Michiru was pacing the room, very nervous. The maid who was supposed to dress her was dangerously near to a mental breakdown. "Please, Michiru, stop running around!" the young woman now begged. "How am I supposed to get you into your wedding dress when you pace around?" "Sorry." Michiru apologized and forced herself to stand still. The maid let out a happy sigh and started to close the dress.

Meanwhile, Haruka was running in circles, followed by an angered Ryo. "I won't use that stupid tie!" Haruka yelled at her minister, who was waving a dark blue tie while he followed his king. "You have to! The law says so." Ryo pointed out. He didn't convince Haruka. "The law also says that females can't marry females and that women can't be the ruler." The blonde shot back and jumped behind the couch, trying to avoid the minister. Finally Ryo caught her and quickly put the tie over her head. Haruka let out a little defeated sigh while Ryo adjusted the collar of the blonde's white shirt over the tie and stepped back. "Perfect, Your Highness." He chuckled. Haruka glared at him, grabbed her cloak and hung it over her shoulders. Ryo took the Uranian Crown and ordered: "Bend your head." Haruka did as she had been told, and Ryo carefully placed the heavy, golden and silver crown on her head. "Man, that thing is heavy." The king complained. "Is there a law that says how much the crown has to weigh?" The minister chuckled and shook his head. "Nope." Haruka just sighed and finished her dressing.

The huge ballroom was filled with people. Much to Michirus happiness, Haruka had allowed the captured slaves from planet Neptune to attend the wedding; they all were dressed in new clothes from the clothes chamber, and most of them were happy that their princess would marry the king of Uranus soon. Some of them, however, didn't think that this was right; they thought that Michiru was a traitor for marrying the king who had conquered her planet. But they attended to the wedding anyway, probably because of the great food and the drinks that would be served. Everyone was anxious for the ceremony to start, and they all jumped when suddenly the Uranian trumpets were blown. The door at the far end of the room opened, and Michiru walked in, followed by two maids who carried the long veil which was attached to the aqua haired woman's head. Two hundred jaws met the floor when the guests of the wedding saw Michiru. Wearing a long, dark blue dress and carrying a bunch of Neptunian Roses – Haruka had sent one of her servants to get them for the wedding – she looked absolutely gorgeous. While Michiru gracefully walked over to the altar in the middle of the room, the door opened a second time, revealing the king standing in the doorway. All the female guests nearly fainted, and much of them envied Michiru for getting such a handsome young man. Hotaru stood in the first row, pointing and explaining: "That's my dad! Yes, my dad!" "Awww, isn't she cute?" one of the older uranian women cooed and stretched out one hand to ruffle Hotarus hair. The girl shrieked and jumped away. "Don't touch my hair! The hairdresser made it very beautiful for today!" she yelped, causing the women to awww and oooh even more. Michiru stood at the altar, her heart racing in her chest. She heard Harukas footsteps coming closer, but didn't dare to look around; according to an ancient Neptunian legend, it was bad luck for the couple if the bride turned her back on the altar. Finally, Haruka reached her side and shot her a sideway glance, smiling a little. The priest stepped up to the altar and the ceremony started.

"...and will you, King Haruka Tenoh III, take Princess Michiru Kaioh II to your wife, will honor and love her, in good and in bad times, until death will part you?" "I will." Haruka replied, her voice hoarse with emotion. "So will you, Princess Michiru Kaioh II, take King Haruka Tenoh II to your legal husband, will honor and love him, in good and in bad times, until death will part you?" "I will." Michiru answered, near tears. The priest smiled and spoke: "The rings, please." Ryo stepped forward, handing one ring to Haruka and the other one to Michiru. Michiru was the first one; she gently slid the slender golden band on Harukas finger, smiling up at her love while she did so. Haruka gently took her hand and repeated the procedure. "You now may kiss the bride." The priest allowed, and Haruka lifted the veil. For one second, they just looked into each others eyes, and then Haruka bent down to kiss her new wife long and gentle. "Finally." The blonde thought to herself. "Finally, I'm having a family."