Finally…after thirty grueling hours of driving a rented moving truck across three states, she arrived in front of her new apartment building. The modern 50-story newly-renovated glass building was located in the center of Konoha Square which housed some of best apartment complexes in the world. To even get on the waiting list here, you had to be rich and famous AND important or know the rich, famous, and important people. Her method was somewhere between the two choices.

Her mother-like mentor and world renowned surgeon, Tsunade, happened to know the man who had a monopoly on the Glass-House buildings. The man, nicknamed dirt-bag pervert, Jiraiya would do anything Tsunade asked as long as he could grovel at her humungous breasts without being pummeled. Her blonde mentor told her that all it took was a skanky red dress and a bottle of wine to get the old man to agree to rent the next available apartment to her student. Of course, the surgeon forgot to mention to the mountain of blackmail she had against Jiraiya due to them growing up together. The white haired man stood no chance.

Lo-and-behold, five and a half months later she received a call from said dirt-bag, changed to something prostitute-worthy, and caught the first flight to sign the documents after her double shift at the hospital. Now she was the proud owner of the top floor apartment – 50B. It was state of the art, with a remote that controlled everything, and since it took up a corner of the building it only had a solid wall on the side of the hallway, the other walls and ceiling were complete glass. It was said to be a stainless missile proof glass that was more reliable than cemented walls. Either way – the pictures that Sakura had seen made it look like a modern-day castle in the sky.

She smiled as she brushed her pink hair out of her eyes and maneuvered her truck toward the private parking section and towards the entrance that was marked, "Move in/Move out". To her surprise there was another Moving vehicle located there. Most people didn't move out unless it was by death and from what Tsunade told her – there was an apartment available every seven, maybe six years. The previous owner of 50B, a psycho politician, finally croaked and took his suffocation-sex lovin' a bit too far. Sakura was happy on all accounts of the old bastard's death; anyone who still believed in segregation deserved some sort of tabloid mocking end.

She parked her truck next to the other bright blue truck that was being unloaded. After checking herself in the rear view mirror, making sure that she looked decent, she got out and glanced at her neighbor. She didn't get star struck often but if it was someone like…the model Gaara or the race car driver Neji…she sure as hell wanted to get a peek. To her slight disappointment the man who was unloading in the back was neither and she didn't recognize him from any magazine or newspaper article.

He caught her checking him out and turned to look at her, she gave him a polite smile and said hello. He replied with a nod, and she quickly unlocked the back of her truck in embarrassment. Maybe he was a foreigner. He was surrounded by uniformed delivery men who were unloading the large items, evidently the boxes marked fragile – he made it his own responsibility to carry those.

She gave him another look under lashes – tall, dark, and handsome…obviously. He wore an expensive collared shirt and jeans that fit so perfectly that they probably cost the G.D.P of a small nation. He had long black hair that was pulled back into a loose pony tail and deep dark memorizing eyes that looked like they could engulf the entire world and still be missing something. His eyes were his most chilling feature; his orbs were like black water…to deep to ever see the bottom.

He glanced at her once more…catching her staring…again…and with a bright red face Sakura quickly grabbed the first box in front of her and made her way through the propped open double doors, past two security guards and towards the elevator. She pressed the button designated for the elevator for floors 40+ with her elbow and waited a few seconds for the ding of the opened doors.

She entered quickly and when she was about to pull out her apartment card another card swiped the doors closed. She looked up – it was Mister Mystery Man.

"So, hi, are you moving in too?" she asked trying to force a smile, maybe she should have dressed better. His Armani shirt and unpronounceable jeans really made her Harvard sweatshirt and plaid short shorts look flea-market bought in comparison.

"Yes," he said, "You should swipe your card as well," he reminded her as he leaned back slightly, appraising her figure from his peripheral vision. She obeyed and fumbled to swipe her card across the glass monitor.

He knew how hard it was to get an apartment here…and how almost impossibly rare it was to get two people moving in on the same day. Plus she didn't look like one of the average multi-billionaires that called this complex home. He hadn't noticed any movers with her and she was dress…sub par to say the least. He doubted she even went to Harvard.

On the other hand, her bright pink hair and well endowed figure certainly could indicate cosmetic and plastic surgery. He declared it impossible for anyone to have such a great behind without the assistance of gravity deifying body modification. She was probably the mistress of some important figure or a spoiled trust fund child.

