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Basically, this is a "deja-vu" incident of the Death Note story, but set in the future, with slightly different events and different people involved. And maybe even a different fate for Kira this time.
The story will be written as if it is in the manga canon. That means that I will use the manga timeframe. Also, none of the characters that died will be revived, nor any of the Death Note rules be broken. That means no LXL, sorry. However, Near may be present, as well as some of the Task Force, if possible.
The story takes place in America in 2014. For reference, the manga ends in 2010, and the C-Kira incident took place in 2013. Near will be considered 24, about the age L was during the beginning of the manga.

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die."

"Same old thing, day after day. I bet it's better in the human world."

Landras watched over one of the holes overlooking the world. She saw city after city floated in and out of sight. There were billions of people, carrying on with their lives. Every human was her prey, ready to do almost anything before dieing.

"Hyuk, hyuk. Tell me about it." Ryuk glided near Landras, and settled himself down right next to her.

"Didn't you drop Sidoh's Death Note down there three or four years ago?" Landras asked, "It was very amusing seeing you bound to that human they called Kira."

"It was very fun." Ryuk toke out a rotting apple and started biting into it, "Ahh, apples down there areā€¦juicier."

"I guess so," Landras averted her attention towards an elderly old man in New York. He was walking about 42nd Street on his way to a Broadway show," what would you think will happen if I make that man run into traffic?"

"Well, you won't be able to cause a pileup, hyuk, hyuk." Ryuk gobbled the whole apple core and licked his mouth. He looked at Landras closely, and what was she thinking was obvious, "Oh, and I can tell that you want to go down there."

Landras eyes widened. He was right. Thousands of years gambling in the world of the shinigami took its toll. She didn't even have to write another name down, since she got hundreds of years from writing names down just for fun, "But I can't go down there. I don't have an extra Death Note."

"Hyuk, hyuk." His grin getting wider, Ryuk slipped out Midora's extra Death Note from his belt, and handed it to Landras. Ryuk had written the instructions in it and ripped out all of the used pages, so the next user won't know that its last owner killed himself, "How about this. Why don't you drop this Note somewhere? It'll be very fun, and you'll get lots of apples, hyuk, hyuk."

Landras received the Death Note and looked at it, "Where should I throw it?"

"How about America this time? It'll be interesting, if you now what I mean," he was referring to The Third L.

The portal shifted to the Midwest and then zoomed onto a city. In view, there was a thin, teenage boy leaving school. He was walking on one of the side streets

Ryuk chuckled again, "Reminds me of Light. Except he's younger. But he looks similar to him."

Landras looked at the boy, and then threw the Death Note through the hole. It fell down, and it went lower.

And lower.

And lower.

She saw it slowly formed on the side walked, where no one bothered it. Until the boy looked at it and picked it up. She knew that he was different than the others.

"I hope you are right," Landras thought.

"I'm bored," Justin simply thought as he sat in study hall, reading his text book in near silence. Besides the turning of pages, the scribbling of notes, and the slight fall wind outside, there wasn't a sound. Study hall was a time of quiet to prepare for the next day, which Justin was doing.

After re-reading the chapter for the third time, Justin closed the book and took a breather, "I know all the information anyways," he thought, "I am going to get a hundred percent, again. Class is interesting, but not interesting enough. I can relate a little bit to the people who think school is a waste,"

Justin glanced around the room, at all of his classmates. They were all busy; at least they look like it, "There must be one or two of them who is just daydreaming. Wait, am I daydreaming now? I must just be in deep thought. I need to sign up for an after-school activity,"

He had already tried that several times over the years. However, Justin loses interest in the activity very fast. He mostly had fun at the pasting interests in life. One month he was on the chess club, and on another he was trying out soccer.

Due to this, Justin didn't have a lot of friends, because of his changing interests. And the few friends he had weren't considered good friends. The only best friend Justin had was his older cousin, who was a senior at his school. However, they only shared one class, which Justin qualified to be in.

In short, he was willing to do anything if it meant doing something, even if a notebook is dropped right in front of him.

After school, Justin, walked away from the noisy crowd and took a left towards an apartment neighborhood. Besides the stream of students going to their buses and cars, there were very few people, since most adults were at work or in their homes.

That was just fine for him anyway. Justin was never a people person. Without batting an eye, he continued walking back home. There was a lot of homework in his backpack, and he wanted to complete it before dinner.

After a few blocks, Justin suddenly stopped. About ten feet away was a notebook. A black notebook, "A notebook?" he wondered. He walked towards it and picked it up. It was unlike any notebook he ever seen before.

"Who would leave this here? Oh, well." Shrugging, Justin picked it up. Looking at the cover, he grinned, "Death Note? What kind of title is that?"

Carefully, he opened it to the back of the front cover. The first page was clean and the back of the front cover had a list of rules. "How to read. The human whose name is written in this note shall die..."

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