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Well here is Chapter 14!



"Hn?" Our favorite Rain Guardian Swordsman was sitting at the edge of the veranda of a house that belong to his Kohai's Grandfather, he was about to enjoy the tea that was made by his Kohai but put it down at the tray when he sense something in the air.

'That Flame…is that Tsuna...' Yamamoto Takeshi stood up. 'And is he battling with someone?'

"Sempai!" His Kohai call out. "Just now, is that-!"

"Ah…It's Tsuna and he is fighting with someone." Takeshi narrowed his eyes. "There are two of them."

"Something is going on here." An elderly voice said.



"Hmmm seems like you two should go and resolve it." The old man stroked his white beard. "The young Vongola seems to be in need of your assistance, Yamamoto-dono."

"Yeah." The Rain Guardian grabbed his Shigure Kintoki. "Ikuze Youmu!"

"Hai!" Konpaku Youmu also armed with her swords.

The two disappear as they old man continue staring at their spot where they left, he chuckled. Then another person joins him.

"Seems like, something interesting is going on." A feminine voice said. "Isn't it, Youki?"

"It sure is, Yuyuko-sama." He smiled. "It sure is."

/Near the Kansai HQ - Forest./

In the forest, far from the Kansai HQ, one Mafia Boss battle against two Warriors of the Shadows with coordinates and battle strategy of their own. Some attacks involve flash of flames, some involve with raging slash and some are explosives. Heck, dozen of trees were being burn, cut or even snap from their attacks.

Tsuna dodge another attempt of getting cleaved by Kisame's sword for the 20th time and repel Shirukens thrown by Itachi.

'Ngh, A melee and a mid-rang attacks at the same time, seems that boy really is cautious.' The Vongola Heir thought as he evades fireballs from the Uchiha.

"Got you!" The Sharkman roared as he swings Samehada vertically.

But the Brunette Teacher stop the warped sword with a kick before redirect its course, then he whirl his body for another kick to the Sharkman's face. Kisame grin as he stops that kick with his bare-hand and lash onto his victim's ankle before he pulls him into a spin, it almost look like a spinning-top, a spinning-top of death as Kisame release his grip and let the Vongola Heir hurl toward a tree.

The Mafia Boss perform a side somersault in the mid of the throw and land roughly on the tree's upper trunk causing a dent on it. His Hyper Intuition kick in as the Shinobi Swordsman leap in for the kill, but only snap the tree in half (Remember Samehada only shred not to cut.) while Tsuna yet again escape from getting torn to shred.

But that doesn't mean he forget the other Shinobi as the Uchiha appears in a flock of crows that shaping his body with his fist readied. The P.E Teacher quickly crouch as the fist was thrown then counter it with an uppercut to the Shinobi's chin but the Uchiha disperse into black feathers.

'Man, this is getting me nowhere.' Tsuna wiped the sweat on his forehead. 'I always forget that Ninja or Shinobi don't fight fair. Well except one of them.'

"Doton: Dochu Senko! (Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage!)" Something moving on the ground that looks strangely like a Shark's dorsal fin would do on a sea surface coming at him at high speed.

The Brunette Teacher simply ball his fist and punch the ground with his might causing a small tremor and a crater, forcing the Shark Swordsman to come out.

"*whistle* Nice punch." Kisame complimented before attacking again.

"Thank you." Tsuna reply as he block, repel and counter against the Swordsman.

Then something surprising, they head-butt each other, The Sharkman was consider luck as he has a head protector that protect him from getting burn by P.E Teacher's Dying Will Flame on the forehead. The force of the head-butt separates them from one another and slight feels a headache.

Itachi took the opportunity to perform Tsukuyomi at the Mafia Boss, but this time at full power. When his opponent finally shakes his dizziness, he instantly makes an eye contact.

Tsuna suddenly felt his vision are getting blur and almost blackout, but he force himself to fight it and glare at the Uchiha knowing that he was trying to cast Genjutsu (Illusion) on him.

