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Title: Darken Rahl's Super Sekrit Diary of Awesomeness
Genre: Legend of the Seeker; Crack
Rating: PG
Timeline/Spoilers: Through the series

Author's Notes: Another legendland Challenge. *shrug* *grin* My attempt at "crack." I just thought I'd post it here now that the challenge is over. *grin*

"Days" correspond with the matching episodes, (ie Day 1 is episode 1, Day 44 is the series finale)

Day 1

Loyal Subjects:4,937,000

Boxes of Orden: 1

Lost the Book of Shadows today; very disappointed. Mother Confessor lives; very, very disappointed. The Seeker has been found and lost; most put out. Shall have to speak to the troops.

Day 8

Loyal Subjects: 4, 936, 328

Boxes of Orden: 1

Excellent news to report today diary, the Seeker is being entertained by my darling, Denna. I look forward to seeing him kneel at my feet.

Day 8 ½

Loyal Subjects: 4, 936,300

Boxes of Orden: 1

Denna has lost the Seeker. I shall have to speak with her...

Day 12

Loyal Subjects: 4, 936,234

Boxes of Orden: 2

Something very unsettling happened today, Diary. I found myself questioning my sexuality. The Seeker is more... attractive than I would have thought; very... unsettling. I blame Giller. I shall have to speak with him.

Day 16

Loyal Subjects: 4, 930,297

Boxes of Orden: 0

Discussed the nature of perception with one of my soldiers today; I believe I impressed upon him how seriously I take this matter. I have also instituted new national policies today. I shall issue proclamations.

Day 21

Loyal Subjects: 4, 929, 899

Boxes of Orden: 0

Kittens: 1

The guards have just brought Jennsen. I am confident this plan shall work.

Day 21 ½

Loyal Subjects: 4,929,521

Boxes of Orden: 0

Kittens: 0

Day 23

Loyal Banelings: 1

Being dead isn't as bad as I would have thought, Diary. The Keeper has placed me in a position of some influence, and I got to keep my favorite robe. I will write more as time allows.

Day 23 ½

Loyal Banelings: 0

Very good news, diary... have marked my brother for the Keeper...

Day 34

Loyal Banelings: 1001

I feel as if things have not changed as much as I would have hoped. It continues to be hard to find good help. I hold out high hopes for Cara though; was very good to see her again. Still do not have the Stone of Tears.

Day 34 ½

Loyal Banelings: 1000

Very disappointing day; The Keeper was most put out. Am beginning to question some of my choices...

Still no Stone of Tears.

Day 39

Loyal Banelings: 1906

Dear old Dad is here, must go welcome him... quite looking forward to it... though I still lack the Stone of Tears.

Day 40

Today, is the first day of the rest of my life...

Day 42

Loyal Mord'Sith: 5

Loyal Sisters: 6

I believe that I shall take a personal hand in convincing Cara to rejoin our little family. Sometimes... all it takes is the right word and a loving hand...

Day 42 ½

Loyal Mord'Sith: 6

Loyal Sisters: 6

Stone of Tears!

Today, dear diary, has been a very good day...

Day 43

Have not felt myself all day... very strange...

Day 44

Loyal Mord'Sith: 5

Super Powerful Sorceresses: 1

Now that my brother has defeated the Keeper, I have very big plans... but first, dear diary, I think... a bath...