Two Wolves One Imprint

Alone. That's what I felt ever since He left me. I mean I guess I understand why he did it. I wasn't particularly beautiful, kind of plain, with my plain long brown hair that ever since he left me has just hung there . My big brown doe eyes were properly my best feature unlike my lips that were slightly out of proportion my top lip slightly bigger than my bottom.

I stood up from the log I was sat on, on La Push beach. I haven't being here ever since Jacob stopped talking to me. As you can see Edward *wince * wasn't the only one who left me. Jacob my rock had finally abandoned me I mean I was only a matter of time.

I turned to face the forest and was confronted by five huge men. As they started to walk towards me I got at look at there faces and one face stood out particularly that was the face of the man I had started to slowly fall in love with. Jacob Black. Those two words alone brought a smile to my face and a shine back into my eyes.

Just when they were about five feet from me . Jacob shouts at me "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE"

I felt like I had being slapped . "What do you mean ?"


"Why" I whispered not quite understanding the reason behind his sudden outburst .

He stayed silent . " What has happened to you" my retort was.

"Nothing has happened to me"

"Then why cant you look me in the eyes then "

And slowly he lifted he head and looked me in the eyes and my whole world changed in that instance I felt half complete , the need to submit to his every need and only please him was overwhelming me.

" Oh Shit " someone muttered followed by "Who else do your think is going to imprint on her" I knew that voice Embry

"Don't know properly Paul but good luck to her as it is cause Jake is a Alpha so she will have it hard add Paul into the mix and she will need it "

Someone coughed and my train of thought about Jacob stopped and so did my stare I had on him , I turned my attention to the person who made the coughing sound which just happened to be none other than Sam Uley . I heard Jacob growl at not having my attention any more.

Sam smiled at me " Hello Bella I think we need to go talk some were but first can you do me a favour and look at Paul"

I just stood there not knowing what to do at this strange request

"Please just do it " Jacob started growling again at the thought of someone else telling me what to do .

So I slowly turned around and was confronted by Paul who up until this point was silent . I looked in to his eyes and finally felt complete. His beautiful face smiling back at me . The feeling of submission finally setting in.

"Good luck to her" I heard one of the wolves whisper I think his name is Jared.

"We should go back to mine and Emily's" Sam stated and the others started to go back to the house leaving Me, Jacob and Paul .

"You are ours now and NO other male shall ever touch you without our permission" Paul states possessively ( well more like growls out).

Jacob nods in agreement "Say you understand if you do angel"

Angel where the hell did that name come from my mind shouts at me.

"I understand"

"Good because if you don't follow our rule then we will have to teach you a lesson in how to behave correctly" Jacob growls out . I shake my head in agreement with this .

We start walking back my hands currently occupied with there's.