Chapter 4: Step up to the Plate

Reggie glared at Jack as the two stood opposite from each other once again. The Pokémon field being the only thing that separated them, Reggie turned to look at the crowd his friends were already sitting in the stands and cheering. Then Reggie's mind drifted back to the last two days after receiving a very violent Chimchar from Brendan he had to make sure not to let it kill Chigon. Reggie looked down at Chigon who was standing next to him with a serious look; for the first time since Reggie met it.

"So that's Chigon, that's the Pokémon that people have been talking about," Jack snickered getting Reggie to turn to look at him, he didn't say anything though knowing that falling for Jack's games would only get him to lose focus. "He's so small I doubt my Pokémon can resist the chance to squish it."

"Well you know what; we'll just have to see won't we." Reggie nodded his head as the two heard Brendan signal the beginning of the match. "Go Azurill." Reggie grabbed one of the Academy pokeballs and threw it into the field. His Azurill came out bouncing with its tail.

"That little thing, I defeat it before, I'll do it now too," Jack grinned as he grabbed a Great Ball from his belt and threw it into the field. The ball burst into millions of stars as Jack's Rhyhorn came out roaring and stomping on the ground. Rhyhorn started stepping forward, Reggie could feel the ground shaking around him with every step he took; either that or it was the fear.

"Azurill, go and use Water Gun." Azurill started jumping forward as it hurdled straight towards Rhyhorn firing a stream of clear water from its mouth. Rhyhorn was hit by the attack straight on and winced moving back while Azurill kept firing water..

"Rhyhorn use Rock Blast." Rhyhorn raised its and stomped on the floor. Everyone in the stands looked down at the Rhyhorn that was creating a small earthquake. After a few seconds of stomping and making Azurill bounce around Rhyhorn made three giant stones come out of the floor and fired them at Azurill.

"Jump out of the way," Reggie ordered as Azurill managed to get out of one of the rocks. Reggie knew that Azurill could hold on even if he did take the attack straight on; but if it gets too hurt Rhyhorn would get a better chance to knock it out. "Here comes the second one," Azurill nodded as it bounced on the floor and dodged the second rock while Rhyhorn sent the third one at it.

"Bubblebeam!" Reggie yelled desperately, knowing that Azurill wouldn't have time to jump down and dodge the last rock. Azurill fired a barrage of blue bubbles that started holding the rock back. The attack was futile though as the rock crashed against Azurill and fall on the floor. "Azurill you okay?" Reggie asked, fortunately Azurill got up. Chigon took a step forward. "Not yet bud," Reggie nodded his head looking at Chigon.

"Rhyhorn go and use Mega Horn." Jack commanded as Rhyhorn started charging forward its horn glowing as it prepared to attack Azurill. Azurill jumped out of the way as it fired another Bubble Beam attack, only for Rhyhorn to use Tail Whip and get rid of the bubbles through its tail. Rhyhorn turned back around and started charging again. "Stone Edge!" Jack exclaimed as Rhyhorn fired a barrage of rocks that crashed against Azurill. "Your little Azurill is tough I'll give you that," Jack grinned.

"Azurill use Bubble Beam again." Reggie ordered, thinking if he kept using the same attack Rhyhorn would get overconfident and it would fall for it. Azurill fired its usual round of bubbles while Rhyhorn fought to evade the attacks the best it could.

"I'm tired of playing around, Thunderbolt!" Jack yelled as Rhyhorn roared surprising everyone in the field but expecially Reggie. Then from the sky felt about five jolts of electricity that fell on top of Azurill. The attack was too much for the little Pokémon and it fell to the ground. "That's it for that."

"I didn't think he'll know Thunderbolt," Reggie grunted as he returned Azurill. He had to think of something fast, Rhyhorn managed to defeat him single handedly in his last battle against Jack. If he wanted a chance to win he had to show that he was better than before. "Go Pidgey!" Reggie threw his next pokeball into the field as Pidgey came out.

"He's nuts!" Jordan yelled from the stands hanging on to his seat, this caused Miko to hit him on the back of the head. "What I'm right."

"Not necessarily." Fin pointed out looking down at the field. "Through Pidgey is not a good match up, but it's got great speed, so I can see where Reggie's going with this," he nodded his head and smiled at Jordan. "Just have confidence that he'll win."

"I hope so, Reggie sure exceeded himself in this past couple of days, it'll be bad to see him and Chigon lose," Marie pointed out from her seat as she looked at the match hoping it the tables would turn.

