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When Justin arrived at his house, nobody else was at home. The lights were off and the normal sounds of a full house were absent. Kate was still at school, his mom was out shopping as usually, and his dad, as always, was at his job. Justin flicked the switch in the front hall and walked up the stairs.

Once he reached his room, Justin put down the backpack and took off his jean jacket. He then walked to his desk, took out the Death Note, and turned the computer and the TV on. He opened the shades and opened the Death Note to a mostly filled page. Even after holding a pencil, he just started at the Death Note and all the names in it. Nearly sixty names combined appeared on two pages.

"Should I continue on?" he thought, "If I change what names I write in the Death Note, L might go after me. What if I stop writing names? Is it worth it giving up? Should I? There is nobody here to help me, no one that I could trust.

"But what if it is fate for me to use the Death Note? What if it is my purpose? I don't really have an idea what to do after college, since the police force seems risky, and journalism isn't appealing either. Are my actions really just?

"Are they? How am I going to get an answer?"

Suddenly, Justin heard a thump behind him, making him flinch for a moment, "That couldn't be the front door. It is too early for anyone else to arrive?"

He ignored it and went back to staring at the Death Note. He was reconsidering his standards, "Should I start writing the names of corrupt politicians or those who commit fraud?"

A voice then came from behind him, "I see that you know the Death Note isn't just any old notebook,"

Surprised, looked behind and saw a tall, black, creature behind him. He yelped at the sudden appearance of the monster and had a shocked expression on his face. If Justin was any weaker, he could have fainted right there. Instead, he vomited into a bucket by his desk, losing most of today's lunch.

The one that he had to use more than once since he first wrote names into the Death Note.

Ryuk looked from above, his eternal grin even wider.

"Hyuk, hyuk. It looks like he doesn't know what a Shinigami is. Humans are fun."

After wiping his mouth with the back of his left hand, Justin stood up and looked at the tall humanoid behind him. It was both beautiful and ugly, at the same time. Also, the creature had a feminine appearance, but it was very vague. She was dressed in black leather, with a long, smooth, divided, black skirt down to her long, skeleton feet. Her arms were skeletal, with dark, rotting, flesh visible. The creature's shoulder had thin spikes propelling out of them. Her maroon face looked gaunt, with thick red lips and red narrow but wide silted eyes. Her bony hands had long thin fingers.

But the most prominent feature of her was her hair. It was like she wasn't supposed to have hair that glorious, and rebellious. It was both radiant white and raven black. Her hair went all the way down to her feet, hardly touching the ground with its purple tips. It was neat in the middle, but the ends scattered at the ground.

Justin was stunned for a few seconds, taking this creature in, "Does it-she-got to do with the Death Note?" Then, he gathered up another courage to ask, "What are you?"

"I am Landras," Landras said calmly, in a sort of monotonic voice, "I am a Shinigami, a death god,"

"A death god?" Justin reached for the Death Note, "Do you have anything to do with the Death Note?"

"Yes. In fact, I was the one who dropped it…" Landras leaned in closer, creeping him out even more.

"Are you here, to retrieve it?" At this point, Justin's heart was beating faster, his palms were sweaty, and he was on the verge of hyperventilating. It was similar to the experience he had when he caused the car accident, but minor.

"No, I am bound to the Death Note you are holding," she pointed her skeletal finger at him, "I can not do anything to you, and I have to follow you now until either you give up the Death Note, the note is destroyed, or you die," Landras smiled creepily, enjoying the expression on Justin's face.

Justin unknowably opened the Death Note to an almost full page and had his pencil pressed into it. The lead was burning into the paper. Landras looked at it, "It is no use. Shinigami can't be killed by either a living being or another Shinigami, even with the Death Note."

Justin then withdrawed the pencil, and Landras continued talking, "I see you been busy with the Death Note. I saw your indirect confrontation with L; I been watching you for the last few days,"

The idea of Landras watching him from wherever she was spooked him. He then asked, "So it's my now?"

"Yes it is, Justin. We are now bound by the Death Note. I provided the Death Note and now you are the one who uses it, for now. We are now boy and Shinigami, in a sort of sense. It's now yours, and if you don't want it, give it back. And by the way, you are the only person that can see or hear me, so don't you worry,"

"I could give it back…" "Is there a price?"

"Not really, not in the physical sense, but more in the spiritual sense. Let's just say that there is an amount of torment and insanity that comes with it. Weak-minded users don't last long,"

"Insanity?" Justin thought.

