"Unless you're here to actually strip in my apartment, you can leave."

"You know, it's cozier in person. Warm. Even without a fire."

"If you were on the prowl for a warm place, Rio was closer than Jersey. More fun, too."

"I'll judge for myself. Close the door. It's cold outside."

"Thought you'd be a cold-weather pro."

"I am. You're not."

"Right. Cripple's not a fan of the cold. Use those mad reasoning skills to find your way in, too?"

"Found a key above your door."

"Which wasn't an invitation, by the way."

"If I'd waited for an invitation, I'd still be standing alone in the hallway."

"Where you belong. Get out."

"Close the door."

"Going to strip this time, socks included?"


"Then out."

"Heard you need a friend more than a stripper. A month, right, since he moved away?"

"I don't need a friend. I need a-"

"Full bottle of bourbon?"

"Wrong again. Scotch this time. How did you-"

"Nurses talk. Want to share?"

"My deep, innermost feelings? No, thanks."

"Your scotch, you moron."

"Glass is in the kitchen. I'm not getting up."