"If I was a certain disciplinarian (Guess who), that would really flip me off." He stated. "Believe me, he is the type that really hates illusionist like you."

"..." Itachi simply nodded before dash toward his opponent.

"Oi, Oi don't forget about me!" Kisame also join in the fray.

Tsuna was in a predicament as he fights two of them at the same time in a course of close combat. The longer he stay here, the likely the woman by the name Amagasaki will use Konoka's power.

"Ngh!" He gritted his teeth as he block a fist and a warp sword with his two hands.

"GAAAO!" With that, the two Shinobi quickly steer clear from the Mafia Boss as a roar petrifies the surrounding with the exception of the Young Mafia Boss.

"Thank you, Na-tsu." The Brunette Teacher said as the Chibi Lion land on his Shoulder.


'No time to lose.' The Brunette thought as his fists blaze in orange flame. 'It's do or die trying!'

With that thought, he rash towards the Akatsuki members with flames ablaze.

/Negi and Co./

'!-!' Sakurazaki Setsuna stops as she just felt a huge Ki coming from another direction. The familiar feeling of her P.E Teacher that is currently battling with two from a few nights ago.

"Setsuna-san?" A worried Negi asked.


"Eh? What is this about Tsuna-sensei?" Kagurazaka Asuna joined in.

"…" The Swordswoman stay silent as she have an inner conflict with herself at whatever to go and find Konoka or assist her P.E Teacher, she can't make up her mind with two choice clashes one another.

Don't worry. I have my way against them.


Don't you trust me?

'Iie, Anata wa shinjite iru. (No, I believe in you.)' Setsuna smiled.

"Setsuna-san, tell us what happening to Sawada-san?" Negi shook the Swordswoman.

"Don't worry." She whispered. "I know he'll win."

The English Teacher wonder what does she mean by that while the Twin tailed girl put her trust on her friend and believe in her P.E Teacher.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's find Konoka!" Asuna said positively.

"Hai!" Setsuna agreed as both of them quickly dash forward.

"Eh? Eh?" The clueless Young Teacher said.

/The Baddies./

"Woah! You actually did it newbie!" Chigusa exclaimed, surprised to see Konoka before. "Maybe we should have leaved it up to you from the beginning. Now that we have Ojou-sama, we just have to take her there and we won!"

MNNN!" Konoka struggled on her binding as her mouth seal by a charm.

"Don't worry Ojou-sama, we won't hurt you." She pretended to reassure the young girl before her. "Now, to the alter!"

"Stop right there!"

The trio and one rat (Chamo – ERMINE!) appear before the baddies with their weapons readied.

"Hmph, you brats again." The glasses woman said idly.

"Amagasaki Chigusa! Reinforcements will arrive tomorrow to apprehend you. Surrender now and give back Konoka-ojou-sama back to us!"

"Surrender?" The Woman questioned before starting to laugh. "No matter how many reinforcement you bring, as long as I get to that place it is all over!"

Chigusa leap for the large bolder that she stand and land on top of the shallow water before spreading her arms open.

"Now let me show you a portion of Ojou-sama's powers. You'll wish you were still back at the headquarters cowering in fear."

The woman snap her finger as the charm that been on the young brunette's chest active causing Konoka muffling scream as something being force to coming out from within her. Chigusa chant as light glow beneath her and from those light something came out.

The trios tense as they were surrounded by demons from the Japanese folk.

"Chotto matte! Why are they so many of them!-?" Asuna cried as she was scared.

"Dang! That woman is using Konoka-nee-san's powers." Chamo said.

"Th-There might be over a hundred of them or even more…" Negi added.

"You guys can play with them for a while and don't worry, since you guys are brats, I've told them not to kill you." The Glass Woman smirked. "Well goodbye!"

All the baddies including Konoka leap in the air.

"Wait!" Setsuna was about to follow them but they were surround.

"What this? After being summoned for so long, we're here fighting kids?" a human-like crow demon said.

"And they look quite inexperience too." One of them added.

"Well sorry kiddies, we that been summoned cannot show mercy, please do not hold against us." One that might be their leader said.

