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"Inner Voice"

Welcome to Mahora.

A young man was looking out of the window of the public train. He has a Brown Spiky hair, the bang of his hair are quite long it nearly covered his brown eyes that resembles his hair color. Also, the hair on each side is also long which only shoulder length that nearly covers his ears is. He wears black formal attire along with a white long sleeve shirt underneath the black suit and the color of his neck-tie is also black, He also wears a long black mantle which covers his whole body except the front is not covered. And beside his left leg was a large black suitcase. The brown haired boy sighs as he rubbed his temple whose name is Sawada Tsunayoshi or Tsuna for short.

"*sigh*... That Reborn, he always had to give the headache when it comes to mission." Tsuna mutter to himself, as he checked his watch at his right wrist. Also, he wears a black fingerless glove with a metallic X Symbol on the back part of each hand.

It has been three years since everything that happen. The Kokuyo incident, The Ring Conflict, The Future, The Arcobaleno Trial, The Choice Game, The Inheritance Succession, The last battle with Byukuran and his Real Funeral Wreath and The Inheritance ceremony . It was a long and tough days for Tsuna and his family that they had to endure. And thank god they managed to survive all that and returned home safe fully. Tsuna having witnessed everything that happened, He had no choice but to decide to embrace his destiny and work hard for his sake and more importantly, his family. To make sure that the future will hold a promising peace for them. And thanks to that he had to endure all of Reborn's Spartan training, and over the years his training had paid off, He is much more Stronger then he used to be, confident, mature and smarter, that he even could be on par on Gokudera's intelligence. His family noticed it as well, which even Hibari admits that the herbivore that he knew is now has fangs to play with, much to Tsuna's troublesome life which had to be on guard if the 'human terror' is near, so he could dodge incoming tonfas or a cute but deadly cloud hedgehogs which its spike could pierce through anything depending on its size. And to make it worst, Rokudo Mukuro is now officially someone that he should keep an eye with 24/7, Why?, coz thanks to all the training from Reborn that boosts Tsuna's body, Mukuro now wants to posses Tsuna's body even more then before, so that's why he had to be careful each time he visited Chrome Dokuro around or else the pineapple would appear and stab him at the back.

The Vongola Decimo chuckled at such flash back knowing those two; he's willing to bet everything that they won't stop until something that could interest them.

As Tsuna watched the scene outside the glass window, he was totally oblivious about his surrounding. All the girls, I mean it, ALL the girls in the train car in which Tsuna is in, all of them were checking him out of his appearance, And only one thought that they think 'gorgeous' his features was enough charming that could make the girls had a nosebleed, its like as if he stepped out of the cover of a teen idol or a shoujo manga. And all of their hands itched to run themselves through that spiky dark brown hair to discover if it was really soft and tempting then it looked. The entire girl gulp as they come close to this attractive stranger but suddenly an announcement was made.


That snaps them out of their thought and noticed it's time for school with a sigh of frustration, they ran as the electronic doors open. All the girl hope they could meet the brown haired guy again

As the crowd dispersed, Tsuna took his large black suitcase which its surface has the Vongola emblem on top of it. He walked out of the train car as the electronic door closes behind him, as he looked around and noticed most of the students have already left to school and to make sure that no one's around and put down his suit case, Tsuna's left hand searched in his inner pocket underneath his black clock and took out a piece of fold paper as open to reveal a letter with a real flame on top of the paper, the flame was not any normal flame, it's the mark of the leader of the Vongola that prints it as a direct order which is currently the ninth Vongola. He read the letter as it makes it the 10th time he read;

Dear Sawada Tsunayoshi-kun;

It has been a while isn't it, not after all the thing had happen to you and your family had encounter, I was hopping that you are ready to take my place and recreate the Vongola to it former glory, where the First Vongola created it, I'm just getting too old to carry on the family and I need someone as capable as you to take my place in the family. Oh, I nearly forgot. I should not talk about this first just yet.

The reason I wrote this letter to you is because, a friend of mine asked me for a favor which he hoped that someone will protect his granddaughter from the enemies of their family that seeks to use her power to bring chaos to this world and that's why he asked me to send someone capable of doing as he hoped to, and that's why I thought for a very long time of who should I send there at Mahora, I couldn't entrust this matter to some of the members of Vongola other than you which is more suitable for this matter. It also act as a training for you as the future boss.

I know I asked too much in this matter but, please... I hope you would be willing to take this task.

I am willing to accept whatever decision you made, if you accept the task then, I would be in your debt as the ninth head of Vongola.

Yours Truly,

Vongola IX

"Yeah, which is technically Reborn forcefully made me to accept this mission" he muttered to himself.


When they received this letter, Reborn asked Tsuna to accept the mission from the ninth and take it as a new training for his career. Much to Tsuna's frustration, after a long disagreement with Reborn whereas he kept appearing everywhere, every time and bugging him to accept the request from the ninth which is quite annoying whereas even in his sleep, shower, breakfast and dinner, etc. He kept chanting to Tsuna to accept the mission which in the end he accepted it unwillingly. Tsuna told his mother that he got transferred to another school in Japan under special conditions that only Reborn knows. Much to his mother's delight, she agreed to Tsuna which she trusts that he could take care of himself. Then, Tsuna told his father the real reason of his sudden school transfer which his father approved and support him without further discussions.

