It had been two months since Mia last saw Dean and she was finally letting go. The first few weeks were hard on her and she wanted nothing more than to be with him but she knew she couldn't. He would only see her as one thing and one thing only…his own personal call girl.

So to get over Dean Winchester and their year fling of dominant sex, angry sex, tender sex…all around sex she threw her phone out the car window and never looked back. She wondered some days if he ever tried calling her just to see if she was ok because she stopped answering her phone but she knew she had to get over it, over him.

She met a guy a few weeks later who was nice, handsome and over all good guy. The type that she never looked for she was always looking for that beat up, charming, leather jacket, rebel, bad boy…Dean Winchester. She knew something was wrong with her if she was always comparing people to Dean, her drug.

Mia was sitting at her desk in Harvey's Auto Store tapping her pencil on the desk. She only had more two hours to go until she was out of this place. The hours were long and the pay was crap but it was all the work she could find. It wasn't with out its perks. This was where she had met Grant. He had come in to buy some oil and that led to him asking her out. Mia was a little unsure at first but saying yes was the best decision she had made in a long time.

As the hours turned into minutes, Mia began to gather her stuff and prepare to head home. She had her back to the door when she heard the bell, "I'm sorry but we are getting ready to close." Mia never turned around.

"Looks like I got here just in time then." The man said and Mia's body froze. She turned around slowly and was looking into the eyes of none other than the man she has tried desperately to forget, "Hey baby." He said in his usual sexy tone that made her go weak in the knees.

"What...what are you doing here Dean?" She asked still trying to stay strong. She couldn't let herself get caught up in his charm again but just seeing him was harder than she ever though.

"Thought I would just drop in and see how things were going. Sorry I didn't call… oh wait I did but for some reason your number doesn't work." Dean said in a semi angry tone.

Mia had a feeling this day would come sooner or later. She had always hoped it would be much later when she was more in control of her emotions, "I got a new phone about two months ago."

"Didn't care to tell me?" He asked and she just rolled her eye, "I thought we were closer than that Mia."

"Your definition of close is a lot different than mine Dean."

Mia picked up her purse and walked toward the door and Dean grabbed her arm, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing Dean I just need to go. It's been a long day."

"Maybe I can help you relax a little," Dean said pulling her into his arm and whispered in her ear, "What do you say about me, you, a six pack? Lets say around nine o'clock.?"

Mia looked into those eyes and parts of her were screaming 'god yes' but she couldn't go back down that road. She wasn't just some slut he could pick up when he felt like it. She had Grant now and that's what mattered, "Not this time Dean" she said pulling away from him.

She opened the front door and Dean followed her out, "Whoa hold up're saying no?"

"Yes Dean I am. It was good to see you." Mia locked the door and started to walk to her car when Dean jumped in front of her and she sighed, "What now?"

"At least tell me what has crawled up your ass. What the hell did I do to you?""

"Look Dean it's nothing personal it's just," ok this was the hard part, "I am with someone now and I'm happy."

Dean just looked at her and as she looked into his eye she could have swore there was a little pain. That look alone almost made her want to take everything back she just said and leave with him but she new she couldn't do that. Mia knew he would just be gone in a few days, leaving her heartbroken. She gave him a soft smiled and headed to her car.

"Do you love him?" Dean called out and Mia turned and looked at him, "Yes or no?" Dean asked as he walked over to her.

"Why would you ask me that?"

"It's just a simple questions Mia."

Mia rolled her eyes, "Dean I don't have time for this. I really need to go."

Just as Mia reached her car and opened he door, Dean closed it, "At least tell me the guy's name."

Mia turned around and frowned at him, "No I am not telling you his name because all you want to do is look him up, find him, and beat the shit out of him. You've done it before." Dean just smirked, "its not funny Dean."

She turned back around and once again tried to open her door but Dean stopped her, "I am not letting you leave with out you explaining why it's all of a sudden over between us."

That was all Mia could take. She whipped around and looked him in the eye, "Us? There was never an 'us' Dean. The only time you ever called me was for one reason and one reason only. I have finally moved on. I am with a guy who wants more than just meaningless sex from me. We can actually have a conversation that last longer than a minute. It's over Dean."

Dean wasn't sure what to say to her right now. He was shocked in a way by what she said. Their sex wasn't meaningless to him. It meant more than she knew. She never once said that she wasn't happy with their situation.

Mia watched as Dean just stood there in the parking lot. Once again she just wanted him to take her in her arms and hold her but that couldn't happen. He looked at her one last time before walking away from her. Her eyes began to swell as she felt the tear building. Maybe part of her was still hoping he would at least try to fight for her but who was she kidding? This was Dean Winchester. She knew now that she was nothing more than a piece of ass to him and that's all she would ever be.

She got into her car, wiped the tears from her eyes, and drove out of the parking lot.

Dean sat in the impala as she watched her drive by him. He felt a slight sting in his chest know that she was going home to someone else tonight. Mia was his and she didn't know it yet but he wasn't giving her up with out a fight.

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