"Se-Setsuna…" Asuna was shaking in fear, not to blame her as she never face real demons before and an army along too.

"Calm down, Asuna-san!" The Swordswoman tried to assure her fellow classmate but even she doubts that they going to come out of this battle unscathed.

Negi finish his chant as he active his spell, a tornado surrounded them.

"What going on?" The Twin tailed girl asked.

"This is a barrier of wind, it only last about 3 minutes." The Young Teacher explained. "We have to use this time to come up with a plan as we're in a bad situation here."

"…We've little choice here…we need to split up…" Setsuna stated calmly. "I'll stay here and keep those demons at bay while you two go and rescue Konoka-ojou-sama."


"Are you serious, Setsuna?-!"

"Don't worry. Exterminating demons is always been my job as a Shinmei-ryu." The Swordswoman smiled at them.

"But…" Asuna didn't want to leave her friend behind so she decided. "I'll stay here too!"

"Asuna-san!" Negi exclaimed.

"There's no way I'm leaving her behind." The orangette cried.


"Wait! That could be a good idea as Ane-san's Harisen can banish demons with a brush of it!" Chamo realized and explained. "This is our best chance!"

"Still…" The Ebony Swords girl tried to reason those three.

"Aniki, if you give Ane-san all your magic and put everything as minimal as possible, how long can you hold it?"

"Umm, 5…no 10 minutes and if I can try harder I can hold it for 15 minutes…"

"15 huh…? Not much but better then nothing." The Ermine start his plans.

(Hibiki – Ngggaaahhh! that Rat's plan is too dang long, to keep it simple, Both Asuna and Setsuna stay and keep the demons occupied while Negi go and rescue Konoka and try to avoid Fate. Finally when he got her, all of them retreat back at HQ and wait for reinforcements. There! Plain and simple.)

"Are you sure this will work?" The Twin Tailed asked in doubt.

"You got any bright ideas?" Chamo countered.

"…I understand, let's do this…" Setsuna finally agreed.

"Alright! Now we just have to get that over and done with!" The Ermine huff in anticipation.

"That?" Asuna has a bad feeling that she knows what that rat (Chamo – ERMINE!) means.

"YES! The Pactio! This is an emergency and we need more man- ahem woman-power!" The Perverted Ermine exclaim as he has a drool coming from his mouth. "Yosh! Give me a second to draw-!"

"No." Setsuna said flatly.


"Forgive me, Chamo-san. But I must refuse that idea." The Swordswoman explained.

"B-B-But we need more power if we want this plan to be success." The Ermine try to make the Swordswoman to see reason.

"To me, Asuna-san might need it more that I do and at least this will boast the time limit for Negi-sensei to hold and leave some for him."

"That does make sense." The Boy genius nodded.


"Besides," Setsuna smiled mysteriously. "I have my ways to power-up."

Chamo droop his head in defeat, his plan for a third Pactio has gone down the drain.

"Let's get started, the barrier is about to disperse." Negi stated. "Everybody ready?"


/Outside the wind barrier./

"Hm, the wind is dying out." The One-horn Demon stated. "!"

When the tornado stop, it reveals Negi hold his palm out as he finished chanting. "Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens!"

A surge of wind and lightning blast some of the demon army and with that the Young Teacher quickly flew off.

"Tch! He got away, so he was a Western Mage eh. Guess they were not to be laugh at." The Leader evaluated. "Hm?"

"We'll be fine as long as we fight calmly, with my sword and your harisen, we got more combat power on our side than they do." The Swordswoman stated. "Just imagine them as delinquent from around the school."

"Was that meant to comforting me?" The Twin tailed asked with a hint of amusement.

"My, my, what brave girls you are." The Leader grinned.

"Guess we have no choice. LET'S EXTERMINATE THEM!" Asuna shouted as two of them charge.

/At the Ritual spot./

Somewhere near a huge lake, on a platform, lies Konoka that been strip, with only a towel that covers her body. She just regained her conscience and tried to shift her limbs but could only twitch.

