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Charlie's POV

How I ever got involved with that harpy that I don't even want to think about. Listening to my daughter's - my baby girl's - testimony on what that bitch put her through about killed me. And made me want to kill her. Now, the fear that Renee will get off or get a cake walk sentence plagues me.

I refuse to let her near my child again.

"How are you holding up, Charlie?" Carlisle, one of my oldest and dearest friends, more like a brother in many ways, asks in his kind patient manner.

"Not good, Carlisle. Not good." A heavy sigh escapes me.

"So, I'm not the only one who was imagining a million different ways to bump off Renee and hide the body today, I'm assuming." Carlisle's slightly bitter laugh fills the room.

"God, I wanted to pull my revolver and end her." I exclaim. I can't help it, Vitamin R is loosening my tongue.

"There's cleaner ways of doing it, Charlie. Ways less likely to tie back to you as well." He says calmly.

"Carlisle…" I say half in warning, half in wanting to know what he is thinking.

"Think about it, Charlie, something simple slipped into her food, something slipped into her water that doesn't show up on regular tox screens run during an autopsy. And who would demand further investigation?"

"No one." I almost whisper, the idea taking root in my mind.

"I've seen Bella's medical records, I've watched her flinch away from people, I've seen her scars. What that woman… no, what that demon did to that poor child should not go unpunished."

"I don't know what it would do to her if Renee walked free. She is healing slowly, but she is still so damn fragile."

"If you shoot Renee, you'll go to jail and Bella will be left unprotected, Charlie." I nod in agreement.

"How do we get our hands on the drug or drugs that we need without raising suspicions though?" I ask.

"I already have it." He informs me with a sheepish smile. "The night that Renee attacked, I called a friend who shipped it to me discreetly. Even if the police investigate, they wouldn't be able to prove he sent me the drug. The package included several books and a few other incidentals. Things he's sent me a million times before."

"What does it do?" I can't help but wonder out loud.

"It gives the appearance of a heart attack." He tells me, then he continues, "Now, we just need to figure out how to give it to her."

"In between transports to the prison she is put in a holding cell, we could easily slip it into something and feed it to her there." I blurt out.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, there is only one camera in the holding area and it's pointed at the visitor's door. If we use the personal one, we won't be caught on camera."

"Good to know." Carlisle nods. "Charlie, how adverse are you to letting me pay someone to give her the drink, I'm thinking a bottle of water or orange juice would be the best delivery."

"Carlisle, you know I hate taking charity and that for almost anything else I'd turn you down. But this is about keeping my child safe. I have this feeling that if Renee is found innocent, or only gets a year or two, she will come after Bella." I let out a heavy breath. "I'm willing to let you this time. Just be careful, we don't want it to be traceable."

"Not to worry, the safe has enough cash to cover this." He says like having enough money to pay someone off to kill someone is like having an extra fifty. I'll never get used to the type of money the Cullens have. "We're agreed then." He states.

"Agreed. Bella will be safe, one way or the other."