Out on the fields there was an old mansion, the gates to a creepy yard open up slowly. You slowly travel through the dark yard and up to the porch of the old mansion. Lightning crackles, and thunder booms as the door to the mansion up. The lightning shines through the windows of the foyer. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling, the furniture, everything. You then turn and walk into a room beside the staircase. The lightning continues to flash as you walk up to a bookcase. The bookcase opens and you walk into it, there the door leads to a dark stairwell which you walk down. The glow of the large pillars greets you until you reach the end of the stairwell. You walk up to a wooden door and open it. It leads to a creepy, candle lit crypt with skeletons, cobwebs with spiders hanging everywhere. The eerie whispers acknowledge your arrival. You slowly walk up to long white coffin.

It opens swiftly and a man pops out and laughs maniacally.

"AAH! HAHAHA!...What where you expecting the crypt creeper hmmm, well I hate to be the bearers of bad news kids cuz I just locked him in a trunk and dropped him in the pacific with some yummy fishes attached to the trunk, maybe some yummy sharks or whatever down there will find the taste of fish and creep quit tasteful."

I got to his table and saw his dirty chair, I threw it to the floor and brought out my own chair this one rotates hehehe.

"Now your wondering why I took over his show well it's just that I really got tired of the crypt creeper's puns…no no I am not joking REALLY, I got tired of his dead puns they made me angry and that laugh arghhh…anyhoo I decided to do something about it and since I now control his home lets see what he had in store for you kitties."

I got his books and looked through them and was disappointed to what I found. "Well I just read the entire book and let me say, not worth it so I think its time for me to present to you all my new story, no its not a teen titan or wrestling story it's a little cross over story."

As I threw the creepers book I brought out my own and began to turn the page till I found the chapter. "I was originally supposed to make an Iron man and star wars cross over, but then I saw the Predators movie and decided I should make a story about this with a little star wars. It's a tale about a young man who was abused and experimented on by a group of people who wanted to create a perfect warrior slash killer, kind of like a Galen from the force unleashed story but this will take place during the clone wars."

"And of course a young heroine who tries to change the mans fate, while trying to convince her friends and masters that he is not a monster…yes this will be an Ahsoka/OC story I don't like the parings of Anakin and Ahsoka, Rex and Ahsoka, and whatever I don't like them. My character's name is Jyun; I borrowed the name from VigilanteSpectre whom I like to thank for letting me the name thank you my man."

"Now then the story will take a while since I will be leaving in two weeks to a wedding in Mexico, so I hope to do as much as I can before I am either killed or kidnapped God forbid of course but still with everything going on the only thing I can do is pray for a safe trip."

"And now without any further delays lets get started the first chapter will be the prologue so it will be kind of short, I call this tale "The Predator and the Jedi"...okay so the title sucks i know and if anyone out there has a better title i would love to hear it, and with your permission borrow it.

"Anyways the tale takes place in a galaxy far far away, where there are a million life forms out there, there are giant insects that look like cockroach, there are worms that go up your nose to take over your body and make you do things that you dont want to do...hint hint..., there are also fish people, giant slugs, there are giant furry animals called wookiees that remind me of a big bear, hot jedi women who for some wear whatever they want, a bald women, and a little green elf who no one understands a word that comes out of his mouth."

"Yes it is a weird galaxy what can you do now then on with the story, i present to you yes the title i just mention till someone can come up with a better one, "The Predator and the Jedi", now begin the wierd story thing that looks like a flash back...I SAID START IT NOW!