"Forgive me for being rough on you, Konoka-ojou-sama, but don't worry this won't hurt a bit, in face you might find it enjoyable." The Glasses woman from before act as if she tries to reassure her.

"Mmh…" The Brunette girl whimpered.

"Now, let's begin." Chigusa smirked before whispering a single chant that cause something within Konoka to awaken.

"MMMH!" The Konoe Heiress cried.

"God that dwells in the heavenly plains! God who is the source of everything! God who give life! Gather 80,000,000 Gods of the heavenly city! Congregate unto me!"

The Brunette girl didn't like this feeling one bit, she wants it to stop. She pleads anyone to make it all stop but it was gone unheard.

'Set…-chan…' The poor girl shred a tear. 'Tsu…na…-san…"


"!" Tsuna jerk his head up as he felt someone is calling him. 'Konoka?'

"Oi, Oi what are you spacing out!-?" Kisame roared as he appeared behind the Mafia Bosss and about to behead him.

Unconsciously, the Spiky Brunette guards it with his backhand, not caring the warped sword is draining his Flames.

"Oi, is that ok for you?" The Sharkman questioned with a shark grin. "Samehada'll drain you dry if you don't do something."

As if to answer the Shark-swordsman's question, the Vongola Heir simply blaze up his guard fist. The moment the flames blaze, the Chakra-sucking sword feverishly absorb the blazing fire but try as it may, the flame keeps on coming until it couldn't absorb anymore.

"GIIIII!-!-!" The Sword quickly pushed itself away from the burning fist along with its wielder.

"What? Samehada?" The Shark suddenly felt the surrounding is getting hotter and instantly get away from there.

The Vongola Heir stood motionless as the flame literally radiate from his body, his bangs cover his eyes makes it more menacing. Shifting into his pocket he takes out his Vongola Gear, The Ring of The Sky Version X.

"Na-tsu…" He whispered. "Cambio Forma…"

"Gaooo!" Light envelop the two as rings of text circling the light.

Then a heavy pressure nearly cause the Shinobi to step back, THEM stepping back, which is quite outrage. The light diminishes and reveals the now dead serious Vongola Heir. His once black-metallic glove is now a red-metallic gauntlet up to this elbow with addition of a red bangle which chain to an X buckle on his waist.

"…" Tsuna simply clutched his hands into a tight fist as if to tell them to bring it.

"Hoh! Seems like you power-up?" Kisame chuckled before charging toward Vongola Heir. "Let see if it makes any different!"

The P.E Teacher responses with an open hand held out and a fist readied, just as the Shark Swordsman swing Samehada, he hurled the ready fist and a clash occurs when the two attack meets.

"Gooohhh!" The Shark roared as he try to push his sword but couldn't as his opponent is equal as strong as him in term in strength.

Or is it?

The thruster on the Mafia Boss's elbow of the Vongola Gear fired up and gives a push to his attack, sending the sword and its owner flying. The Swordsman Shinobi quickly gain his bearing before sensing someone is behind him, as he glance back, he meets a fist in his face.

As the Sharkman gets flying to another direction, the weasel makes his move and does a few hand-signs.

"Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu! (Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Techniqu!)" He blows a volley of small fireballs.

The fireballs fly in unpredictable manner as it flies randomly at different direction but their destination is the same, the Vongola Heir. The said person simply glance the other Shinobi with disinterest as the fireballs finally reach their mark and explode in contact, but the red eyes Shinobi isn't done yet as he makes a follow up with another attack.

"Katon: Hōsenka Tsumabeni! (Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson!)" He first throws a dozen of Shuriken before covering it with fire, the flaming projectiles flies towards same spot where his opponent stands.


Something hard must have stop those flaming projectiles in their track, when the smoke disperse it reveals the Vongola Heir still stand and unharmed, surrounded by rings of text in a form of a sphere.

'Barrier?' The Red eyes Shinobi concluded as he can tell from his opponent's appearance which is unharmed.

"…" Tsuna point an open palm towards Itachi before firing a barrage of fireballs.


