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It was 10:50am on a Saturday morning and like most Saturday's I was running around a church hall trying to organise a very hectic and chaotic wedding.

The best man was in fact missing, the guests were seated and the bride was getting cold feet. Situations like these arose at many weddings and it was my job as wedding planner to ensure everything ran smoothly.

"LA….LA….LA LA….LA."

As I walked the church grounds I heard singing…..very bad singing….ear piercing singing….As I drew closer to the terrible voice I realised I had in fact found the best man….drunk.

I slowly walked towards him with a large bottle of Evian water – I always carried with me for situations like these – tipped the bottle over his face and then proceeded to force some of the water down his throat.

I had ten minutes to get this guy ready or we would have no best man. I slapped him twice…took the drinking flask off of him and gave him more water – lots of water.

Seven minutes later he was still slightly intoxicated but he could walk and stand and that's all that mattered….I gave him a breath mint and lead him to his position in the church.

After making sure he was still standing I went to find and reassure the bride. She was in a side room jumping up and down in the dress with nerves and anxiety.

"Bella…." She screeched when I walked into the room.

"I can't do this Bella….I can't marry him…."

I walked calmly over towards her, I saw this many times with many different brides and I always uttered the same words to each one.

"Yes you can….you love Daniel….you want to spend the rest of your life with him….you can do this." I gripped her upper arms firmly, giving her a small shake.

"This is just nerves talking….your just nervous, now take a deep breath."

I reached for her bouquet and placed it into her empty hands.

"They are ready for you now….this is your day….the first day of the rest of your life." I smiled at her in what I hoped was a reassuring way and gave her a slight shove out of the door.

The wedding passed without a hitch for how long they would be married I did not know….but I would hazard a guess that it wouldn't be for long the groom looked to have a very wondering eye.

I walked into the office that day with certain optimism. I had been after a share in the company I worked for, for these past two years and I felt like today was maybe the day it would finally be happening. I hummed to myself as I made my way towards Victoria's – (my boss's office.)

I lightly rapped on the door.

"Come in."

I did as she asked and found her sat behind her desk with her flaming red hair pulled up into a very tight bun; she was wearing a black suit with a navy blue blouse.

"Victoria, you wanted to see me." I asked while taking the seat she was pointing towards.

"Yes, I did….Tanya Denali the fashion designer is getting married to some top surgeon or other and she wants a wedding planner from this company."

"You are the best I have and I want you and only you to fulfil the needs of this wedding. I know you can do it and if you do pull this off then I will make you a share holder in this company….something I know you have been after for a very long time."

One more wedding and I would be a shareholder. God I had earned it the days I had worked to get here….to be the best…I didn't even have a life I worked so hard.

"Hurry up and decide if you want it or not then I haven't got all day."

Victoria was not a patient woman I had found that out working for her this past couple of years. "I accept your proposal and will get right on it."

I left the room in a hurry to get started. Angela Webber my work colleague and best friend since high school was waiting just outside the door for me.

"So…what did she say are you a partner yet?"

"One more wedding and I will be…..she wants me to plan Tanya Denali's wedding and once I've pulled that off I will be a partner." She squealed in delight.

"That's brilliant; you'll be partner in no time."

"Thanks Angela…..I better go."

I waved at her as I raced off down the corridor heading towards the front desk so I could collect Tanya Denali's details and find out where I would be meeting her.

I picked up some breakfast on the way to meeting her at her office and I was crossing the road when my shoe got stuck in a grate. This is why I don't wear heels I muttered silently to myself while trying to free my foot.

I was so busy trying to remove my foot from the grate I never even noticed the yellow taxi cab heading my way until it was too late. I gasped and braced myself for impact only I was knocked flying out of the way.

"Are you alright?" It was a man who had knocked me flying and he was now lying on top of me asking me if I was OK.

I could only nod at him I was too entranced by how beautiful this man was. He had bronze hair that stuck up in an array angles, the most dazzling and gorgeous green eyes which sparkled, his mouth was refined and he smelt amazing. I couldn't breathe let alone speak. I think I just fell in love.

He slowly lifted himself off of me….. "Are you sure your OK, you didn't hit your head or anything did you? I am a doctor I don't mind checking you over the hospitals not far from here."

"No I'm fine; I have somewhere to be anyway. But thank you very much for saving my life….I can't believe the cab driver didn't stop to check if we were OK."

He was staring at me not saying anything and it was sort of making me uncomfortable. I mean I was probably staring at him just as much but he was beautiful. There was no reason for him to be staring at me.

"Thanks again….so much…Is there anything I can do to repay you?….to say thank you for saving my life."

He chuckled at I assumed my stuttering and nervousness.

"Yes….you could meet me for dinner tonight." He looked bashful asking to meet me for dinner and I had this awful feeling I should say no but I couldn't this man entranced me and I felt like I needed to get to know him.

"OK….dinner would be nice."

"You know the restaurant around the corner Eclipse….meet me there at 7.00pm."

I simply nodded as he turned to walk away….. "I don't even know your name." I shouted after him.

He turned back around to face me smiling the most dazzling smile….. "Edward Cullen…..yours?"

"Bella Swan" I called out before he turned the corner.

What the hell just happened? I mentally asked myself… Bella Swan agreed to meet someone for dinner….someone I didn't even know.

The rest of my walk to Tanya's office was filled with thoughts of the beautiful man I had just met and the fact that he had saved my life like it was something he did every day. I walked up the many steps to her office and announced my arrival to her secretary on which she told me to go straight in.

I knocked before entering and introduced myself as I entered the room.

I offered my hand for her to shake but she simply ignored it telling me her fiancé would be joining us shortly. I didn't like the way she looked at me….like I was worthless… I was something she had stepped in.

The door opened interrupting me from my revere….

"Edward" Tanya announced.

"Beth…this is Edward my fiancé."

"Bella" I corrected her before turning around to meet Edward. I didn't know who to expect but I certainly didn't expect to see the man who had in fact just saved me from being hit by a taxi cab.

To say I was confused was an understatement why the hell would he ask me to meet him for dinner if he was engaged to be married. I nearly bolted from the room, I didn't know if I could do this.

I was Bella Swan and I believed I could handle any wedding that was at my feet. You wanted it and I planned it, I had never in my life been envious or jealous of any of my clients…..until now.

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