Another Night On The Boardwalk

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Another Night On The Boardwalk! :)

"One foot rub for me please!"

Everyone in the room cheered for my victory, while Sasuke sighed. He placed his cards down, and reached for my foot grumpily. "Dammit, Tenten...since when did you get so good at poker? That's the fifth foot rub today!"

I stuck my tongue out at him teasingly. Gambling for foot rubs is just awesome. "Love you too, Sas-oh, yeeeah...That feels good..."

"Hn. Wish I knew..." Sasuke mumbled, while continuing his magic. "I swear, it feels like all I've been doing these past 5 years is working and massaging feet."

I guess Sasuke was sort of right. Ever since our high school graduation, we've established some sort of 'tradition'. Every Friday at 5:00, when everyone gets off work, we all play poker at someone's house. This week, we were invited to Hinata and Naruto's house; and as usual, Sasuke lost. Big time. That man can't play poker for shit! That's why he's constantly rubbing our feet.

"Dude! Take a load off! I can massage your feet!" Naruto exclaimed from across the room. Sasuke and I turned to where he was; standing in between Sakura and Hinata in the kitchen.

Shikamaru, who was lazing on the couch, smirked. "Heh, of course you'd like that...but I think he'd like something else to be massaged, Naruto."

"I think you're getting the two of you confused, Shikamaru." Ino replied with a mischievous look on her face. "Don't you agree, Sakura?"

Sakura giggled. "I do agree. Shikamaru probably hasn't bonked a girl in ages...he must be getting desperate..."

Everyone began giggling, while Shikamaru sat up dramatically. "Actually, for your information, Ino and I recently-"

"Woah...! Dude! Did not need to know that!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I think we all agree with you Naruto." I replied. I turned towards Shikamaru and Ino. They've been dating for about a year now, ever since Shikamaru defended Ino in court; being the great lawyer he is. I personally think that it's great they're a couple now...but all we hear nowadays, are the adventures of their relationship.

Have you ever...done stuff on top of a Ferris wheel?

...Yeah, didn't think so.

"So how was it...?" Sasuke smirked while wagering his eyebrows.

Shikamaru leaned forward so his elbows were touching his knees."Man, I've never heard Ino scre-"

"Keep some details to yourselves!" Sakura exclaimed, cutting him off. The rest of us girls nodded, while the guys began to exchange details.


"Um...E-Excuse me everyone..." Hinata said quietly. We all turned to face her and Naruto. Both were blushing. "I hate to interrupt your...discussion...but...myself and Naruto have something to tell you..."

"Yeah! It's actually the reason why we called all of you out to our place..." The blond said while wrapping his arm around Hinata's waist. "It just slipped our minds while we were all playing poker, and just having a good time!"

"Yes! But you see, Sakura just reminded us of it when she said 'keeping details'..." Hinata added.

"And we would hate to keep this to ourselves and not tell you guys...because you're like family!"

"Yeah! And...Oh, my...this is so hard to say..." Hinata began fidgeting with her fingers.




"Yes?" The rest of us questioned in unison. Waiting is a big challenge for us.

"We're having a baby!" Naruto and Hinata exclaimed, grinning as hard as they could.





Hinata nodded. Both her and Naruto were still smiling brightly. Everyone then got up, and raced over to the happy couple to congratulate and hug them. Today was definitely a good day.

"How many weeks!" I asked after I had pulled Hinata into a tight embrace.

Hinata blushed. "It'll be 10 weeks tomorrow..."

"I'm so happy for you two!" Sakura said cheerfully.

"You three..." Ino corrected, placing a hand on Hinata's tummy. We all giggled. This was probably the reason why Naruto wanted to massage Sasuke's feet...


I then turned towards the daddy. He was with the boys; Shikamaru and Sasuke, talking to them.

"Congrats, Naruto. I think you've proven your sexuality to us now..." Shikamaru said, while embracing Naruto into a bear hug.

"Finally!" Naruto exclaimed, before throwing his head up to let off a good laugh. "Just kidding. Thanks everyone."

Sasuke smiled. "You'll be a great father, Naruto."

He grinned, before giving Sasuke a good ol' fist pound. "Thanks, man! Still can't believe it, you know? Time flies by fast!"

"It does." Sasuke nodded.

"I mean, look at all of us now! Ino and Shikamaru, Myself and Hinata...The baby..."


"And now we just have you, Saks, and Tennie as our proud bachelors!"

"Y-yeah..." Sasuke smiled. The three of them stood there, all grinning at each other in silence.




"Guys! I think we're having a moment!" Naruto whispered happily. Shikamaru rolled his eyes at that comment while Sasuke smirked.






"Great, way to ruin it, Sasuke." Naruto complained. I couldn't help but to laugh.

"S-sorry! Lemme just step outside for a second, I'll be right back..." Sasuke replied quickly, while stuffing his hands in his pockets, and making a mad dash for the door.

Naruto and Shikamaru sighed.




"Whoops! Sorry!" I said quickly as I made my way to the door, trying to find my phone.

"Oh, come on! Can't a couple of men have a moment around here!" Naruto wailed.

"Um...Cause that would just be plain weird and g-"

I couldn't hear the rest of their conversation once I had stepped outside, but I'm sure that it was going to end smoothly. I pressed the answer button on my phone, and held it up and onto my ear.


"Hey baby girl!" It was my mother.

"Hey, Mom...What's going on?" I asked while twirling a loose strand of hair with my finger. Whenever my mom starts talking, she does NOT shut up for at least a good 10 minutes. And to be honest, I didn't have much time to spare at the moment. It was already 7:15; and I had to leave soon. I didn't want tonight to be the one night that I'm late.

"Listen, I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to-"

"Mom? Can I call you back in about an hour? I still haven't finished studying for the exams..." Ok, I lied. My exams were LONG done. All I was waiting for now was for the school year to start, so that I could make some cash.

Not that I'll get much, considering it's a teacher's salary...

"Oh, sure sweetie! Bye!" She then hung up. I sighed, before shoving the device back into my pocket. That was easier then I expected.

"You better get going, Tenten...It's 7:17."

I jumped, before turning to find Sasuke looking at me with a bored expression on his face. "Right...Thanks! Could you let them know that I'm leaving?"

He nodded. "Of course. I need to head out too, so I'll let them know...I'll see you later..." He then turned, and headed towards the door.

"Thanks! Bye!" I said, while walking towards my car.

I might just make it...

5 years...

I've been coming to this very spot everyday for 5 years without a fail.

I sat down on the wood's wet surface, and allowed my feet to dangle off the edge. The cold wetness felt great on my sweaty toes, as I lightly traced circles in the water. I picked up a nearby pebble and threw it into the lake, watching the ripples grow in size...and come to an end as they all eventually faded away.

5 years of sitting here...


On the damned boardwalk that started it...

And that ended it all.

And for the first time in 5 years...

I think I was finally getting sick of it.

I picked up another pebble and simply held it in my hands, with memories of that night racing through my head.

'We'll meet up here soon, Tenten, don't worry,' he once said to me; 5 years ago, when it all ended.

'But how can you be so sure! You'll probably fin-'

'No, I won't. We will meet up here,'

After he said those words to me, I thought that he would keep his promise. But, after so many years...

Neji must've forgotten. He must've found someone else after 5 years of being separated from each other. Just face it, Tenten...

You need to move on.

I sighed. Moving on was easier said than done. Neji was my first boyfriend, first kiss, and my first love.

Firsts take more time than others; don't you think?

And besides! It's not like we wanted to break up...we had to! Neji was to go to a university far from here, leaving me, and everyone else behind.

But...5 years...? Over one boy?

I let these thoughts ponder through my head as I examined the rock that was still in my hands, in more detail.

Wow...I really have no life...

I finally threw the pebble into the water, and stood up.

I had to move on. For my own sake. I can't continue doing this like some obsessed freak!

I mean, look at everyone else! Ino and Shikamaru have created a history together, while Naruto and Hinata have created a child together!

I want to do these sorts of things too! Call me selfish, but...

I need to move on...for myself...

And for him.


"Hey, Big Bang my BABY!"

Big Bang, my adorable Dalmatian puppy (that completely ambushed me once I entered my house) barked, and began wagging his tail like a

"You wanna go for a walk, don't cha!" I cooed, while bending down to pat him. "Here, we'll go in a bit. I just have to call Granny, okay?"

I left Big Bang, and walked towards my bedroom. I plopped onto my bed and dialed my mom's number. After a few seconds, she answered.

"Hey, Mom."

"Hi, Tennie! I'm so glad you remembered to call back!" She said happily through the reciever.

I snorted. "Of course I'd call back. So...what did you want to talk about?"

"Ah! Straight to the point! Just like your father!"


"R-right...Sorry...I keep forgetting that you still have yet to move on..." She sighed.

There was a bit of an awkward silence between the two of us.

" what did you want...?" I asked again. I was starting to become irritated...

"Oh! Well...I was just wondering...there's this very sweet young man-"

"Mom..." I groaned. "How many times do I have to tell you! I am NOT interested in getting married right now!"

"I know!'re not getting younger, you know..."

"MOM! I'm 23! That's too young to get married! Besides, I'm still getting used to living by myself and working and all that jazz..."

