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So this chapter introduces Justin's cousin, Sol, into the story. Enjoy.

Sol was already sitting at his desk when the math teacher walked in and started up the electronic board. Most of Sol's classes were on the same floor and side of the school, because he arranged it himself. It was because he thought it was more convenient.

About one minute before the bell, Justin rushed in and took his seat near the front of the class. Due to having a high grade in math, he was put into the senior class for math; the senior's honor class. He was one of the best math students in the whole school, besides the ones on the college sophomore levels. The moment he sat down, Justin had his elbow on the desk, and his chin in his right hand.

However, Sol noticed that Justin looked a little more tired than yesterday, and the day before. Even from behind, he could tell that something was bothering him. He had studied body language, and several signs, including slumped shoulders and the way he walked into the room send the message of depression, or at least an early form of it.

Sol considered walking up to Justin and talking to him, but at that moment, the bell rang and class began,

"I hadn't talk to Justin since Wednesday. I should talk to him during study hall hour,"

That afternoon, Justin was walking down the crowded hallways of the school, with Landras floating behind him. She went right through everyone in her path, which was a little strange to him. He still wore the necklace under his shirt, but it was invisible, hardly.

After a little experimenting, Justin found out the extent of the power of the necklace. First of all, Landras couldn't read his thoughts, to his relief. He had to focus on sending the thoughts by thinking "aloud" and directing the thought directly at Landras.

The invisible attribute of the telepathic necklace, however, had its limits. As long as the pearl laid flat against his skin or a thin layer of clothing, it was completely invisible. But if he walked too fast or engaged in a slighter amount of activity, like jumping with effort, it would flicker for a moment. Due to that, he had to sneak it off in PE without anyone noticing (and Landras out of the room, of course). Also, he burned more energy as he kept the necklace invisible, so it was impractical hiding it forever.

"I have to either come up with a rational reason to wear the necklace," Justin thought, "Or I have to keep it off and stay out of contact with Landras, even if I need her assistant. I'll have to check the dress code to see if I can wear it-"

"Justice, there is someone heading towards you,"

"Don't call me that-"

"Hello, Justin," Sol said as he faced him, "We hadn't talked to each other all week,"

"Yeah, I know," Justin responded, slightly looking away.

"How about we meet together in one of the class rooms during study hall, to study for the upcoming test in math class?"

"I don't know. I need to study for my social studies test,"

"You always use that excuse,"

"Okay then. Let's meet in Room 121 then?" Justin felt nervous, and he saw that Sol can tell, "If he's the person that can figure out I'm Kira besides L, he's the one. I should avoid bringing up Kira,"

"Okay. Meet you during study hall then," Sol waved goodbye as he walked past Justin.

Landras then asked, "Are you going to meet him?"

"Of course. He's my cousin,"


A few minutes later, Sol was in an empty classroom, available for students during study hour. Instead of desks, there were round tables around the room, in a semi-circle fashion facing the white board. He was sitting by one of the front tables, with his stuff out, and pencil in hand.

In a short time, Justin walked into the room and sat down next to Sol. He pulled a stapled study guide and his math homework and said, "What should we start to work on?"

"I think we should work on the study guide first," Sol said, opening his own copy.

For the next few minutes they sat together, looking over the example questions and the explained answers. It was mostly algebraic in nature, with some word problems. In only five minutes, they sped through the whole packet, as they usually did. Sol and Justin, when teamed together, were the best pair. Justin only felt comfortable with Sol, and Sol was a team player.

As they got their homework, there was a brief silence. Justin felt uneasy, with Landras staring at him from behind.

Also, he was curious about what Sol thought about Kira. Did he support Kira's ideals? It was unlikely, considering that Uncle David was actively against Kira when he first rise, but...

Without thinking, Justin asked him, "What do you think of Kira?"

From behind him, Landras laughed. It was gravelly and smooth at the same time.

Sol looked at his cousin seriously and said, "Are you sure we should talk about this right now?"

"We have plenty of time," Justin insisted. He was starting to regret what he said, "Besides, you were the one that wanted us to meet together,"

"Kira isn't a person that can be talked about lightly in a conversation. It's like politics. A person could start an argument that goes nowhere and everyone just gets mad,"

"I know, I know," Justin said as he looked away for a moment and looked back. His hand was unsteady, "But no one hardly talks about Kira. When they do, it's always: What happened to Kira in 2010? Why did he start again? Who is L? Is the government behind all of this? But also there is the one question-"

"-is Kira good or bad," Sol scooted his seat and set his pencil on the table, "It's the number one question on television."

"So what do you think about Kira"

Sol stood up and faced Justin, "Personally, I think that Kira is not god,"

"Why?" Justin asked as he also stood up. He wanted to know why Sol jumped to that conclusion.

"Think about it. If Kira was, or is, God, he would've killed L a long time ago and still be around. Why would he stop and start again? Kira isn't omnipotent because he needs both a name and a face to kill a criminal."

"But you are assuming that there is only one god. What if it is a polytheistic system?"

"Another reason: Why would Kira start now? Why not during World War II, or during the Revelations, or during the Cold War? "

"Kira could be a newly made God,"

"But also, Kira isn't omnipotent. But Justin, do you want to know why Kira is evil?"


"Because he puts himself above the government and the justice system, one that had work for centuries. He put the law into his own hands and decides who's innocent or guilty, without trial or defense. He even had killed anyone who actively went against him, which violate the freedom of speech.

"In short, Kira is a tyrant, and tyranny is a system that crumbles apart when the ruler loses grip of it. The world went back to what it was before Kira appeared back when he disappeared."

Landras was floating right behind Justin, "He has a good point. What a stubborn person,"

Sol then asked, "So, what do you think?"

Justin thought for a few seconds, "Should I say that I support Kira? Should I lie? Or..." Justin answered, "I...don't really know. But I understand why he does what he does. He just wants a world free of crime,"

There was a brief silence in the room. The only noise was of the clock ticking.

"So, do you support Kira?" Sol asked.

"I didn't say that I support Kira," Justin lied, "I just said that I sympathize with him,"

"I can tell that you're holding back. You're tense,"

Justin was getting annoyed, "I can say what I want,"

"I can tell you're lying,"

"All right, all right. I admit. I support Kira. There, I said it. I believe that what he does is for a better world. The world was accepting Kira back in the beginning of 2010. In a few months, they will summit to Kira again,"

Disagreement was in the air. They stared at each other.

Justin broke the silence, "I think we should go,"

Sol grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the room, not saying a word. His footsteps were audible from the empty hallway as they faded away.

Justin stood there, and then talked out loud to Landras, "I think I got him angry,"

"You think?"Landras said, floating in front of Justin, "He has a strong sense of justice. I bet that if he was the one to find the Death Note. He could have used it too,"

"How are you sure?"

"Believe me, I know. I was the one who had seen Kira,"she grinned evilly.

More Author's Notes: This was shorter than I suspected, but at least I finished it, right? Sol will be a very important character in the plot, causing great trouble for Kira.

While I'm on topic, I already have some of the plot thought out, but I'm debating on whatever to introduce Justin's brother into the story soon. I'm not sure if it will fit near the end of the story or if I should use it to introduce Near into the story. However, I have another Kira in my writer's toolbox that I could put into the story.

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