Our Sweet Bella

Chapter 41

Author Notes: I'm alive. Sorry for the long update but work has taken all my time. This story will be completed, I promise

Bella's POV

I was going to die, that was the only thought that crossed my mind when Daisy bent down for the kill. It was nothing romantic or heroic, and there was definitely nothing Hollywood about it, my whole life didn't flash before my eyes, I just braced for the pain. I always thought that I'd die young, I never imagined myself as an eighty year old woman living her last years in a nursing home, living for visits from family and waiting for death. I also never imagined my death to come from my best friend who was more like a sister.

"Daisy!" I gasped again hoping to stall the inevitable. If she recognised me maybe I could slow her down before Edward or Jake could get to me. I knew that even if Daisy recognised it would not stop her natural vampire nature which was to kill, never mind who the unfortunate human she had killed, even if it was her best friend. That is if Daisy still remembered me, I knew from the Cullen's that human memories faded to the point that they had very little if any memory at all of their past life. It was hard to think that Daisy may not remember the years we spent at the home together and how close the two of us really were.

For some reason, at the sound of her name, Daisy stopped and withdrew her head slightly. I wasn't sure if this was out of surprise that her food was speaking to her and seemed to know her name or if she somehow remembered who I was and what I once meant to her. That moment of pause only lasted a second before Daisy bent down for the final kill. I closed my eyes and waited for death.

At that second I felt a powerful force shove Daisy off me. I opened my eyes to see Edward attacking Daisy. At that moment I was torn between two thoughts, relief that my saviour had come and that there was a chance I'd live through this day. But the thought that took over my mind at that second was my boyfriend was going to kill my best friend, never mind what Daisy was about to do before Edward stopped her. All I could I could focus on was stopping Edward from killing my friend.

"Stop!" I screamed at the two of them. Edward quickly stopped and stared at me stunned. Unaffected by my scream Daisy took another lunge for me but Edward was quicker and was able to wrap his arms around her and restrain her.

The sight of Daisy frightened me; she was struggling in Edward's arms trying to throw off her captor to get to her meal. That's what I am to her now, no longer her best friend but a measly human that was nothing but food. Daisy no longer was that happy go lucky girl that I knew but a staring vampire, all I could see in those blood red coloured eyes was hunger.

I didn't know what I was doing but I started to make my way towards Daisy who had her eyes set on me. I knew that one move Daisy could escape Edward's arms and I would be dead, but I still carried on walking towards them. I needed to talk to my friend, to make her remember me.

"What are you doing Bella? She'll kill you," Edward shouted at me, but I ignored him.

"Daisy, do you remember me, it's me Bella," I said gently. Daisy seemed to stop struggling but she carried on looking at me with hunger in her eyes. "You remember back at the children's home, we were- are best friends, we used to do everything together. I helped you rehearse in the school show. I used to play the piano for you when you were upset. You tried to convince me to be a concert pianist instead of a doctor, saying that I was so talented that I needed to show the rest of the world. You wanted to be an actress, to be on Broadway, we were going to go to University together." My voice was breaking with emotion, remembering my best friend, realising that all of Daisy's dreams were never going to come true now. Daisy's eyes were fixed on me, her blood red eyes were devoid from any emotion but I couldn't tell if my words were getting through to her, but she seemed to be struggling less now.

"Bella, if I let her go, she will kill you, never mind what she meant to you before, she won't give it a second thought," Edward's words brought me out of my reverie. Was he suggesting what I think he's suggesting, which wasn't an option.

"She won't hurt me, she's my best friend, that's got to count for something," I said but I wished that I felt more confident than I sound.

"Bella, you don't realise, how dangerous a new born vampire is," Edward said but I didn't want to hear it. True I didn't know how dangerous a new born vampire was, but I was around vampires every day and I've never been hurt.

"No you don't understand," I snapped back at him. "She's like my sister. Could you hurt a member of your family?" I asked but in a softer voice.

"That's different," Edward reasoned.

"No, it really isn't," I answered sadly. Why were we having this conversation, shouldn't Edward want to save her because she was my best friend wasn't that enough to trust me on this?

"What the hell is going on here? Why haven't you killed that bitch yet," Jacob demanded behind us back in his human form.

"Ask Bella," Edward answered annoyed.

"Are you on a special mission to save all bloodsuckers or something? She's trying to kill you," Jacob explained like he would to a child.

