AN: Hey so I never intended on turning this into more than a one-shot but writing is how I deal with painful things and last week my grandmother died. While I was in the mountains of Pennsylvania for the funeral (which all the woods reminds me of any tree shot from the Twilight movies) I started thinking about Welcome Home and Baby Benny. As I said to MissAnnBlack (who made my kickass banner for the story) I don't know what it means when you draw strength from a fictional baby but why not. So here is the second part of Welcome Home dedicated to my grandma who went home to heaven.

Jacob POV

"So when are we leaving?" I asked.

"As soon as we I grab the diaper bag. You have Ben?"

"Yes I do and he's all ready for his first trip to the beach with his daddy." I said as I blew a raspberry on his stomach. I was excited to finally be seeing all our old friends again. We were going to a bonfire to celebrate both Sam and I coming home.

"Ok come on little bug-a-boo its time to go to the beach."

The drive to the beach was short but it felt so good to be driving around the reservation I grew up on once again.

"Jacob, can you take his car seat out so that way he can stay in it?"

"Yes my fiancée dear."

"You are such a dork."

I was holding onto Benny's car seat with one hand so I leaned down to Bella's level and kissed her lips. "Yes but I'm your dork now, you can't get rid of me."

"Come on its wrong to keep the guest of honor from the celebration."

"Bells you can hold me hostage from anything anytime you want."

"Ok come on you not-so-little pervert." Bells said as she grabbed my free hand and we started walking over to wear the others had made the fire pit. "I need to help Emily with something so I'll be right back." She took off ahead and I couldn't help but check out her butt as she ran over to Emily.

Once I got over to the others that had gathered I saw Sam right away.

"Hey Jacob."


"Happy to be home?"

"Yeah aren't you?"

"Yeah did you see how big Emma got?"

"No." I looked around for the now thirteen-month-old daughter Sam and Emily had right before we left.

"Here Emily and Bella set up a pup tent for the babies."

I placed Ben and his car seat in the tent.

"Bells and Em are smart."

"Why thank you." I heard Bella say behind me.

"Keeps them in the shade and sand away from their mouth and eyes." Emily then went into the tent. "I think my baby needs her diaper changed. You two go walk down the beach I'll watch him."

"Thanks Emily. Come on Jacob you have to practice being away from him sometime."


"Come on Solider I want to walk on the beach with my fiancée."

I could tell Sam overheard and he hadn't really talked about telling anyone.

"Oh come on we all knew you two were going to wind up engaged eventually."

Bella POV

Jake and I were walking along the beach and I couldn't help it I was enjoying the cheesy couple moment we were having. Then I heard..

"Jacob." Next thing I know Jacob was on the ground where Seth and Embry had tackled him.

"Hey I missed you guys too."

"You two are so lucky he wasn't carrying the baby." I said with my hands on my hips.

"You brought Benny?" Seth said looking around for him.

"He's in his car seat right by Emma." Jacob said and Embry and Seth started heading towards the tent.

"They all love Benny to death, and I think he likes the attention."

We continued walking down the beach and it suddenly just came out of my mouth. "I want to get married here."

"What?" Jacob asked looking down at me.

"Here in La Push at the beach. I want to marry you where we remet when we were sixteen."

"Your wish is my command."

We kept walking along the beach and I heard "Bella." I turned around to see my best friend at work Alice Whitlock running over towards me with her brother Emmett Cullen.

"Hey guys how are you?"

"Great." Alice responded. "Where's the baby?"

"Back over at the bonfire with our friends. Emmett what's up? How are you?"

"I'm good. And let me just apologize in advanced he heard we were going to the beach and that you might be there and insisted on coming along."

I groaned because I knew he was talking about his brother Edward. Even while I was pregnant he was relentlessly pursuing me. I tried to explain to him that I was planning on getting back together with Jacob when he came home.

"Hey Bella, you and the baby look great today."

"Thanks." Then I felt Jacob's arm go around my waist.