The Weasel quickly dodged those blazing projectiles with a burst of speed but not completely as he just dodge it by a hair of it, just as he thought it ended, the brunette appear right before him with a punch, he catch that punch but then regret it as he feel a burn on his hand.

The Vongola Heir makes another go of punching his opponent, the moment he was about to hurl his fist, his Hyper Intuition warn him.

"!" He swiftly managed of catch an incoming warp sword from behind him.

"Don't think you forget about me!" The now more wound up Kisame roared.

The three of them were at midair just long enough before split from each other as they land on the ground. The next ting we know they disappeared from thin air and the sounds of clash can be heard replace them, the trees were cut down and the ground has slash marks all over them.

The Sharkman first stop as he flings his sword to the air before clapping his hands together.

"Suiton: Bakushouha! (Water Release: Aquatic Shockwave!)" He heave a large amount of water from his…mouth!-?

(Hibiki – O…k that disgusting, serious I don't want to know what got mix within that water that he vomits.)

The Mafia Boss leap up to the air just as the large volume of water almost sunk the area with the exception of the trees of it top. He land on the surface of water with ease as he was already trained just in case he fight in an open area of water.

"Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu! (Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique!)" The Shark thrust his hand forward and a water shape itself like a shark and swim towards it prey.

"…!" The Vongola Heir hastily makes his battle stands before hurl a fast punch.

The water shark exploded as something invisible hit it and canceled it out. The Swordsman of Akatsuki wonder what stop his attack before he feel a pain on his face, then another and another, one after another he was assaulted by invisible attacks that he can't see. He finally notices his opponent was punching the air as if the attack will hit him, which does as he feel another pain to his face again.

"What the…?" he quickly raised Samehada in defensive as he feels some kind an invisible attack hitting his sword. "What the hell is going on!-?"

"It seems our opponent is throwing his punches." Itachi appeared behind him.


"Those attacks are actual pure pressure attack created by using an unbelievable speed that make it hard to see or even sense." He continued his deduction. "Seem like Sawada Tsunayoshi has more tricks under his sleeves."


"Pressure attacks huh?" The Sharkman licked his blood that bleeds from his mouth. "No wonder Samehada couldn't absorb them."

"Indeed." His Partner nodded.

"Heh, this world is something else if they can make something like this." He grinned more predatory. "It makes it all worth coming here, if I can face opponents like him!"

"…" The Weasel couldn't help but to agree.

"Itachi-san, I'll fight with all my strength." It was more statement then a question. "If he fights with all he has, surely we should response the same."

"…" The Red eyes Shinobi give a thought about it. "…Very well, he has proven himself that he is a worth adversary."

"Then…" The Shark grinned more excitedly and waits for the consent.

"…I approved." He concluded.

"Alright!" The Swordsman unbinds the bandage that cover his sword and reveal a not a blade of a sword but sharp scales all over it. "This is the Great sword, Samehada true form!"

"Gigigi!" The tip has a mouth that gins at it gi-ing

"…" Itachi close his eyes before opening them, instead of three Tomoe on them, it combine and shape into a pinwheel now. "…Mangekyo Sharingan…"

The battle has gone to a new scale, it's one of those saying 'sh*t about to hit the fan'. Prediction, this place might as well go to waste, as flooding it wasn't good enough for them.

/Asuna and Setsuna./

"Orrryyyaaa!" Asuna strikes one demon with her Harisen. "That was the 10th one, wow, I must be a lot stronger that I thought…"

The Twin-tailed girl continue her assault, she hit one eye demon by the neck then make a wide arc to strike two more and finally did a reverse diagonal slash at another demon that grin and said something about a 'girl's bottoms' or something before it vanish along side with it brethrens.

"That little girl!" a helmet wearing demon said.

"Get her!" while a fox mask continued as three demon charge at her.


In between them, Setsuna appears before slashing three of those demons, causing the orange hair girl's skirt flipped.

"Shinmei-Ryuu - Ougi – Hyakuretsu Okazan!" She disappears and reappears right behind a dozen demons that got cut down by her.

