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The Forest Dragon

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

The boy laying down on the bed was now awake, turned over to find his clock and look at the time. It was 5 o'clock. Too early, he thought pulling the covers over his head trying to block out the sounds, but he got up when the alarm went off. With a sigh, he started to get ready for school Opening the closet and taking what he needed, he got dressed and was now looking in a full length mirror. The boy is called Hayashi Ryuu and he is transferring to Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku today. He had black hair with dark red tips and amber eyes, strangely his hair colour was natural and hadn't been dyed. He was wearing a dark green blazer and trousers, with a white shirt, a blue and gold stripped tie and a gold headband patterned with a little black bird. He heard a rustling behind him, turning round he looked out of the window. There was nothing there. Must've been the wind. he thought.

After he was done getting ready he went downstairs to eat breakfast. When he had finished it was six, so he practiced a song on the piano, it was a gift from his parents for his fifth birthday. Hayashi's parents weren't around anymore as they died when he was five, the ebony piano was the last gift he got from them apart from the money they left him. Without his parents, Hayashi had learnt how to do everything by himself. He was a good cook, an okay pianist and decent at sports. Then he left for school grabbing his bags and tennis racket on the way out.

He went straight to get his schedule and locker for the rest of the year. He also signed up for the tennis club when he arrived. Then he went to find the boy's tennis club room, but when he got there two people were talking inside and he didn't want to interrupt so he went to find the girl's tennis buchou┬╣ and asked her to let him use the girl's changing room so he could change, she agreed. He got changed into his tennis gear and went over to the tennis courts, on the way he passed the boy's changing room again and heard people arguing about a 'switch', he knew immediately who was in there. Smiling to himself he continued walking to the tennis courts. When he got there he saw that there was already two people playing, one had pink hair and was chewing chewing gum while the was other was dark skinned and bald, he went over to them and said "Hey, do you want to play?"

"Never seen you around here before. Who are you?" The pink haired one asked, blowing a bubble.

"Hayashi Ryuu, I just transfered today, what about you?"

"Marui Bunta and Jackal Kuwahara." Marui, the pink haired one, and Jackal, the other one.

"So, do you want to play?" Hayashi repeated.

"We play doubles though and you don't have a partner."

"That's fine, I'll play against you both."

Jackal stared at him in disbelief, "At the same time?"

"Sure, why not.' Hayashi replied.

"We'll go easy on you and you can have a handicap then." Marui offered

"That's fine, smooth or rough?"


He spun his racket. It landed the right way up, smooth. "You can serve first." Hayashi said as he got ready to receive the ball.

Jackal served first. Hayashi hit it back starting a rally. "You're pretty good"

"You're not too bad yourself" Marui hit the ball.

Too easy. Hayashi thought. The ball hit the net, rolled along the top and fell off on Hayashi's side "Tsunawatari*." Hayashi stared at the ball, frozen. "Dou, tensai deki**?" Marui said with a bubble.

Hayashi composed himself mumbling "Interesting." and continued on with the game.

Game to Marui and Jackal 1-3.

Jackal served again and started up another rally. ''If you thought Tsunawatari was ingenious wait till you see my ultimate move,''proclaimed Marui.

"Oh I really want to see you hit your ultimate move. Please can you show it to me?" Hayashi asked with fake enthusiasm.

Marui hit the ball which bounced off the net pole then landed on Hayashi's side.

"Higi:Techuu Ate ***' Marui looked over at Hayashi to see if he was awed by his ultimate move only to find that he was smiling. "Why are you smiling?"

"I was thinking that if that's it then this is going to be easier than I thought." he laughed.

"Don't start acting overconfident, you still haven't returned any of my shots yet." Marui was getting angry.

Game to Marui and Jackal 2-3.

"Looks like you're just talk." Marui says smirking.

"That's what you think." Hayashi hit the ball, "I'll start playing properly now."

He's probably...What!Marui thought, "Ouch!" The ball had bounced and then spun towards Marui's face, wiping the smirk right off it, he had managed to move in time to only get a graze.

"Oh sorry, I thought that you would be good enough to actually not get hit so I aimed for your face." He said, voice full of sarcasm.

Game to Hayashi 2-4.

Ever since Hayashi won the last game everything went down hill for Marui and Jackal. They hadn't even managed to even get one point, anyone watching would have been able to guess who was going to win.

Game to Hayashi 2-6 Hayashi wins.

"Looks like I win. I thought that you both would be worth challenging seeing as you are regulars. Oh well." Hayashi declared shrugging as he turned away to get his bag.

"Where are you going? We're not finished here yet, I can still play! I want a rematch!" Marui announced to the surprise of Jackal and Hayashi.

Hayashi turned to face Mauri, "Surly you're tired out by now," he sighed,"But if you want a rematch you can have one."

"This time I won't give you a handicap." Marui remarked smirking like he had already won.

He thinks it's allbecause of the handicap. Hayashi shook his head at the thought smiling to himself, "You can serve first again."

Unsurprisingly, Hayashi won 1-6 and they only managed to get the one game because Hayashi let them get the points so he could regain what little stamina he lost and because he pitied Jackal for having a partner like him, Marui on the other hand he didn't feel as sorry for since he did ask for a rematch.

"You play well." a voice called out.

They all looked up at the voice and Hayashi saw two boys, one with bleached hair and the other with brown hair and glasses walking over to the courts. "Thank you." Hayashi replied.

"I'm Niou Masaharu and this is my partner Yagyuu Hiroshi." the bleached haired boy pointed at himself first then at the brown haired one.

"Hayashi Ryuu."

Niou and Yagyuu go over to Marui and Jackal, "Really, how could you lose to one person when you're playing doubles? Puri." Niou asked smirking not noticing the glare Hayashi was giving him.

"Gave him...a handicap...in the first match...already exhausted...by the second.' Marui replied panting heavily.

"You wanted the second match so that's not my fault." Hayashi retorted as he went over to his bag and to look at his watch. "We still have a lot of time left, so do you two want to play a match?"

Jackal looked over at Hayashi and queried "Aren't you tired yet?"

He answered smiling "Not really, that was just a warm up, this time maybe i'll get to play seriously."

Niou looked at Yagyuu silently asking if he wanted to play. Yagyuu nodded. "Okay then."

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Rough translation

┬╣-buchou- captain

*-Tsunawatari- Tightrope walking

**-Dou tensai deki- Well genius-like?

***-Higi:Techuu Ate- Ultimate move: Metal bell hit


Next chapter Niou/Yagyuu, Who will win in this match?

Game to Hayashi 2-0


"It just started getting fun."


"Oh, still got some fight left in you."


Game to Niou and Yagyuu 4-2