Hi everyone, it's actually my first fan fiction in English and probably my first try at a non-game show related story.
If you could tell me what to improve in my writing, I would really appreciate it. ^^

There will be some Mafia contents in this game, as well as some references to stories made by authors, feel free to check them out.
Basically, feel free to check out every stories of all the authors that might appear in this fiction. ^^"

The beginning is a little foggy, but everything will be solved out eventually.

I think that's all for now, I hope you will like it. ^^

The Star Library

A Game A Little Too Realistic

Today, I will tell you a story. This story, my dears, is a true one. Hopefully, with this sad tale, you will understand how corrupt can become the mind of a man...and you will try to be as good as possible, for this tragedy to never occur again.

This...is the story of some kind of Mafia Game.

Author Land... Some unoriginal name for some unoriginal city inhabited by some not so original people. This country was not so far away from the Mushroom Kingdom, but the Toad people and Princess Peach Toadstool thought it was best for both countries if the boundaries were closed, preventing this way the fans from doing some crazy things to their favorite characters. Indeed, the Authors were known to be as creative as impulsive so the Mushroom Kingdom's reaction was explicated.

This time, though, a big event concerning both Author Land and the Mushroom Kingdom was about to take place. Being the polite princess she was, Peach sent some invitation to the greatest authors the world had ever known.

If only... If only he had not existed... Nothing would have happened then...

Wimpzilla was resting on a couch. It had been so much time since he had been at peace. Working with such hyper children was not really what he liked to do, it was really pumping all of his energies. So, when a certain Mailman that everybody knows and loves flied by his house to put one letter in his mailbox, the young man went to retrieve his letter at a slow pace. But who could blame him ? Children are so evil after all. They are always trying to make you angry and then they are throwing angel faces at everyone so you cannot do what you want to do to them. Well, at least he was sure that this particular letter was not from stupid kid.

Dear Wimpzilla,

I, princess Peach Toadstool, is happy to inform you that you have been invitated to the Mushroom Kingdom, to attend the inauguration of the Star Library, the greatest library the Mushroom Kingdom has ever seen ! It would be such an honor to have you and your writing skills with us for this event. I really am waiting forward our meeting.

Sincerely Yours,

Princess Toadstool,


"That's pretty convenient," Wimpzilla thought. He had just choosen to take a break from work, so he would gladly attend this ceremony. As he started to pack his belongings, another person came at his home. A recognizable face in the musical domain showed his face to his friend, eager to inform him he was going to the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigenius knocked three times at the door leading to the interior of Wimpzilla's house, but never waited for his friend to answer. Instead, he bursted throught the door, smiling from ear to ear and telling the good news to Wimpzilla, who did not understand one word of what the singer had just said.

"Do you know I have no idea of what you've been talking about ?" finally asked Wimpzilla to his friend, giving him a cup of hot coffee.

"Oh c'mon !" responded Luigenius in an excited tone. "I'm sure that Peach sent you some letter, it's obvious ! You've been the best author in the country for, like, four years straight !"

Wimpzilla calmly took a sip of his coffee. "The good news sure are fast nowadays."

"You bet they are ! I'm so happy to go to the Mushroom Kingdom ! Maybe I will finally meet Luigi ! Oh man, I can't wait ! Let's go now !"

"Wait wait wait ! What do you mean ? You're going too ?"

"Maybe I'm not that much of a writer, but I'm a good singer, you know ? I'm guessing that the Mushroom people wanted to invitate the best people from Author Land."

"Well, that would make sense..." considered the older one. "Still... I wonder why they all make a fuss about this Star Library..."

Luigenius pondered really hard wether he should tell Wimpzilla or not. Finally, his friendly demeanor chose for him. "You know... This library... It's rumored to be build somewhere it shouldn't been built..."

"What's so special about this somewhere you are talking about ?" asked the known writer while raising an eyebrow.

"You really want to know ? Y'know, sometimes things are better unknown..."

"Stop with all this knowledge thing and spill the bean !" ordered a tired Wimpzilla.

"Alright ! Alright ! Geez, you sure can be authoritative sometimes. It's been built somewhere related to the book..." answered reluctantly Luigenius.