"How do you expect to beat me with that?" Jack scoffed as he shifted to look at his fellow Pikachu Thunder dorm mates who were all cheering for him. "They'll be throwing me another party once I win so let's make this fast, Rhyhorn use Rock Slide." Rhyhorn roared and kicked a barrage of sharp rocks flying straight towards Pidgey. Jack grinned thinking it was done but Pidgey managed to fly out of the way with a Quick Attack. "What the hell."

"Pidgey Wing Attack." Pidgey's right wing started glowing as it crashed against Rhyhorn chest, it didn't' do anything, except alert it where Pidgey was. Rhyhorn sent another Rock Slide its way which Pidgey dodged.

"Rock Blast." Rhyhorn sent four rocks that were taken out from the floor flying straight at Pidgey. Pidgey used the speed from Quick Attack to get past the rocks and go straight towards Rhyhorn, managing to get another Wing Attack on its head. Rhyhorn roared and started attacking once more.

"Good job," Reggie nodded his head while grinning as he saw Jack become restless. "All right Pidgey, come back." Reggie pointed the pokeball at Pidgey who was absorbed in a red beam and was sent back into the ball. "Phanpy step up to the plate!" Reggie yelled as he sent Phanpy out into the field.

"He's gonna go with Phanpy, last thing I remember Phanpy didn't know any attacks that could beat Rhyhorn." Miko pointed out looking down at the field.

"Actually, Phanpy's been getting a lot of training in lately, just watch." Jordan smiled while nodding his head.

"Rhyhorn go and use Take Down!" Jack yelled while Rhyhorn started running towards Phanpy sticking its head forward. Phanpy folded itself into a wheel and started rolling away making Rhyhorn chase after it. "Damn it Reggie can't you stop running away!" Jack yelled.

"Sorry but no," Reggie grinned as Phanpy started spinning back and got behind Rhyhorn. "Go Take Down." Phanpy crashed against Rhyhorn hitting it from behind making Rhyhorn turn around fast as it fired a Stone Edge. Phanpy started running about as it stopped. "No, Earthquake!" Phanpy raised its nose and stomped on the ground making the ground shake and everyone in the stadium to hold on to their seat, except for Brendan who was barely holding on to the wall.

Rhyhorn was taken aback as the ground under it started breaking and sent it toppling down to the ground surprising Jack and everyone else. "Did it get knocked out?" Brendan asked looking towards Rhyhorn who's eyes were closed. "Looks like it was, Rhyhorn's unable to battle!" Brendan called out getting Reggie to smile while his friends and everyone in Charizard Flame started cheering.

"No shit." Jack frowned as he returned Rhyhorn. "How the hell could he beat my Rhyhorn, it's just not possible," he clenched on to the pokeball. "It won't happen again you hear me!" Jack yelled to Reggie's side.

"Not everything goes the way you wanted Jack, that's the lesson you thought me," Reggie grinned getting Jack confused. "If I hadn't lost to you before then I wouldn't have become this strong, I wouldn't have made so many friends and I wouldn't have met Chigon probably who knows," Reggie shrugged. "My point is, you made me feel bad when I lost now it's my turn."

"Shut up!" Jack yelled as he threw another pokeball into the field which popped open to reveal a small dinosaur like four legged Pokémon, it had a huge bulb on its head and blue skin with spot. "Bulbasour, you better not lose."

"Return Phanpy," Reggie returned Phanpy to its pokeball as he grabbed another one from his belt. "Go do your best," he muttered before throwing the pokeball into the field which revealed his Chimchar. "Go take them out Chimchar."

"Vine Whip!" Bulbasour moved back as it sent a long vine from its bulb flying towards Chimchar, the vine just got longer as Chimchar started jumping away while the whip started hitting the ground.

"Fury Swipes." Chimchar jumped past the Bulbasour and started scratching it with its claws getting the bulb Pokémon to move back. "Ember!" Chimchar jumped back as it fired a barrage of orange bullets towards Bulbasour the Pokémon was hit by the attack and sent bouncing on the floor; it got up soon though. "Damn, I thought it'll get knocked out after that." Reggie grunted.

"Sleep Powder!" Jack ordered as Bulbasour snapped Reggie's mind back into the battle as it sent a cloud of white dust crashing straight into Chimchar's face. The monkey Pokémon glared before it started charging but just before landing a hit it stopped and its eyes started closing. After a few seconds Chimchar crashed on the floor and went to dreamland. "Now Sludge Bomb!" Jack grinned as Bulbasour fired three shots of purple goo that crashed against Chimchar making it fly up.

