the other shoe to drop.

"Daddy will be home soon Shin-chan." Naruto ran a hand over silky black hair as Shinji chewed on Snookie, making the plushie soggy with baby spit. "He's picked up uncle Itachi and uncle Neji at the airport and he's taken Socrates home to them." Naruto had breathed a huge sigh of relief when Sasuke had put the cat carrier in the car. Socrates was a wonderful cat but he didn't take well to be hunted by a crawling baby and drooled and slobbered on by said child. There had been lot's of incidentsand Naruto was very happy that Itachi and Neji was back from their little getaway.

Shinji looked around at the mentioning of Itachi and Neji. "Unca Tachi?"

"No, Daddy's taking them home. You can see them tomorrow." Naruto picked up Shinji and placed him on his stomach, tickling him all over until Shinji was red faced and squirming in glee.


"Yes sunshine," Naruto tickled Shinji's yellow clad belly. "Daddy should be home any minute now; do you think we'll be able to get him to join us?"

Shinji nodded eagerly. "Join!" He said in a tone that was more like an order than anything else.

"Well if anyone can get his pale a- booty outside it's you Shin-chan." Naruto agreed with a laugh and went back to tickling the little boy.

Sasuke removed his shoes and stretched his neck, relieved to be home after dealing with a yowling cat in a carrier for two hours and the cooing and sickeningly mushy exchanges between his brother and Neji. Really if anyone had ever told him that his brother, Itachi Uchiha, the king of dispassionate bastards, would act all lovey dovey with anyone, he'd have called bullshit before laughing his ass off; it was just that unbelievable. Itachi had though and it had made his little brother want to gag.

He shook his head and went in search of his husband and their son. He paused on the patio and felt his mouth turn up in a smile at the sight of the two people who made up his world playing together on a blanket in the yard with the sun shining cheerily down on them. He snorted at the color scheme Naruto had chosen for their son and shook his head. Why did his idiot insist on dressing their son up like a giant bee?

"Dada!" Shinji was the first to catch sight of him, proving once again that he had inherited his mommy's lungs as he shouted and flailed his arms about, trying to get out of Naruto's hold and get to his Daddy.

"You're home, did it go okay?" Naruto smiled and let go of Shinji, watching their son's bum waggle as he rapidly crawled over the grass towards his father. "Come join us, there's plenty of room on the blanket." Naruto pat the fabric underneath him and gave his husband a sunny smile.

A dark brow rose as Sasuke went down the steps and sat on the bottom one to wait for his son to reach him, "It went. I will never cat sit for Neji again, ever. That furball would not be silent the entire ride and Neji thought it was cute." He smiled at their son scooting towards him and held out his arms. "You did remember the sunblock right? I don't even want to think about how Shinji would react to a sunburn."

Naruto rolled his eyes even as he snickered at Sasuke's pains with the yowling cat. "Of course I remembered the sunblock, I've seen how you turn lobster red after a minute in the sun and regardless of how amusing that sight is I would never put our son through that." He stretched and showed off his own caramel skin.

Shinji reached him and grabbed on to Sasuke's trouser legs to hoist himself up to his feet so that he could do his best to crawl up in his Daddy's lap. "Dada, join!"

Sasuke picked his son up and perched him on his lap, nuzzling to soft dark hair. "Oh I don't know Shinji, it looks awfully hot over there," his eyes were fixed on the skin his husband had on display as he said this.

"Join!" Shinji said again, more firmly this time. He turned to look at his father with bright blue eyes before pointing towards a smirking Naruto with a chubby hand. "Join Mama."

"Maybe it's too hot for your Daddy to handle Shin-chan." Naruto called from the blanket. "Maybe we'll just have to have fun all by ourselves."

Dark eyes narrowed, "Oh I can handle it. Low blow though, attacking my pride. I will get even." He looked at Shinji, "Come on little bumblebee and we'll join your Mama." He set the little boy down on his feet and took hold of Shinji's hands so he could pseudo-walk his son over to Naruto.

