It's dark and, oh, so cold.

I hear sounds. Dreadful sounds. Footsteps walking frantically towards me...

I see the curtain open and people rush in to see me, the Devil's Child.

They are quiet and first not seeing the child they came to see for.

The cage door opens and the gypsy man walks toward me. He takes off my sack!

First second is always quiet.

Than screams. Shouts.

Please, please, stop staring at me.

They jeer at me,

laugh at me,

shout at me.

Please, please, I beg you stop throwing those at me.

I am human. Don't look at my deformity. Look inside and see a poor sad boy who longs for love and freedom.

I beg you. Look at my tears. Look at my bones.

Stop, I beg you, stop laughing and staring at me.

Stop, I beg you, hitting me with the fearful whip.

How long do I have to stay here, feeling the torment and pain?

What have I done to deserve this?

I am no monster. I am but a boy trapped in the cage of deformity.

Don't you hear me crying out?

Don't you see the painful tears?

Don't you understand that I am only human?

I am a boy! Look behind my deformed mask made of skins and bones. See the boy that needs love and freedom.

Someone save me!





All I know of this world around me.

Please, I beg you, someone save me from this horror!

Stop, I beg you, and see the boy behind the deformity.