"I know but it's not that simple," I shouted back. I was just so frustrated; they were treating me like a child. "She's my best friend Jake." I tried to reason with him, they both must realise how much this meant to me.

"Your friend is dead Bella," Jacob said and recoiled with shock, he said that so coldly that he really thought that.

"No she isn't," I cried out, but at this point I was just beyond reasoning with the two of them. Edward was the one who shocked me the most. Jacob I knew his prejudices against vampires, he saw them all as evil monsters with no soul or redemption. But Edward he'd gone through exactly what Daisy is going through, he knew it just took time for a vampire to regain control, was he really going to give up on her. Well I wasn't, they didn't know Daisy as well as I did, Daisy was, is, a fighter, the shit that she'd been through in her life, she had to be, to survive, ok so this was a little different than abusive parents. It wasn't in Daisy's DNA to just give up.

"Do what you want, god knows I won't be able to stop you killing her," I said defeated. I turned my attention to Edward; I knew the words that would get through to him. "Don't tell me that you're the poster boy for self-control, because I know you're not; I've seen first-hand what happens when you lose control. I thought you of all people would be willing to help someone who is struggling like you did, like your whole family did. Carlisle never gave up on you and I'm not giving up on Daisy."

I didn't let Edward say anything but I saw the shock in his face. I knew I shouldn't have said it and I felt like a bitch for doing it. What happened ten years ago, was in the past, that it was an accident something he couldn't control and that he'd give anything to take it back. I needed to get through to him, to save my friend. I didn't say anything else I just walked off, praying that they'd follow my lead and take Daisy back to the house alive.


"So this is the infamous Bella," a chilling voice greeted me the moment I walked into the Cullen's house. The sound of my name on that man's lips chilled me to the bone and I repressed a shudder. I looked into the eyes of the man who spoke, inhumanly beautiful just like the Cullen's but at the same time different, the Cullen's were never scary for m, they always had a softness to them, the man in front of me had no softness and he definitely scared me. I wanted to run again but I knew that I couldn't firstly they knew exactly how to find me and I needed to be here to save Daisy. I didn't know the man in front of me, but my intuition was telling me that this was Daisy's mystery man Alex if that was even his name, in other words the man that was responsible for taking away Daisy's life and her future.

"We've heard so much about you," a young female vampire said standing next to the vampire that greeted me.

"She's just in time for lunch as well, how kind of her," another Vampire said licking his lips.

"You'll have to go through me first," Jacob said making his way towards me. Most of the Vampire's looked surprised to see a Werewolf in a Vampire's house but not one of them looked particularly scared. Edward was right behind him though, the Volturi may not be scared but I certainly feel safer with the Cullen's and Jacob defending me. With Edward distracted Daisy had made her way to stand with the Volturi and my heart broke knowing that she would fight with the enemy.

"Oh we're so scared, fighting a bunch of human loving sorry excuses for vampires, and teen dog," the female vampire sneered. Apparently Jacob didn't like being called teen dog because he was shaking and had his sights on the female vampire.

"You will be," Jacob said with malice. The female vampire just smiled and in a blink of an eye Jacob was on the floor screaming.

"What the hell is she doing?" I asked Edward.

"Her special power," Edward said without taking his eyes of the female vampire, but not making any move to help Jacob out. If no one else was going to stop her then I would, well as much as I could. I made my way towards where Jacob had fallen, maybe if I got in her way, she would set her eyes on me and stop hurting Jacob.

"Stop!" I screamed as loud as I could to get her attention setting myself between her and Jacob. It seemed to work as the vampire instantly stopped looking at Jacob and looked at me, Jacob stopped screaming instantly.

"Bella, what the hell are you doing?" I heard Jacob say while he got to his feet, but I ignored him keeping my eyes on the vampire in front of me preparing for the pain that would obviously come soon.

"Bella don't," I heard Edward shout as well. I was the one they want and I wasn't going to let them hurt any of my friends to get to me. I ignored both of them, this wasn't about them it was about me, it was always about me, the only reason that my friends and family would be killed would be if they got in their way while they tried to kill me. I know they were trying to protect me but that won't stop the Volturi from killing them to get to me and I won't let that happen and I was willing to make the sacrifice.

"Bella stop it," Daisy's voice shocked me, that was the first time I heard her speak but her voice was undeniable. Yes it had changed, it was hard to explain it had more of a melody tone to it now, but it was still Daisy I had missed that voice and the sound of it brought tears to my eyes.

