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Warnings (I think. Might be a bit pointless): Non-graphic, kind of implied/suggested torture right at the beginning for a few lines (I don't know) and injury (don't think it needs a warning, but ya never know). Oh and blood, I guess, not a lot but :/


Blood. He stumbled, gagging slightly at the smell of the blood. The scent of it bringing a memory he had tried to bury in his mind. He put a hand on the wall beside him to steady himself as the other grasped his mouth trying to swallow back the bile that had risen. It was almost like he was back there. In that room. The room where his blood had literally painted the floor red with the shear amount he had spilt there. He closed his eyes tightly shut hoping to force the images away. Those scarring recollections of the room, that man, his voice. His voice, oh, the sound of that man's voice. The cold nature of it and the underlying tone that promised pain if it was not obeyed. He had learnt the hard way though, that that man's promises were always fulfilled. Always. He could hear it now, that first time.

My patience is running short with you, child.

No stop it!

I will not tolerate it anymore.
Ah! It hurts!

You need to learn your place.
Please, stop it!

Disobedience will not be tolerated.
Stop. I-I'm sorry.
Will you do what I want?
P-please... I-I can't.
Well, then you're not sorry enough. Are you, my little angel?

Stop it! Hayashi thought I'm not there, not anymore. He took a deep, calming breath before slowly opening his eyes, looking to see where the blood was coming from. Kirihara was lying on the floor propping himself up with his arms, bloodied and scrunched up tissues littered around his left leg which was covered in blood. Yanagi was cleaning up the leg, small cuts surrounding one long gash that ran along the outside of his thigh and stopped at the knee, which although didn't seem life threatening probably needed more than a few stiches. Niou and Marui were having an argument and Jackal was trying to keep it from becoming a full blown fight. "This is your fault!" The pink-headed Tensai* exclaimed.

"You fell into him." Niou argued.

"You're the one that pushed me into him." Marui retorted.

"Calm down guys. It's neither of your faults." Jackal said with a sigh.

"It's his fault though, Jackal." Marui complained.

Their whining was getting on Hayashi's nerves at the moment and he snapped, "Niou, don't you dare respond! Just be quite for a second would you, please. You're both giving me a headache."

They all looked up at him at his sudden and surprising outburst. Niou just about to respond with his probably witty remark, but it died with the shout and he closed his mouth, Marui and Jackal following suit and keeping quiet. Yanagi quickly glanced up from what he was doing and asked, "Hayashi, do you have a first aid kit anywhere?"

"Um, yeah. I think it's downstairs, but he'll probably need stiches." Hayashi stated.

"Yes, but the closest hospital is half an hour away. The best we can do for now is use bandages to help slow the bleeding." Yanagi explained.

"Oh. Hmm… maybe…" Hayashi muttered. I could call him, I guess. He thought to himself. "Okay. I'll get the first aid kit and then I'll call my… friend. He's a doctor so he should be able to stick up the cut and he lives nearby. "

Just then the doorbell rang. Ryuu went downstairs, opened the door and in the doorway stood a man, "You needed a doctor?"


Rough translation:
*Tensai - genius

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