Pokémon Academy: Dragon's Roar

Prologue: On that Stormy Night

Inside a small arena cheering could be heard as people were looking down at the battle taking place. Down in the Pokémon arena there were two trainers standing at separate ends, along with a Phamby as small elephant colored in blue, it had a large pair of ears but its nose was small. Who seemed as if it was about to collapse and a Rhyhorn a big rhinoceros like Pokémon covered in a metallic armor; which was preparing to charge forward.

"So, are you gonna keep battling, or do I have to finish you off?" one of the trainers asked. He was wearing a yellow long sleeved jacket with black lightning marks on the back. He had a pair of yellow pants and was wearing a black t-shirt under his jacket. He had a straight black hair and a smirk on his face that showed how confident he was. "Because Rhyhorn is waiting for my next order."

"I'm not giving up, you can count on that, even if I suck in this battle," the boy on the other side panted. Apparently tired as well. He was wearing a long sleeved red jacket along with a red pair of pants and black sneakers. He had a black undershirt on and a messy black hair. His face was full of doubt as if he was uncomfortable or not confident enough. "Phamby, we can still do this, we didn't come to this academy only to lose!" the boy called out as his Phamby nodded. "Roll Out!"

"Charging forward I see," the other boy grinned as he extended his hand. "Rhyhorn, Body Slam," He ordered as the Rhyhorn charged forward, both of the Pokémon crashed against each other each holding the other back to see who gave up first. "It's futile." The boy shook his head as Rhyhorn simply pushed Phamby aside making it bounce on the floor as it fell unconscious.

"Phamby is unable to battle, the conclusion of this battle between Reggie Damon and Jack Harman end with Jack's victory," the referee called out pointing a red flag to the kid wearing the yellow uniform who was obviously Jack.

In an instant a bunch of other teenagers wearing the same uniform started jumping from the stands and ran over to Jack so that they could congratulate him. Reggie looked back at his group who just got up from their seats and started walking out. He fell something wet hitting his face. "Damn it, not now," he grunted as it started raining. He turned to his right to see Jack and his friends run off while the rain fell on Reggie like there was no end to it. "Not another loss." He sighed putting his hands inside his pocket as he started walking out of the arena.

This is Reggie Damon a student from the Charizard Flame Dorm who goes Pokémon Element Academy a prestigious academy for trainers who seek to improve their skills in battling, coordinating, breeding or Pokémon science. The academy is famous for all the great students that come in and come out to become great people in the Pokémon World; because of this the school has a lot of funds and it's one of the best Pokémon Academies in the world.

The academy itself is located in an island far from any of the other regions in the Pokémon World; this island is surrounded by a small archipelago of islands that belong to the school itself mostly for recreational motives. Students come from all over the world to this remote island, because it's far away from any city or region people live in the school and in itself the school seems to be like a city to the students.

The school is divided into five dorms, each dorm representing a Pokémon and an element; the students in each dorm are classified for their wills, if a student has the will of a great battler and aims to become so they'll be put in Charizard Flame. Students that have grace and want to either become Coordinators or Doctors go into Roselia Grass.

For students that want to become breeders or aim to be gymleaders are put in Pikachu Thunder. As for students that want to be scientist and students who are aiming to become pro instead of travelling and competing like normal trainers are put in either Blastoise Aqua or Houndoom Dark.

Each dorm has its own building in a different corner of the island, all of the dorms are linked through the main building which looks like a giant white castle with different elemental symbols on the insignia through a transparent tube, student's can take the tube and travel through the building or the dorm through a special cart that's on the rails in the tube.

The school also comes with their own Pokémon stadiums for students to battle, as well as their own training field and coordination dome.

Reggie Damon is one of the students that goes to this academy, having been announced as a Charizard Flame as soon as he came to the school he thought he was do for great things; until things took a turn for the worst. Reggie comes from Littleroot town in Hoenn and like most students in the academy his family had to save money for four years so that they could afford to send Reggie to the academy; luckily his student fee is gonna be paid off by working in different jobs around the academy throughout his first year as well as taking classes.

Reggie himself isn't a strong trainer, he only has three Pokémon due to the fact that he started his journey at eleven but gave up before he could even get his first badge. He tried to compete in other leagues but every time he lost at least once he gave up; thus making himself think he was useless. He decided to go to the academy because he thought it would make him a better trainer; only to find out he was wrong.

