FORGIVING (Gundam SEED - Kira, Fllay, PG)

Disclaimer: Gundam Seed is (c) to Bandai Entertainment.

Kira diverts his attention from the same scenery he's been watching each time he visits to the woman he's visiting everyday. She is petite from where he stands, her flaming read hair longer now and the skin on her legs is scarred. She wears a pretty yellow dress with white flowers printed all over, something the nurse told him she wanted to wear today. But he knows underneath that innocent attire is the gruesome truth of her experience. And of his failure.

He moves from his position against the wall and crouches down near the woman. She is bent over a coloring book, crayons scattered around her, and he sees through the strands of red hair that she is biting her bottom lip in total concentration. He smiles and finally sits Indian style next to her.

He watches as she takes the purple crayon and moves to color in the sun. "Fllay, you do know that the sun is either yellow or orange, not purple." He isn't criticizing her, he made that mistake the first time he visited her. It earned her three days in isolation and him another pound of guilt.

The girl turns to him and Kira was proud he didn't flinch from her expression (this time around). Her beautiful features are marred by the same scars scattered on her entire body - a horrid sight for those unprepared. But Kira has been coming here every day for the past year, he is unafraid of her blemishes. He holds crushing guilt over them in fact; he couldn't save her in time to spare her the permanent markings. His friends tell him to stop blaming himself, Fllay doesn't remember (and doctors say is unlikely to ever remember) what he was unable to do. He refuses to accept that scapegoat.

She smiles distantly returning back to her pictures, coloring the sun green instead. Kira shakes his head and smiles. He doesn't care if she'll ever remember, he will, and no force will stop him from trying to earn her forgiveness.