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Crossover: Harry Potter/Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Main Pairing: Jacob/Harry

Summary: Carlisle entrusts the help of a few old acquaintances after Alice informs him of the vision she had in the cafeteria. Will these new comers be able to protect Bella from Victoria. And what will this mean for Jacob and the rest of our resident shape shifters.


Present day – Cullen Household

"She'll be here in two days time. Sunday."

Alice looked worriedly at her father as she said this from her position on the couch. Jasper sat next to her and had his arms wrapped around her securely and Alice was grateful for the wave of calmness that he was sending her due to his ability.

Rosalie and Emmett stood near the staircase. Rosalie had an expression of distaste while Emmett looked as if Christmas had come early. The family could tell from the expression on the face of the largest member of their family that he was gunning for a fight.

Hell even Jasper wanted an excuse to rip something's head off though he at least tried not to seem too eager.

"Edward's already left with Bella to visit her mother in Phoenix for the weekend." Carlisle didn't look up at his family as he said this. Still deep in thought on how to handle the current situation. "I doubt Victoria will know that they're gone."


The female vamp had finally decided to make a reappearance. The Cullens hadn't actually seen the nomad since the whole James incident. They had heard about the wolves dealing with Laurent and keeping Victoria in check but ever since they had returned to Forks the female hadn't made any decision to return.

Until now.

"She'll be coming from the north. I recognized the path she's taking."

Alice's voice broke through his thoughts and Carlisle gave her a nod. They needed to feed tonight. They had scheduled it for tomorrow however due to the current situation it had to be now. It would allow them to have a focused mind when dealing with the red head.

"Get dressed." Carlisle crossed the threshold of the living room and made his way up the stairs, Esme by his side. "We need to go hunting tonight. If she changes her mind and decides to come early then we might not have enough time to do it later."

Everyone made their way to their rooms to change into more appropriate attire. Esme herself followed after husband, knowing that she would be able to speak to him in their room.

Closing the door to their bedroom Esme made her way into their walk-in closet where Carlisle was changing his shoes.

"Hey." Esme rubbed her mate's shoulders soothingly. Feeling how tense they were underneath her fingers. "It's going to be okay."

Carlisle looked at his wife, taking one of her hands and kissing it gently. He gave her a smile but didn't release her. "I know. Doesn't mean it's going to be easy though."

Chuckling softly, Esme turned around and deposited herself in his lap. Carlisle continued to hold her hand while his other hand came behind to wrap around her, rubbing small circles on her back.

Esme lay her head against on Carlisle's shoulder, her free and coming to rest on their entwined hands. They could both hear the faint sounds of their family moving around throughout the house.

"She knows she can't get passed us." Esme whispered softly. "Not with our numbers. And not to mention the wolves."

"Yeah, but she's been getting bolder." Carlisle tucked her head under his chin. "She's never come into our territory before. Not after what happened to James. Usually she runs on the other side of the border. She's has speed on her side."

"What about Charlie?" Carlisle could hear the deep concern in her voice and understood what she meant. "He's obviously in more danger now. We'll have to have someone protecting him as well."

"I know. We'll have to find time to feed too."

Carlisle frowned, his mind trying to find a solution that would work. If it were any lesser vampire that was after Bella than he was confident that his family would be able to handle the threat. But it wasn't.

They were dealing with Victoria. Carlisle was certain that she was older than everyone in his coven except himself and maybe Jasper. He also remembered Laurent's warning about never underestimating her. The fact that she had what it took to out run the La Push pack was enough cause for them to be concerned.

They needed help that much was certain. If not to kill Victoria, then at least to keep watch over Bella and Charlie.

Very few options appeared to Carlisle at this thought. The Denali Clan? Carlisle immediately dismissed that option. They had nothing against the Alaskan trio, however everyone knew of the infatuation that Tanya had with Edward and considering that this involved Edward's mate, Carlisle didn't want to risk anything.

The other option was the nomads from Egypt. Though it was highly unlikely that they would respond since for one, Carlisle didn't know them that well at all. Edward and he had met them before but it was hardly enough for them to considered close friends.