"Oh you must be Jacob, I'm Alice."

"Nice to meet you, Bella met you working at the library right?"

"Yeah I volunteer at the school. All the kids love being in Bella's class."

"Nice to meet you." Then Jacob stuck his hand that wasn't around my waist out to shake hands with Alice. Then he switched his attention to Edward. "Jacob Black nice to meet you."

"Edward Cullen." He replied looking like a five year who had been told they couldn't have a cookie.

"Oh my God! You guys got engaged." Alice squealed as she grabbed my hands.

"Bella you have to be kidding me. He knocks you up and leaves you and you're just going to welcome back with open arms?"

"I didn't leave, I was in Iraq."

"Doing nothing of importance towards ending the war."

"Marines special forces."

"Jacob let's go he's not worth it." I said using all my body weight to pull him away.

As we were walking away I heard four collective voices yelling at Edward. Good he deserved it.

Jacob POV

The rest of the bonfire was a blast. I had definitely missed everyone while I was gone. The clouds had parted during the bonfire and it was one of those rare sunny and warm days.

"Wait Bella he has the weird water proof diaper on?"

"Yes the little swimmers."

"Ok." I took my shirt off and picked Benny up.

"Jacob what are you doing with our son?"

"Just trust me on this." I walked down to the water with Bella right behind me and since I knew this area perfectly I sat down with Benny on my lap right where the waves would slowly lapped over so it was gently hitting Ben's legs and some of his stomach. He started laughing as the waves tickled him.

"See mommy was just being a worry wart. Yes she was."

"Ok you win." Bella and I sat with Benny for a few moments before we got up. Bella wrapped Ben in a yellow terrycloth baby towel.

"Did you like the water with your Dada? Did you?" Bella asked the baby. Benny clapped his little hands together.

"Oh great." I moaned as I saw the rest of the Cullen family with the exception of Edward approach.

"Jacob I'm not apologizing for Edward but I hope you except my apology from the rest of us that we really shouldn't have let it get anywhere near that far." Bella was right it was really hard to say no to Alice.

"It's ok. You guys want to come over for the rest of the bonfire? We were right about to make smores."

"OH MY GOD YES!" Emmett practically screamed.

That broke the tension that was still hanging in the air and without Edward the rest of the Cullens were a pretty cool group.

Right when everyone was about to pack up and go I pulled Jasper aside.

"Jasper, Alice said you're a psychiatrist."

"Yeah why?"

"Have you worked with returning vets before?"

"Yeah I'm a vet as well. Went right in at 17 my mom had to sign the papers so I could enlist."

"Yeah I just thought I would take advantage of the health care and make sure I'm ok."

Jasper stuck out his hand. "Yeah you know a lot of soldiers won't seek psychiatric treatment after coming home."

"Yeah and some of them have problems and I'm not letting that happen with Bella and Benny."

Bella POV

"We're home." I said as I carried Benny up into the apartment.

"I love this being home for you and the baby."

"Yeah me too, do you want me to cook I'm kind of stuffed from the bonfire still."

"Yeah I know I'll make us some sandwiches."

"Mmm I love a man that can cook."

"See Benny learn from your father girls like guys who can fix the car and make food."

I started laughing "So when are we going to make it official?"

"As soon as possible but I kind of need to start working in the garage again. I got a little one to provide for." I playfully smacked him because he was jokingly talking like it was the fifties.

"You miss working with your hands."

"How'd you know?"

"I know you." I said as I put my arms around his waist. "Looks like we tired the little one out."

"Yeah let's get him in his crib."

We put Benny in a fresh diaper and a onesie to sleep in then Jacob wrapped him in a baby blanket and laid him down.

"You ever look at him and think we made a perfect baby? Cause he looks like it to me."

"Yeah I do sometimes." I took Jake by the hand and led him to the kitchen counter.

"Now I was promised a sandwich."

"Ok sure, sure."