"Chimchar no!" Reggie called out preparing himself to return Chimchar. But every time he tried to Bulbasour started knocking Chimchar away with a Vine Whip. "That's a dirty trick Jack!"

"There's not rule against it," Jack adjusted his glasses while Bulbasour kept hitting the little Pokémon. "Use Solar Beam!" Bulbasour put its bulb forward as it fired a powerful white beam towards Chimchar.

Just before the attack landed though Chimchar's eyes snapped open and it jumped out of the way. "He woke up," Reggie gasped. "Flame Wheel!" Chimchar nodded and surrounded itself with flames.

Then it started spinning like a wheel as it rocketed back down into the ground Bulbasour jumped out of the way but Chimchar didn't stopped there; it turned around again and headed for Bulbasour once more as it prepared to hit.

Bulbasour gasped as Chimchar landed the Flame Wheel attack and made it fly into the sky before falling back to the arena knocking it out. "Awesome," Reggie clenched his fist in confidence.

"Return," Jack nodded his head as he returned Bulbasour into its pokeball. "I was about to beat you, that isn't fair."

"Come on Jack, it's a battler don't act like a brat," Reggie shook his head getting annoyed at Jack. "How about when I was losing I didn't whine even though I was being embarrassed in front of everyone!" this got Jack and basically everyone in the stadium to shut up as his friends nodded their heads agreeing with what Reggie said. "Now pick your next Pokémon!" he called out.

"Go Glalie!" Jack called out as he sent his Glalie out into the team. Glalie glared down at Chimchar as it charged forward. Chimchar was taken a back and was hit by Glalie's Headbutt. "Now use Icy Wind." Glalie's mouth started sending out a current of wind that started freezing the field. Chimchar was started to jump back as the wind froze the field around it. "Headbutt again."

"Jump." Chimchar jumped over Glalie only to see the Pokémon bounce on the many icicles that were created from the Icy Wind till it finally landed a hit against Chimchar making it hit the ground hard. "You okay Chimchar?" Reggie asked Chimchar struggled but it managed to stand up.

Glalie jumped forward as it started bouncing on the icicles like a pinball. Chimchar looked around confused of where to attack as it tried to hit Glalie with an Ember attack. Reggie gritted his teeth, the only reason why he didn't use Flame Wheel was because Chimchar was running out of energy and he couldn't play cat and mouse like he had Chimchar do with Bulbasou.

"Glalie use Hail!" Jack ordered as Glalie started roaring making ice fall from the sky as it fell on the ground. Chimchar started covering its head with its hands as the ice fell all around it. Reggie glared trying to think of something he could do to turn around the situation. "Blizzard." Glalie stood floating on the air and started spinning sending currents of cold air all around the field. Chimchar couldn't withstand this as it was hit by the storm and practically covered by it. "I'll take away that annoying Pokémon.

"Chimchar!" Reggie yelled while holding on to Chigon so that he wouldn't get absorbed by the Blizzard. "Fire Spin!" he yelled. Then the heat in the field started rising as the blizzard turned into a powerful fire tornado that was spinning around in the middle of the field.

"No fucking way!" Jack exclaimed clenching his fists as the tornado started dissipating. Glalie and Chimchar fell to the ground; though only Chimchar got up while Glalie stayed down all burned up.

"Glalie's unable to battle," Brendan pointed at Chimchar who grinned.

"No way," Jack frowned going for his next pokeball.

"Awesome, Jack only has two Pokémon left while Reggie still has four," Jordan smiled trying not to jump from his seat in excitement. "I think we're gonna have a great party tonight."

"Don't get too excited, Jack still has his strongest Pokémon left," Miko pointed out wagging her finger. "Plus, one of them is one that has never been seen before, so Reggie should watch out," she turned to the arena looking at Reggie who was holding his game faces on. He too knew that the remaining Pokémon Jack had were the once that would be harder to defeat.

"Yeah but Reggie has Chigon, there's no way he'll lose," Marie pointed out while nodding her head. "Just no way,"

"That doesn't mean anything, Chigon just learned how to actually battle, it could turn ugly," Fin argued with his arms crossed, for once he was showing his serious side as well; though who wouldn't since Jack gave a bad vibe. Even though he was whining Jack didn't exactly show a face of someone that's disappointed more like he wanted Reggie to think he was. "I wonder what he's up to."