"And one more thing. A Death Note user neither can go to Heaven or to Hell…" Landras let the thought hang, to let it sink into Justin.

Justin shivered, "Neither Heaven or Hell? What else is there if Heaven and Hell exist? Or does it exist at all? But it is too late, because I already used the Note."

"I have a few question, Landras," Justin sat back down, with his rotating chair facing the Shinigami, "Why me? Why do I have the Death Note? What did I do?"

"I didn't choose you personally. You simply were in my glance when I let the Death Note fall to the ground. But you are similar to a certain Death Note user I heard of,"

Then Justin asked another question, one that been bothering him since night one, "Did Kira use the Death Note?"

"You are a smart one," Landras responded, with a laugh that was hardly there, "He didn't use the Death Note you are holding, but a different one a fellow Shinigami dropped. However, I am not obliged to tell you his fate, since I don't know all of the details,"

Justin shivered again, still not knowing if the original Kira had died or not. He looked down and said "But I guess I am Kira now, right?"

"I guess you are," Landras tilted her head, "You had written the names of hundreds of criminals. If you continue, you might even kill tens of thousands, just like Kira did. And by the way, I have a question for you," Landras tilted her hand upright, and bend one knee to the ground, "I had seen that you are already suffering torment from using the Death Note. Every time you use it, your hand shakes and there is a look of fear in your eyes. You hardly slept due to nightmares and you had hardly eaten too. And that bucket, this isn't the first time you vomited in the last week.

"So, why do you use it?"

Justin thought of that for a long time. He only slept about four or five hours a day and his meals were small. His teeth needed extra brushing from the dissolving enamel on his teeth and he felt tired. His grades hadn't dropped yet, but they could if he continued using the Death Note.

"I use it…because…I think it is my duty."

"It must be my purpose to use the Death Note, and I am the one to deliver justice. Almost nobody would think that I would be Kira, and I am young enough to keep using it for decades to come. I feel like I am destined to use the Death Note, and it is justice,"

"And Justice you are," Landras said, "You go by the name Justin, and yet that isn't your real name, am I correct?"

"How do you know?"

"A Shinigami isn't a stalker. We have ways of finding out a person's name in an instant. Your name is Justice Peterson,"

Justin (or Justice) looked away, blushing slightly, "It's an embarrassing name. It's an old name,"

"And yet it is fitting," Landras reminded him, "It's both suitable, and ironic. But that is based on the person's morals."

Justin had one last question, one that been bothering him since Landras said that she dropped the Death Note, "Why did you drop the Death Note in the first place? Was it on purpose?

Landras gave her response to Justin, "For one reason, I was bored. After thousands of years, the Shinigami Realm is an especially dreaded place. The only activities to do there is to gamble or write down names. However, the Death Note has more rules than written on the back of the front cover of the Death Note I gave you. For example, you can not cause a death with the Death Note that would cause another person not in the Death Note to die. That person would simply die from a heart attack. You'd think it's cruel, but it's boring not being able to cause a mass accident.

"So, I follow the lead of Kira's Shinigami, and dropped an extra Death Note onto the human world. I'm basically here for my own entertainment. I may help you once or awhile, but I can't influence deaths in the Death Note, so you're on your own finding out L's name,"

"So you were bored," Justin turned his chair around and looked out the window, "I guess I was too, since I had nothing to do when I wrote the first name down in the Death Note. I don't have a lot of friends, and I don't leave the house during a school night that often. If I didn't have a lot of time to burn, I would've never use the Note again,"

"But you can consider me your friend," Landras offered.

"I guess I can," Justin responded, "I need someone to help me be Kira, after all."

Landras then remembered something, "Wait, I have one more thing," Landras took out the necklace with the black pearl and showed it to Justin, "This is a telepathic necklace that I acquired. When a Death Note owner wears it or touches it, he or she would able to telepathically communicate with his or her Shinigami,"

Justin carefully picked it up from the leathery palm of Landra's hand. He then put it over his neck. The black pearl felt smooth against his skin. He then focused, "Can you hear me?"

"Yes I can, Justice,"

"Good, now I don't need to look like as if I'm talking to myself. But it would become suspicious if I suddenly start wearing this at all time,"

"It's beginning to blend in with your skin,"

The necklace became completely transparent. Justin then used a different mindset and it reverted back to normal, "This will be useful. But now I have to write some names in the Death Note,"

Justin then shook the computer mouse and began to look for more criminals.

"Ryuk's right," Landras thought, "Humans are interesting!"

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Also, Justice is a true name. It is an uncommon unisex name. Look it up.
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