Wimpzilla sure took note of Luigenius' strange behavior. Surely, it was not like him at all to be so...tense about some random book. "So ? What about it ? It's just a book, nothing important. Of course, I would certainly kill myself if it was built somewhere related to some of 'The Adventure of Dora' books, but hey... What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't worry about some paper with ink on it. We're going to another country, we will have fun. We are not going to be disturbed by rumors, are we ?"

Luigenius sighed. "I was not talking about some 'random book', as you have so well said. But hey, whatever."

"So... You've come here just to tell me about the good news ?" Wimpzilla was obviously trying to change the subject.

Luigenius laughed. "Actually... I demand a rematch ! Obviously, you can't beat me with Luigi !"

"Oh yeah ? Bring it on ! You will go to your mommy's sides in no time !" bragged Wimpzilla.

"Mmmh... I sure do regret not having some kind of recorder right now. You know, just to show that sorry face of yours to our friends."

"Okay, it's so on now !" retorted Wimpzilla while putting on his Wii.

Ironically, Luigenius did pown Wimpzilla with Luigi, just like he had predicted. He had three stocks out of five left and a low percentage.

The next day, Luigenius and Wimpzilla checked respectively their mailbox and found something strange. But they were not the only one who found this thing strange. Still watching the letter she had received, Child at Heart Forever was scanning her letter. Every bit of detail was now in her head as she wondered the meaning of those strange words.

Greetings Child at Heart Forever !

This is your profile for the upcoming Mafia Game which will be held in Toadtown !

Please remember it. Trust me, you would not want to forget what is your role.

You are the Little Girl, a townie. Each night you can come out of your house and watch closely what happens. Maybe it will help you into knowing who are the Mafia Players ?

Have a nice day !

"Okay, that was just plain weird," muttered Child to herself while reading another time this letter. "Maybe it's just a joke. Yeah, that's that. It's just a joke. Nothing important."

She began to fold some clothes for the trip to the Mushroom Kingdom. She really was impatient for this thing to begin because her friends had called her saying they were coming too. She could not wait to meet them again. Being a writer in Author Land meant that you had to be busy, and it also meant that you could not do anything you wanted to do, for the sole reason that you had to work hard for your piece of writing to be near perfect. Child was thankful she did not have to have another job. Unlike Wimpzilla, she was supported by her parents and was quite the prodigy, so she did not have to worry about her income. Paper Luigi X was a best seller after all...

Child hummed to herself the music of the Flower Field and skipped happily into her kitchen where she was baking a real cake. This one was for Grossgirl, a cake lover and eater, and one of the fellow authors who had been invitated by the Mushroom Kingdom. While Child was putting the icing on the cake, the wind blew away her profile into her suitcase. She shut it without knowing that she had the mysterious letter in it and prepared herself for what would be the best party she had attended yet.

Unfortunately, Child at Heart Forever did not know that this party would be the worst event she had attended to in her entire life... Don't you all think it is a little ironic ? What would have been the best thing happening to them was totally spoiled by him. Thinking about this traitor gives me the shivers, I hate him ! I HATE HIIIIM ! WHY DID HE DO THAT TO OUR FRIENDS ?

Looking upon the wishes of the pure souls of the world, the older Star Spirit frowned. Just... What was that ? One girl wished to discover the meaning of a disturbing letter sent by an anonymous person ? Eldstar had a bad feeling about it. A very bad feeling about it... It was like his gut instinct was trying to inform him that a tragedy was going to occur soon. His mind would never betray him, he knew it. There was no way that he could have been wrong.

Eldstar could not try to convince himself that everything was alright anymore. The danger was here, it was even nearer than what he expected it to be. He wanted to alert the others, but when he turned his heels, his face was met with surprise. Frowning in shame and sadness, the wise Star Spirit could not utter a single word as his body fell on the hard floor, never rising again.

His attacker did not looked pleased with the results, killing did not seem to delight him. As he looked at a star-shaped rod, he muttered to himself. "Sacrifices have to be made if one individual wants to keep going on... I'm sorry Eldstar, it's just the way it goes."

Eldstar... I will never forget you.