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Bella –

I stared at my hand still slightly elevated in the air, my mouth agape.

"I am so sorry. I should not have done that. I truly am sorry, I don't know what came over me…it's…and I…and…I am."

I moved my hands to the sides of my head gripping my hair, wildly. I couldn't control the stutters that were leaving my mouth.

"I m am so sorry…I am..please..I. I hate this, I hate the fact that you are making me feel so out of control. I never know what to say to you, or how to act. I have butterflies in my stomach when you so much as look at me. The touch of your skin is absolutely electrifying. When you are in the room with me my heart races, when you so much as glance at me I feel complete and whole, I trust you and I don't even know why. And lastly that kiss…it…I can't even put the feelings into words, it took my breath away. And…and I hate you because I think I'm in love with you….and holy crap I just said all of that out-loud what the hell is wrong with me?…I" I faltered, I could feel the heat rising throughout my entire body, my cheeks felt like they were on fire and I could only imagine how red they must be.

I sat there – red faced - looking directly at him. He hadn't said anything throughout my entire outburst. Ohhh God what had I done? He's getting married to one of the most beautiful women in America and here I am confessing….

I was pulled abruptly from my thoughts as his hand rose directly in my line of sight; I flinched at first…until his hand softly met my cheek, caressing it as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

"I love you too" he whispered so softly I wasn't even sure I had heard him correctly, but before I could ponder that thought he continued to speak.

"I may not know much about you, but I know I love you. It's hard to slow down when it feels so right, and this" - he gestured between the two of us with the hand that wasn't on my face - "this feels more right than anything I have ever encountered."

Before I could even process his words his lips met mine again. Only this time the kiss was different; a mixture between love, tenderness, desperation and need.

All the reasons why this shouldn't be happening, why this was wrong, why this was all happening too fast were swirling around and around inside my head but with his lips directly on mine I wasn't able to grasp and process these thoughts.

All I could think and feel was his lips on mine, his prefect body pressed closely against mine, his and my declaration of love after just a few short days of knowing each other, the love I did actually feel for him, my confused and conflicted thoughts and finally what an earth happens now?

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