Author's Note: This chapter is called "Internal Monolouge". Guess what the chapter's about. During a few moments in the chapter, Justin stuggles with his new power, the power to kill. However, the climax of the chapter then becomes a series of one-liners, reflecting his desision.

Oh, and if you ask about his sleepwear, I have no idea what it is. I'm thinking of doing a poll.

"What should I do?" Justin thought,

He was lying in his bed, with the covers over his body. Even though it was the middle of the night, he was wide awake. The blankets made his body too hot, and the exposed areas were too cold. His mind was still spinning from the accident. But it wasn't really an accident, because he caused it.

"Am I guilty of murder? Should I turn myself in? But I can't do that, there's no proof that I cause it. But if I write a name down…

"Wait, why should I turn myself in? I was doing a duty. They were both menaces. I am simply being a vigilante. Simply a…

"But vigilantes are also considered criminals in society. It isn't their job to judge who is a criminal and the punishment. They are chaotic people that could have a twisted sense of justice.

"But sometimes a vigilante can only punish some criminals that the law can not arrest. Superheroes are vigilantes, Kira was a vigilante, and the former president even proclaimed him as justice.


"Do I have the power that Kira has? Did he have the Death Note? It makes sense. He could only kill with a name and a face, but not one or the other. Just like the Death Note.

"But what happened to Kira? Did he die? Was he caught secretly and put to death? Or did he back down from his own beliefs? If he didn't, then that makes him a martyr.

"A martyr of a New World…

"But the question is, do I have what it takes to become Kira? Will I have to risk my life to become a vigilante?

"Is Kira justice?

"I am so tired, so confused. I need to go to sleep, since tomorrow's Thursday. I need to…

"…go to sleep…


In the morning, Justin woke up a little tired. He showered and dressed as usual, and went downstairs for breakfast. Justin felt slightly better, but only slightly. The living room was next to the kitchen and breakfast room, which was connected to the study to the left of the front hall. In the living room, the teen's mom and sister was sitting at the breakfast table, eating eggs and toast.

Justin walked over to the stove to retrieve some eggs from the pan, "Where's dad?" he asked.

Kate, Justin's sister, was munching on jelly-coated toast, "Mom said that he's out writing a report on the new cameras they're installing everywhere. Right, Mom?" Kate was ten years old, had shoulder-length brown hair, and a mischievous smile. She wore a green headband.

"Right, Kate," her mom said, "This will be the first time America will use public cameras nation-wide."

Justin sat down at the table with one poached egg and a pint of milk, "Doesn't Japan and England use them?"

"Yes, they do." Justin's mom looked at his plate, "Is that all that you're going to eat?"

"Yep," he answered, eating the egg with his fork, "I'll eat a snack after school."

"Are you sure you're feeling well?"


"You looked shocked when you came home last night,"

"It was nothing.

"I heard on the news that a person was hit by a car down there."

Justin put most of the toast into his mouth, just so he had an excuse not to answer. He didn't feel that hungry, ever since he wrote Xavier's name into the Death Note. So far, no one suspected that he was the one that caused the accident. Besides, who would have believed him?

Kate attempted to swap the remains of Justin's toast, but her mom slapped her hand. So instead, she grabbed the saltshaker and a rubber ball on the middle of the table. Justin started at her. Kate had kleptomania, and she sometimes went into his room and steal pencils and books, "That's going to be a problem."

After downing the pint of milk, Justin took his dish to the sink and headed upstairs. School was in forty-five minutes.

In study hall, Justin was looking at his social studies notebook. It was a new issue, released last year. It included current events during the last decade, including Kira:

In the year 2003, Kira became what historians called the greatest vigilante in written history. Defining the laws of physics, he caused thousands of criminals to have cardiac arrest. The general population was divided on their stance on Kira, and his influence created a new political platform in the 2008 presidential election…

However, in 2010, Kira stopped. His fate, and identity, is still unknown to the public and possibly the whole world. After that, crime rates climbed almost back to normal, but in general felonies in the US dropped, as shown in the following chart."