The next day, Tsuna went out of his house in search of his guardians after he sent the agreement letter to the ninth. The first person that he met is Sasagawa Ryohei who went for his usual morning practice which Tsuna then discussed the matter with, as Tsuna's sun guardian which Ryohei shouted extremely that it is a good choice as Tsuna can train better so he could join the boxing club to make the club even more interesting. The discussion did not go long because Ryohei is busy practicing while walking on the Sunday morning. Tsuna then went to the sushi shop looking for his rain guardian to discuss about this matter with him but didn't think his storm guardian was there along.

The discussion took a very long time with Gokudera keeps on insisting Tsuna

That he needs to be by Tsuna's side with reason that he is Tsuna's right hand man. Yamamoto accept Tsuna's decision and encouraged him to do his best, much to Gokudera's frustration about letting his tenth going alone where he could get hurt

by himself, it only took one glare from Tsuna was enough to silent Gokudera's yelping,

Which his storm guardian unwillingly accept his decision. As they finish their discussion Yamamoto's father greet them, Yamamoto told his father that his best friend is going to be transfer to a private school from another city, Yamamoto's father congratulate Tsuna for having a great success in his life, for that Yamamoto's father suggest a parting party. Which Yamamoto suggest calling everyone in Namimori, which suddenly a knock came from the door of the sushi's shop, to their surprise everyone of friends in Namimori came saying a little bird told them about Tsuna's transferring, which Tsuna already know whom the little bird is, which is more accurately a little baby that wears a bird custom.

But the Vongola Decimo didn't expect an incoming tonfas and spear trident heading his way, which he side step from the incoming attack. It turnout the owner of the weapons are Hibari and Mukuro in their fighting stance, Tsuna knew this wouldn't end good so he going all out against them which the parting party end up a brawling match. The party ended in the evening as everyone left and said their goodbye to Tsuna, Tsuna went back to house in preparation for his transferring, which the same time the reply letter from ninth along with a large black suitcase with the emblem of the Vongola and a package are inside his room.

As soon he read the reply of the Vongola Nono, and it turnout the ninth told him he could go as soon as possible, as a private car will pick him up within two hour which is enough time for him to have a family parting party. Then he opened the large black suitcase and reveal cloths as tuxedos, gym suit, track suit, normal cloth and various other cloths within. Now he doesn't have to pack up as the ninth already pack it for him, next is the package as he open the medium-size box another cloth but this one is different then the others, it was a black formal attire along with a black clock, there a small note attach it as he read out load "wear this before you depart" which Tsuna sigh in defeat, the ninth really need him to give people at this Mahora a really good impression. Though he wear it nonetheless, check him self at the mirror in his room which he look like someone is on a business trip but shrug it as if it no big deal.

He put on the black clock and once again look himself in the mirror, which he murmur "No matter how I look at it, I really do like my great-great-great grandfather, Vongola primo." He meet the First Vongola a few time before, both of them really do resemble one another with the exception of their hair color. His thoughts ended as his father call out for him. He took one more check of his staff to make sure everything is in place as went down and went to the kitchen, his mother was cooking for the party which she can serve 3-4 family with all the food she made, Lambo is now eight years old was eating his food in an incredible rate, which is I-pin who sitting beside him was eating in a well-manner, Bianchi was enjoying the roasted snake that Tsuna's mother made much to Tsuna's relief that she doesn't help or else someone would die in food poisoning. The Vongola Decimo sat next to Fuuta, His little brother greet him which he receive a pat to the head, much to the ranking boy delight. The family of the Sawada resident enjoys their family parting party, time fly as it almost time for his depart.

the brown hair teen climb up the stair of his house and on his was to his room taking the large black suitcase and bring it down stair but before he about to close his bedroom door he encounter the greatest hitman to ever live, Reborn.

"Ciaossu Dame-Tsuna." Reborn purposely insult him with his old nickname.

"Yo Reborn..." Tsuna greet back to his hitman tutor as he carry the large black case with his left hand over his shoulder. Reborn leaps on the air and landed on top of Tsuna's head, sitting.

"It time huh…"


As Tsuna slowly and take his time to walk to the stair. "Don't go and embarrassed yourself when you get there, Dame-Tsuna." The Sun Arcobaleno said while Tsuna laugh in amusement.

"I won't ever dream off it."

"That good, but if I heard otherwise I will personal kill you." Which he hold Leon that shape-shift into his favorite handgun.

Tsuna was clearly unfazed by the threat, because he gotten use his way of saying. "Oh and by the way it better that you don't show anyone the dying-will flame or even your weapons, got it?" The baby added.

"Anyone…?" The Vongola Decimo wants to make sure as he descend down the stair.

"Anyone other then Ninth's friend or someone he trusted or for emergency."

The brown haired teen just nod as went to his main door of his house, His family was awaited is arrival. One by one they say there own goodbyes as they went outside the house together yet another unexpected surprise him, his guardians was in front of his gate waiting for him.