It's been a month since classes started and since the dorms have friendly matches to see how the students are progressing Reggie decided to compete, unfortunately he has lost every single match he has participated in and due to his lack of skill and wins not a lot of people have opened up to him.

"I can't believe I lost again," Reggie sighed as he walked towards his dorm, deciding it would be better if he killed his anger with walking instead of making a fuss in the dorms. He looked around no one was around anymore since everyone went to their dorms as soon as they saw the rain fall. "Not just that but I still have to do my deliveries, this is gonna put a damper on my day," he felt the rain stop hitting him a she looked up to see a pink umbrella over his head. "You're still here?"

"You're saying it as if I was supposed to leave you here you idiot," a girl showed her face from behind Reggie, she had a long blond hair that was tied around into pig tails, a pair of blue eyes and a couple of dots around her face, she was wearing a Charizard Flame uniform except it was the one for the females composed of a long sleeved red jacket that wasn't as long as the guys, and a short red skirt, she was wearing a white shirt under the jacket. "You'll catch a cold if you stay under the rain for too long." She said as the two started walking.

"Yeah, I just thought you left, I mean who would want to spend their afternoon with someone that can't even win one match," Reggie sighed looking away from the girl. "You're too kind to me Miko." He said with a pouted lip.

"You know what your problem is, you don't have confidence, how do you expect to win without it," Miko frowned while looking at Reggie who backed away a little from her. "You're a Charizard Flame, you need confidence I mean that's one of the reasons why you were accepted in the dorm isn't it?"

"I like to think so," Reggie shrugged; honestly he didn't know how he could get into Charizard Flame; although over the course of the month he thought of various reasons, the best one he came up with was the fact that he didn't qualify or wasn't skilled enough for any of the other dorms. "Why do you care anyways?" he asked.

"I like you Reggie, you're different from the others, you're not hotheaded, although it would help you a bit," Miko chuckled as she looked over at Reggie for a sec. "Listen, if you just focused more instead of giving up when things don't go your way then everything will get better, you'll see," she smiled and raised her finger.

"You say that, but can you back it up," Reggie frowned; he was really getting tired of Miko always saying things to try and get him to feel better. "It's been a month since the year starter and you're the only one I'm friends with and the only reason we met is because I asked you for a pencil while we were in class."

"And then you fell over your chair, that was funny," Miko started laughing getting Reggie to frown, during the first day of school Reggie had forgotten his pencil and thus had to ask for one once Miko was about to give it to him he tried to reach it but his chair slipped from the floor and caused him to fall off; ever since then the two have been friends. "I have to be around you so that you don't do any stupid stuff."

"You're blunt," Reggie and Miko both stopped as they looked at their dorm buildings. There were two buildings one was a four story building colored with red and white painting and the other one was white with red painting. Between the two dorms there were two small bridges connecting them to a middle building that was shaped like a dome, Reggie and Miko could see through the windows of the dome, that was the dorms Pokémon Center and the place where the students usually hung out while not in their rooms. "Well, let's go in," Reggie and Miko both walked inside the building, the building looked like a normal Pokémon Center, the counter was in the center of the building and around it where various couches and seats. There was a small path leading to a restaurant on the corner and a flat screen TV on each side of the center.

"Weird, normally you don't find this place empty," Miko said as she put the umbrella back. "Not even Nurse Joy is here, she must've gone to pick something up by the main building," she pointed out and started walking towards the counter. "Good thing I asked her how to work this thing now we can heal your Pokémon." She jumped past the counter and went to the healing machine.

"Miko, should you really do that what if Nurse Joy comes in?" Reggie asked walking towards her with a scared look; he didn't want to get in trouble and make his day even worse. "I mean, we're students we're not supposed, are you listening to me damn it!" he yelled since Miko didn't seem to stop as she grabbed his pokeball belt. "Hey careful," Reggie grabbed onto his pants since his belt was the only thing that was keeping them up.

"It's not like there's a lot to see," Miko rolled her eyes as she looked at Reggie and then grabbed the three pokeballs on his belt and put them on the healing machine. "You just do this, and press this thing," she started putting the pokeballs in three different capsules and pressed the start button as the machine started to make a robotic sound while the pokeballs glowed. "See, now we only have to wait."

"You were right you do know how to use this thing," Reggie deadpanned while putting his pokeball belt back on.

"Yeah, well I'm never wrong," she shrugged with a silly smirk on her face as the pokeballs stopped glowing. "Okay, you're ready to go," she took the pokeballs out and gave them to Reggie. "Remember not to push your Pokémon to much next time."