Which brought him back to square one. Giving a sigh Carlisle absently looked around the closet, trying to figure out if there was anyone else that he had left out. His thoughts halted however when he spotted something hanging on one of the racks.

Carlisle tilted his head curiously before making a move to get up. Esme, sensing his movement immediately stood up. "What is it?"

Carlisle didn't answer her but just walked over to the rack and grabbed the object that had caught his attention.

It was a cocktail dress. Carlisle had a lapse of confusion wondering why a dress had caught his attention at a time like this.

"Oh you like it?" Esme wrapped her arms around his bicep and rested her chin on his shoulder. "I just bought it a few days ago when I was in Seattle with the girls."

Carlisle continued to star down at the dress. There was something about it that reminded him of something. Of what he couldn't quite remember. "It's beautiful."

"I know." Esme gave a small giggle as she fingered the dress as well. "It's vintage too. There aren't a lot of dresses today that give this colour with this particular material nowadays."

It was like someone had flicked the switch in Carlisle's head. Looking down at the dress he realized that it had been the colour that had caught his attention, not the dress itself.

"You're a good man, Carlisle." The young man smiled at him. Jewel like eyes shown from a young handsome face.

They were in a valley near a river. High mountain ranges covered in layers of snow surrounded them. There were also two others that were with them. A young woman with long pale blond tresses and a tall male with dark brown hair stood a little to the side. They too were smiling at him, their topaz eyes sparkling.

"If you ever are in need. You know where to find us."


The sound of his wife exclamation snapped Carlisle out of his daze. Looking down at his hands the leader of the clan saw that he had completly crushed the hook for the hangar in his grip. Also his other hand that had been holding the hem of the dress was balled up.

Releasing his grip Carlisle winced when he saw that he had stretched the fabric greatly. "Sorry, love."

Esme gave a small sigh mixed with a chuckle as she looked at her partly ruined dress. "It's okay. I was planning on having it adjusted anyway."

Forgetting about the dress Esme turned her gaze to her husband. "You wanna tell me what you were thinking about that had you so distracted?"

Carlisle blinked at her for a second and Esme raised a brow when she saw the smile that appeared on his face.


Her husband turned to her. "I need to leave tonight."

"What!" Whatever she had been expecting it hadn't been that. "Where!"

"We need help with this." Carlisle said as he gathered his coat and a scarf, just for appearances sake. "Even though there's seven of us we still won't be to protect Bella and Charlie fully. Victoria knows this."

"Yes, but where are you going?" Esme knew better then to stop him. She trusted him to know what he was doing. "To Alaska?"

"No." Carlisle grabbed his wallet and tucked it securely into his jeans pocket. "I'll be catching a flight to England."

"England?" Surprise passed over Esme face, before it was replaced by curiosity. "Who do we know there?"

As far as she knew the family didn't know any vampires in England. This were due to the fact that that they hardly visited that particular part of the world. America was big enough for them.

"I knew them before I met Edward." Carlisle said as way of explanation. "They're very old friends of mine."

"Are they safe?" Esme asked seriously.

"They're vegetarians." Carlisle reassured her before giving a shrug. "Well…they were the last time I saw them. I doubt that has changed."

"And when was this?"

Carlisle considered that for a moment, trying to remember exactly. "Just over three centuries ago I would think. That sounds about right."

"That's a long time." Esme frowned as she processed this information. "Are you sure you'll be able to find them?"

"Not really." Carlisle sighed as made his walked back into their bedroom. "But it's worth a try. If I can't find them then I'll catch the earliest flight back here."

"Okay then." Esme exited the closet and they both made their way down to the living room where Rosalie and Emmett were already waiting for them.

Alice and Jasper joined them seconds later, the former looking at Carlisle curiously.

"You saw?"

Alice just nodded, a cheeky smile appearing on her face causing everyone to groan. Even Jasper was looking between his mate and his father with confusion.

Carlisle chuckled softly to himself knowing very well that Jasper hated it when he didn't know anything. Considering his background Carlisle could understand very fully. Being in the military, knowing every single detail about the situation could mean the difference between winning and losing.