"Yo Tsuna it time huh." Yamamoto greets him with his usual trademark grin.

"Hey! Baseball idiot show some concern for tenth at least!" Gokudera scolded.

"Yosh…! Sawada Do your best to the EXTREME!" Ryohei shouted with passion as he pumps his fist to the air.

"You too Tuft head!" Then it begins another pointless between the Storm guardian and the Sun guardian, as the Rain guardian laugh and tries to stop them.

The fight comes to an end as a sport mobile came in sight as the said car park near them, then the person inside came out, and reveal... DINO?, The tenth boss of the Chlavorone Family, One of the three family that alliance with the Vongola family. Dino is known as "Bucking-Horse Dino or Bronco Dino for short" he think Tsuna as his own little brother, because he used to have Reborn as his home tutor. As he came out along with Romario in the driving seat.

"Yo It been a while, Tsuna." the blond greet to the brown hair teen.

"Dino-san, what are you doing here?" Tsuna slightly tilt his head in confuse. Which Dino laugh lightly.

"Well, it was a request from the ninth Vongola to me and my subordinate, will personally be escort you, Vongola Decimo, to the train station which will be leaving in midnight." Dino replied in a boss to boss tone. As Romario walk to Tsuna and hold out his hand.

"Please let me carry your luggage Don Vongola Decimo." Romario said in formality tone, as Tsune comply as he gave his black suitcase to the older man. The old-man gave a small nod and smile to the young Vongola as he went of the back of the car to put the black luggage in the trunk of the car.

"Well should we be on our way Tsuna." The tenth Chlavorone await the tenth Vongola's reply.

"…give me a minute" as the turn back to his family and guardians.

"Ok, then take your time." Dino reply as he went to the passenger's sit beside the driver and await his little brother.

Tsuna watch each and everybody of his family and guardian, every of them has different reaction. Yamamoto, his father Lemitsu and Ryohei had a grin on their face which said good luck as an encouragement His mother nana, Bianchi, Kyoko, Chrome and Haru has a proud smile on their faces. The students of the discipline community salutes him and other like hibari has a stoic expression but mutter under his breath which meant only Tsuna to hear," Don't lose to anyone." typical. Gokudera… let just leave the poor dispirit guy alone at the moment.

"…Ok take care of yourself" Tsuna said with smile.

He wave them one last time before he went to the back sit of the car. Greet by Dino and Romario who just firing up the engine of the car, Tsuna turn to the side and watch through the window to see his families, smiling at him.

/End of Flash back./

"Is something bothering you, Decimo."

"No, it nothing…"

Tsuna kept the letter back to his inner pocket and took his suitcase along. Walking toward Mahora. A smirk creep over his face.

"why do I get the feeling things are going to get fun." He chuckle lightly to himself, Somehow he had to blame Reborn for this, cause the baby's bad habits are starting to affect him so let pity the poor souls that going to receive it.

In class 3-A, Negi Springfield, a young teacher, A magi-in-train, was shivering, that right the young boy was shivering badly. He didn't know why but it has the same or more cold air around his spine like his fight with Evangeline.

"Negi, What wrong?" asked Kagurazaka Asuna, his guardian.

"It nohing, Asuna-san." Negi replied her with a small smile.

"…Ok if you say so." But she know better to trust his word, Negi is the type that like to solve thing by his own, even now he still want to do thing on his own.

'What is it this time, is Evangeline making another move' she thought as the red hair girl give a small glance to her back to look the chibi vampire, but surprised to see the chibi vampire has a serious look on her face. 'wonder what up with her?'

Evangeline A.K McDowell was presently trying to ignore the foreboding feeling in her gut in favor of taking a nap. Her centuries of experience with all things magical and demonic had given her a great amount of senses. Someone or something has gotten into the border of Mahora, whatever it is, has a great amount of raw magical power within itself. It as if the magical power was equal to the Thousand Master or even more. But it didn't have anything to do with her, right?

Nagase Kaede was sensing a large amount of ki on it way to Mahora, the person must be a fighter with natural high level ki or an inexperience fighter that doesn't know how to control his or her ki. The ninja couldn't shake the feeling of excitement that playing on the pit of her stomach, whoever that come to Mahora must be an interesting person and she will be more happy to meet this person.

Sakurazaki Setsuna was sat on her own desk, she was tense, more then usual. This morning, she had been sense a very strong presence on it way to the campus, and it slowly on it way to the academy or maybe it in the academy already, which worried her, but she tried to relax. She don't know whatever it a threat or not, but she knows it probably smart enough not to do foolish thing in the campus, where there were several mages, warriors, and exorcists waiting for it, right?

Tatsumiya Mana sigh as she sat silently at her sit, she had constantly on the edge since this morning. Somehow, something was stir up the atmosphere of Mahora as it a breeze one moment then a storm just hit in. whatever it is she hope it would be an extra payment from the dean if she were to ask to get rid of it, but she need to be ready if the dean call the thing has large amount of power and it could prove a challenging for her.

There's going to be a change in Mahora by this young man alright. And that man is Sawada Tsunayoshi, the Vongola sky guardian, The Vongola's Crown Jewel, and the savior of the world.

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