"Return Chimchar, go Pidgey!" Reggie returned Chimchar into its pokeball and sent out his Pidgey again who spread its wings once it came out. The bird Pokémon looked over at Jack waiting for his next move.

"You're dumb," Jack grinned throwing his next pokeball into the battlefield. Out of the ball came out a gorilla-like Pokémon full of yellow and black fur, it had a small head and no neck though, two giant feet as well as two cord like objects coming from its back. "Electavire, Thunder Bolt!" Jack ordered.

Electivire roared as its body started charging electricity around its body. Reggie prepared to return Pidgey and send out Phanpy to at least get some advantage, but Electivire was faster and fired a jolt of electricity that hit Pidgey straight on. This knocked the bird Pokémon out instantly.

"Pidgey's unable to battle, Electivire wins," Brendan pointed his right hand as Jack and Electivire.

"Man, I didn't think he'll use Electivire, though it's expected considering what dorm he's in," Reggie nodded his head and sent his Phanpy out to the field. "Step up to the plate Phanpy," Reggie nodded his head as Phanpy instantly started using a Roll Out attack and heading towards Electivire.

"Jump out of the way," Jack ordered as Electivire jumped over Phanpy and landed behind it. "Iron Tail." Electivire's tail started glowing white; it slapped Phanpy with its tail and sent it bouncing on the floor. Phanpy struggled to get up while Electivire charged once more. "Now Brick Break it till it falls," Jack grinned.

"Earthquake" Reggie ordered. Phanpy turned back around trying to get the attack in before Electivire; but once more the electric type was faster and managed to land a powerful punch against its cheek and put it against the floor pressing its hand against it. "Phanpy no," Reggie grunted.

"Now use Ice Punch!" Jack yelled while Electivire's fist started glowing blue sending cold air around the field. It thrust its fist down and hit Phanpy head on, making the Pokémon scream in pain as its body froze over.

"Phanpy's unable to battle, Electivire wins," Brendan pointed his right hand at Jack and Electivire once more.

"Looks like the tables have turned, and now we're tied up," Jack chuckled while Reggie returned his Phanpy. "You really thought I'll just let you go and beat me, I'm not that weak,"

"Damn that Jack, it was a cheap trick." Miko grunted clenching her fists while frowning. All of his friends were worried now, they didn't know if Chigon was strong enough to fight against Electivire and Jack's other Pokémon, and Chimchar was too tired to fight another prolonged battle.

"So, are you gonna go with Chimchar, or are you finally gonna let your dog off its leash?" Jack asked grinning as Chigon turned to look at Reggie and nodded its head with confidence.

"You sure Chigon?" Reggie asked, getting another nod from the small white dragon. "All right, Chigon go and step to the plate!" Reggie yelled as Chigon started walking into the field.

"So that's Chigon." Agatha was sitting on the stands watching the battle with an amused smile on her face. Next to her was Professor Krane. "Reggie's told me a lot about it, it really looks like an amazing Pokémon," Agatha nodded her head in an approving fashion.

"Yeah, I've never seen a Pokémon like him," Krane scratched his chin while thinking over what Reggie had asked him a week ago. "A few days ago Reggie asked me if there were any Pokémon that come from meteor aside from Deoxys and Jirachi, honestly I didn't know this is what he was referring to."

"What I wonder is," Agatha looked over a box like stand that was on the top of the stadium which was surrounded by glass. Inside the box was Charles looking down at the battle. "If he knows anything about it."

"So do you think Chigon can win?" Marie asked turning to look at Fin; who apparently was the battle expert of the group.

"I don't know it depends," Fin nodded his head. "For what I could gather during training, Chigon's both a normal type and a fire type," Fin pointed out remembering the last two days of training they had. "He's also able to use fly but if it comes to its normal side it's at a disadvantage due to Electivire's Brick Break."

"Normal and Fire type, that's a weird pair up," Jordan nodded his head while looking at the field. "But it fits it perfectly."

"All right Electivire, let's take this guy out fast, go for a Thunderbolt!" Jack yelled as Electivire fired a jolt of electricity from its body sending it hurling straight towards Chigon.

"Fly," Reggie stood his ground as Chigon's wings grew into fairy like wings and it lifted itself off the ground managing to dodge the attack. "Good work Chigon, now go for Flame Thrower." Chigon roared as it fired a jet of powerful flames straight at Electivire.

"Jump out," Electivire moved back as the flames hit the floor in front of it. "Now use Focus Blast!" Electivire held its hands back as it created a ball made out of blue energy. After a while of charging Electivire threw the ball straight at Chigon.