"It's nothing to worry about, Jasper." Carlisle reassured him, before speaking to them all. "I'm travelling to England tonight."

"What?" It was Emmett that spoke while Rosalie remained silent, though you could tell that she was not happy.

"I'll be back tomorrow evening at the latest."

Jasper and Rosalie seemed to be relieved but not pleased. Both of them looked at Esme but she just gave them a look that said that her husband knew what he was doing.

"If anything happens while I'm gone, I want you to follow Jasper's command." Carlisle looked at the eldest of his children with seriousness. "Jasper? I'm sure you're more than capable of handling this."

Jasper felt the emotions coming off his father and gave a nod. With that Carlisle turned to leave. "We had better get going then."

With that said the family jumped off the balcony and disappeared into the woods.


Somewhere in Europe

The weather was getting bad. The skies were heavy with cloud and you could hear the lighting being released within. Flashes appearing every now and then warning any passersby that a heavy storm was brewing.

A young woman sat on the terrace overlooking the valley. The locals called it Grey Valley considering the fact that it was always cloudy, hardly permitting any sunlight. And yet despite the lack of light the flora continued to flourish here better than in other neighbouring areas.

The house she shared with her mate and brother was located half way up the mountain on one of the ridges and was built into the mountainside. A picture of metal against a stone background.

She had gotten a feeling a few moments ago. Feelings, or as people often called them instinct, had always been her strong point. It was something that both she and her companions had come to trust. She was by no means a seer. Just the fact that she always knew that something was going to happen and depending on if it was a positive or negative feeling she and her family acted accordingly.

The sound of footsteps brought her out of her thoughts. Though she didn't turn, knowing already who it was. Hands came down and rested on her shoulders.

"Something bothering you, love?"

"Hmm." She brought her hands up and clasped the other's softly. "I think we're going to have a visitor soon."

There was a second of pause before the male spoke. "Should we be worried?"

"No." That much she was definitely sure of. "They seem familiar. It's someone we know."

"Interesting." She could tell he was trying to figure out who it was. "We don't know a lot of people. Anything else?"

"Just that I think they need help." She rose from her chair and turned towards her mate. "And we'll be leaving to help them."

"Then we might as well prepare our things." The male held out his hand to her and she took it. "It's been a long time since we've left England. Wonder where we'll be going."

Giving her mate a kiss she allowed him to escort her inside. As they disappeared into the house, so too did the lightening. The clouds grew smaller until they were back to their usually size leaving the valley once again in its usual state of calm.


Paul. Anything?




Jacob padded through the forest, his large feet making as little sound as possible. It was their turn to patrol and so far nothing eventful seemed to be happening tonight. The most action he'd gotten was chasing after a young hare, though that had ended once the little tyke had jumped into its rabbit hole.

The large wolf spent the better part of an hour just starring at it hoping that the creature would hop out and allow them to resume their little game. When it didn't happen though Jacob rose and continued on with patrolling their territory.

God it was boring.

You got that right. Paul's voice sounded through Jacob's mind and he could see that the other had almost finished his fifth cycle for the night.

Where's a bloodsucker when you need one. Jacob let out a snort at Embry's comment but couldn't help but agree with his pack brother.

They hadn't smelt a vampire since Victoria and that had been almost 6 months ago. The Cullens didn't count because they had to stay on their side of the boundary and the pack wasn't allowed to attack the coven on their side due to the treaty.

Thinking of the Cullens suddenly brought up another thought and Jacob cursed himself. He heard two identical groans though the mind link.

Here we go again. Paul sounded annoyed and Jacob heard Embry let out a sigh.

You gotta stop thinking about her dude. Embry's voice echoed through the link. She chose Cullen.

Jacob let out growl at this. Just the thought of that leech made him want to punch something, preferably Cullen. Or better yet bite his head off.

Hey! Leave some for me if you do!

Me too!

Jacob let out a very wolfish snort, shaking his large shaggy head as he did so. But their comments did manage to lighten his mood.

Thanks guys

Anytime bro. We wolves gotta stick together.

