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Meanwhile, Ryuk and Landras watched from the Shinigami Realm. They watched as L pinned down Justin's general location, within only thirty minutes.

"Hyuk, hyuk," Ryuk laughed as he leaned forward, with one arm on his knee, "It looks like it took longer for L to find Kira this time. Perhaps this time, Kira might win,"

"I'm not sure about that," Landras responded, standing behind Ryuk, "He seems less…worthy than your Kira. He has a different resolve, but I don't know exactly what his motive is. Why does he use the Death Note? He looks sick every time he uses it, as if he is using his own life force,"

"I might be that he might not be as mentally healthy than Light, but he knows the power of the Death Note. Perhaps he thinks that-"

"I'm going to go down there," Landras said, forming her wings, "It is time for my guidance,"

"Give him a few minutes," Ryuk warned, "He is not alone. Let him go home, and then reveal yourself. This should be fun, hyuk, hyuk…"

Justin waited for all of his classmates to leave the classroom. He put all of his stuff away and about thirty seconds later, the only people in the room were he and Ms. Knowles.

Ms. Knowles looked up from the teacher's desk by the side of the room, "Aren't you suppose to go to your next class," she asked kindly.

"I have study hall this period," he responded, "You can write me a hall pass," Justin walked up to the teacher's desk, with his bag in his right hand, "I want to ask you a question," he said nervously.

"What is it?"

"What do you think of Kira?"

There was a moment of silence before Ms. Knowles answered, "I'm not sure I can tell you that. This is a school, after all,"

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone or sell your answer to the school newspaper," the school newspaper was known to sometimes run articles about the teachers, some of them barely being worth suspension, "I just want to know,"

Ms. Knowles looked down briefly, "Well, hmm…In truth, I don't really have an opinion. Back in 2003, when Kira first rise, I was in high school, like you. However, I wasn't really into the Kira craze that was created by all the students. Something radical like Kira produces a lot of attention from high school students and college students. It's the trend of the young to follow unusual events. Several events in history, like the Cultural Revolution, support this fact.

"However, I don't have a stance on Kira. Vigilantes sometimes are both praised and condemned by the public. You should ask Mr. Philips, since he is the Senior Philosophy teacher. He should know more on Kira than me,"

"Thank you," Justin said. Ms. Knowles then started to write a hall pass.

"Why did you want my opinion?" she asked.

"I was just curious," Justin responded, taking the hall pass. He then walked to the door and exited the room. The hallway was mostly empty, except for a few people rushing to their class.

Meanwhile, Near was looking over the records what O was suppose to be. There were sheets of printed paper all over the floor, and he held one of the pages with two fingers. He was sitting in his "normal" position.

"I don't see his name, Watari," Near said.

"Sorry about that," Watari answered through the compute showing his letter, "After I give the orphans a codename, I erase their true name from the system. And I hardly remember any of the names, except for you, Mello, and a few others,"

"I see," Near dropped the sheet of paper and picked another one up from the floor, "And who is F?"

"F codename is Fiona," Watari answered, "She was just two when she arrived at the Wammy House, but when O left, she was taken just hours after she received his letter,"

"And T?"

"Unfortunately, the records on T are deleted. I guess that T purposely erased them, since he is good with computers,"

"Thanks for the information," Near disconnected the signal and then contacted R, "R, I want you to contact the SIS…"

The director of the SIS was sitting at his desk. Currently, he had nothing to do, but with Kira back, he would have more work in his hands soon. He just sat there, waiting.

The phone on his desk rang, and he picked it up, "Mr. Calder, Director of the SIS,"

"Fiona here…!" a high-pitched voice rang from the receiver, "I got a new mission for you…!"

"What is it?" Personally, Mr. Calder didn't like the cute charisma of "Fiona", but she was effective as a detective.

"I want you to send some agents to Chicago, please! I have a task for you…"

Before Landras took off, Ryuk took out a necklace and gave it to her. It was a simple one with a black thread and a black pearl at the center.

"What is this for?" Landras asked, "Shinigami usually don't make jewelry,"

"It isn't any ordinary necklace, hyuk, hyuk. I won it in a bet, but I won't tell you what it was. It is a telepathy necklace. Give this to the owner of your Death Note, and it will form a telepathic link.

"I didn't need it when I was with Light, hyuk, hyuk, but it might be more useful for you,"

"If you insist," Landras said, putting the necklace away. She flapped her black demonic wings, and then jumped through the hole of the Shinigami Realm. There was a purple swirl as she went through it, and then a flash of light.

Then she was not there.

"Have fun, Landras. Hyuk hyuk," Ryuk continued to look through the hole.

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