Author's Notes: Finally, the secret of Fiona's madness is revealed, but in a strange way. If you are either creeped out or you laughed out loud, I did my job. The interesting thing here is that I wrote this chapter in the presense of Heather Brewer (I'm rereading Tenth Grade Bleeds). I hope her presense is able to bless her "minions".
Now, this chapter is short, but in two chapters, there will be an incident involving a subway train, and after that, Comic Relief. Hopefully, by Chapter 26th, O's idenity will be revealed, and the SIS Arc will end with a bang...with the next arc roaring in, using one certain theory as coal.
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(Friday, October 24th, 2014)

"Time to contact Shadow Again! 3" Fiona said as she gleefully skipped to one of the computer monitors. She had a large brown Teddy Bear with a sewed-on top hat between her left elbow. Her ruby-colored "slippers" clanked on the floor. She acted very cheerful, having a wide smile on her face. Too cheerful.

Fiona was a ten-year-old girl who acted a few years younger than she really was. She had straight, vibrant red hair that had a pink hue, reaching down to her shoulder blades. She was short for her age, being only three and a half feet tall. She was petite and had almost sickenly pale skin with pink cheeks. Her big, bright eyes were hazel, with long eyelashes. Her dimples were prominent on her heart-shaped head. The girl's clothing consisted of a floral-pattern dress with a pink-yellow color scheme, a white shirt underneath, and sky blue tights. Fiona was like a young fairy-tale princess, but while she looked like the modern deception of one, she had the macabre demeanor of a dark pixie.

Fiona dropped her Teddy Bear on the legs of the rotating chair and swung into it. She spinned around several times with an excited, "Wheeeeee!" She pounded a big red button with her fist, and the gothic capital S came up.

"Shadow here," he said.

"Give us a status report…! Whee!" she was spinning around again.

"My team is already narrowing down the list of potential suspects. Here, I am sending the file to you," A few seconds passed before a simple spreadsheet document appeared on one of the monitors. The rest of them consisted of security cameras, new channels, and re-runs of Sesame Street (one with a previously-banned appearance of Taylor Lautner). Two monitors, to be exact. The other was showing The Count.

"Four gummy bears!," The Count said, 'Hahaha,"

Fiona counted the number of times that the file was backed-up. It had to be backed up at least five times, or she would break down, "Is anybody following you…?" her sing-song voice changed into a creepy monotone.

"No, I don't think so," Shadow responded, "Actually, the leader of C Team reported that someone might have been following her, but most likely not. The leader of A Team, on the other hand, said that the suspect he was following shook him off. He's one of the SIS's best agents,"

"Doesn't seem like it then…" Fiona picked up her Teddy Bear and started stroking it down the head. It was as big as her chest, "Please keep a close lookout for any spies…or O will be mad…. You don't like it when we are mad, don't you? Not a pretty thought…Not at all…"

Shadow paused for a moment before saying, "I need to continue tracking my target. Shadow out,"

The monitor turned off. Fiona waited for a few seconds, and then threw the Teddy Bear to the floor. She then slipped a special device from a pocket inside her blouse. It was akin to a tape recorder, except it had five different buttons, each in a different color and letter: F was white. A was Blue. O was Yellow. N was Green. I was Pink. The tape recorder was made of black metal and had a hard drive instead of a tape. Fiona pressed the A button.

"So, I opened up the spreadsheet... Take a deep look…"
"Oo! There's over a hundred names…!"
"that's a lot. i could contact him later."

"Good job, everyone. Soon enough, O will find L,"
"But aren't we looking for Kira…?"
"We are! But the SIS is simply the bait…"
"hopefully one that l will take."

"So, who do you think is L? I doubt it's T. He graduated with me,"
"Not Linda, Rover, or Iggy…"
"Not D or E! And definably not C…!"
"though d may be shadow…most likely not. too bad he won't tell us who he is,"

"I guess it's the 4th Gens,"
"N, Mello, Mat, Linda, Rover…the list could go on…"
"It's N or Mello!"
"mello's too lazy."

"Quiet, Barbie. I think it's N,"
"Isn't he the Number One…that all the other 5th Gens talked about…?"
"Makes sense!"
"didn't he disappeared after you arrived…?"

"But only we could find him. Any suggestions, girls?"
"Besides Chicago…? No…"
"didn't O said something about the spk?"

"Yes, the SPK…Hmm…It was based in New York. Let's convince O for us to go there to the former location for some evidence. Agree?"

"…Okay, Barbie...So, girls, It's uniamous. Flo or Princess will talk to O. Goodbye,"

They (all five of Fiona's personalities) turned off the tape recorder and Flo sat still, brushing her hair with her fingers.

"Hmm…Near…When F talks about Near, she says he was quiet…but a lot like her…Thinking a lot about the world…In his own world…Wanting to change the world…Either for the worst or the better…But O thinks that too…but her ideals are better…That is why we serve her…

More Author's Notes: Yes, Fiona has personality disorder, or DID. It's isn't very realistic, but it's as realistic that it can get in fanfiction.
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