Jacob could hear the grin in Paul's voice while Embry let out a sound in agreement. Stopping, Jacob stood tall on his legs and howled into the night. His lips pulled back in a grin when he heard two other howls echo from different parts of the forest as well as through the link.

Later that night as he lay in bed, Jacob thought back over the past several months.

It's always been him.

His fists clenched as he remembered Bella's words after they're confrontation near her house. He couldn't believe it! She had chosen the Leech over him!

You made her chose remember.

Jacob sighed in frustration. Yes. He had made her chose. It wasn't like he had had a choice. Vampires and Werewolves just didn't get along. He doubted that was gonna change anytime soon.

Deciding to give his tired brain a rest Jacob rolled over on to his side on the now too small bed and closed his eyes, willingly himself to go to sleep. He repeated the process several times within the next hour before he finally felt his eye lids starting to get heavy.


Seconds later he was out like a light, his light breathing sounding through the air of the small room.


Carlisle stopped and took a second to stare at the sign at the top of the small hill.

Welcome to Grey Valley

Where everything blooms all year around.

On the flight Carlisle had taken the time to read the lonely planet that he had bought at the airport before he had left. He hadn't known the name of place he had been going to since there had been no settlement to begin with when he had been there.

However he did know the route one had to take to get there, so he had looked at the modern maps and found to his surprise that there was now a small town located near his destination. Moat Village was located about a hundred miles east of London. The village had gotten its name due to fact that it was located smack in the middle of one of the larger rivers atop a large atoll, and was completely surrounded by water. The only way to get in or out was via bridges.

At least he wouldn't have to worry about direction. He would just follow the roads until he reached the small town and from then on to the valley which was where he now found himself.

Carlisle couldn't help but admire the scenery. He had no trouble seeing in the dark and noticed that the valley was just as beautiful as it had been three centuries ago. Unlike the locals who thought the growth of the flora was due to some richness in the soil, Carlisle happened to know that it had everything to do with a certain vampire's ability.

But the scenery wasn't why he was here. With that thought in mind Carlisle followed the road that ran along the edge of the valley to the other end before disappearing behind one of the mountains. It was then that a glint of light caught his eye.

"Yes!" Carlisle hissed in triumph as he spotted the large house sitting atop one of the midway cliffs of one of the mountains. His enhanced vision showed him it was a house and Carlisle quickly made his ran along the path that he had no doubt lead to it.

It only took him less than two minutes to reach the top and as he rounded the corner he gasped at the view. From where he stood he could see the whole valley, it truly was sight to see. No doubt the rest of his family would think the same.

"Well if isn't Carlisle Cullen."

Carlisle turned surprised towards the voice. He had been so distracted by the view once again that he hadn't heard the sound of figures approaching. Standing before him were three beings. Vampires. And from their smiles he had a feeling they had been expecting him.

Of course! How could I have forgotten that!

He turned to look at the only female of the group. His silent question answered when she gave a nod, giggling as she did so.

"You've been expecting me." Carlisle gave a small chuckle as he said this.

"We had been expecting someone." One of the males, obviously the head of the coven spoke, mirroring Carlisle's expression. "Though we had not really been expecting you."

From the smile that the other was giving him Carlisle knew it hadn't been meant as an insult. The other male came forward and embraced him in a hug. "It's been a long time, Carlisle. It's good to see you again. Not to mention the fact that you're still alive after all this time."

"Thank you." Carlisle hugged the other back before releasing him and doing the same to the other two.

"We were beginning to think you had forgotten about us." The female said with amusement as she gave him a hug as well. She was followed by her husband, a larger male and last member of their coven of three.

"So what brings you here?" The larger male stepped back to join his wife after giving Carlisle a welcoming hug. "My wife tells us that you may require some assistance."

Giving the female another smile, Carlisle turned to look at all three of them.

"There's a situation back in Washington."

So? How was it?

It's kind of similar to some of the stories you've read so far in Twilight. I actually got inspired to write this from 'The End Story' which is also a Jacob/Harry pairing. Unfortunately the authors hasn't been able to update. Must still be apartment searching. Great story though.

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