"You are failing my class, Naruto!" Sasuke sighed, rubbing his temples with his left thumb and fore finger. Slowly Sasuke opened his eyes to look down at his student. The blond stood in front of him, eyes to the ground, blond hair strewn over his face. Wow, he looks cute like that, Sasuke thought. "I'm sorry, Sensei. I am really trying as hard as possible, isn't there anything I can do to get extra credit? I will do whatever it takes!" Naruto begged. Sasuke blinked at his student for a moment. An evil smirk slowly spread across the ravens face. Sasuke pushed off the desk, walked quickly toward the blond and pushed him onto another desk. "S-s-sensei?" Naruto stammered.

"You said 'whatever it takes' didn't you?" Sasuke whispered, running his tongue across his bottom lip. Naruto shivered but didn't stop Sasuke as the ravens hand slid up his shirt and pulled it over his head. Sasuke's hands fell over Naruto's bare chest, gently twirling his left nipple. Naruto bit his lip to keep from moaning. Sasuke's free hand slowly reached into the blond haired boys pants, gripping Naruto's sex. Naruto moaned loudly. Sasuke bit Naruto's ear then ran his tongue around the shell. "Suck me off" Sasuke whispered softly. Naruto slid off the desk to kneel on the floor, legs shaking.

Naruto carefully undid Sasuke's pants, pulling them down along with the raven's underwear. Naruto gently gripped Sasuke's member, stroking it a few times. Naruto gently liked the tip and Sasuke shuddered. Naruto grew bolder, taking all of Sasuke in his mouth. Sasuke groaned loudly as Naruto sucked harder, bobbing his head swiftly. Sasuke gripped Naruto's blond hair, thrusting his hips in roughly. "Narutoooooooooooooo!" Sasuke groaned loudly. Sasuke came hard in Naruto's mouth, screaming in pure, hot, bliss. Naruto pulled away from Sasuke's limp member. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's chin and kissed him gently, the bitter taste of his own cum present on Naruto's lips.

Sasuke pushed Naruto harshly against one of the classroom walls. Sasuke placed three fingers against Naruto's. "Suck" he ordered gently. Naruto took the fingers into his mouth and covered them with saliva. Sasuke pulled Naruto's pants down to rest at his ankles and inserted one finger into the blonds' entrance. Naruto squirmed uncomfortably as Sasuke stretched him. Sasuke inserted another finger and Naruto whimpered loudly. "It'll be ok. I promise." Sasuke whispered kissing his neck tenderly.

"It hurts" Naruto whimpered softly. Sasuke pushed the third finger in and Naruto cried out in pain. Tears trickled down Naruto's cheek as he was stretched. Sasuke's fingers found Naruto's prostate and making Naruto cry out in pleasure. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Naruto cried loudly. Sasuke removed his fingers and slowly pushed his now hard member into the shivering body beneath him. Sasuke's manhood was now buried all the way into Naruto's tight heat. After a while Naruto squirmed slightly. "Move" Naruto mumbled. Sasuke kissed him and began to slowly thrust in an out of the tight body. It took all of Sasuke's self-control not to pound Naruto into the wall. "Sensei," Naruto groaned out, "harder."

Sasuke complied, thrusting faster and harder into the tight heat surrounding him. "