House grunted every time that Wilson's balls slapped him on his butt, every time that Wilson's head brushed up against his prostate.

"Ah… fuck. James-right there-nghh…"

Wilson chuckled and thrusted faster, smiling at the image of a begging House. House begging… sexy. Wilson smashed his lips against House's muffling the excited scream that emitted from his mouth when he climaxed. His back arched, he gripped the sheets forcefully, and couldn't help but buck his hips when he felt his own seed spray over his chest.

Wilson pulled back so he could shout himself. He bucked his hips, arched his back, and gripped his hands into House's hips harder. House moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his lover's cum gushing into him. Wilson panted as he slid out, falling down beside House's body. He kept his eyes closed, and brought his hand to rest on his sweaty chest.

House sighed loudly, bringing his own right arm up behind his head.

"I don't see why… I don't bottom more often."

Wilson smiled slightly. "Why thank you."

About a month and a half later…

Wilson shushed House, and stroked his back as he puked in the toilet. "Shh… It's ok." House pulled his head back up, panting for air. Wilson brought a wet washcloth to his face, and cleaned the puke out of his stubble.

"You must have taken too much Ibuprofin. Just because you think your leg pain is going to keep you from being a sex-stud." Wilson growled, moderately angry with House. House shook his head, Wilson taking his hand back. "I didn't take too much last night. I only took three."

Wilson pursed his lips together, and nodded. "I'll believe you. But only because I think I should." Wilson tisked House slightly.

Then House's face turned green again, and he dry-heaved once more, turning to face the toilet bowl. Wilson slowly slid his hand up and down House's back, cooing to him.

"Um… you guys have two choices for a case from Cuddy…" Wilson stated, tossing the files onto the clear glass table.

Taub snatched the first one, while thirteen snatched the second one, Chase glancing over. Foreman raised his eyebrow. "Where's House?" Wilson sighed. "He's kinda feeling bad right now. He's going to be coming today, but for the most part, I've told him to not work too hard." Wilson shrugged his hands.

Foreman kept his brow raised, and shook his head. "Damn that man. When is he planning to show up exactly?" Foreman asked, continually leaning back in his chair. Wilson rolled his eyes. "I'm not completely sure. Just when he shows up, be easy on him ok? He's been vomiting lately, and I'm not perfectly sure why just yet." Wilson advised, looking at each person, then back at Foreman.

Foreman just scoffed, and nodded; now smiling. "Fine. But only because I trust you. Not him." Wilson bidded a thanks, and left.

Foreman leaded forward, and everybody's heads turned. "So until House shows up, we must be your little minions for you own little evil needs." Taub stated, twittling his fingers. Foreman held his smile, nodding slightly. "Which case should we pick?"

Cuddy looked up at Wilson walking into her office.

"Oh hey, where's House?" she asked, setting her pen down on her desk, watching Wilson walk over to her. "He's not feeling too great. I was hoping that he could get a few days off."

"Just because the man took too many Ibuprofin, doesn't mean that he can have you scuttle over here and ask for him to wallow in pain at home." Cuddy stated, before grabbing her pen once more, and signing off on her final paperwork.
"Please Cuddy. He's been vomiting all morning, and if nothing shows up, he dry-heaves. I have to keep driving back home to check on him, and all I ask is for a few days off for both of us." He waved his hand in an offering motion, and couldn't help but give a small pathetic smile.

Cuddy shook her head once more. "I have a baby at home. Lucas may love her, but she needs a proper mom. You don't see me staying home for days on end to show her unconditional love. Rachel has to live with Lucas for right now, and House has to live without you for right now."

Wilson sighed. He had low chances of winning this negotiation, but either way, he had to try. "He can't think strait at the toilet!" He exclaimed… louder that he had hoped.

Cuddy sighed, and set her pen down. "I understand your concern Wilson. But I can't have two major department heads go take a mini-vacation at the same time." Wilson sighed once more. "It's not a mini-vacation Cuddy. I think he may be quite sick."

"Or maybe just popping a few too many pills before sex?" Cuddy offered, raising her eyebrow.

Wilson groaned annoyed, and couldn't help but blush slightly. "He said he didn't. And I think I can trust him enough."

"No. You get back to work. You can check up on him again when you finish your paperwork."

Wilson pointed at Cuddy. "Fine. But if something happens to him… I'm going to blame you." Wilson turned and left her office.

House whimpered at the door popped open.

His blood shot eyes wandered over towards Wilson's figure, quickly dashing over to the couch. Wilson slid down onto one knee, and quickly placed a hand on House's face. "Are you doing ok? Sorry I couldn't have come sooner, Cuddy didn't let me get you days off."

House closed his mouth, and swallowed down, having the horrid taste of barf still in his mouth. "It's ok." Wilson shook his head. "No it's not. How are you? Are you doing ok? Do you want me to get anything?" He asked, keeping his hand on House's face. He slid it up to his forehead.

"No fever… that's weird." Wilson said, staring at House in fear. "Water would be nice." House offered. Wilson nodded, and stood up. He grabbed a glass, quickly plucked it under the dispenser, and tossed a few ice-cubes in. He walked back over to House, and handed it to him.

He watched as House guzzled down the water, and handed him back the empty glass.

"Need anything more?"

House shook his head.

"Can you take in this blood for me?"House pulled his hand out from under the blanket draped on him, and handed Wilson a tube full of blood.

"House-Why did you take some of your own blood?" House looked over at Wilson. "I want you to test it for a few diseases." Wilson shook his head, holding the glass tube in his hands.

"No. This isn't serious. You're fine. No need for testing, just bed rest." His eyes wandered over to House's. "Test it for ulcers." Wilson pursed his lips together, but shoved the tube in his pocket.

He kissed House's sweaty forehead, and bidded a goodbye. He grabbed his stuff, and left, leaving House to fend for himself for a while longer.

Wilson sighed as the paper game flowing out of the printer. He grabbed it, and smashed it into his pocket. As soon as he was done with all his paperwork, he was going to go home. He was going to go home, and go back to House.

House swallowed loudly, keeping his eyes closed when he felt the couch dip beside his left leg. "Did you test it?"

Wilson nodded—even if House couldn't see it—and brought the paper out from his pocket. "I didn't look at it. Here." Wilson handed the paper to House, as he watched House grab it, and open his eyes. House scanned the paper, but found something that baffled him.

He lowered the paper, and looked at Wilson whose eyes were looking glossed over.

Wilson swallowed loudly, and continued looking over at House.

"I-I didn't mean to-I just wondered if-I'm sorry I looked at it." He coughed up, his eyebrows arched making his eyes look even more glossed. House looked down at the blue –Neg signs on every single thing—even ulcers—and couldn't get his eyes to look away from the bright red +Pos sign.

"I-… I-I'm… pregnant?"

Wilson couldn't help but nod. House couldn't look away from the +Pos sign. "You must have mixed up my blood Wilson, because I'd never be able to-"

"Shut the fuck up House. You're pregnant. You're about a 6 weeks along." Wilson stated, scooting closer to House. House couldn't do anything but let Wilson hug him. "It's ok. I'll help you threw this."

House nodded, and wrapped his arms around Wilson's back. Hugging him back, clutching the paper in his hand, the tears falling freely.

"It's ok. I'll help you threw this."