Wilson woke up. "Holy shit… earthquake. House…!" he mumbled, trying to turn to his lover. "Stop being so damn stupid you moron!" House hissed, as he stopped shaking Wilson who was beside him. Wilson groaned annoyed as he turned and cracked open his eye to look at the time. "House. It's 3 o'clock in the morning. What do you want?" Wilson stated flatly.

Then he gasped, his eyes bursting open, flipping over. "Ohmygod! Is it time? Do you feel any pain, do you want me to call Cuddy-"

"No you fucking idiot." House hissed again. "If he was coming, don't you think I'd be screaming in pain?" House asked, raising an eyebrow in the dark of the night. Wilson sighed of relief. "Then why…?"

"Can you go out and buy me some gummy bears?" House asked, now lying on his side facing Wilson. Wilson was bewildered at his plea. Of course he WOULDN'T go and buy something that he knew that both him, and House hated the taste of in the middle of the night. "You hate gummy bears." He growled as he laid back down again. "Yeah yeah I know. But get your tired ass up, and go buy me some anyways." House hissed, shaking Wilson again. Wilson moaned as he crawled out of bed. He officially hated cravings.

Cuddy pushed open the glass door, and sniffed the air. "House, why does you office smell like gummy crap?" she asked, clicking over to his desk with a file in her hand. House looked up from his video game. He was munching on a new bag of gummy worms, old bags strewn on his desk.

"Because, I've been eating them." House stated flatly, "and why does your chest look so open?"

Cuddy pursed her lips together, smirking lightly. "Oh right. Because you wear those really low scoop tops." House stated, going back to his video game. "Well I got a case for you Mr. Pregg-o." Cuddy stated, flipping the file down onto House's desk.

"I'm pregnant. I get maternity leave."

"Then why are you still here?"

"I'm waiting for Wilson."

"Why are you waiting in your office?"

"Because his office is small."

"And that bother's you why?"

"Because I hate small things."

"Since when?"

"Fine. I was waiting for an interesting case."

Cuddy smirked as she sat down on the opposite side of House's desk full of bags. She picked one up in her hands, and read it carefully. "Don't you hate anything gummy like?" she asked not looking up. "Yeah. But lately it just tastes really good." House stated, turning off his game when a sad dying sound occurred. He set it down beside the file. He grabbed a new bag of gummy bears, and ripped it open with his teeth. He fished out a handful of them, and shoved them in his mouth. "Cravings?" Cuddy asked throwing away the bag she was looking at, and then smirking up at House.

"Oh shut up you." House growled annoyed as he swallowed all the gummy in his mouth. Both looked over at the sound of the door opening. "Oh hey Cuddy." Wilson smiled as he entered the room. "I was just going to grab lunch with House." Cuddy smiled. "Well I was just about to leave." She offered standing up. "Lucas wants me home for lunch." Cuddy clicked out.

"Holy shit, you've eating that much junk food?" Wilson asked walking over to House's desk. "That can't possibly be good for little Luke." Wilson said, his eyebrows low. "Oh and now his name is Luke?" House asked, tossing the empty bag over his shoulder, munching on the current food in his mouth. "I thought we agreed that would be his name?" Wilson asked, his eyebrow raised. "What is he, Luke Skywalker?" House asked his own eyebrow raised.

Wilson pursed his lips together in a small smirk, his hands on his hips. "And his mother is Darth Vader." House chuckled. "I'm not really hungry. It'll be no point for me to come along and eat food that I don't need to eat." House stated, as he ripped open another bag, starting to read about his current case. "Well… I wanta just hang out with you." Wilson smiled. "Now get your crippled ass up, and come eat with me."

House grabbed some fries from Wilson's plate, stuffing them into his mouth. "See? I knew you were going to do that anyways." Wilson smirked as he bit into his hamburger. House munched on his fries, scanning around the hospital. "How come we aren't married?" he asked, turning his head back to Wilson. Wilson looked up, setting his hamburger down. She swallowed, and licked at his lips to get some crumbs away. "… Because… we never talked about going that far in our relationship…?" he offered, his eyes squinting in thought.