He watched the floors flash across the top of the board…the elevator seemed to be approaching the 50th floor rather rapidly. The chances of her moving in on the same floor as him were astronomically slim since the top floor only had two apartments.

But apparently math or God felt like they were going to against all odds that day.

The elevator stopped at the 50th floor with a ding, and the girl with bright sea-green eyes glanced up at him and he nodded for her to exit first. He was a gentleman after all, when it suited his best interest, anyway.

She stepped out and glanced left and right, blocking his way, and then turned to the right. He followed.

That ass was definitely sculpted by an artist.

Then she suddenly stopped and when he pealed his eyes off her rear, he saw her walk into his apartment.

"What the –" she began looking around.

"It's rude to enter someone else's place without an invitation or permission," the dark haired man said stepping around the younger woman.

"I could say the same for you," she shot back in a defying tone that Itachi was unused to hearing outside the courtroom, "this is 50B, this is my apartment."

"Yes this is 50B," he began placing his box down beside the others that were accumulating at the side, "but this is my apartment. Signed and registered to Uchihla Itachi."

"I'm sorry, this must be some mistake," she didn't sound the least bit sorry as she placed the box in front of her feet and flashed her keycard at him. Sure enough it said 50B.

"The incompetent land owner must have made a mistake," Itachi replied logically.

"I am so not in the mood for this," she growled brushing her bangs out of her eyes, "almost a 30 hour drive here….no food…no sleep, and now this, ugh."

He really didn't care for her problems, "I'm sure this will get this straightened out," Itachi said in a tone that stated that he would make sure that it would get straightened out the way he wanted it. He moved around her and made his way out into the hallway.

"I'm coming with you!" she said ignoring her box that she left inside the apartment and followed him back towards the elevator.

It opened and they stepped aside to allow Itachi's movers to carry a large hand-carved bookshelf made of exotic wood with a parnian finish past them.

"Maybe you shouldn't get all eager to move, they might have made a mistake on your account, you know," the woman offered a semi-half hearted consolidation to Itachi as he swiped his card and pressed the; "Registry Office" button on the see-through screen.

"I highly doubt that," he had reviewed the lease agreement and it was excellent. He expected the buy the apartment by the end of the year. You had to rent for 12 months before being able to purchase it with many restrictions and for an insane price but…money didn't matter. Konoah was the hardest city to find a decent place to live in, especially inside the Square. An apartment that lived up to his standards opened up every half decade or so, and he was not going to pass up this opportunity. Living in his mother-owned Hotels was getting on his nerves.

"Cranky aren't you," he heard her mutter as she folded her arms across her chest, accentuating the size of her breasts two folds.

Breast implants too, he mused, wondering how insecure the girl really was as the elevator dinged open and he stepped out first. He no longer felt like being a gentleman, especially not to someone who claimed rights on his living quarters. Itachi heard her cheap flip flops flop on the marble floor as he approached the registry where a white haired man in an eye patch with his nose inside a book, evidently busying ignoring them.

"Excuse me," he began and looked at the man's name tag, "Kakashi, I'd like to clarify a lease agreement," Itachi said as politely as his monotone voice would allow.

The man glanced up with his droopy eye and nodded, "come," he said with the book still in front of him as he led the couple towards the rosemary double doors marked, "Office". When they entered they were greeted by a huge slim black desk in the center where Jiraiya, dirty-bag pervert, sat writing feverously in a notebook.

"They said there's a lease dispute," Kakashi said motioning them to sit down on the two of the Victoria golden platted overstuffed chairs in front of the desk.

"Sit, sit, let me finish this paragraph…" the man said in a hushed voice.

Sakura looked around, noticing exquisite bookshelves surrounding every inch of the mirror walls and sadly, when she got a closer look she noticed every single one was Ichi-Ichi. Tsunade had told her about Jiraiya's novel writing and had even given her a sample – to say that it was saturated with sexual repression would have been an understatement.

She looked back at the man who finally dropped his pen and turned his attention to his clients.

"Ah! Itachi! So good to see you, and…Sakura, my dear, Tsunade has said such splendid things about you."

"She has only said disreputable and terrible things about you," Sakura replied with a sweet smile. Her mentor had also warned her that if she gave the dirt-bag pervert an inch of niceness, she was going to be the star of his next novel.