"Listen Honey, I know! But trust me, you'll really like this guy!"

There was another awkward pause. Why was my mother so set on getting me married! It seems all we ever talk about these days, is marriage.

I decided to finally ask.

"Tell me, Mom...why are you so set on getting me married! All you ever do now is tell me about the various boys you meet!"

"Tenten," her tone changed dramatically. "I'm only doing what I feel is right. And I hate seeing you sad all the time. You really need to move on!"

"..." There was nothing I could say to that.

"So please...will you just give him a chance...? You'll really like him!"





I can't believe she's trying so hard for my sake.

Her methods might not be the best...but she is right...

I need to move on.

"...Fine, I guess...How bad could it be?"

"Yay! I knew you'd say yes! Go! Meet him right now! He's waiting for you at the park."

"What the hell! Right now! You're not even going to tell me who he is?"

She giggled. "Nope! I want to surprise you! Go! Bye Sweetie! Tell me everything!"

"...She just hung up on me..." I sighed, before grabbing my jacket and car keys, and heading out the door.

"I knew that this would be a waste of time..." I mumbled to myself. So far, no one was here, other than myself. "What a waste of time..."



...Well this is fun...

"Sorry to have kept you waiting! My car wouldn't start..."

I stood frozen in my spot. I knew that voice too well. I slowly turned towards the man that had just spoken. His expression was just as dumbstruck as mine.



I couldn't believe it. Out of all the people in the world...Sasuke! That's just too weird...

Apparently he thought so too, because he kept running his hands through his duck butt hair while mumbling random sentences. He finally looked up at me. We both stared at each other and finally burst out laughing. Sasuke and me? A COUPLE!


We both sat down on a nearby bench, and began talking. Apparently, Sasuke's secretary thought that his life was too busy at work, and that he wasn't taking proper care of himself at home. She then suggested for him to find a wife to help him out.

"That's when my mom comes in, right?" I asked once he has finished talking.

He nodded. "Yeah, she said that she knew of someone that was looking to find a husband. At first I didn't agree to the whole 'arranged marriage' thing...but when I thought about it, I realized that I really don't take care of myself properly. So, I decided to give every girl a chance...Still can't believe you're one of them though..."

We both chuckled.

"So...what now?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I dunno. To be honest, I wouldn't mind marrying you. I mean, you're nice, smart, pretty, and I know you, so I wouldn't feel weird or anything. But..."


"But..." Sasuke looked at me. "I know that you're still waiting for Hyuga."

I smiled softly. Sasuke's a nice guy. And pretty good-looking. Hard to believe he's still single.

Sasuke stood up. "I guess I'll see you around..." He turned around to leave, just before I grabbed his sleeve and pulled him back onto the bench. He looked startled. 'Y-yes?"

"I...I just want to tell you that...I'll do it...You know...If you wanted to..." I said slowly, trying not to make things awkward. Sasuke then smiled, and moved in closer to give me a peck on the cheek.

"Of course. I'll see you around then." And in the blink of an eye, he left.

To have gone from my best friend to my now, fiancé faster than you could say 'spastastic' was sort of scary. But, Sasuke's a good guy, and I could never say no to him. Besides, I needed to move on and start over. And, I did.



My mom's gonna get a kick outta this...

"Big Bang! Where are you, baby!"

Big Bang growled when he saw me. I guess he still was a bit pissed off about the delayed walk...

Speaking of piss...


"Big Bang! How could you!" I exclaimed, grabbing his leach, and placing it on his collar. Big Bang wagged his tail happily. "Come on, let's go..."

I opened the door and let him outside first while I followed. We walked around the block a few times, before heading towards the park. Once we were there, I sat down on the same park bench as earlier, and reached into my bag for a treat.

"Alright, Big Bang...sit!" I commanded, as Big Bang just stared at me. He finally sat, and stayed in that position for a good few seconds.



"...No! Big Bang! I said 'sit' not 'shit'!"

He barked, and continued to wag his tail as I reached into my bag for a bag. When I found one and bent down to pick up the dog's present, Big Bang must've found a squirrel or something, because when I looked up, he was halfway down the block.

"Shit!" I mumbled as I started running to chase him. "Big Bang!" I must've not been looking while I was running, because the next thing I knew, I tripped, and was falling towards the ground.


Why wasn't I on the ground?

"You okay?" A masculine voice said from in front of me. He must've caught me before I landed.

"Y-Yeah...Thank you!" I replied.

"No problem." He then hoisted me up properly onto my feet.

I froze. That voice...

I slowly looked up towards his face, to nearly fall down again. This cannot be happening.

He must've felt the same way.



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