They continue cut and smack more demons within a few minutes before they stood back to back with Asuna a bit out of breath while Setsuna breath normally.

"You know what? We make a pretty good team." The Orange hair girl smiled while regaining her breath. "And if all of this is over, teach me some Kendo when we get back to school."

"Um…Alright but I'm still in training myself." The Swordswoman sweat-dropped as she still train under a certain someone.

"Impossible! They took out half of our strong man (demon) with short amount of time!" A Bird Demon stated.

"The Shinmei-Ryuu are our natural enemies but that damned fan is just plain unfair!" An armor one shouted.

"Hahahaha I like energetic girls! But," The head demon roared in laughter. "Is it fashionable to not wearing underwear this day?"

"!-?" Asuna quickly cover both her front and back with her hands and skirt when she heard that comment.

"It's the 21 centaury, anything is possible~" other one added.

'Oh no, with all this thing happen I forgot to put on my panties! And those demons saw it!' The poor girl felt like a rock just hit her as he ran.

"Ohh~! Her movement has gotten slow, get her~!" The Red head demon ordered with a perverted grin on his face. "We'll be ok so long as we don't get hit by her fan~!"

Many of the demons started to chase the panties-less girl as said girl run while covering front and back, shouting. "Why is it always happen to me!-?"

"Get a grip, Asuna-san!" Setsuna shouted from the side line


"Aniki! Over there!" Chamo shouted. He then felt a chill go down his spine. "M-magic this strong…aniki they are doing a summoning spell! They are going to summon something huge! Hurry before it's too late!"

"I see Konoka-san" Negi said. 'I can do this, there is still more time.'

The young Teacher then sensed presences behind him. He turned his head around and saw dogs made of shadow rushing toward him.

"Inugami!" he didn't have time to think about it as he was struck down by the dogs. He barely righted himself as he landed on the floor using wind magic.

"Yo Negi!"

'This voice!' Negi dreaded as he meet face to face with Inugami Kotaro.

"This is great. I never would have thought a rematch between us could occur so soon. You aren't getting through here Negi!" Kotarou proclaimed.


"Oh no!" The Ermine was horrified as one of the situation that he didn't want to occur happen.

/Asuna and Setsuna./

"There are less than half of them left!" Asuna shouted. "Once Negi brings back Konoka we can…"

She was interrupted when a crow demon attacked her. He had a sword and swung it forcing her to block. He went for another slash to the right but once again she blocked it.

"Asuna-san!" Setsuna shouted. She too was forced to block as a female kitsune demon attacked with a pair of tonfas.

"You're not bad little girl," the crow demon said to the Twin tail girl. "But I'm different from the ones you've face before!"

He used the hilt of his sword to force her fan upward and then did a combo of attacks all over her body. She fell into the water, cuts and bruise cover all over her body.

"Tch… that hurt," Asuna said with a small tear.


"I'm alright… Negi's magic protected me," She wobbly trying to stand up.

"Hohoho, seems like people from this time are a lot stronger if they can use Ki and Magic at the same time but…" The Crow demon compliments them. "How long will you last?"

The swordswoman was about to help her when a giant iron club came down on her. She quickly block it and redirect its course.

"Girl from Shinmei-Ryuu you are to fight us!" the kitsune demon said atop the head demon.

'Guh, they not to be underestimate…' She thought but smile as somewhere within her body is screaming in pleasure as she get to fight more strong enemies to test herself but ignore it.

/Alter – with the baddies./

"Thousand wavering sprits! Guardian of ten thousand worlds! Without delay unto the heart of the deepest lands forge a path unto the surface!" Chigusa still chanted. "By the power of the emperor himself! Fujiwarono Asmoi Konoe Konoka, burn and boil over! Live o spirit! Dance o spirit! Become as the spirit of the gods!"

A pillar of light slammed into the boulder far in front of her.

/Back at the raging battle./

"!-!" Tsuna stopped as he noticed a pillar made of light shine from the distance. He has a bad feeling about it.