"Oh, haha…that Tsunade likes to exaggerate I assure you, but she hadn't said one mean word during our last encounter…I actually wrote a chapter about it, here, let me show you," he began ruffling through the papers on the desk.

"That can wait," Itachi interrupted, highly annoyed at the inefficiency of the old man, "I'd like to see my lease agreement."

"As would I," Sakura added quickly.

"Ah, Kakashi get me out Uchihla Itachi and Haruno Sakura's papers please."

"Mmm," the silver haired man nodded walking towards a filing cabinet, "what apartment number?"

"50B," they both answered at the same time.

"Oh my," Jiraiya began; "now this is an unpleasant coincidence."

"I hope that is all it is," Itachi replied, the underlining threat understood by all those present.

Sakura shot him a glare, even in her terrible and cranky mood she would never be so threatening to anyone. Sure she had a sharp tongue, but she wouldn't dare to belittle anyone like that.

"Ahhhh," Kakashi said rubbing the back of his head as he walked back and handed Jiraiya the documents.

Jiraiya looked it over, the curiosity in his face turning into shock, then fading into a smug look, and then it seemed as though his face was paling into a sea-sick green.

"What is it, are you okay?" Sakura asked concerned as she leaned towards the old man.

"It seems…you are both the co-leasers of 50B."

"What?" Sakura asked in shock.

"How is that possible?" Itachi deadpanned.

"These your signatures?" Jiraiya asked flipping the pages around the placing them between the two soon-to-be-roommates.

"Y-yes," Sakura said, noticing the Itachi Uchihla signature right above hers.

"What is the meaning of this?" Itachi snatched the papers and flipped over the documents to review them himself.

"Kakashi, you oversaw these?" Jiraiya asked.

"Yes, you told me 50B was to go to Sakura, I called her in and she signed the papers."

"Oh my…that was before Fugako called…Ahem….Erhm, well…" Jiraiya began but was interrupted by the law-expert.

"My signature was here first; I signed it a day prior to her."

"Yes, but she also signed it and my signature was placed after hers."

"Did you not notice someone else's signature on the documents you were signing? Or do you happen to be half blind along with incomprehensibly stupid?" Itachi half snarled with narrow eyes at the pink haired woman. There was a reason why he didn't like most people.

"Excuse you! I was extremely tired when I came in to sign the papers and I hadn't noticed!"

"Pathetic," she heard the man breathe out before turning to the first page and handing it to the landlord.

"I'm sure you two can find a compromise," Jiraiya said looking slightly worried. To get the medical community or the legal community angry at him wasn't on his agenda…ever. With the people Fugaku and Tunsade knew…he would be spending the rest of his life in a cardboard box in the middle of an African desert if he angered either of them.

"Let me get this straight, because mister snotty-ass-rich-boys daddy called, what –" she snatched the papers and looked at the date of the signature, "not even a month ago, he gets the apartment? Jiraiya you had a verbal agreement with Tsunade that I would get the apartment almost half a year ago!"

"Excuse me, little girl," Itachi snarled grabbing the documents from her hands, "watch your mouth."

"You asshole, you better watch yours!"

It was becoming evident to Jiraiya that Sakura inherited Tsunade's temper, and if he knew the blonde woman like he though he did, he was pretty sure the pink haired girl was about to hook Itachi in the jaw any moment.

"Now, now, both you! Let's not behave like children," Jiraiya tried to calm them down when he saw Sakura's fist clench and Itachi's expression change to one that wordlessly chanted, 'I dare you'.

"It's simple, I will pay you," he reverted back to his calm expressionless voice to Sakura while recrossing his legs in an almost royal manner, "for the next twelve months a sum equivalent to the rent and you can go find someplace…more suitable for your living style."

"Are you trying to buy me?" she gasped in shock…no one had ever been so rude to her, her entire life.

"If that makes your meaningless life feel more important than, yes," he countered.

"Oh, I'd love to hurt you right now…" Sakura threatened.

"I dare you," Itachi replied, "It would be my absolute pleasure to send you to jail with a myriad of charges."

"Hah, the President owes me, dear boy. I wouldn't mind using my get out of jail free card to pummel the living crap out of you," she retorted with a smugness that matched his.

Itachi's eyes only widened slightly from her revelation. That had to be a bluff. Just who was this girl?