At first Shinji was much too distracted by the feeling of grass under his feet to walk at all, he just stood there, squeezing his toes around the green strands but then he got moving. Holding on to his Daddy's hand securely as he walked next to him with only a slight wobble in his steps.

"He's growing so quickly, getting so big." Naruto's eyes were soft and loving as he watched his two men walk over to him.

Sasuke nodded, "Soon we'll be walking him to kindergarten and before we know it he'll be listening to awful music too loudly and wearing eye liner or some other rebellious thing."

"If bad music and make up is the worst he will put us through then I think we can consider ourselves lucky." Naruto smiled at Sasuke. "For now he's still our snuggle-muffin though." He held out his arms to Shinji and watched Shinji stagger into them, still with a firm grip on Sasuke's finger.

Sasuke chuckled and settled onto a corner of the blanket. "Hn." He ran a hand over his son's hair and then poked Naruto in the cheek. "He'll probably take your road, pranks from Hades and not-quite-illegal delinquency."

"Hey watch where you put that thing," Naruto grabbed Sasuke's finger, brought it to his mouth and nibbled on it gently. "you might lose it." Naruto released Sasuke's finger and nuzzled Shinji's hair. "Pranks aren't that bad and as you say I never crossed the line. He may take your route too, perfect son, perfect student and so repressed that I had to work years on getting that stick out of your a- bum."

Sasuke's eyes flashed at the nibble but then he shook his head, "No I don't think he'll become like me, he might go for being a perfect student but he'll know that we love him, no matter what and that we always will." He moved closer to kiss his son's cheek then Naruto's lips. "He won't repress who he is to suit me or you because to us he's perfect as he is."

"That he is." Naruto pressed his lips firmer against Sasuke's. "And so are you, you're loved no matter what. I love you, always have and always will."

"Play!" Shinji had had enough of being held, he wanted to play and he wanted his parents to play with him. He squirmed to get out of Naruto's hold.

His daddy laughed and reached out to tickle Shinji, "Little imp," a wealth of affection was in his voice as he tickled squeals and giggles from his son.

Naruto was filled with so much love for his family that it felt like he would burst. He looked at the picture they made together, pale, dark haired and gorgeous and the thanked whatever fates out there that he'd been lucky enough to have been given the gift of them.

Sasuke paused in tickling Shinji and caught Naruto's eyes for a moment, giving his husband a smile reserved for him alone before whispering in their son's ear. Then they both lunged at Naruto and tag team tickled him.

Growling and laughing Naruto squirmed under the tickling hands before he managed to escape and roll away from the blanket. "Two against one, how is that fair? Come on then, catch me if you can." He scrambled backwards but kept the distance between them short for Shinji's sake.

Sasuke looked at his son, "Come on, let's get Mama," he made a half lunge for Naruto, grunting in mock disappointment as the blond escaped his grasp.

"Get Mama!" Shinji squealed and followed his Daddy.

Naruto grew completely still as Shinji slowly got up on his feet without help. He stood on the blanked, wobbling, and squatting for a while before he took first one step and then another towards them before he fell backwards and landed on his bum.

"Did you see that?" Naruto's voice was trembling and he was man to admit that he had tears in his eyes. His little baby had just taken his first steps.

Sasuke had caught his breath and now he was grinning with pride in his son, "I saw." He reached down and caught his son up in his arms and spun around, "Good job Shinji! You'll be running after Mama soon!"

Shinji laughed his bubbly little laugh and held on to his Papa as they spun around and round. "Run...Yay."

"I suspect we'll be the ones running after him." Naruto said and got to his feet, joining his family in a twirling, dancing celebration.

Sasuke chuckled and slowed them all to a stop, "You're probably right but I don't mind."

"Me neither." Naruto agreed and kissed Shinji's cheek before looking at his husband intently. "I want another one. I know the risks but I really want another baby with you."