"Now you're sounding just like Nurse Joy, if you like to do this why are you in Charizard Flame?" Reggie asked with a more content smile as he started putting the pokeballs back on his belt.

"I like healing, but I also like the feeling I get when I battle, it's just awesome, plus just because I graduate from battling it doesn't mean I can't learn healing as well," Miko pointed out while raising her finger; in away Miko was the perfect friend for Reggie because she never gave up and always pushed herself forward; therefore making the people around her do the same. "Anyways, I'm off, see ya tomorrow," she waved at him and started walking to the path on the left which led to the building that took straight into the white building which was the dorm for the girls.

"Sure," Reggie nodded his head and started walking to the right bridge that led to the boy's dorm which was the red building. The dorm itself was like an apartment complex, there was an elevator in the center of the building as were as two stair cases that on both sides of the building, the rest that was in the center were two sofas were people could sit down but not much. Reggie started climbing up the stairs since his room was in the first floor. "Okay, I'm just gonna pop one of those TV dinners and go do my deliveries then I can get some sleep," he walked to his room and opened the door. "Home sweet home away from home," he turned on the lights, the room was like an apartment room, it had a small counter on the center along with a mini fridge and a small microwave as well as an oven that looked like it hadn't been use. There was a small couch close to the wall with a TV in front, and a hallway that led to two rooms, Reggie was supposed to get a roommate but after a month they hadn't found anybody that would bunk with him.

A few minutes later Reggie eating a TV dinner that had macaroni and cheese as long with a chicken steak, he was watching some TV while his Pokémon were eating some Poke chow. He looked at his three Pokémon a Phamby a Pidgey and a small Azurill; neither of his Pokémon were big or strong to say the least, he was proud of his Pokémon but he wished they were better; although of course he knew it depended on the trainer for the Pokémon to get better. "I'm sorry guys, because of me, you got embarrassed again," he sighed.

His Pokémon looked at him with a comforting looked as they walked over to try and make him feel better. In truth they weren't mad that they lost they were just happy to have done their best and Reggie knew that even though he himself didn't know how to feel about it.

He turned to a picture that was on the desk where the lamp was. In the picture was Reggie and his family, his mom and dad who looked like they were in their early forties, his mom had a long brown hair that went down to her waist as well as a pair of blue eyes, in the picture she was wearing a long sleeved leather blue shirt along with a long white skirt, his dad like Reggie had a ruffled black hair and shared Reggie's black eyes, he was wearing a green shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Reggie was wearing the school uniform because that was the day his uniform and they decided to take a picture, and there was also his little six year old sister, she looked like her mom having a short brown hair in two piggy tails and a pair of blue eyes, she was wearing a blue dress that looked like the ones dolls used. "I said I'll become better, so that they'll be proud, but I'm not doing a very good job am I," Reggie frowned and turned away from the picture. "I know there's something I can do, something to make myself better," he closed his eyes and started feeling the ground shake. "Is that an earthquake?" he asked himself as he got up.

He gasped when he saw some kind of red rock that was falling from the sky as it crashed with the floor; for a sec he thought he was going to die from the crash but it only caused a small explosion and a cloud of smoke. "I'll go check that out," was all he could say; knowing it was dangerous but his curiosity got the better of him as he ran out of his room.

He ran out of the dorms and started running towards where he saw the rock fall, he could still see the smoke coming out so it wasn't so hard. "Maybe it's a sign, that things will get better," he ran into the small forest running at full speed hoping no one else had gotten there first. And in a blink of an eye he got there standing in front of him was a giant red rock that was glowing from inside. "Is it a meteorite, are there aliens in there?" he asked himself as he started walking down, but back off when he saw the meteorite split in two. "Oh shit, they are aliens," he tried to run but he tripped and fell on his butt and could do nothing but watch as something walked out of the meteorite.

"No way…" he had a confused look on his face, in front of him was a small puppy like dragon, it had white fur all over its body along with a small tail; four legs that again looked more like a puppy's than a dragon's and a triangle like head, with a pair of crystalline eyes, he was giving Reggie a curious look while sticking his tongue out, honestly Reggie was dumbfounded who knew such a cute creature would come out of a meteorite. "Are you, a Pokémon?" he asked moving towards the creature.

"Chi." The small Pokémon looked at him with a smile as he jumped Reggie just caught it in his arms before the Pokémon started licking his face.

"I'll take that as yes." He deadpanned as he looked at the white dragon like Pokémon.

End of Prologue

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