"I'm knocked up, and you say-"

"You're going to have a baby. You're not knocked up."

"Whatever." House rolled his eyes. "And you say that we never 'talked about going that far in our relationship'." Wilson sighed exasperatly as he grabbed some fries, holding them just out of his mouth. "Well. I don't know. Like I said, we never really talked about it." House nodded slightly, grabbing some of his own fries watching as Wilson chewed.

"You don't have to talk about getting married. The man gets down on his knee at a romantic time, and proposes." House went on his ramble. "And since I'm having harboring a baby, you're the man for right now."

Wilson nodded, sipping at his water. "We'll see what happens." He said quietly, going back to his food.

The two finished their lunch with a small peck on the lips, and went their separate ways. Both feeling awkward.

"Hope your hungry for some stir-fry." Wilson offered as he mixed the cooking food in the pan. House grunted from the couch, flipping threw the channels on their TV. "I'm not." Wilson smirked as he turned off the stove, and set the pan down. "Well that's because you've been snacking on gummy crap all day!" he exclaimed lightly pushing his grumpy love. "Now lighten up! We're having your favorite, and I will die if you don't eat some." Wilson stated happily as he went back to the kitchen.

House rolled his eyes as he set the remote down. He laid down on the couch, his head on the armrest. He closed his eyes, his face flinching in a light pain as his hands traveled to his baby bump. "Damn…" he sighed as he rolled his ankles in pain. It wasn't his ankles, but he was hoping to have this cramp like pain go away. "What's up?" Wilson asked, walking into the living room holding two plates. One for each of them. "Nothing." House heaved as he curled his fingers into fists on his stomach. "Greg… what hurts…?" Wilson asked, knowing it was a tad more serious than House expected it to be.

"Just cramps or something." House growled, the light pain bothering him, and his leg pain was growing slightly. "You might have a miscarry if your not careful." Wilson said as he set his plates down onto the table. House sighed of relief when it stopped. "I'm not going to miscarry you big baby." House growled as he sat up, feeling the baby kick more at the use of the word 'baby.'

"I looked it up, they're just Bramon kicks or something." House stated, grabbing his plate and fork.

"You're experiencing braxon kicks already?" Wilson asked, a small smile growing on his face. House stuffed his face full of the awesome tasting stir-fry. "God this is delicious!" he exclaimed as he started to inhale his food. Wilson beamed as he started to eat his own food. "It's your first real meal of the day." He stated, chewing, then swallowing. "I'd hope it's delicious compared to all that gummy crap you've been eating all day."

The two finished dinner. House did way faster than Wilson, but eventually they did both finish. Wilson smiled as House lay his head down onto his lap. House held his legs propped up on the armrest. He laid his hands on his belly, lightly running his fingers up and down the taut skin. They sat in the almost darkness. The room being lit by a few candles that Wilson had set around the room when he got the new furnishing.

"You are so gay." House sneered as he looked up at Wilson's smile. "Oh… but you know you love my utter gayness." Wilson said nobly. House snickered slightly as he smiled a little. "I like the name Luke." He said quietly, rubbing a little harder on his belly. Wilson smiled. "I thought of it when I saw you eating the gummy stuff." He stated quietly, messing with the small amount of hair on top of House's head. "And how did that remind you of the name exactly…?" House asked.

Wilson shrugged as he kept toying with House's hair. "It just came to me when I saw your mouth with worms sticking out of—" Wilson was cut off by a light moan coming from his lover. "Might telling me…?"

"Rub my belly, and you'll learn why." House offered, pulling his hands away. Wilson traced his fingers on the stretched skin lightly, and earned another light moan from House's mouth. "Feel good?" Wilson asked with a sly smirk. "Harder, and maybe we'll find out."