Author's Note: The following story takes place in an alternate universe. There are kingdoms on Uranus and Neptune, but the Moon Kingdom doesn't exist. That means, no Senshi, no Serenity.

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka or Michiru, but I own the plot.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to Neptune. You know who you are ^^

‚ÄěLadies and Gentlemen, bow to the King!" the announcer spoke into his microphone, and everyone in the huge ballroom did as requested when Haruka Tenoh, King of Uranus, entered. The tall blonde man walked over to the throne that stood at the northern wall of the ballroom and sat down. The bowing people straightened up again, and Haruka raised his hand to drawn everyone's attention at him. "I'm glad so many people followed my invitation to celebrate the winning of our war against planet Neptune." The king started his speech. "As a special event, you will be shown the Neptunians we captured as slaves for us." Everyone clapped and cheered, and the king smiled. "But this will take place at midnight. Until then, enjoy our ball." He ended his speech, and after a wink of his hand, the music began and the people started to dance. King Haruka leaned back in his chair and stifled a yawn; he hated balls. Or, better said, she hated balls. Of course, no one knew about the king being female. Haruka had been the only child of her parents, and her father, Alastair Tenoh III, had raised her as a boy. She ruled her planet with a strong, but understanding hand, and her folk loved her. Especially since she won the war against planet Neptune, which had been going on for five years until Haruka managed to conquer the capital city of it with a great tactic strike. The blonde grinned when she thought about the slaves her army had conquered; she would take one of them as her personal servant, and God Uranus should help the poor girl if she tried to escape or disobeyed her orders. The other slaves of Kingdom Uranus feared the king, since she had a very short temper, and her whip always at hand. Haruka checked her watch and grinned; midnight was not far away.

Finally, it was time to present the slaves. The huge doors of the ballroom opened, and a group of twenty guards led in a long row of people, whose wrists and ankles were chained together. They all walked with their heads down, some of them wounded, some of them obviously sick. "See the slaves from Neptune!" the announcer yelled, and everyone cheered and clapped. Some people yelled "Boo" at the slaves, and one of them even spit at a man who passed him. Harukas eyes wandered over the slaves when they came to a stop in front of her, and her gaze fell upon a young girl with aqua-colored hair. "Who's that?" she whispered to her premier minister, and he answered: "Michiru Kaioh, the princess of Neptune, Your Highness." Harukas bushy blonde eyebrows went up, and she smirked. "I want her for me." She then stated, and the minister grinned broadly. "I knew that you would choose her, Your Highness." He then said. Haruka gave him an odd look. "You know me too well, Ryo." The man laughed at his King and nodded. "I'll have her sent to your rooms after the ball, Your Highness." He then said. Haruka just nodded and kept looking at the aqua haired woman until the slave looked up, her soft blue eyes meeting Harukas hard teal ones. For a few seconds, the two of them just kept looking into each others eyes, until Michiru lowered her gaze again and stared down at the floor. Haruka smirked; no one was able to stand up against her long when it came to staring into each others eyes.

Finally, the ball was over. Haruka said her goodbyes to the last leaving guests and then returned to her rooms, which spread over one floor of the huge palace. Ryo had made his promise true; Michiru was already waiting in the main room, sitting on the huge couch and fiddling with the edge of her skirt. Haruka entered the room, hung her coat over the next chair and commanded in a harsh tone: "Get up!" Michiru quickly came to her feet, and she flinched when Harukas hand closed around her chin and raised her head until she looked up at her. "Tell me your name." Haruka commanded, her husky, deep voice sending chills up and down Michirus spine. "Michiru Kaioh." She informed the king. Only to be rewarded with a hard slap. Michiru stepped back, shocked, and looked at Haruka fearful. "Michiru Kaioh what?" the blonde now asked, sounding really angry. For one second, Michiru didn't know what the king meant, and terrible fear raised inside her. Then realization struck her. "Michiru Kaioh, Your Highness." She quickly spoke. "Good. I see, you're a fast learner." Haruka replied, the anger fading out of her voice. Checking her watch, the king frowned. "It's too late to tell you about all the rules and duties you have. We'll do that tomorrow. Go to sleep, you can have the couch." "Thank you, Your Highness." Michiru replied politely, although she already started to hate the king who had enslaved her. Haruka didn't bother to give her an answer; she just left the room, leaving Michiru behind with sheer hate against the man who had conquered her kingdom.