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Something Good


When I was a little girl, I spent every summer in a city called Forks, up in the state of Washington, where my dad resided. As someone who had spent most her life in Phoenix Arizona, referring to Forks as a city had always felt strange, and somewhat overrated. Forks is tiny, barely a spec on the map. Until I'd grown old enough to know the difference, I used to think of it as a town.

The city of Forks offers a poor assortment of entertainment for its inhabitants. Whereas most of them had their entire lives to get used to this fact, alongside with boredom and extreme weather, for me, an urban girl who had only seen snow on TV, it had been tougher to cope. Major part of my entertainment came from my dad's VCR set, and a limited selection of videotapes he had kept for me, some of which had miraculously survived his own childhood.

The Sound of Music was my favorite on my dad's collection. The first time I watched it was with my mom one Christmas in Phoenix, but I was four and fell asleep halfway through it. The parts I had watched I couldn't remember; so when one summer I found it at my dad's house, I watched it again. I must have been about eight. I wasn't sure what was about it that got me – the foreign culture, the historical background, Julie Andrews' angel voice – but I was instantly hooked. From then on in, I'd been waiting eagerly for my visits at Forks. Watching The Sound of Music at my dad's living room with the rain tapping on the windows had become a tradition of sorts, a ritual. Even my mom knew better than suggesting we'd watch it together if it happened to be on TV.

By the time I was twelve, I knew by heart every scene, every song, and most of the choreography. My favorite song was Sixteen Going on Seventeen. I wanted to be exactly like Liesl, the eldest of the Von Trapp children. I wanted her wavy hair, her dancer's grace in those fluffy chiffon dresses, I wanted the guy. I thought that by the time I turned sixteen, life would be this; all dancing in the rain and chaste romance and a boy who would admire me and send me secret love letters. But then I had turned sixteen, and none of it happened. That was the only year a visit at my dad's didn't include The Sound of Music.

When the VCR at my dad's turned its place for a more modern DVD player, my dad got The Sound of Music on DVD to go with it. Despite that one disillusionary experience at sixteen, it remains my favorite film of all times; even today, at twenty seven, after accepting I wasn't Liesl and would never be, after learning that romance such as this one existed only on screen, or in books. It had become an integral part of my life. It's my comfort film. Whenever I need an ego boost, humming I Have Confidence usually does the job. Climb Every Mountain was one of the first songs that got into my motivation playlist when I created one on my iPod. Whenever I felt depressed about my lacking love life, I fantasized about dancing with my Prince Charming in a dimly lit gazebo. This is a well-kept secret, especially from my boyfriend of ten months.

I like to think it was The Sound of Music that brought me Edward, even if it isn't exactly the case. I know he's perfect for me because he never makes fun of this weird obsession I have with this film. Even Alice and Angela, my best friends, had slipped once or twice. He never had. For my birthday several months ago, he arranged a trip to Salzburg, where we did a special Sound of Music tour. He is the Captain Von Trapp to my Maria. He is my Prince Charming, my Happily Ever After, my everything. Knowing I was close to losing all this with a single wrong move makes me cherish all the more the fact that he is mine.

It was The Sound of Music which taught me an important life lesson, one of many. When the Lord closes a door, Julie Andrews had said, somewhere he opens a window.

Well, a window is just where this story begins.