Chigon flew out of the way only to see the ball hurrying right back at it as it crashed against Chigon and sent it crashing back down. "Chigon, you okay?" Reggie asked while Chigon struggled to get up.

"Electivire, go for Thunder." Electivire held its arm up as the clouds started covering the sky. Then a powerful thunder fell from the sky and headed straight for Chigon. "Now I got you," Jack grinned.

"Roll around." Chigon nodded as it rolled off from where it was and the thunder missed it, surprising Electivire and Jack. "Now, use Fire Spin!" Chigon roared summoning a powerful tornado of flames right in front of Electivire before it absorbed the Pokémon and had it float up in the spinning tornado. "Fly now." Chigon flew back into the sky and into the tornado. Once it came out it was pushing Electivire out and let it fall off on the floor.

"Electivire is unable to battle, Chigon wins," Brendan pointed at Reggie and Chigon who were smiling with confidence.

"All right, I'll admit you got guts kid," Jack chuckled grabbing his last pokeball after returning Electivire. "But here's where your luck runs out." Jack threw the pokeball into the field as it popped open and surprised everyone. Out of the pokeball came out a medium sized bird Pokémon, it had red feathers on the top of its body and was covered in purple ones on the buttons as well as two long talons. Its face was covered in white feathers while its forehead had red ones. It also had a long yellow beak along with a pair of blue vicious eyes. "Meet Wooguru," Jack grinned as the bird screeched at Chigon.

"But that's, that's a…" Reggie's mouth went wide open after seeing what Jack sent out.

"An Isshu Pokémon, surprised right?" Jack grinned regaining his confidence after seeing Reggie's expression. "You see, I lived in Hiun City when I was a kid and my brother started his journey there so he sent me this little gift for when I came to the academy." He explained. "And now I'm going to make full use of it."

"An Isshu Pokémon, Reggie's in real trouble now," Miko looked down at the field. Even though Isshu was a known region not much had been known about it, in fact as of yet Isshu isn't one of the regions affiliated with the academy since it's farther from the other regions.

"I just hope he can deal with it," Fin nodded his head.

"Chigon return." Reggie muttered getting Chigon to look at him with a confused look. "Return, we should at least check its moves out first," Reggie muttered while Chigon started walking back. "Go Chimchar." Reggie sent his Chimchar out again.

"All right, let's begin this fight," Jack adjusted his glasses again and put his hand forward. "Wooguru go and use Arial Ace!" (I'm totally writing on instinct about the moves it could use since it's a flying type) Wooguru started speeding towards Chimchar, its body gathering air as it did so. Chimchar jumped away only for Wooguru to turn back around and slash it with its wing.

"Chimchar now!" Reggie called out as Chimchar fell to the floor but managed to get back up in time. "Fire Spin." Chimchar waited for Wooguru to fly back down and started spinning creating a fire tornado that started moving towards the bird Pokémon.

"Hyper Beam then fly around until you're ready to fight again," Jack ordered as Wooguru fired a powerful orange beam that destroyed the tornado completely making Chimchar lose its balance. Wooguru started flying high into the sky; since it had to wait a few seconds before it could keep fighting.

"Damn it," Reggie bit his lip as he looked at the panting Chimchar. "Chimchar, use Ember on the ground." Reggie ordered surprising everyone in the crowd. Chimchar grinned and nodded knowing what its trainer was thinking as it fired a barrage of fire bullets on the ground this levitated Chimchar into the sky since the ember served as a sort of propeller. "All right, now Flame Wheel yourself from there!" Reggie yelled as Chimchar switched its assault and started spinning like a ball of fire as it headed towards Wooguru.

"Move out." Wooguru moved out of the way but Chimchar managed to spin back around and crashed against its left wing surprising the bird Pokémon. Unfortunately Wooguru didn't fall and instead it was Chimchar who did. It's flame extinguished almost completely except for a small ember in its tail as Chimchar started falling down.

"No, return!" Reggie yelled returning Chimchar before it fell and splattered itself on the ground. "Thank you Chimchar, you deserve to rest," Reggie looked at Zack and then at Wooguru who was descending while still not landing. "Chigon," Reggie looked down at Chigon who nodded its head at him before walking into the field. "Go Chigon!" Reggie called out. Chigon spread its wings and flew straight into the sky heading for Wooguru.

"Wooguru move out then Wing Attack." Jack ordered as Wooguru dodged Chigon and with a glowing wing it headed towards the dragon; Chigon moved out of the way and fired a Flamethrower at Wooguru who started diving and dodging. The battle was mostly an arial one with both Pokémon attacking and dodging at the same time. "Drill Peck!" Jack yelled as Wooguru started spinning, absorbing air around its body as it propelled itself at Chigon. The Pokémon was taken aback and was hit by the bird Pokémon and pushed down.

"Chigon, no," Reggie clenched his fist as he saw Chigon going down fast. "Chigon!" Reggie yelled. Chigon opened its eyes wide as it fired a jet of flames straight at Wooguru's flame causing the Pokémon to stop the attack while Chigon landed on the ground panting. "Chigon," Reggie smiled. Chigon glared at Wooguru and roared a lion's roar making everyone even Wooguru jump. "What?" Reggie gasped, though it seem only he could notice as he saw a silhouette over Chigon, it looked like a medium version of itself but with longer wings that resembled a dragon it had a red armor over its body and it resembled a Welsh dragon in the sense that it had four white legs along with the bottom of it body in white and a yellow jewel. No it wasn't an evolution more like a shadow of Chigon since it looked like a spirit.

"Chigon?" Reggie looked at Chigon who was creating a translucent ball of light from its mouth, Jack clenched his fist as he sent his Pokémon flying down, it surrounded itself with blue flames and started diving down at Chigon. "It's Brave Bird, Chigon hurry up!" Reggie exclaimed looking at Chigon as Wooguru got closer. "Whatever you're doing, just fire." Reggie commanded, Chigon complied as it fired a powerful beam of light. Everyone gasped as Wooguru was hit, but then the light expanded over and over as it started covering the arena and before long the whole stadium was covered in light.

Pieces of chicker were ripped off, ham was swallowed down like if it was water, a pizza had barely any slices left as it was being devoured really fast. As Reggie, Miko and Marrie had confused looks on their faces as they looked at Fin and Jordan eat up the feast that had been prepared. "Hey you idiots stop it!" Miko yelled hitting the two of them on the head.

"What?" Jordan asked while chewing.

"The food's for Reggie remember, after all it was his victory," Miko grinned as she turned to look at Reggie who held up a medal like object that looked like a pokeball. This was the academy badge given to all the trainers that won battles set up against other students. "I'm still saying that was just amazing,"

"Yeah, who knew." Reggie nodded his head as he looked at his Pokémon before chuckling, his Pokémon were no better than Fin and Jack since they were all, especially Chigon and Chimchar eating the same way.

"I guess they deserve to eat that way since they left it all on the field," Marie nodded her head while smiling. "You and Chigon were great Reggie."

"You think so," Reggie chuckled while blushing.

"Stop talking and eat already, you should enjoy your victory dinner," Mike said turning Reggie's head around so that he looked at the food.

"Yeah you're right, thanks for the food," Reggie said before grabbing a piece of hand and eating it. From the corner of his eye he could see someone eating on the table by the corner. Turns out it was Jack eating a piece of pie, well not eating as much as staring out the window of the Academy's main cafeteria.

Reggie got up from his seat and started walking towards Jack. "Don't tell me he's actually gonna do what I think he's gonna do," Jordan sighed.

"Well, it's in the past, it's time to let it go," Miko nodded her head as she saw Reggie get to Jack's table.

"What do you want, you already won," Jack frowned not turning to look at Reggie.

"Wanna eat with us?" Reggie asked, Jack turned around while his friends focused on the table except for Jordan who face palmed.

"Why, so you can make fun of me, I don't need your pity," Jack frowned while looking at Reggie.

"I'm not gonna do the same thing you did," Reggie nodded his head confusing Jack for a second. "I'm willing to give the other cheek, so wanna come," Reggie offered holding his hand out. "It's good to eat with friends."

"Friends?" Jack snickered.

"We can be friends, I would also like to hear some stories about Isshu if you have any," Reggie smiled. Jack looked at his hand for a second, but after a few minutes of waiting he grabbed Reggie's hand and was pushed up. "Let's go." Reggie patted Jack's back as the two walked towards the desk. "Guys, I want you to meet the newest member of our group."

"Wait, I never said I'll be…"

"Welcome Jack." Miko, Marie and Fin greeted him, while Jordan was just focusing on his food.

Jack blushed form embarrassment and sighed. "Thanks guys," he said while grabbing a seat next to Fin.

"Chi!" Chigon exclaimed with a smile on his face.

End of Chapter 4

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