"Heeeh…so she finally succeeds it after all, guess I owe you one, Itachi-san" Kisame also stop and watch the pillar of light.

"…" That goes without saying with Itachi.

When the Sharkman said about her, the Vongola Heir dread as 'her' won't refer to that glasses woman. Did Negi and the other didn't make it, was Konoka really…he didn't want to admit it, he didn't want to but the Swordsman succeed. His mind has gone haywire as the feeling of dread gripped his heart and almost feel about to explode.

"…!" Something snaps within the Vongola Heir as rage and anguish swell up within him.

"Ah, Ahhh, Aaahhhh!-!-!" he roared as flames dance around him with force that not to be recon with. Clutch his head with his hands in pain the flames are starting to turn darker and more menacing.

The two tense as the large volume of water that they standing was getting hotter by the second, as it getting boiled by the flame.

"*Whistle* I don't know what going on, but I ain't complaining!" The Swordsman murderous grinned and readied for a life and death battle.

"…" The more perceptive one also readied as he can tell, this is a battle that they won't coming out unscathed.

/At the same time…/

"!-!" Setsuna also notice the pillar of light from a far. "No, don't tell me that light…"

"Ohhh, seems like the game is about to reach it climax!" The Head Demon grinned as he held his iron club on his shoulder.

"Looks like our client Chigusa-han's plans are going well." A voice that hold bad news said.

"Did that little boy fail to make it on time? Well that has nothing to do with me, right Setsuna-senpai~?" Tsukuyomi smiled.


At that moment Asuna was caught by the crow demon and was being held up by her arm.

"Damn it let me go!" Asuna kicked the demon in the chest.

"Without your fan you are nothing but a normal girl. You did well though," the demon complimented her. "Now then warrior of Shinmei-Ryuu, it seems like we are at a stalemate."

'This is bad. This is really really bad!' The Swordswoman is pinch as like stuck between a rock and hard place. 'What should I do?'

"Seems like you're in a predicament." A bemused voice said.

"!" She look around to find that voice.

"Calm down or people will think you're crazy."

'Who are you?'

"Hmm that's a tricky question but not important right now." The voice sighed in disappointment or something. "The most important thing for you is to remember."


"Remember what your Teacher, Sawada Tsunayoshi taught you." The voice purred by that name. "And the gift that he give you…"

Setsuna blinked and mental kick herself as she forgot THAT of all things. Reach in her pocket, she take out a silver ring with a dull color gemstone on top of it.

"? What cha you got there, Sempai?" The Glasses Swordswoman tilted her head aside before noticing the ring. "Oh~? A ring? is it for me? Oh~ you shouldn't have~"

She ignore her Kohai as her attention is on the ring that is on the palm of her hand.

Image a flame Setsuna.


Wear that ring and try to image a flame in your mind.


When you image it then turn your resolve into that flame.


Don't worry, I know you can do it.

'I'll do it, Sensei!'

/Those who willing to do it, go listen KHR OST – Tsuna's awaken or in this case Setsuna's Awaken…in piano version to make it more awesome and suits her./

As if in a trance, the Swordswoman put on the ring and try to imagine a flame within her mind.

A flame…


A flame…


A Blue flame…


Is this it..? If so, she must do the next one…

Her resolve…her resolve is wanting to protect and to be with everyone that is dear to her. The leader and his wife, Negi-sensei, Asuna, Konoka…and even Sa- no Tsuna-sensei.

A blue light glimmer on the gemstone before glowing a blue light then a blue flame burst from the now blue gem. The flame burns a blue shine on the ring as it makes a soft yet strong shockwave.

"What the!-?" The Head Demon raise his other arm to shield him from that shockwave.

"!" The one that name after a moon goddess also shield herself as water spurt her face.

"Argh!" A Scream was heard as the crow demon that held the Twin tailed girl has lost a limb with a flame burn on it. "Arrrggghhh! It burns!"

He tried putting it out by sinking his limbless arm into the water but the flame didn't extinguish as it keep on burn. The moment he wave his limbless arm the flame sudden gotten strong and burn the crow, instead a corpse lying on the ground, he being purified.

"The hell?" The Head demon searched the duo and finds them on the large boulder but then pale as what the Swordswoman hold.

"Are you alright, Asuna-san?" Setsuna whispered the girl in her arm.

"Uh…Yeah, can you put me down now?" Asuna replied as she feel uncomfortable being held bride style by the same gender.

"My apology." The Ebony swordswoman let the girl down. "Here, you drop this."

She hand out the Twin tailed girl's Harisen back which the said girl thanks and take her weapon back. Then the orange hair notice that her fellow classmate's Nodachi is burning with blue flame, flame that remind her of Na-tsu's mane.

"Setsuna, that's…"

"Hmm? Oh this. Let's just say this is my power-up that I mention earlier." Setsuna chuckled as she swing her sword back and forth.

"…And you just took it out at the last minute?" Asuna eyed her friend with suspicion.

"Uh! Well I thought I was strong enough to not use it but in the end…" She reasoned but failed.

"Never mind, looks like their about to attack again…" The Twin tailed girl point out towards the army of demons.

"Then shall we?" The Swordswoman begin with a smile.

"Do you need to ask?" Her friend countered in a friendly manner.

"Heh." They smirked with each other.

/The big guy./

"Dang! Who would have thought that THING still exist even on this time…" The Head demon groaned.

"Sir, what do you mean by that?" The some small fry asked.

"That flame that we saw isn't any flame that we can find. It's a flame that has the power to purifies evil or even dark energy with just a gaze of it." He explained. "Hell, it consider as a natural enemy toward dark stuff, like us included."

"Seems like the table is about to turn…" The fox girl sighed.

"Not yet, as long we can overwhelm them we can win and we already have a check on outside." The Big boss countered. "Besides I always want to fight those who has the so call Dying Will Flames."

"Guaaah!" Many of the demons got purifies by unknown attack.

"What going on!-?" One of the demons shouted before something shoots him to the head. "Guah!"

"Who is attacking us!"

"Those look like bullet hole…are they equip with something similar of spell breaker.

"Over there!"

/Asuna and Setsuna./

"What! Is that…?" Asuna was shellshock as she saw who is helping them.

"So you're here…Mana." Setsuna sighed and smirked.

"Well can't help it when you look like in trouble…" Mana said with a smirked. "And you're going to paying the bill, will you Setsuna?"

"That depend if I take most of them first."

"Challenge accepted."

"Oh-hyo! Are those monsters real-aru? They look strong!" The a second voice belong to Ku Fei. "Oro? Is that real?"

Mana just fire a few more round before answering her. "No it just an air soft gun."

"Don't get cock you weaklings!" A dozen of crow demons are up at the night sky. "You won't be able to take us all on the moment you try to reload!"

"Enlightened Sword "Rise from Delusion!" A sword wave cut the entire demon crow in one go.

"What now?"

A girl with silver hair land on the ground just between the demon army and the 3-A gangs. She hold one long sword while the other is still in it scabbard and a white blob floating around her.

"Seems like grandfather is right, something is going on." She glance everything before landing her eyes on the 3-A group or specifically Setsuna. "Ara, You again."

"Who?" All the girl said at the same time.

"Who the heck are you?" Most of the demons demanded.

"Me, Konpaku Youmu, a pleasure to meet you all." She bowed before facing all the demons army. "Now then lets get this over, I have better things to do."

/Back to Tsuna./

Kisame was about to attack just as something thrown at him, he smack it back with his sword. The something is a sword hilt and land back to a waiting hand of a newcomer.

"Who the hell are you?" It was more a statement then a question.

"Hahah~ me, just someone who is sightseeing." The Newcomer laughed.

"! Ya…Yama…moto!-?" Tsuna snapped back and saw his cheerful Rain Guardian smiling. "Yamamoto!"

"Hai, hai don't wear my name off." The Cheerful baseball idiot grinned. "It's nice to see you again, Tsuna."

Seems like thing are about to get interesting.

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