"Come on; please…how about you split the apartment. One week his, one week yours?" Jiraiya asked trying to think of a pleasant outcome that would suit both. "Or 6 months hers, six months yours?"

"No," Sakura and Itachi said at the same time but she continued the sentence, "I plan to live there, and if this preppy fuck-tart plans to live there too…so be it. I bet he's such a sheltered little boy, he'll be crying to mummy by next week, isn't that right?" she asked mockingly as she stood up, "if you gentlemen and bastard excuse me, I have to go continue unpacking in my apartment," she said getting up slowly and walking out of the office with her head held high.

"Itachi…please understand that it was –"

"There is no need for an explanation, it seems that I cannot take any legal action at this time…I will remove her from the apartment by my own means."

"Legally I hope," Kakashi added flipping a page of his book.

"Hn," Itachi replied standing up and walking out.

"You know…this would make a good plot for a book, wouldn't it?"

"Mmm hmmm," Kakashi replied to his boss.




Sakura was already on the phone with Tsunade before the elevator even opened. She stepped inside as she continued to explain what happened.

"And then this jackass excuse of a human being that I'd love to tear a new one to completely ignored any form of compromise and and and," Sakura tried to stop the oncoming sob, as the elevator went down to the basement.

"Calm down, I'll get my lawyers to look at the documents, but if you both signed it before the landlord did…then it's a legal document," Tsunade replied calmly and Sakura could hear the clanging of Sake cups in the background.

"But – "

"No buts, Sakura you are the most stubborn, pig-headed, and creative person I know…use what you have to get rid of the bastard, I owe Fugaku a good deck in the face for investigating my pediatrics department a few years ago anyway."


"Preppy-boy's daddy."

"I knew it…" Sakura muttered, wiping away her wet cheeks with the back of her sleeve and tried to steady her breathing.

"Now…use what you have to make the boy's life a living hell, call me back later because I just got a page for a Code Orange."

"Okay," Sakura replied trying to hold back a sniffle, "thanks for listening to me, Tsunade."

"Don't mention it, remember violence is a nice form of revenge…but you can make revenge much sweeter with a little more planning."

"Are you referring to what you did to the old Nara man?"

"And has he ever back talked to me since?"

"I think he pees in his pants a little when I even mention your name."

"Haha…If you declare war against someone, be the wise player, and if shit hits the fan in Konoha, you're always welcome back home. Your lab coat is still hanging near mine."

"Thank you so much, I'll do my best," Sakura assured her mentor as she cleared the tear residue in on her cheeks with the heel of her palm.

"I know you will, ugh, I have to go Ino is yelling something about a collapsed lung and an airborne infection, be good, dear."

"Bye," Sakura said hanging up. She took a deep breath and allowed herself to smile. Everything was going to be okay. Everything had to be okay.

The doors dinged open and she stepped out. She was going to do her best, and first on the agenda was stealing his moving men. As she walked down the hallway, she stripped off her sweatshirt to reveal a white tank top that accentuated the bright pink bra underneath.

She was definitely going to do her best.




As Itachi approached the elevator, his phone rang disturbing him from his seething thoughts of the stupid plastic girl that had caused him such agony.

"Hey Itachi! Dude get your ass over here!" his older cousin, Shisui, nearly shouted on the other line.

"Why?" Itachi asked clicking on the elevator button and waited impatiently.

"New evidence in the Mu'gui case, something about a bloody gun. I'm heading down to the precinct to talk to the detectives now, I need you man, the court dates in a week."

Getting rid of that wretched excuse of a human being would have to wait. He hung up on his cousin and called his chauffeur to meet him in front of the building. His moving men could take care of the rest of his furniture.




Sakura grinned as she swayed her hips in appreciation at the movers who were carrying up her cabinets that held all her medical reports and research notes. She had pulled down her top to reveal extra cleavage, rolled up her shorts, and behaved like a horny little slut.

She normally had much more self respect, and was usually the most well behaved girl out of any bunch, but honestly – sometimes being a little naughty was just the better option. She had gotten all the movers to stop unloading Itachi's truck and unload hers instead. Yet to her grim dissatisfaction the jackass never came down to bare witness and wasn't in the apartment either.

She internally hoped he had given up as she pushed all his boxes out into the hallway. He had so many god damn textbooks that it was sickening. She had given up picking up the boxes that had books and resorted to kicking them out.

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