The Uchiha sucked in a breath and lifted his hand to card through Naruto's hair. He wouldn't lie and say that he didn't want another child with Naruto, nothing could be a bigger gift in truth, but the memory of Naruto passing out that day still made the bottom of his stomach drop out. "Another couple years maybe. If we have another it would be best if Shinji was old enough to understand why Mama can't chase after him like before."

Naruto gave Sasuke a look that clearly stated that they hadn't finished discussing this subject but he let it drop for now. He didn't want to argue, not on such a momentous day. Their son had walked, Naruto still couldn't get over it. "You did so good Shin-chan, such a bright, big boy." He covered Shinji's face with smooching kisses, drawling giggles from the little boy.

Sasuke just smiled, though he knew the discussion that would be coming was bound to frustrate both of them. "Of course, he's an Uchiha after all." He dodged Naruto's swat with a smirk.

"Speaking of Uchihas, can you imagine the look on your father's face when he sees his grandson walking? He'll explode with pride." Naruto snickered at the thought. Fugaku Uchiha may have been a hardass and cold father but a more doting Grandfather would be difficult to find.

Sasuke nodded, "He will at that. It's still somewhat odd for me to see, but nothing will hold a candle compared to Mother's reaction."

"Oh Gods no...Maybe we should make sure we have earplugs ready when she sees it for her own. My ears are still ringing from the first solid food squeal." Naruto smiled. He had never thought he would grow close to his husband's parents, there was just so much history there but with the wedding and Shinji he had gotten to know a new side of them and he was happy that they were trying, both for Sasuke and Itachi's sake. They deserved to have parents who told them that they were proud and that they cared.

The brunette chuckled, "It might even top the first word screech...I'm still irritated that his first word was my brother's name but Mother thought it was cute." He glared at a tree. It was strange having his parents be so motherly and fatherly, absolutely out of his realm of experience and just a bit out of his comfort zone.

Naruto looked up at his husband and reached up to cup Sasuke's cheek. "Hey lover, turn off the glare. They don't matter, not really. You'll always have us, we'reyour family and we'll always have your back and love you the way you deserve to be loved."

Shinji seemed to agree and nuzzled his head against Sasuke's chest making his hair even wilder. "Dada."

Sasuke smiled and kissed the top of his son's head then turned into Naruto's touch. "I know, it just irritates me sometimes that it took such extreme to get them to start acting like parents instead of lawyers."

"I know, it irritates me too, more than irritates...It pisses me off to be frank, you know it does." Naruto sighed. "I don't think I'll ever be truly close with your parents but they are trying now and they adore Shinji and he deserves doting Grandparents."

The Uchiha kissed Naruto's palm, "He does but I still don't know what I did to deserve your forgiveness and the gifts you've given me."

"I love you, it's as simple as that. There's no one else I could even imagine spending my life with and you've given me so many gifts back...I just love you." He smiled at his husband before stepping back with a grin. "Now excuse me but I have to go get the camera and call Itachi and Neji...Our baby walked...he WALKED." Naruto bounced around the yard like a fish out of water. "Do you think I should make a cake to celebrate...Balloons maybe?"

Sasuke just shook his head and let his idiot go off on his tangent while Shinji giggled and squealed at his mama. He'd let Naruto host a bloody ball if it made his idiot this happy. "Call Itachi and Neji first!" He hid his smirk by nuzzling Shinji's hair. He knew that they were probably in the middle of copulating and he figured that Naruto interrupting them to gush for a good half hour about Shinji taking his first steps was appropriate revenge for dealing with the cat.

"You're right, they would want to know." Naruto danced back to his two men and placed smooching kisses all over both their faces before tearing inside to get the cord less phone. He pressed speed dial and waited impatiently. "Tachi! You'll never guess what's happened...Why do you sound so out of breath? Any way as I said something glorious has happened...Guess...No I won't just tell you and don't sound so grumpy, you have to guess..."