After re-reading the section on Kira a second time, Justin flipped the page to what he was suppose to be reading, "Wow, so much information on Kira, and L…Though I have to go on the Internet later, since it doesn't have any information on the Second Kira, or C-Kira,"

The sound of scribbles and the flipping of pages resounded throughout the room. Talking wasn't permitted, and the lone teacher enforced that rule. That didn't prevent some of the students from passing notes and texting under the tables, however.

"There're always people how don't follow the rules," Justin thought as he read the book and glanced around the room, "And there are always people breaking the law. That's why there are policemen.

"But sometimes, the authorities can't deliver justice on a criminal. That court system is flawed. Some cases spend years in the courtroom, and even with discriminating evidence, sometimes they are declared innocent, when they aren't. Laws can prevent justice.

"Justice is the pure concept of doing what's right and punishing those who did wrong. But can a vigilante do justice?

"Do I have what it takes to use the Death Note, become a serial killer, risk my life, and become the New Kira?

"Do I?"

At that moment, the bell rang, interrupting his thought. Justin slammed the book shut and put it back into his backpack. As he stood up, he continued, "I will see. I will try and I will see, if I have what it takes,

to become the New Kira,"

After school, Justin was sitting at his desk, gazing at the open Death Note. The door was barricaded, and the window curtains were closed. He took the TV remote next to the TV, and switched it to a news channel.

"Should I really do this?" he picked up his pencil, and stared at the screen. A male news anchor popped up and said, "Today, Sam Bannerman robbed several banks in the area at gunpoint. Several police cars are chasing him

A picture of Sam Bannerman popped up on the screen and Justin memorized it. With a shaking hand, he wrote his name down.

After withdrawing the pencil, the letters burned into the paper, becoming uneraserable.

"I never noticed that. Maybe that means that once a name is written in the Death Note, it cannot be undone."

Forty seconds later, the news anchor popped back on the screen, "This is just in. Sam Bannerman's car had stopped and ran into a ditch."

"Perfect," Justin thought, "It will take them awhile for them to figure out Kira did it.

"Wait, am I Kira now? Maybe not until I write some more names down." Justin took the remote and switched to another channel.

"In New York, arsonist Christina Daisy had just left her latest target. She is being chased on foot…"

Christina Daisy

"This is just in. Christina Daisy had just collapsed."

"The court hearing of Devon Quincy, repeat kidnapper, had just began,"

Devon Quincy

"This is just in; Devon Quincy had suffered a heart attack and is presumed dead."

"Theodore Utah had died in jail."

"Arrested politician Darrin Barren had suffered a heart attack while handcuffed."

"Wendy Jackson had died in court."

"Ten criminals had suffered heart attacks all over the country. The cause is unknown. What is happening?"

"Is Kira back?"

"Homeland Welfare warning system is now on yellow."


"This is just in, within three hours, thirty criminals all over the world had been found dead. They all died from heart attacks. According to experts, world-renowned vigilante Kira might be back in action. Authorities are now on the case…"

Justin sat in his chair, breathing heavily. Both the TV and the computer were on, and the clock showed it was 5:55. Three of the pages in the Death Notes were filled with names, all burned into the paper.

"I killed thirty people. Thirty people in one day," It was all too much for Justin. His heart was beating, and he was pale. He gripped the chair hardly.

"What should I do? I can't stop now. They will pin my location now, anyways, just like the original Kira in Japan. It is my duty now, my responsibility.

"Will I die an early death? Will I be in prison for the rest of my life?

"Will I go insane?

"But there is no going back now. There's no way I can get rid of the Death Note. I am Kira now, and I can't change that. There's no way…"

Landras and Ryuk started down at Justin from the shinigami realm. They both saw what he did.

"I'm impressed," Ryuk said, "He killed more people than Light did during his first day using the Death Note. Are you going to go down there?"

"No," Landras responded, turning her back away, "It is interesting seeing what work he is doing from up here. I will wait, until he really needs my help."

"But the Death Note is taking its toll on him. Do you want to make sure he doesn't freak out and dispose of the note?"

"Trust me. The boy is obsessed with the Death Note. He likes the thrill of it, but he doesn't know it yet. The Death Note will stay with him until he dies, or he goes insane."

More Author's Notes: Looks like the public had catch on fast. Interpol will gather eariler and Landras won't be there to help Justin. Guess who will go on the case? It will be...

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