Our Sweet Bella

Chapter 1

Author Notes: I know that this story has been done before, probably loads of times, but I love these types of stories, but I plan on mixing it up a bit. Well enjoy, please read and comment, all comments are welcome, how can I improve if no one criticizes me.

I do not own Twilight; I'm just having a bit of fun with Stephanie Meyer's characters.

Esme's Point of View:

Me and Carlisle were hunting, I had just fed on two Deer's, not very appetising but enough to keep my thirst at bay for now at least.

I felt Carlisle's arms come around me and kiss me on the cheek. "Only you could make feeding on deer sexy." I laughed and turned around and wound my arms around his neck and kiss him on the lips.

When we finally broke apart, I smelt a delicious scent, so different from the deer, the smell of fresh human blood, it wasn't far away. Then a blood curling scream came afterwards.

"What was that?" I pondered and ran in the direction of the noise, the person sounded in so much pain.

"Esme darling, maybe we shouldn't." I heard Carlisle say behind me but I ignored him, I was determined to find the human who was in so much pain, I needed to do something to help.

I came across a car that had been overturned and was on fire there were three humans in there. I got on my knees and started to pull the humans from the front of the car and get them to safety. As I put them on the ground, the lady looked in to my eyes.

"Save Bella, you must save my daughter, please." The lady looked at me with pleading eyes I nodded and the lady seemed to give up. I ran to the car and got the child out of the car. She was still alive, I could hear her crying. I ran over to her parents but Carlisle was already with them.

"I'm afraid there dead." Carlisle whispered, with his head bowed over the humans. I closed my eyes in sadness.

"How's the child?" Carlisle asked. That brought to the child in my arms I looked to the girl who had stopped crying and was looking up at me fascinated, the girl was no more than three and she was one of the prettiest children I had ever seen, she had brown curly hair and big brown eyes. I smiled at her and she smiled slightly at me.

"She's fine, shocked I think." I kept looking in to her eyes enchanted by there beauty. "We better take her home she must be so frightened." I said never taking my eyes of Bella, who was now sucking her thumb, cuddling her teddy to her.

"Esme darling, do you really think this is wise." Carlisle asked worried.

"What else can we do, leave her here alone, I'm not leaving the child, no I'm taking her home." Carlisle signed in defeat.

"Fine, take her home; I'm going to phone the police." I didn't need any more encouragement, I took of running.

I was at home; I put Bella on the couch and got a blanket to cover her. She was already flat out on the couch. For once I regretted never buying a bed; I bet that couches weren't very good for humans to sleep on.

"What's with the human girl on our couch?" Rosalie barked at me.

"Keep your voice down, she's trying to sleep." I pulled Rosalie in to the kitchen and closed the door behind us. "There was a car accident, me and Carlisle found the car over turned we pulled them out, but the girl's parents died, she was all alone and I couldn't abandon her." To my surprise Rosalie's face softened.

"Of course you couldn't."

"Where is she?" Alice's voice sang from the living room, I laughed of course Alice had seen us find Bella. I then heard a whimpering. Great Bella was up. I ran in to the living room, where Alice was hugging a terrified Bella. Jasper was staying far away from the girl, looking at Alice with an amused expression on his face.

"Stop it Alice your scaring the little girl." Jasper said laughing. Alice jumped of Bella but kept looking at her smiling. Bella cowered in to the couch, keeping her eyes from Alice.

"Aw she's so cute." Alice was practically jumping with glee.

"Who are you people? Where are my Mommy and Daddy?" I went to sit next to the girl, but to my surprise Rosalie took my place.

"Don't worry your safe with us." Rosalie said tenderly, she looked at me, I nodded getting her meaning and went upstairs, Alice and Jasper followed.

Rosalie's POV

How was I supposed to tell the little girl that her parents were dead, god she will be so upset. I picked her up and put her on to my lap. The girl looked up at me and smiled sweetly.

"What's your name?" She whispered.

"Rosalie, what's yours?" I smiled at her, she was so cute. She reminded me of how I imagined my own daughter to look like.

"Isabella, but Mommy and Daddy call me Bella. Do you know where Mommy and Daddy are?" I closed my eyes and thought of the best way to explain this to her.

"Do you know where heaven is?" Bella nodded.

"It's where angels live." Typical little girl answer.

"Well your Mommy and Daddy went to live with the angels." Bella's lips quivered.

"But they live with me." She sobbed quietly. "Can't I go and live with the angels as well." My heart ached for the little girl in my arms.

"I'm sorry but no." I whispered.

"But who will look after me." Yes indeed who would look after little Bella. No way was I going to leave this little girl in the hands of humans, they could be so mean and horrible, and how could I guarantee that good people would adopt her. But what other alternative was there. Except her living with us, but again that could be dangerous for her, a human living with vampires.

"I will look after you." I regretted the words the moment they left my mouth. I wanted nothing more than to look after Bella, but how could I promise her that, when I hadn't spoke to the others about it.

"I want my Mommy and Daddy." Bella cried, I pulled her to my hard body and rocked her slowly.

"I know baby, I'm sorry." I hummed to her quietly and Bella drifted of to sleep.

About half an hour later Carlisle walked in, he looked at Bella in my arms and smiled slightly.

"Rosalie, can we all speak up stairs." Carlisle said quietly, not to wake Bella up. I nodded and I stood up and lightly placed Bella on the couch, I put the blanket on her and kissed the top of her head and then followed Carlisle upstairs.

We gathered in Carlisle and Esme's room. Esme was sitting on the couch with Alice who was jumping up and down excitingly.

"How's Bella, did you explain to her about her parents." Esme asked and I nodded. "Aw how did the poor girl take it?"

"She's devastated obviously, but she cried herself to sleep." Esme nodded sadly and turned her attention to Carlisle.

"How did it go with the police?" Esme asked.

"I explained how we came across the accident and pulled the family out and how you noticed that the child was still alive and how you decided to take the child home." Carlisle explained. "I suggested that we keep Bella for the weekend until child services open on Monday. The police agreed that she will be better of with us instead of the police station." Everyone nodded in agreement except me.

"What happens on Monday? We hand her over to strange humans that might hurt her, no way, why can't we look after her." I said, Jasper shot a horrified look at me, he hated the idea of a human staying here, but I didn't care. No way were strange humans looking after my Bella.

"I don't think that is for us to decide Rosalie, she is human, it's for the humans to decide what is best for her." Carlisle explained, always the voice of reason.

"What happens if they send her to brutal humans who hurt her?"I shot at him.

"And what happens if we hurt her, we'll be exposed." Carlisle shot back at me.

"I can protect her, I would never harm her." I said disgusted at the idea of hurting sweet Bella. With them statements everyone turned to Jasper in the corner.

"I agree with Rosalie, I don't see us hurting Bella." Alice said with a smile. "I think she'll be good for us."

"Alice I don't think I can…" Jasper started but Alice stopped him.

"I know you can Jazz, I wouldn't agree if I didn't think you can handle this." Alice had him there, she would never let it happen if she thought jasper would kill her, if any of us would kill Bella.

"She has no family now, we can be her family." Esme said softly. Carlisle signed, he couldn't argue with Esme.

"We'll finish this discussion when Edward and Emmett get home." Carlisle said defeated leaving the room. Alice squealed with delight.