Disclaimer: Legend of the Seeker/Sword of Truth is owned by Terry Goodkind and all the grand high mucky mucks of ABC. No copyright infringement is intended and no money was made from this of course. Any similarity to any other story not my own is coincidence. *And I am certain that there are most likely similarities to other stories I have written*

Title: legendland Big-Bang Challenge
Genre: Legend of the Seeker
Theme: Mother Confessors
Rating: G through NC-17 (Each story is rated in it's own chapter)
Timeline/Spoilers: From 3000 years before the series "begins" to after the series ends (each entry is marked accordingly) ~The period of time Confessors have been around. *grin*

Author's Notes: So these are my twenty ficlits written for the big-bang challenge in the theme of "Mother Confessors." To be noted, I have used original characters in many of these stories. In addition, I have drawn from the bookverse for some source material such as names and basic histories. Though I have done both, all these stories are meant to take place in the world of the series. I have tried to be clear in the author's notes on each entry to place the story within the proper context. *grin*

One finally note story-wise, I have tried to place the stories in a rough chronological order, so the first story would be the "oldest" and the last story would be the most "recent" (historically speaking *grin*)

And many, many thanks to muses_mistress for reading these over for me and being a generous beta reader. *grin*

Let the games begin *grin*: