The Mystery Begins...

"What's taking them so long ?" groaned The Smart One as he watched his surroundings.

Megaman sighed. Why could he not shut up for once ? He too was waiting here for more than a hour, and he was not complaining, unlike some people...

Princess Peach Toadstool had taken care of everything. She had reserved a bus, for all of them, which should have left from Caliyorka, the capital of Author Land, at 2:30 PM, and which should have arrived at 4:30 PM. Author Land and the Mushroom Kingdom were really close, so the trip should not have been long if only those three authors were more careful about the time...

Megaman quickly left the annoying Smart One to talk with Luigenius and PrincessPeachandDaisy.

"Hey guys," he greeted them casually.

"Hi !" chirped PPAD. "You okay ?"

"Hey there !"

"Well, I wanted some fresh air so I thought I would come here to talk with you two, you know ?"

Luigenius quickly casted a glance at the place where Megaman was standing before and started laughing. "I can understand."

PPAD simply smiled. "He is just a bit impatient, I guess you can understand that, right ?"

"Of course I can," Megaman responded a little briskly. "But you have to admit that he's annoying..."

"Just...try to ignore him an you will be fine," suggested Luigenius.

"I guess..."

"I don't want to be like him, but it's been a while since they said they would arrive," pointed PPAD.

Just then, a bright blue car was seen speeding past 110mph. It abruptly stopped its run in a parking lot. Then, two dizzy persons and a normal one hopped off the car.

"Lemme remember to never go on a ride when you're the driver," muttered darkly Icefox.

Another figure stepped on after Icefox, it was DonPianta. "Yeah, what she said... Oh boy, I'm gonna hurl..."

"You are so rude... I offered you a ride and I got no 'thank you' in return," remarked Princess Toady. "And remember that we were late because a certain co-pilot couldn't read a map to save his life !"

"Yeah Don, you suck."

"Oh shut up !"

The three friends continued their little bickering until they saw all of the others, waiting patiently (or not so patiently in some person's cases...) for them.

"Hey Don, Ice and Toady !" happily rejoiced Champ. "What took you so long ?"

"I'm not allowed to say," the three declared simultenaously. A pearl of sweat developped itself on the other's forehead.

"Riiiight," paused Smart One. "Are we ready to go now ?"

His question was answered with various forms of agreement.

"Mushroom Kingdom, here we gooo !"

I am really upset about all of this... I...just wish that things didn't turn out the way they turned to be. Unfortunately, you cannot change the past. All you can do is do your best and move on.

"Are we there yet ?" asked an hyper Champ.

"For the umpteeth time... NOOOOOOOO !" shouted an exasperated TJlovesMidna.

Megaman smiled as he saw this scene... TJ had to answer every questions that Champ was throwing at him, while Megaman could relax. The leader of the Mafia games was somewhat relieved to see that Smart One was playing a Mario Kart game with seven other players. He was at peace right now...

"NOOOOOOO !" screamed several players.

"YEEEEEAH !" yelled others.

A Blue shell had just been thrown at the first racer, and three of his opponents who were near him were blasted into the air. Four lucky racers took the four first places while the other four complained at their bad luck.

"Yeah ! I won !"

"Shut up Charmy, you just were lucky," responded sixth place Laguzgirl.

"I wasn't lucky, I just have skills !"

Wimpzilla frowned. "How does it take skill to have a blue sheel ?"

"Better luck next time, losers !" teased Charmy.

"OBJECTION !" shouted Luigenius out of nowhere. "You were lucky, not skilled !"

"Yeah, she was !" agreed Laguzgirl, Wimpzilla and Icefox.

"No, she wasn't !" disagreed Dixiegurl, Lovsamonkesuncleyaya and Yorkielover.

"I can't believe they are fighting over something like this," smiled Child in disbelief.

"Well... Winning is everything," grinned Toady.

Megaman cursed the upcoming childish argument. The battle just started and bad words were flying everywhere. Sometimes, he was even avoiding some projectiles thrown by a person who had a really bad arm.

Fortunately for everyone, something fun happened, which calmed the minds.

"Hey everyone !" called Toadette, who was the conductor. "We are approaching the Mushroom Kingdom and we- WHAT THE- ?" suddenly yelled Toadette while she stomped the pedal gas.

The bus ran over Bella.

Bella's body was sent into the air.

Everyone was watching the scene with wide eyes.

Everyone cheered and laughed.

"Toadette, I think I love you," stated many males.

"Haha, you're welcome," laughed the mushroom girl. "Well, we are nearing Toadtown, folks, so be prepared to see our awesome town !"

The authors left the bus and thanked Toadette for her great accomplishment. Then, they all departed in different directions. Wimpzilla, who was the spokeman, directly left toward Peach's Castle, to meet her.

Badberry was one of the last one to leave, she was clearly amazed by the beauty of Toadtown. Never in her life she would have thought that she could have come here with her friends. It was a dream becoming true for the young girl. Mudkip and Champ waited for her to come with them, but she never did. Impatient, they decided to go and to see what happened to her.

She was staring at a poster sticked up on a nearby pillar, her hand covering her wide opened mouth.

Let the game begins...

A piercing shriek broke the peaceful atmosphere of Star Haven. Misstar just found the dead body of Eldstar.

"OH MY GOSH SOMEONE HELP ME !" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "ELDSTAR IS... ELDSTAR IS NO MORE !"

Quickly, a little crowd formed near the dead body and the frightened Star Spirit. Muskular, Kalmar and Twink immediately hovered above the scene and dispelled the herd. They all marked a minute of silence and started to asked themselves why someone wanted to kill Eldstar... The three stars covered Eldstar with a white linen, and carried him elsewhere.

Once it was done, Muskular hurried to Misstar's location to calm her, while the other two just stared at the floor, heavily depressed. However, they had no time to lament. Scholar was approaching them at a fast pace, and would rejoin them in no time.

"Oh my, oh my ! It's horrible, you will never guess what happened !"

Twink started to cry. " dead !"

Scholar was flabbergasted. "No... No ! It's impossible ! Eldstar was the more powerful spirit ! And it happened at the same time as that..."

Kalmar tried to keep his chin up. "So... What happened exactly ?"

Scholar looked seriously at them.

"The Star Rod... It was stolen."

"See you tomorrow !" adressed Yorkielover to Dixiegurl and Charmy.

"Yeah, see ya girl !"

The tired authors from Author Land were sleeping in a hotel, all of them had their own room, courtesy of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yorkielover sat on her bed, thinking about her day. What a day it was ! She clearly was satisfied with her visit of Toadtown, and was ready to see more of it the next day.

What she didn't know was that she would not be able to sightsee anymore the next day...

Five persons were awakened. Three of them were in the same room, talking about a strange subject while the other two were shivering in their beds.

"This is crazy ! I can't do it !" whined the first one.

"I know ! I don't want to do it ! But we have to... It's either them or... I really don't want to think about it." claimed the second one.

"Thankfully we won't have to kill our friends first..." sighed the third person.

The second one shook their head. "Please, let's drop this conversation... I don't want to talk about it... I really wish we could give up, but we can't. We have to follow the orders or else..."

"Do it without me," said the first. "I never liked them, but... I just can't do it. Sorry to let you two handle that..."

"Don't worry, we understand..."

The two others silently crept to another room and did what they had to do, shedding some tears as they returned to their rooms.

The next day, all of the authors woke up early in order to spend time together in Toadtown. Strangely, two persons were still missing after a while. Many people disregarded that, but others took that into consideration and found it strange.

"Heh, look at that," smirked Smart One, " Miss I'm-perfect-at-everything isn't here."

Child laughed. "Dont forget her brother. Those two are so annoying, I wonder how they got invitations, you know..."

They all waited thirty more minutes, but the two authors didn't go down the steps of the hotel. Somewhat worried, Dixiegurl went upstairs and spotted their bedroom. Because they were brother and sister, they wanted to share their room, so she thought she would find them happily destroying all of the things they didn't possess.

But it wasn't what she saw. From under the gap of the door, she saw a red liquid. A blood red liquid. She quickly reached for the handle of the door and found out that it was open. She slowly opened the door and discovered the two dead bodies. She screamed.

Everyone rushed up the stairs and discovered the bloody scene. Mary Su and Gary Su were lying lifeless on their beds.

"What the hell happened here ?" questionned a confused Charz.

"I dunno !" yelled a terrified Mudkip.

Smart One discovered a hidden message on Mary Su's night table. "What is this ?" he asked at no one in particular.

Don snatched the paper from Smart One's hands and read it. "We have to head toward Peach's castle guys. Wimp, I'll let you handle this..."

Confused, Wimpzilla took the paper, read it and became whiter than usual...

"Guys, we are not safe here."