They were wrong. All of them. Fiona refused to believe them. Who were "they", exactly? Anyone, she supposed. Everyone. Everyone who tried to convince her that this terrible nightmare was true. It couldn't be true. If it was true, that would mean those stories that she read about in the paper and heard about on the news and saw happening all around her had suddenly overtaken her life. She was a story now. Fiona was a story.

But Fiona knew she wasn't a story. She was a person. A real live human being. She was Fiona. So, therefore, they were wrong. They were lying. Why would they lie to her, though? Why do this? Her mother, her father, her brothers... All liars.

Claire. Claire would tell her the truth. Claire would always tell her the truth, even if it was painful. But Claire wasn't there.

Then... Then maybe... Maybe they weren't lying.

But Claire couldn't be dead.

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