"Leave my friends out of this, it's me you want not them," I said focusing all my attention on Jane.

"It's your funeral," Jane said shrugging, not caring who she used her sadistic ability on as long as she used it. The smug smile came back to her face. We locked eyes with each other and I was too stubborn to look away. A few minutes passed and no pain came, what the hell was she waiting my written consent or did she need permission of her 'friends`. But slowly Jane's smile disappeared and her forehead crinkled in concentration and her hands were balled up at her side but still nothing happened.

"Why aren't you attacking her?" One of the Vampires asked Jane who was still staring at me.

"I am, it's not working," Jane said clearly frustrated by this fact. All the vampires stared at me in shock.

"Impossible, she's just a pathetic human," Felix said shrugging off the idea that a human could fight off one of their special attacks. I finally turned my gaze to Felix, ok so I couldn't take him in a fight or anyone in this room but I was still insulted being called a pathetic human. What made him better than me or any other human? So he could drink blood and inhuman strength big whoop.

"Why are we waiting, let's just kill the lot of them and be done with it," Alex or Alec whatever his name said.

"I don't think that is necessary," Carlisle finally butted in. What was he talking about I don't think my death was up for discussing?

"A human knows our secret, I think it's very necessary," Alec replied.

"Not if the human in question, intends to become one of us," Alice finished off Carlisle's thought for him.

"And last time I checked there were plenty of people in your castle who know the secret, as they too will become vampires," Carlisle added.

"Or lunch," Jane interjected which had a few vampires chuckle.

"So you're planning on turning this human into a Vampire?" Alec said sneering at me. If I was braver I would have said, this human has a name but I was smarter than that so I kept my mouth shut.

Carlisle turned to look at me with regret in his eyes when he answered, "Yes."

"Can we trust that you will keep your promise?"

"I have seen the future, Bella will become one of us," Alice answered. So that's it, my future had already been planned and I had no say in the matter. Why the hell had I been worrying about colleges and exam finals when I would never have a normal future? My dreams of becoming a doctor flashed before my eyes and I felt tears welling up in my eyes all my hard work was for nothing, I wasn't going to be a doctor and I hated it.

"Alec, if Bella is going to become a Vampire then there is no danger," Daisy finally spoke and I knew she was trying to save me. Did she remember me?

"They could be lying, humans make mistakes and one slip from this little girl and everything the Volturi have worked for will be destroyed," Alec hissed in response.

"We'll keep an eye on her on all of them, if they don't keep their promise we can come back and kill them all," Daisy said at that moment she turned to look at me and I'm sure I saw a look of apology in her eyes.

"Are we killing them or not? I'm getting thirsty," Felix moaned clearly annoyed.

"No," Alec said making a decision. "Not today anyway, we'll let them off with a warning. If we do find out that you haven't lived up to your side of the deal, we will be back and next time there will be no second chances and no time to talk." With that Alec stormed out of the house and the other Volturi followed him out. Daisy lingered inside looking at me and the Cullen's at that moment I thought she might ask to stay.

"There is no need to go back with them Daisy, I have not forgotten when we first met ten years ago and how much of a friend you have been to my daughter. There is a place here for you if want it," Carlisle offered kindly and I smiled and I thought for a split second that Daisy may accept.

"Daisy, are you coming?" Alec called from outside.

"Yes," Daisy answered and with no final look at me, Daisy walked out of the house and I knew that I might never see her again.

I stared at the door for ages while the Cullen's celebrated the fact that no one was killed. I couldn't celebrate though as it didn't feel like much of a victory, I was to still going to die but not in the permanent way but my normal life from this time on was over. Edward came to stand next to me and put his arm around me.

"Bella we need to talk about what was said today," Edward started but I cut him off I was not ready for this conversation. I knew the decision was still mine to make and maybe just maybe I could take control of my future, I had a big decision to make and I didn't want Edward to influence that decision.

"Not now, I just want to go home," I said shrugging myself away from Edward's hug.

"I'll drive you," Edward offered.

"No thank you, I just want to be alone," I answered grabbing my bag and car keys from the side. "I'll talk to you all tomorrow." I called running out of the house before anyone could stop me. I didn't want to hear their plans for ripping away my humanity, I just needed to think things through before I could face them all again.